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10 ways to live without work


Wait in line. To take a place in the crowd for a new exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery or for a new iPhone - such tasks are found on the online services service and help you earn without doing anything. Half a day was free - take a thermos with tea and sandwiches with you and get in line. You will pay from 700 rubles for a quick purchase of a ticket to a concert or exhibition, and a night in a visa center or FMS will bring you about 3500 rubles.

Shelter the animal. Keep an eye on the dog, cat or parrot while the owners are away.

He loves dogs and takes a strange pet a couple of times a month. He rarely goes for a walk with him alone, and at the same time takes an order on the Dog-Walk service. He gets 590 rubles for walking, up to 3,000 rubles for supervision. And one day he found a runaway dachshund at his entrance and received a reward of 7,000 rubles.

Walk more. Ever heard that money pays for steps? SweatCo was going to promote this idea. It was assumed that the application would be paid in virtual currency: for a thousand steps you get 1 “scrollcoin”, for 35 virtual coins you will buy shorts, a drink with protein, aloe vera cosmetics. The service, alas, is still not working, but stay tuned: maybe it is still ahead.

Download applications. Installing programs and watching videos in Uento, AdvertApp, and the like will help you make money. The fees are cheap, at best enough to pay for mobile communications, but you can download and watch in any free minute.

Where to look for orders: social networks,, Walking Dog, Uento, AdvertApp, SweatCo.

Make money on a car

Turn a car into an advertising platform. StickerRide service pays for kilometers that you will travel with a sticker on the back. You choose the brand and image size yourself. They do not pay much, but enough for gasoline. If you appear more often in the city center and participate in advertising quests, you will earn more.

Become a courier. Take cakes, parcels, bouquets, gifts. Thousands of courier assignments are being created in the city, work is sure to be found.

It was required to deliver 70 helium-inflated balloons for shooting a commercial. A bunch got into his car, but one ball all the time climbed onto the windshield, and the guy almost got into an accident. But such a trip brought 3,000 rubles.

Take fellow travelers. Sign up for taxi services and drive people in your car. BlaBlaCar will pay 1000-1300 rubles for a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg, but you yourself can choose a passenger according to the reviews on the site.

Friends advised him to register at Uber’e. The rating system so fascinated him that now he takes night orders to reach 5 stars. For him, this is a hobby, not a basic income. To earn a taxi 40-50 thousand rubles a month, you need to be driving 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week.

Become a nanny. You know how to communicate with children - bring schoolchildren in the morning to study or take them away from training, you will receive 700 rubles per trip. Bring a tablet in the back seat or think of another entertainment for them so that the guys do not distract from the road.

Where to look for orders: StickerRide, flower delivery, baking, gift, Uber, GetTaxi, Yandex. Taxi ", BlaBlaCar.

Become an assistant

Put the house in order. Having returned from work, office employees are not ready to clean the apartment or repair annoying breakdowns. Help people cope with household chores: make out trash, nail a shelf, hang a mirror - and make money on it. It’s not necessary to travel far, even neighbors may need help: subscribe to the group of your area on VK and look through the ads. Minor repairs cost from 1000 rubles, larger tasks - assistance with moving, garbage removal, installation of doors, locks - from 1500 rubles.

Take over the cottage. If at times you are drawn to nature, offer help at the cottage. It is easier to breathe outside the city, and no one controls. To dig up a garden, take it, pick up a grandmother, cut trees - the work, although seasonal, is paid well. For one such service they will pay about 1000 rubles. At the same time you eat fresh berries and vegetables from your belly.

Become a mentor. You play drums, chess or mafia perfectly - your skills will help you earn. If you are fond of sports, look for students in the gym or on the ski slope, offer tutoring services to friends, in groups on social networks or on online services.

Have a surprise. Tell me how to romantically propose a hand and heart, help me choose a ring, organize a candlelit dinner on the roof of a skyscraper - they also pay well for these pleasant chores. Help in organizing the holiday costs from 990 rubles.

