Useful Tips

Scandinavian massage


The Scandinavian massage technique includes more than 50 different techniques. They allow you to:

  • smooth wrinkles
  • eliminate puffiness under the eyes,
  • increase the tone of the muscles of the face,
  • make skin smooth, supple and healthy,
  • correct face contour.

Scandinavian facial massage is also able to fight some diseases. For example, it can be used to eliminate rosacea, increase the body's resistance to stress, and get rid of a double chin.

Why do I need a Scandinavian facial massage?

The effectiveness of 1 session of Scandinavian facial massage, the duration of which is 40-90 minutes, is compared with 10 sessions of classical massage. In addition, such procedures prevent wrinkles in the future.

The secret of the miraculous effect is that when working with the muscles of the face, the masseur manages to act on the root cause of skin aging. To date, the technique is patented and included in a single system of comprehensive rehabilitation, along with this, it is actively used in many SPA salons and private massage rooms.

Scandinavian massage became so popular that it began to be used not only for the face, but also for the decollete. The effect was not long in coming. Patients who experienced the effect of such a massage noted a change in the shape of the breast, a decrease in stretch marks. With the help of a unique Scandinavian massage, you can look at the rejuvenation of the body in a new way.

Indications for use

Scandinavian facial massage is indicated for women whose age has crossed the mark of 35 years. It is after this period (and in some earlier) that a large number of wrinkles appear and the skin begins to hang.

The technique is shown with:

  • the formation of "crow's" feet, as well as "angry" wrinkles,
  • the appearance of edema or dark circles in the lower eyelid,
  • pronounced nasolabial fold,
  • the formation of the second chin,
  • uneven and dull skin color,
  • sagging of the dermis on the neck,
  • the presence of sagging of individual areas (cheeks, upper eyelid, etc.).

Due to the effect on the skin, microcirculation of tissues improves, which contributes to the correct supply of oxygen and the production of components such as collagen and elastane, which are responsible for the elasticity of the epidermis. In addition, during frequent loads on the muscles of the face, their pumping is ensured, so it acquires a clear, even contour, and the cheekbones become more pronounced.

An interesting point.Many cosmetologists who work in the technique of a new massage - Scandinavian, note its high efficiency. They say that one session of such manipulations replaces 10 classical massage procedures.

Procedure Efficiency

Thanks to the special manipulations of the master, who carefully, but deeply works through every part of the skin, after a few sessions a positive result will be noticeable. After completing the course of therapy, you simply do not recognize yourself in the mirror:

  • facial wrinkles will decrease, and some will completely disappear,
  • the skin will become smooth, getting a beautiful peach color,
  • the contour of the face will be clear
  • the second chin will go away
  • the dermis will begin to produce collagen and elastane, which will contribute to its elasticity,
  • facial muscles tighten, therefore, sagging in the most problem areas is minimized.

Try this very modern skin exposure technique and you will forget about many age-related changes for a long time. The main task of the Scandinavian technique is to eliminate wrinkles, as well as face contouring.


The basis of the Scandinavian methodology is the impact on the line where the channels along which the lymph flows are located.


  • the intensity of exposure to the skin is selected taking into account the age of the client and the presence of specific problems,
  • the technique involves the use of up to 50 different movements,
  • first, the master performs lymphatic drainage massage, and then proceeds to the correction of the facial contour,
  • the effect on the skin is soft and smooth, so sitting in the beautician’s chair, you won’t even feel the transition from one zone to another,
  • since the neckline is being worked out, your chest becomes more voluminous due to improved muscle tone.

It should be noted that Scandinavian massage pays special attention to the neck and decollete. It is in these areas that the skin is quite thin, and frequent turns of the head to the sides provoke the formation of wrinkles, sagging and sagging. Just the neck can betray your age. The master carefully scrutinizes the declared areas, making you 10 years younger.

Execution Rules:

  • Be sure to wash your hands, because when performing a cosmetic procedure, there must be sterility.
  • Movements should be carried out from the center to the periphery or from bottom to top.
  • It is applied by stroking the skin with your palms or curling pressure with your fingertips.
  • The wrist and rib of the palm are used.
  • Movements should flow smoothly into each other.

Session Preparation

Before the procedure, you need to tune in to a positive result and relax. To do this, distract from all worldly problems and turn on your favorite classical composition.

You can light candles and activate the aroma lamp. A massage session must be carried out in a lying position.

