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Valentine's Day Cards


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start pleasant preparations right now. For example, to make your own hands a bright three-dimensional and very easy-to-produce Valentine card.

Making such a card for Valentine's Day is so simple that even a child can cope with the task.

So, if you are ready to create, then let's get started!

To make a greeting card for Valentine's Day with your own hands, you will need the following materials: a sheet of two-sided colored cardboard, two-sided colored paper, scissors, a pencil and glue.

Fold a piece of cardboard in half. On the side where the fold is, make two cuts so that you get a strip. You will drive this strip into the card.

Now, cut out two hearts from a sheet of colored paper of red color and glue them to this strip.

And from a sheet of colored paper of green color, cut out two pieces of paper and glue them a little lower.

In such a simple way, you have obtained a voluminous paper flower in the form of a heart.

Now it remains only to sign the card and do not forget to confess your love!

Postcards for Valentine's Day: the best gift is made with love.

Even those who speak out loud about the futility of this holiday, deep down wish to receive a romantic gift or to please their loved one with a tender surprise, are in constant search of a card for February 14th.

He inspires the most practical and inspires the follies of the most calm, makes you forget about your age and remember about the beautiful. Of course, we are talking about Valentine's Day. But even the most expensive gift will not replace the sign of attention, which is created with your own hands - valentines.

All that is done with your own hands, made with love

Many are afraid of needlework of any kind, because they believe that they "will not succeed." But no special skills or special materials are needed to make a postcard for February 14th - if it looks naive, a little childish, it will be appreciated even more gratefully. And if you take into account that the feelings of the person who made it will necessarily be enclosed in such a home-made card, then its value will be greater than any expensive jewelry. What is needed for such a wonderful gift?

Unusual postcards for Valentine's Day: a miracle of buttons

To make a creative and touching postcard, you can successfully use ... ordinary buttons. They are generally very often used not only for their intended purpose, but also to create unusual things. Such cards for February 14, decorated with appliqué made of buttons laid out in the shape of a heart, look cute and direct, and also very cozy.

A delightful button applique can be made plain (for example, traditionally red) or multi-colored - as you wish. Any postcard from February 14 is an opportunity to show imagination and make not only hands, but also a heart in the manufacture.

A great option is to take buttons of several colors and stick them in this way: the stroke is one color, inside it is a row of another, then the third, and so on until the middle.

It is not necessary, however, to make a heart. The button tree is also very beautiful and creative. The trunk can be made of rope, a piece of vine or just draw. Your February 14 postcard will most likely be received with enthusiasm.

The button-shaped bouquet looks no less lovely. To make a flower for him, you need to take a small button, wire and petals from cardboard. With a wire stretched through both holes of a button, petals are attached to such a “base”, and the wire itself forms a stem. A few of these flowers - and the bouquet is ready. We made it ourselves, and it is beautiful!

February 14th bead postcards - pure radiance of feelings

Many beginner needlewomen are “afraid” of beads - it is small, fragile and working with it is quite difficult. But at the same time, the products that are made from it are amazing. With it, you can not only weave and embroider, but also make very beautiful and unusual postcards for February 14 with your own hands.

One of the options is a heart glued onto the cardboard, shining with the edges of beads. It can be easily made from stringed beads of the same color. Then, from such a bead wire, the heart is bent, which is glued to the card. This heart and a beautiful sincere inscription in its center will make the card one of a kind.

Greeting cards for Valentine's Day with bead powder also look great. It is more than simple to do this: you just need to apply a drawing from a simple heart to more complex shapes on a cardboard blank), and then spread the places necessary for fixing the beads with glue. After they are sprinkled with the material of the selected color and it is firmly glued, unnecessary residues are carefully swept away with a soft brush, and the spaces are again neatly dug with glue and filled up with beads of the corresponding shade.

Creative cards for Valentine's Day: here is my heart, guard it well

If you have some skills with mastic, which you can buy in needlework stores, then this is an excellent material for a festive heart that you can use to make postcards for Valentine's Day.
Such a mastic is similar to plasticine, so giving it a suitable shape is not difficult, and then the finished product can be decorated as you like - with buttons, beads, even rhinestones. To make the heart ready solid, it must be baked in the oven - three minutes will be enough.