Bring the food. Make life easier for office workers and single girls: bring lunch from an eatery, sweets to the office, or help with grocery shopping at the supermarket. True, such services are inexpensive, about 500 rubles. Take the task on the road, at a time convenient for you, and you can slightly replenish the budget.

Where to look for orders: word of mouth, groups of Moscow districts in social networks,

Become a landlord

Give things to other people for a while. Fashionists will be happy to pick up your Valentino jacket and Giant bike for the weekend; advertisers will need old binoculars, a Polaroid camera and other retro gizmos. And of course there are those who want to hack in Mortal Combat X on your PlayStation 4. On the services of Locolo, Rentmania, Arendorium, you can even rent an electric generator and a car. What at prices: a professional lens for the camera will bring you 3,000 a week, a drill - 350 rubles a day.

Rent your property. Even if you do not have plans to move to Thailand for the winter, consider it - it may be beneficial for you to settle the tenants in the apartment.

He rents both, and together with a friend he rents a two-room apartment. Yaroslav furnished one of his apartments with IKEA furniture, they live there permanently, he decorated the other with travel souvenirs and rents it through Airbnb to tourists, who are more in Russia because of the cheap ruble. There is enough money for life and a second education - Yaroslav studies to be an architect.

Where to look for orders: Locolo, Rentmania, Arendorium, Airbnb, Cian, The Locals.

Complete urgent tasks

Help out in difficult situations. Every day, people lose their wedding rings, remain locked after work in the office and without gas on the road. Offer help, and the reward will not be long in coming. For one rescue operation you will earn from 500 to 3000 rubles and do a good deed.

Take pictures. Around something constantly happening. Closely monitor the surrounding events and prepare a smartphone with the camera turned on. After you upload the video to the Lifecorr application and it passes moderation, you will receive a fee of up to 2500 rubles.

Where to look for orders: social networks, Lifecorr application.

Go to the employment service

Quite a banal option, but it’s not strange - this is the first and easiest way to solve, or at least begin to solve the problem of unemployment. The unemployment assistance service was created specifically to help people who are unemployed and have difficulty earning money find jobs.

It also happens that you can believe in modern technology and look for work only through the Internet. However, this method is not always acceptable - not all employers post open vacancies. Some organizations operate "the old fashioned way" - they send requests to the state employment service and wait for new workers from there.

Therefore, we do not disdain this advice and work out the employment center.


If there is absolutely no money, but there are "golden hands", you can fix up a repairman, a repairman of something. For example, you can place announcements about your services on the Avito website and wait for calls from interested people.

The most popular services are cell phone repair and laptop repair, apartment renovation and decoration, private houses, plumbing and electrics repair. You can offer furniture assembly, hauling sofas and armchairs, and restoration of old bathtubs. If you know how to make car repairs, for example, you are well versed in carburetors, know how to weld body iron, or simply have rich experience in diagnosing cars, you can earn extra money in this field.

One-time part-time job

What to do to someone who is used to a soft office chair and a relaxed atmosphere? If there is no office work in the specialty - it does not matter! For the first time, a one-time job is suitable: you can distribute flyers, distribute leaflets, participate in promotions of promoters on the streets. Information about such one-time part-time jobs can be more than met on the Internet.

If you are shy about distributing leaflets and you have the strength, you can choose a part-time loader. To find orders, it is enough to place an ad on the Avito website that you provide the services of a loader, help with house removals, and you will be surprised how quickly they will start calling!

Active street sales

Sometimes to live without work - you can take up active sales right on the street. In large cities, there is nothing surprising when an unknown young man or a nice girl comes up to you and starts offering to buy cosmetics or books from them.

In this way, you can sell SIM cards of mobile operators. The main advantage of this option is that you yourself can regulate your income. Tired - let's go home. Most often, companies engaged in active sales on the street pay their agents in the form of% of sales daily. That is, you will have free cash every day.

