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How to connect Roku to a TV


Roku is a device for playing music, photos and videos. If you're looking for a way to “cut the cord” with your local cable service provider, look no further. Roku offers thousands of public and private channels providing a wealth of content!

What you need to know to purchase a Roku device

When buying your Roku device for the first time, keep in mind that there are several models to choose from, some of which are more reliable than others. Models are given here:

While Roku LT is currently still available at a discounted price by large retailers, Roku officially no longer supports or ships Roku LT.

This Roku is designed primarily for use on older CRT / analogue TVs as well as HDTVs. The Roku 1 comes with a standard IR remote control including batteries, an RCA A / V cable (red, yellow, white) and a power cord. The Roku 1, 2, LT, and HDMI panels use the same processor chipset, providing decent processor speed and consistent image quality.

The Roku 2 has the same features as its predecessor, however this device is equipped with an extended Wi-Fi remote, including a headphone jack, headphones and dual-band wireless.

The most expensive and most capable of all Roku devices, the Roku 3 is built with a processor five times faster than all other models. This device comes with an SD card extension of up to 64 GB and USB 3. 0 hub for connecting a hard drive - enough space for all the channels and games that you can think of.

The device comes with a Wi-Fi gaming console with a headphone jack and headphones, a power cord and an HDMI cable. The Roku 3 is also equipped with a standard IR receiver, so other Roku remotes or any supported universal remote can be used.

Rooku streaming stick

The Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version) is sealed in the HDMI thumb drive form factor and is designed for streaming without the need for additional wires. Ideal for hiding behind a commonly used HDTV. The Roku Stick has a Wi-Fi remote, a USB power cord and dual-band wireless. It does not offer other additional features (A / V output, IR receiver and memory expansion).

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Roku Inc. announces the release of Roku user interface televisions and live streaming. Hisense and TCL produce these 32-55-inch TVs in China, Roku TVs are available in many major retail stores.

The Hisense Roku TV comes in 40-inch, 48-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch models and is available for purchase at Best Buy. TCL Roku TVs come in 32-inch, 40-inch, 48-inch, and 55-inch models and are available for purchase at Costco.

The 32-inch TCL comes with a reduced graphics card supporting up to 720p / 60Hz. All other 40-55-inch kits support full 1080p / 60Hz with some models supporting a refresh rate of 120 Hz. These high-definition televisions are equipped with a simplified IR remote with an assigned power button, 3 HDMI ports (HDMI3 - which supports ARC connection), an optical and audio headphone output, as well as a built-in NTSC digital tuner, dual-band wireless and USB support.

ARC-compatible HDMI can connect the TV to an external audio device, allowing both devices to act as one when using the Roku IR remote, allowing you to control the volume of the soundbar or surround sound with an HDTV. This means that there is no need for a large number of additional remotes or volume control on two different devices!

RCA, a well-known television brand, also collaborated with Roku, but instead of Roku UI, built directly into HDTV, it is offered as a kit where you buy a TV and get the Roku HDMI stick included for free with your purchase!

How to connect ROKU to a TV.

In order to connect the ROKU set-top box / media player to the TV in the standard way, you will need two cables that come together with the media player. One serves to provide the device with electrical power through a network adapter or by plugging it into a USB port. The second cable you need is the so-called. HDMI cable, which is used to transmit images and sound.

Considering the fact that even the simplest and most inexpensive models of modern TVs usually have one or two USB ports and the same number of HDMI ports, we recommend connecting your ROKU to the television receiver with both cables at once. Ports are usually located on the back and / or side of the TV. Thus, you will solve the issue of turning on / off both devices in the most convenient way - only from the TV remote control.

Connect the HDMI cable to the ROKU device with one end and the other into the HDMI port of your TV. Connect the second cable with the end with a micro USB connector to the ROKU device and the second end with a USB connector in the TV port.

Internet connection.

To use the ROKU media player, you need an Internet connection. You can use a wireless connection or a cable connection.

For a wireless connection, you must have a Wi_Fi device installed, and you need to know the network name and password for the connection. If your ROKU has an Ethernet port, then such a device can be connected to the Internet using a standard Ethernet cable. The cable is not supplied with the ROKU and must be purchased separately. Almost all ROKU models support connecting to the Internet via a wireless connection.

Remote control.

To get started with Roku, you need to power up the remote control

The remote control in our case is the only way to control the Roku media player. The remote control will require two AAA batteries. They should be included, but if not, you can use any standard AAA batteries.