In addition, before the procedure, you need to cleanse the skin from various impurities. To do this, you can use special tonics purchased at the cosmetics store.

At home, we recommend making a steam bath and treating the steamed dermis with decoctions of herbs.

Important! To improve the processing and sliding of the fingers, you should apply a special massage cream or any oil (you can olive, sunflower, coconut, etc.).

Instruction for execution

To rejuvenate and relax yourself, be guided by the following recommendations:

  1. Walk your palms along the contour of the face, first around the chin area, and then the forehead.
  2. Follow the line of the nose. To do this, place your palms one next to the other so that there is a small distance between them. First they are placed on the forehead, and then advanced down to the wings of the nose. Do this manipulation 3 times.
  3. Bend your hands slightly and stroke the protruding part of the cheeks with your wrist, dropping to the chin. Similar movements are made below the jaw - stroke the lateral parts from the periphery to the center with your wrists. Then smoothly go to the nose and smooth from the bottom up. This completes the relaxing part of the massage.
  4. With your index finger, work out the strip from bottom to top, which is located from the place where the eyebrows diverge and follows vertically to the hairline.
  5. Place the index finger of one hand in the corner of the eye and pull it up a little. The cushion of the second finger of the other hand is located in the lower eyelid closer to the outer corner of the eye. The master makes light zigzag movements to relieve puffiness and eliminate facial wrinkles.
  6. Then they go down and cheeks are worked out in a similar way.
  7. They pass into the area of ​​the second chin, tapping the pads of four fingers. Further on this site vibratory tingling occurs.
  8. Complete the procedure by actively pinching the neck and working out the neckline.

The number of procedures in one course is selected individually, taking into account age-related changes. For example, if edema has formed under the lower eyelid, and the skin has a pale appearance, 2-3 procedures will be sufficient to eliminate such manifestations. But in the presence of a large number of wrinkles, the formation of brylls and pronounced nasolabial folds, at least 10 procedures must be performed to eliminate them.

Between courses, a two-three-month break is made, which helps to consolidate the effect and rest the skin. Then it is recommended to take another course. Up to 2-3 sets of Scandinavian massage can be done per year.

The duration of the effect after the massage is directly affected by age. For thirty-year-old beauties, the result is delayed by 6-12 months, and for women after 45 years - only for a couple of months. That is why the number of courses per year is selected taking into account the age of the patient.

Session cost

On average, in the salons of Moscow and with private masseurs, the cost of a Scandinavian massage is 2500 rubles. The duration of the session reaches 15-20 minutes. There are several options for the procedure - for the body, face and neck massage, as well as a combined option. It is very difficult to do self-massage using this technique, since you need to use not just the fingertips, but the palms and wrists, making smooth transitions.

After passing each session, you will find not only rejuvenation, but also complete relaxation, because the muscles are not only activated, but also relaxed by stroking and making smooth transitions from one zone to another.

Note! According to testimonials from people who have completed a similar course, the effect of Scandinavian massage is comparable to botulinum toxin injections and even a facelift plastic surgery.

Precautionary measures

Even despite the fact that the Scandinavian massage procedure is very pleasant, in order to avoid negative consequences, always choose the right cosmetics, consider contraindications and do not forget about sterility.

Massage is prohibited in case of:

  • the presence of an inflammatory process on the skin of the face (herpes, dermatitis, severe acne, etc.),
  • with open pores,
  • too close vessels and very thin skin,
  • when 3 weeks have not passed since the injection of Botox and fillers
  • the presence of papillomas, warts, large moles and any neoplasms in the area of ​​the face,
  • enlarged lymph nodes in the neck,
  • tendency to swelling due to improper functioning of the kidneys,
  • problems with the facial nerve.

After the massage, it is recommended to apply a nourishing mask (age-appropriate with a lifting effect). The fact is that due to skin warming, the absorption of nutrients improves, which makes it possible to increase the effect of the procedure. Be sure to wipe off the remnants of the previous cream or oil with a dry sanitary napkin.

Scandinavian facial massage can eliminate various skin problems associated with age-related changes. It involves a light lymphatic drainage massage, which is combined with active tingling and tapping of the cervical-collar zone and décolleté. Wrinkles are eliminated, facial muscles are strengthened, the second chin disappears and the flabbiness of the neck is removed. The effect of the course of therapy is delayed by 2-6 months, depending on the age of the client.