We kill two birds with one stone

If you have your own apartment, and you are single and you have no work, you can do this. You urgently need to intensify the search for a man or woman (if you are a man) as lonely as you and also with the apartment.

You unite, start living together, and free one of the two apartments and you can immediately rent it out. And with the money you can quite tolerably exist - the average price of renting an apartment in any city today starts at 10 thousand rubles - and this is not cool, but the cost of living.

If there is a car

If you have your own car and you are ready to use it for part-time jobs, you should consider working as a taxi. Even if you recently moved to a new city and are afraid that you do not know the streets - it does not matter! Everything is fixable. Today, every taxi has special programs with a built-in navigator. You drive a route into them and drive along the navigator without understanding the streets and areas.

In addition, there are taxi services such as Uber or Yandex.Taxi. with the help of them you can find orders in large cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Care for the elderly

When there is no money and you need to somehow exist, all means are good. Recently, more and more elderly people have a decent pension, but do not have the physical ability to service themselves. In such and similar cases, those wishing to help the elderly come to the aid of the elderly. Such a side job may consist of daily supervision of the old man, a trip to the store and pharmacy, delivery of necessary things, food, medicine, cooking and cleaning the apartment.

This method may not be suitable for everyone, but if you do not have money and you urgently need it - you can use this option. Announcements on the search for offers or on their services can be left on the electronic board, flea market or on the same Avito website.

Cost Sequestration

Imagine that you have lost your job, but you have a sufficient supply of money that allows you to survive without work, for example, six months. It would seem - what is there to worry if you can do nothing and calmly eat this money.

But experienced people who have gone through layoffs and long periods of lack of money recommend a sequestration (proportional reduction) of all expenses and expenses. First of all, you should think about reducing utility bills - and here the state comes to the rescue. There are special subsidies for housing and communal services - these are the necessary funds allocated from the budget just for those who have lost their jobs and do not currently have even a minimum income. Having issued a subsidy for the payment of housing and communal services, you will remove the burden of heavily weighing any family budget.

Following the reduction in housing and communal services costs, you need to think about other expenses: the advice to everyone, without exception, is to quit bad habits, stop drinking alcohol, quit smoking (there is a good article in the journal ProfiComment on how to quit smoking).Also reduce the cost of food.

What to do if you are left without work ...

Good afternoon, my name is Alex. Today I want to talk about what you need to do when you are left without work. After all, this situation can affect everyone. In monetary matters, we are accustomed to rely on "uncle." Once I was fired. This unpleasant situation opened my eyes to how many opportunities around us go unnoticed.

I suggest that you reconsider your attitude to money the way I did in my time. I want to invite you to consider the situation in a positive perspective, as one that encourages you to take action. We will take advantages from the minuses of the state of temporarily unemployed.

Losing a job is not a sentence!

Many of us are used to associating the word money with the word “work”. This is rather strange, considering that the average salary in the country is $ 600, and even that, 70% of the population did not see so much money in their eyes. Even officials acknowledge that working poverty reigns in our country.

We think that work brings money at a time when money is a side effect of our work. We spend time getting money in return. And we do not have to be officially employed in order to earn some money.

When we are forced to obtain unemployment status, and in other words, they are fired, this issue becomes even more urgent. So what to do when you got fired? Where to get enough money for a normal life?

The first action of the unemployed

The first thing to do is to come to terms with this and rethink everything that happened. Work does not bring us more money. We must understand that from now on only source of income.

Now everything depends on us. We create a source of income, and in return he feeds us instead of work. How seriously we take such activities will determine the amount of money earned. When we work, willingly do what we need, because it is impossible in a different way. We have no freedom of choice. And when there is no work, such a choice exists.

We can do something, but we can, thanks to our laziness, not do it. It all depends on the degree of motivation. The final result will depend on the amount of effort and regularity of action. Let's say we are five days a week, only a few hours a day, we will create sources of income for ourselves. The rest of the time we are learning new professional knowledge and skills.

That is, at the first stage, you need to understand that from now on we are our own employer and contractor in one person.