Open the battery compartment by pressing the latch on the back cover. Slide the cover down and remove it while holding the latch. Insert the batteries observing the polarity (follow the plus and minus signs). Replace the back cover and press it until you hear a click (until the latch is in its original position).

Initial setup

Step 1: Turn on the TV and select the HDMI input on the remote control. Find the desired connector or HDMI button on the remote control in the input list.

Please note that Roku players do not have a power button. If you took our advice and “powered” the ROKU from the TV, then your set-top box will turn on and off at the same time as your television receiver.

After connecting the Roku player, you should see a message from Roku. The following messages should appear on the screen:

Roku - Starting, please wait (Starting, please wait)

Roku - Launching home screen

Welcome to the Roku player

Step 2: After the welcome message, click "OK" to go to the next part of the media player setup process - direct connection to the Internet. Depending on the ROKU model, as mentioned above, you have two connection options: WIRED - wired connection or WIRELESS - wireless connection.

If you have a wired connection, it should be installed after selecting the option you need, if you have already connected an Ethernet cable.

If you select the “Wireless” option, the player guides you through a series of screens that complete the connection. You will be asked to select a wireless network and enter a password, if one is set.

Please note that the Roku player automatically finds available wireless networks. Just select your network from the list provided. Do not place your Roku in a confined space (such as a cabinet), as this can significantly reduce the wireless signal level. Try to place your media player or Wi-Fi router at a distance of no more than 3-6 meters from each other.

Step 3: It is usually necessary to wait a bit while ROKU installs the software. When the Roku media player is connected and configured to connect to the Internet, it will automatically download and install the latest software for Roku. You do not need to take additional steps to start the download and installation. After updating the software, the player will automatically restart.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and configuration process. After rebooting, the Roku player will be shown a series of instructions. Enter the information to be requested.

You will need to indicate your time zone. After choosing your time zone, click "Done." The next screen will display the unique code that is required to register your Roku.

Step 4: If you do not have an account, you need to create one. Go to the website at and create a new account: the menu item My account - create a new account (Create account).

The registration process is divided into several stages. Please fill in all the necessary fields for registering an account, they are usually marked with an asterisk - "*".

During the registration process, you will be asked to indicate your preferences for PIN (Personal Identification Number) in order to control purchases within the ROKU service as well as payment card information. Registering a ROKU, as well as using the device itself, is free. You may need payment data in the future if you decide to purchase any paid service as part of the ROKU service through the Roku Channel Store.

You have created a new account, or you already have a valid account on the ROKU website - you just need to log in to the site and add your device in the "My account" section. To do this, in the “My devices” (My linked devices) click on the add device button (+ Link a device)

then enter your ROKU code and press SUBMIT.

After connecting the Roku player and completing the installation, you should see a congratulation message on the TV screen. After that, your Roku player is ready to go.

Setting up KomfortTV service on your ROKU

1. Log in to the ROKU website (specify the username and password to enter the account).

2. In order to add% s service most quickly and conveniently, after authorization, insert the link in the address bar of your browser: and press the Enter button.

3. Click on the OK button, agreeing with the text. After which you will see a window with a proposal to add the KomfortTV service to your Roku account. Click on the “Yes, add channel” button.

4. After a short period of time (the main condition is that the Roku media player must be connected to the Internet at the time of completing points 2 and 3), the KOMFORT TV service will appear in your media player. If the service icon does not appear: we recommend that you turn off the ROKU device and turn it on again a few minutes after completing steps 2 and 3.

In the main menu you will see an icon with the logo of the KomfortTV service:

5. All further updates to the application will occur automatically.

It is important to understand that before going through the authorization process to access the KomfortTV service on the ROKU media player, you need to register in the service itself on the website:

You can activate the promo code to get a month of free access both in your personal account on the website and in the “settings” section of the KomfortTV service in the set-top box of ROKU itself.

We wish you KOMFOT’s viewing of your favorite TV channels and archive of TV shows!

Roku 4 4K Ultra HD TV Box

The Roku 4 set-top box is an excellent 4K Ultra HD device for media streaming, it allows you to search among a huge number of Internet resources for 4K content and transfer it to your TV screen. What is so outstanding in Roku 4 that puts it in one of the leading places among similar devices in the TV set-top box market. One of the advantages of Roku 4 is the software environment, we know that this brand has been producing TV set-top boxes since 2011.

With this in mind, we can without hesitation recommend the set-top box to everyone who is interested in Roku 4 (and its promise) along with OS 7 devices. This is a great choice for connoisseurs who know OS 7, the Roku 4 set-top box wins among 4K TV devices in all respects.