But to make it worthy of Valentine's Day greeting cards is a task requiring a little more time. To make it shine it is necessary to polish it with fine emery cloth, rub a pair of jeans thoroughly and cover with varnish (for nails or furniture). Ready heart will not be ashamed to attach to a card with gentle words of love.

Touching happiness: unusual postcards for February 14 do-it-yourself

Beads, buttons, mastic - the materials are beautiful and interesting, but to some they seem a little cold. We will not dispute this statement; we will simply propose an alternative.

Naturally, postcards for Valentine's Day should be cute, so that a pocket with a candy, a knitted heart or an applique made of fabric will not only decorate the card, but also make it cozy.

Another creative and beautiful version of jewelry that can be made on Valentine's Day is a lotus flower. It is made from ribbon for packing flowers. To make a module for such a flower, you need to take four strips of tape thirteen centimeters long and bend them so that the third part of the length is at the top. Pulling at the ends, from such modules they collect a lotus flower, which is then attached to a cardboard heart. It is unlikely that somewhere it will be possible to find similar postcards on February 14.

How to make a do-it-yourself lotus flower

Such a flower can decorate any card for Valentine's Day.

Cardboard and textiles - recognition without words (step-by-step instruction)

A gentle and romantic postcard will turn out if you use textile components. For such a card you will need paper (white and red), white lace, red satin ribbon and red threads, double-sided tape and glue. Three hearts of the same shape but different sizes should be cut out of paper: the largest and smallest - from red and the middle - from white. You need to do this twice. For February 14 postcards to talk about feelings, a heart is an ideal option.

Now they need to be glued in decreasing order onto a white cardboard base so that there is room for another triple heart. After that they need to be “connected” with a red satin ribbon bow, and on February 14, the base of the card should be decorated with a lace bottom and ribbon on top, securing them with tape. The composition will be completed by stranded flagella, which are attached so that they look like threads from balloons.

Such cards for Valentine's Day can tell about your feelings, even if you do not write anything. Such recognition is sometimes more expensive than a thousand words.

In the picture - love

Pictures from postcards? On Valentine's Day, not such miracles are possible. In order to give your loved one a real miracle, you need to make postcards for February 14 with your own hands - for example, make a tree from newspaper fragments and stick leaves in the shape of hearts on it.

Another great idea is to cut out a palm from a magazine cover, stick it on a cardboard base and decorate it with delicate hearts that are cut from the same material as the palm, but only in light colors.

To please a loved one, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Better take the time to make postcards by February 14 by hand - and this will surely evaluate who your products are for, the words written on it and the heart beating with trembling heart in his presence.

Other Valentine's Day Cards

Not requiring financial costs, but at the same time a very effective way to congratulate your soulmate - a card from the set of "I".

Do not be too lazy to beautifully decorate sweets for the holiday:

Very beautiful cards are obtained if you use gouache and a stencil.

In these cases, a sponge is used for painting.

Step-by-step instruction: do-it-yourself greeting card with voluminous hearts

Using a figured hole punch, we get hearts from prepared paper for scrapbooking. We spread them on the basis (2 hearts for each position).

Next, sew the hearts to the base, after which we cut the remaining threads.

It remains only to bend the upper hearts and the card for Valentine's Day is ready! With our own hands we created such a small miracle.

Postcard with confetti for Valentine's Day (photo instruction)

Cut a heart-shaped window on the front of the card.

We will prepare the confetti with the help of a hole punch (any paper or newspaper will do). We cut two identical rectangles from transparent polyethylene.

Now we will make a confetti bag from prepared polyethylene rectangles, fill in the confetti and fix the bag opposite the window.

We fix the bag with adhesive tape and hide it with another sheet of paper.

It remains only to write words for a loved one, put a postcard in an envelope and hand it to the addressee on Valentine's Day!