You are a citizen, take advantage of this! Unemployment Benefit Will Not Be Superfluous

Further, we take advantage of our position, obtain unemployment status and expect payment. Social assistance is granted to everyone who is left without work. The conditions under which you quit your job, how much money you earned there, and your total length of service will determine the size of your payment and its duration. Everything is simple.

In 2018, the minimum unemployment benefit is 850 rubles, the maximum - 4900.

When you worked, you deducted tax to the state, and now the state helps you. Right, isn't it? This may seem a little, but we can count on at least some kind of social guarantees. Such an action can compensate up to half the amount you need per month. The other half will have to earn it yourself.

We set ourselves up for unemployment benefits, now we can think further what to do. And you need to do this: take a piece of paper, a pen and write there all your skills that can bring you income. Evaluate your capabilities. Analyze everything you have at hand. Now let's look at this concept with specific examples.

How to make money online without investment right now. The universal means of earning in your home

You have a computer, which means you can adapt it to make money. This is logical, we will use all available resources. At Google, we learn how to make money using a computer. There are many options for working on the Internet from 200 to 500 rubles a day, which a beginner can start with.

As elsewhere, the result depends on your skills. Let's imagine that you own a personal computer at the advanced user level. Then you can quickly master graphic editors and do custom design work.

Work from home!

In general, working on freelance is not as difficult as many people think. Let's analyze this example in more detail. On average, the development of one logo costs from 50 to 200 dollars per job. You can work on the logo for a month, then you will be paid $ 200, and that will be enough for you. В интернете множество ресурсов, которые предоставляют возможность проявить себя в этом направлении, стоит только поискать. А как вы знаете, кто ищет, тот всегда найдёт.

Для продвинутых пользователей

Если вы обладаете ещё более глубокими знаниями ПК, тогда разрабатывайте сайты на заказ. Делайте фирменное оформление и наполнение. Такая работа стоит от нескольких сотен до нескольких тысяч долларов. Всё зависит от сложности работы и ваших умений. It requires a lot of professionalism, but the benefits from such activities are huge. Of course, not everyone is given the chance to be programmers, but you can learn this. After all, we now have a lot of free time.

Freelance - where to start a beginner

Let's take something not so complicated. Freelancers are offered many different jobs.

For example, come up with a brand name. Develop a slogan, motto. You can write articles to order, leave comments, reviews. All this will be paid on special sites. You do not transfer money for the work done to yourself, not an electronic wallet, and then to a bank card. By doing such tasks, you can earn from a few tens to several hundred dollars a month. It is interesting that many young mothers on maternity leave use this method of earning, they will make you the main competition. They are mainly interested in one-time earnings in their free time, they do not delve into the tasks, so any freelancer who delves into the task of the customer will have an advantage.

If freelance is something new for you, then it’s clear that you won’t be able to earn much in the first month. But each subsequent month, you can, having gained experience, increase momentum. Everything by itself will not fall on your head, you need to try hard to earn at least as much as you received at official work.

Work with photos

Another example. Maybe you have a good camera. You can try yourself as a photographer. Learn the craft of photography - and go. Fortunately, in our age of information technology, the possibilities for extracting information are endless. Go online, watch instructional videos on how and what to do, and after some time you are already [in theory] a specialist.

Practice for a start on relatives and acquaintances. And then try to find a model for a photo shoot. Money comes from people. Work with people. At one photo shoot you can earn from 10 to 100 dollars. Take off a wedding, for example, or any other event.

Make every effort to find yourself an order. Nobody will come to you and will not force you to do something. Now only you. Spend at least an hour a day looking for customers. But even if you want to be a photographer of a different genre, just take this opportunity.

There are special resources called photo stocks or photo banks. You can sell your photos on them. Here you can sell, in fact, a product of your activity. With regular work, if the number of your busy work reaches several thousand, you can earn an average of $ 1,000 per year. The only negative of such an activity is that you need a good camera.