Hell of a Snuffbox
Previously, photos of the pre-production version of Roku 4 “ran through” the Internet. Now it is possible to see photos of the Roku 4, as they say, live. The Roku 4 set-top box in the package looks like a big hockey puck, however, the form is a bit like a sports shape. The dimensions of the device are not big at all and you can easily place the Roku 4 set-top box in any place convenient for you near the TV.

The Roku 4 comes with AA batteries, a remote control, and a power adapter. Note that the HDMI cable is not included and must be purchased separately. The process of connecting and installing the Roku 4 menu does not require certain skills - it is too simple to pay attention to “how to connect the Roku 4 to the TV”, let’s omit this.

Screen Mirroring

When using a compatible smartphone or tablet, the user has the option of sharing photos and videos on a TV with a compatible smartphone or tablet.

The technical name for this feature is Miracast, but the creators of the set-top box call it “Play On Roku Feature”.

The channel mirror function on the Roku 3600R set-top box works. In this way, you can easily view the contents of a third-party device in an enlarged format on the TV screen

An example of using the function is a photograph on the smartphone’s display (a very small image at the bottom of the screen), which is simultaneously displayed on a large TV screen.

Content Sharing

Another way to access content is through DLNA or UPnP. This feature is not automatically integrated into the Streaming Stick, but is available through several free applications. Any of these applications are available to select, download and add to the Roku Apps library.

Using one of these applications and a remote or mobile application, the user can exchange audio, video, as well as still images stored on a PC, laptop or media server.

It is understood that any of the devices is connected to the home network (via an Internet router) and to the TV via a Streaming Stick.

Bottom line (The Bottom Line)

If the owner already has a Smart TV and is completely satisfied with the content offers that are open to access, adding a Roku 3600R Streaming Stick set-top box seems redundant.

If you are using an older HDTV, which has HDMI inputs, but does not provide Smart TV or Internet streaming capabilities, everything is different here.

The streaming of the Roku 3600R set-top box in this case is definitely a practical addition, which can qualitatively improve the entertainment content viewed at the home theater.

The clear advantage of the 3600R set-top box is its high-speed device. So, the on / off procedure takes less than 30 seconds. When navigating through the on-screen menus, the degree of delay is almost not felt.

In addition, when a user seeks to launch various applications (subject to high speed Internet access), the connection between the designated service and the available content is organized instantly.

Audio and video quality

The sound and video quality is very good, regardless of whether the connection to a TV, video projector or through a home theater receiver with video broadcasting is organized.

When connected to a home theater receiver, access to audio formats:

  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital Plus,
  • DTS Digital Surround,

does not seem to be a significant problem if these formats are provided in conjunction with the specific content being transmitted.

The quality of the video varies somewhat, since the speed of broadband access and the actual quality of the content source affect the final result.

Examples include homemade downloaded YouTube videos and amateur channels compared to the latest Netflix and Vudu movies and television releases.

However, the Roku 3600R set-top box provides the best quality under the circumstances.

A pause television picture formed by the Roku 3600R on a home theater screen. Qualitative indicators fully comply with the standards of digital devices

However, it is important to note that despite the Streaming Stick's ability to output up to 1080p, for those who are fans of Blu-ray Disc, you will not see an equally good result. The explanation is simple - many content sources use different video compression schemes for transmission.

In addition, broadband speed is an important factor. Поэтому то, что пользователь видит в продуктах лучших источников, приближается по качеству к продуктам Blu-ray Disc, но всё равно различия очевидны.

Потоковое вещание 4K

Владельцы 4K Ultra HD TV также могут использовать телевизионную приставку версии 3600R. Однако при этом получить доступ к потоковому видео 4K не удастся.

Если пользователь желает получить потоковое видео формата 4K, придётся выполнить следующие условия:

  • организовать совместимый 4K Ultra HD TV,
  • выбрать одну из 4K-совместимых приставок Roku,

Преимущества устройства версии 3600R

Явное преимущество приставки – компактное исполнение. Плюс к этому, конфигурация настройки прибора позволяет подключаться к любому телевизору без корректировки настроек.

Устройство удобно переносить и применять в самых разных условиях. При этом учитывая высокий уровень производительности, телевизионную приставку Roku 3600R крайне сложно переоценить.

Характеристики и спецификации Roku 4

Телевизионная приставка Roku 4 предназначена для воспроизведения 4K UHD контента с поддержкой HDCP 2.2 на интерфейсе HDMI 2.0a. Это единственный выходной видео интерфейс.