Read more about working with photos in the article about earnings on microstock.

Or maybe a rentier? Just don’t laugh!

Rent a house. One dedicated room can bring from 50 to 200 dollars per month, depending on the city in which you are. I'm talking about rooms now. Many live in dvushka and treshki inherited from grandmothers, interrupt on a starvation diet and disdain to rent a room. And more enterprising citizens, meanwhile, move to Moscow, rent treshki and rent 2 rooms for sublease, while they themselves live for free next to money work.

Do not be a blinded person who does not try anything - he remains poor forever. They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, and each time wait for a different result.

Do you have a summer cottage or letting a room in the apartment? Offer this service to students or couples. If you do not want to live near strangers, you can rent the whole apartment and move into odnushka away from the center. Already come up with an excuse? But why did the center give up if you don’t need to go to work?

Or maybe you have the opportunity to lease an office space. Not necessarily mine. For example, some commercial real estate has been empty of your acquaintances for a long time - help them pass it for a percentage!

Deal with excess real estate

Or act as an intermediary. Rent a home or office for a lower cost, and rent for a larger one. The classic scheme used by realtors. Nothing prevents you from trying yourself as a real estate agent.

Other popular types of earnings for job loss

If you have access to a car, go in for freight. Become a sales representative. Use the machine to transport people. You can provide private taxi services, or rent a car. If you have access to other equipment, such as a tractor, try plowing people's gardens or field organizations. Although this work is dirty and seasonal, it’s better than nothing. You can try planting a garden for yourself so that you can sell the grown vegetables at the end of the season.

Service Industry - Opportunities Near You

Provide services. Invite friends to help repair something for a small fee. Repair the car, re-solder the burnt wire in the electrical appliance. Make someone a duplicate key, provide professional advice. You can be a nanny, walk animals.

Think about what you can offer people? Analyze your capabilities, write down everything you know how to do. Know how to sew and you have a sewing machine - sew to order. There is a guitar and you are a guitarist - give private lessons. Or go to the square with a guitar. Play for people, for sure they will thank you. Do you know English or are fluent in another subject? Get tutoring. This is now in great demand.

Do you have a fishing rod, are you a fisherman? Catch the fish and sell. And the like, just find out how to apply what you already possess. And people will always pay for a quality product.

Disassemble, finally, the balcony!

Another way to raise money is to sell something unnecessary. Review your stuff. Maybe you have a bunch of unnecessary phones and accessories in the box, sell them. Sell ​​unnecessary other equipment too. Post an ad, send it via mail, or through any other delivery service, and that’s all. You can sell furniture, TVs, an old laptop - all that you have, but something that you can do without.

Finally, you can sell jewelry. It is clear that you cannot sell gold regularly. Sooner or later, but it will end. And by this time everything needs to be done to replace the profit from the sale of gold with something else. That is, you need to work for the future.

The most valuable thing that people have is knowledge. Get this knowledge at all costs. Let someone else teach you how to make money. Learn from the best professionals and become the best. Do not waste time on inaction. Go to your goal all the time. With the proper approach, even if you have managed to earn quite a bit so far, in the coming months you will probably be able to compensate for the lack of profit.

A few obvious but useful things

Break a piggy bank, change a trifle for larger money. By the way, money can be sought simply on the road. Up to one dollar can be found per month of such searches. This is how lucky. You may also be lucky to find something more expensive. For example, a Soviet coin, a rare variety. Perhaps you have other old coins and antiques at home that may be of interest to collectors. Put these things up for auction.

In the end, find a part-time job at home. Nowadays, unofficial earning options are just a ton. That's just the work is not quite status. But no one forces you to earn extra money for 8 hours 7 days a week. Once or twice they earned money, or rather, earned money, and enough. Then again sometime repeat. Look for opportunities, do not sit in one place. Meet people. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Do not forget about special services

Well, quite options that do not require much effort are earnings on social networks, part-time work with services and copywriting exchanges, comments, earnings on bitcoin faucets, stock exchanges. All this can bring at least some, even small, but income. And if you use all of the above in combination, or at least partially combine, you can achieve good results.

A bit about YouTube channel and affiliate program

A good option for making money is to create your own blog or YouTube channel. Depending on the topic, such activities can bring considerable income. How to create your own channel and how to make money on it, you can look on the Internet. After the promotion, you can connect an affiliate program and earn a percentage of the income for showing ads on your channel. The income is distributed mainly as follows: 70% to you and 30% of the earnings of the affiliate media network.

Your channel is a good solution!

For 100,000 views, you can earn up to $ 40.

Think about what area you are a specialist in. Structure and organize your knowledge and express it in videos. Or vice versa, adapt to the interests of people. Find out what is currently relevant by analyzing search queries. This is a variant of passive income. How many such videos will be posted on the network, so much they will generate revenue.

Do it yourself

Handicrafts and other mini-production, for example, leather accessories. Hand made can bring considerable income. You can make jewelry and other decorations, such as elastic bands, hair hoops, various bows, hair clips. Anything, maybe woodwork. Pens, spoons, and at least make and sell a wooden gun.

You can do wedding or any other thematic paraphernalia. Once you have completed such work, you can repeatedly rent these products. You can try to make souvenirs. Notebooks with logos of organizations or photos of people, company cups, frames for photos.

Let the money work

You can invest the money you earned in a business. Engage in sales. Start small. Buy some cheap things and try to sell at a premium. On the Internet you can find many sources for the purchase. For example, foreign selling sites or domestic manufacturing plants.

What you buy in your city from entrepreneurs is already being sold at a premium. They buy it somewhere. For example, an ordinary jacket can be charged up to 70%. Find out where you can buy things without intermediaries. So you create the ground to act as an intermediary yourself.

And a few more working options

Think about the other possibilities that your city provides. For example, this could be an upcoming election. Take part in them as an agitator, observer, or take part in another paid role. It can also be temporary work to improve the city, community service or other paid activity.

The world is not without good people

Ask for money from people. Show them that you are a purposeful person with creative ideas and impulses. You have a plan that you are following. You can do this, for example, on your channel during live broadcasts or in the description below the video in text form.

And people help in such situations. Who can transfer as much as possible to your accounts. You can ask for money from real acquaintances. Describe your problem to them. The main condition, ask for gratuitous help, since debts have not helped anyone yet.

There are also special sites where you can ask for money. You describe your situation, and a caring wealthy person helps you. A lot of those involved in charity and helping people in need. Find such sponsors.

In the end ... it was not the last work in life

And finally, you can get another job. Look for vacancies in different sources. Take on board newspapers, online labor resources, go through the organizations yourself and request information on job openings.

The only advice in this case: do not go down for no good reason. Strive to develop your personality. Try to find a job where you are afraid to try, where it seems that you will not succeed.

Put on a suit and try to get a position of chief, manager. Raise the bar, be confident. And people are pecking at that confidence. And knowledge and professionalism will be added with experience. Demonstrate to everyone that you are striving for more, for better. Let me know that you are the first and what to compete with you is only time to lose.

Small conclusion

So we examined those options that are worth seizing in the absence of work. Everyone can earn extra money. All the possibilities for this will not be listed. After all, they are available only to you, they are individual only for you.

With a responsible approach, within six months you will be able to reach a source of income, which in size will not be inferior to what you received at the previous job. And maybe it will exceed it. While you are receiving unemployment benefits, your work experience is not interrupted. During this time, you need to create something of your own to legitimize your activities to provide social protection.

Find something to your liking, and you will not have to work a single hour in your life. After all, work comes from the word "slave", and dismissal from the word "will".

Psychology is the key to success

If you decide, I want to learn how to make big money, first of all you need to tune in psychologically. Start with a smile and a positive mood every day. If you are psychologically prepared for independent earnings, you will certainly have it. Do not worry about nothing. The most important thing is aspiration and cold calculation. If you succeed in winning, do not catch the stars, because in front of you are waiting for difficulties that will have to be overcome in order to reach new heights.