Here it’s worth putting one plus Roku TV set-top box - it has an optical digital audio output in its composition, we note that the Amazon Fire TV box does not have it, and it will appear only in the next version of Amazon. Many users connect via HDMI cable directly to the TV, and some "advanced" use the A / V receiver 4K. It is with this connection that the digital optical output of the audio signal, which is in Roku 4, is required.

The Roku 4 set-top box has a USB input that allows you to connect additional media and video sources. This interface supports the H.264 compression format, the ability to play MKV, MOV and MP4 content. The H.265 format is used along with VP9 (which YouTube uses). MKV container supports FLAC (without DSD).

Next, there is a microSD card reader - you can save and play back data and programs using MicroSD to increase the internal memory of the Roku 4.

Let's say a few words about the wireless technology used in Roku 4. From the factory, the wireless network operates in the 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi standard providing high speed communications. Most likely, you do not need an RJ-45 connector.

The Roku 4 prefix is ​​built using a quad-core ARM processor, the internal memory is 1.5 GB of RAM (recall that in the Roku 3 prefix, only 512 MB was used). The memory for user programs is limited to 256 MB, but Roku's microSD saves this situation.

Worship the king of Roku OS 7 or tear hair with particular cruelty
The Roku 4 has been built to stream 4K content reliably, and there has been much debate about what to use as the TV platform operating system. The device should be simple and user-friendly in terms of interface and high-performance on a software platform. A compromise was decided to be used in Roku OS 7, which meets these requirements. All the power of the OS 7 operating system is embodied in the Roku 4 TV box.

Cross-platform 4K content search

One of the advantages of Roku consoles is the ability to search for content on a large number of online resources. Cross-Platform search is the main difference between this device - more than 20 standard content providers are available for search. Here are a few: Star Trek, Acorn TV, Amazon Video, Blockbuster On Demand, CBS All, CinemaNow, Crackle, Fox Now, FX Now, HBO GO, Hulu, M-GO, Met Opera On Demand, SnagFilms, STARZ PLAY, Nat Geo TV, Netflix, Popcorn Flix, Time Warner Cable, Tubi TV, Vudu and others. Roku will allow you to choose the content you need for every taste - there would be a desire to “leaf through” sources for a long time.

But do not think that the search makes the user discourage. There are many different query options for searching, both entering the entire name from the on-screen keyboard and the partial start of the desired file or composition. And the search really works great, this is one of the main advantages of the Roku 4 set-top box.

Our reviews and opinions Roku 4

The Roku prefix provides excellent performance due to the technology applied. Indeed, switching between the selected content occurs with great speed and without brakes. Already many users note the speed of image processing. The user can simultaneously watch a specific selected channel and simultaneously follow the news on another (user choice). Roku will pleasantly surprise you with all the innovations and usability.

New apps in Roku 4

In a sense, Roku 4 and apps apps are very similar to using a smartphone or tablet. There is a great opportunity to control the Roku prefix with your favorite device, which is always at hand - a smartphone.

Returning to the search, they forgot to say that the search can be carried out by voice, and not just by typing or part of it. This is a merit of the remote control. An advanced remote control is always more convenient than a standard push button.

You can always add third-party applications to Roku at your discretion, thereby adjusting the prefix “for yourself”. Content from mobile devices can be sent directly to a set-top box and then displayed on the screen of your TV.

Performance and negative reviews Roku 4

In the first samples of Roku 4, the control panel refuses to accept voice control and search commands - this must be taken into account. This problem is being solved by replacing the Roku 4 control panel. Perhaps this is one of the main shortcomings that are found in the first models.

The results of the review of Roku 4

To conclude the review, we say that the new set-top box for the TV competed with Apple TV Siri and Amazon Fire TV. Roku 4 is easy to use, easy to configure and has a friendly user interface. The power of the computing process and content processing is simply amazing. We recommend Roku 4 for great streaming of 4K content.

Now back to the question - why do we now need such 4K set-top boxes for TVs? What do they give us if we use them on familiar Full HD televisions or with a lower maximum resolution? We answer - nothing !! The only reason for acquiring such a device is the low price compared to the whole 4K TV and the ability to watch 4K content on a regular TV, even in HD or Full HD resolution.

Positive feedback Roku 4
Best-in-class operating system.
Best-in-class content search.
Extremely convenient management through mobile applications.
There is an optical digital sound output.
Support for 4K Ultra HD in HDCP 2.2.
Negative reviews of Roku 4
No HDR support.
Some applications are very “attached” to the device.
In the first devices, there may be a problem with the remote control - the lack of voice search control.