Does a business need an idea?

Take a look around and look for simple ways to earn money - resell things from China, make websites, create blogs, write content or look for customers and get paid for it. Use any opportunity that allows you to get, albeit a small, but profit. If you are already working in some field, you can transfer your occupation to business at any time, since you are already earning income.

Find useful contacts

Experienced businessmen try to surround themselves with people who in the future can become their partners or bring new customers. Perhaps some of them will just become your friends, but they will remember you as a person who can solve any problems. To earn such a reputation, you need to make as many useful contacts as possible.
Consider a few proven ways to make money:

Social networks

Nowadays, almost every person has their own page in social networks. Of course, this is not the place where they earn a lot of money, but you can safely count on a decent additional income.

The easiest way to learn how to make money at home is through the example of a social network twitter. Ordinary users spend their time here, and some money, on entertainment and communication. Smart people come to a social network to make money.

Almost all Internet users are solvent audiences, so why not work hard to get at least a small portion of these funds. To do this, you need to have your own upgraded account and 2-3 thousand subscribers. Post paid tweets and get real money for it.

Reselling other people's things on the Internet

Surely in your closet or in the attic there are things that you do not need. But you can find people who are willing to pay good money for them. Many do not even suspect that old unnecessary furniture, household appliances and clothes are exactly what you can earn big money on. This is a proven method that works 100%.

So, we check all the cabinets, the balcony and the garage, get everything we can pay for, take pictures and put them on the bulletin board on the Internet. Perhaps while searching for old things you will find some antiques that will bring you huge profits.

When all your goods are sold, you can turn to friends and resell their items. Another option is the resale of cheap Chinese goods. If you are puzzled by how to learn how to make money well, try to implement such an idea.

Earnings on your own skills

Women who lost their jobs due to the crisis are pondering what they can quickly learn and earn money on their own. Recently, the courses of makeup artists, manicure and hairdressers have become very popular. If you want to look good yourself and help other people in this, why not go to such courses and open a home beauty salon?

Another option is to get a nanny or housekeeper. Many wealthy families need such helpers and pay good money for it. You can also do computer design or do some DIY crafts. There are many ways to learn how to make money if there is no work. The most important thing is patience and determination. If you possess such qualities, you can turn any hobby into an excellent source of income.


Вдумайтесь, без чего не может прожить ни один человек? Конечно же, без еды. Соответственно, продукты питания – это та самая золотая жила для людей, которые ищут, как заработать большие деньги?

Вы можете готовить горячие обеды и доставлять их в офис. Пирожки, пончики и хот-доги лучше продавать на вокзалах или в местах массового отдыха. По улицам городов ходит много голодных людей. Вы можете их накормить и заработать на этом приличные деньги. Один пирожок с мясом стоит примерно 25 центов. If you sell 100 pies a day, you can put $ 750 a month in your pocket. This figure will surely appeal to people who dream of additional income.

Forex is the stock market. The main commodity traded on it is currency. To get income, you need to buy currency as cheap as possible and sell it more expensive. The difference in prices is your earnings. If you can not find where it is profitable to invest money in 2019, try to engage in Forex trading. The first step is to register. Next, you need to install on your computer a special program in which the trading process takes place. It has two modes - real and training. Beginners can open a demo account and test their skills. If everything is fine, and you are confident in your abilities, you can proceed to real earnings.

The main advantage of the Forex market is that you can earn money on it regardless of the crisis or any other unpleasant situations. If the rate of one currency is declining, the other, of course, rises in price. The most important thing is to correctly predict changes and buy on time what can bring profit.

We earn in the village

  • Handicraft. If when you visited any circles, you can recall the acquired skills and put them into practice. This may be the manufacture of agricultural implements, the construction of greenhouses or arbors, wood carvings, sewing clothes, etc.
  • Agriculture. If you have your own plot of land, why not use it for a living. Grow organic vegetables and fruits and sell them on the market in the city. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can sell products in bulk to resellers,
  • Livestock. Thinking about where it is profitable to invest in 2019 so as not to lose your savings? Open your own livestock farm. Engage in breeding pigs, goats, poultry or rabbits and get a decent profit from this.

As you can see, in order to make money, it is not necessary to go to the city and start a business there, since agriculture opens up broad prospects for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Online store

Recently, many modern people have begun to shop online. Online trading is developing rapidly because if you cannot decide what you can make money from, try opening your own online store. You don’t need a lot of money for this. It is enough to put several product items on the site with photos and descriptions taken from other resources, take orders and resell them at a higher price. It is most advantageous to work with Chinese goods, on which you can put a decent margin. This type of activity is called dropshipping.

Rich people's tips

  1. A person can get rich only if he earns more than he spends,
  2. If you want to get financial independence, you don’t need to get a salary, but pay it to other people,
  3. Try to choose a field of activity in which there is no high level of competition,
  4. Do not try to repeat someone else's success. Ask experienced businessmen how to learn how to make big money and gradually move towards your goals.

Now you know how people make big money. Remember, the most precious thing in life is time. If you don't waste it, things will change for the better. Believe in your strength and you will succeed.

Monetize your own hobbies

Restore antiques. Repairing vintage items is an exciting and profitable activity. For the restoration of an old chair you will earn about 4,000 thousand rubles, and if you manage to breathe new life into a chest of drawers of the beginning of the last century - 25,000 rubles or more. Look for retro items at flea markets, and sell finished products to designers and collectors.

Get rid of brands.An eccentric bomber jacket Dries Van Noten and a Denis Simachev shirt are hanging in the closet, which you are proud of, but don’t wear? It is time to sell them and make room in the closet.

Travel You are going to Europe - bring compatriots jamon, a couple of bottles of wine and several pieces of cheese. Users are ready to pay 1000 rubles for AppleWatch from the USA and grenades from Yerevan, and 1500 for mandarins from Abkhazia. Look for orders in advance on Grabr and services. Returning from a trip, you can earn extra money - helping those who wish to buy tickets and plan a trip.

Become a mystery shopper. Tasting cocktails, checking the layout and shelf life of goods in stores, buying food at home, and earn. Dozens of such tasks are published in the TopMission application. If friends listen to your opinion, advise them of the brands and products you trust through the Teller app - you can earn up to 10% of the cost of the product.

Become a model. If you are a slender two-meter blue-eyed blond or proud of your bushy beard, try yourself as a model. Other features come in handy: for filming on television, they are looking for anyone: thin, fat, with moles, bald, often blinking - and pay from 700 rubles per hour.

Cook the food. Making perfect steaks and treating only loved ones with them is unfair to other people. If your collection has five specialties, it’s time to create an Instagram account and offer cook services for an hour. For dinner, they will pay from 1100 rubles.

Knight's move - squeeze in the living space

This method is not suitable for everyone, but it has certain advantages. First of all, those people who do not have a profession worthy of modern times, but have their own housing, can live this way. If you bought an apartment or you already have an apartment, you can rent a room cheaper, and rent an vacated apartment more expensive. On the difference (and it can reach 10 and 20 thousand rubles), you can safely exist.

This option is also not for everyone, but has the right to exist. If you have your own property (room, apartment, house, land), you can take a loan secured by real estate.

This should also include a trip to the pawnshop. If you have expensive or valuable things, you can always try to lay them in a pawnshop. It’s better to choose those things that you don’t use, then their absence will not change your life.

Who benefits from working in Russia in 2019

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The first method is the most efficient)))
And about - rent a room and rent an apartment - so this is for those who have something to rent

And the garage feeds me, for 12 years now and I have no crises: repair the suspension, change the wheel for someone, rearrange the tires from winter to summer, the carburetor jams, fuel pump and so on they feed me all year round