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How to make a terrarium for a land tortoise with your own hands?


In good weather, the turtle will be happy to stay outside for the whole daylight hours, if the temperature is not below 20 degrees, and if the night temperature does not drop below 18, then all night.

When constructing an aviary, you need to remember that its length should be approximately 2.5-3 meters, and the approximate area per pet should not be less than 4 square meters. It is necessary to ensure that harmful and poisonous plants do not grow in it.

In the enclosure, you need to equip small elevations with smooth slopes so that the turtle can climb on them, but make them so that the animal can roll over from its back to its stomach if it suddenly falls over. Also in the pen there should be a small pond of such depth that the water covers about half the height of the shell, in it the turtle can not only swim and refresh, but also drink. Therefore, the water in the pond should always be clean.

A prerequisite for a street enclosure is a canopy from the sun, but it can be a house made of wood or cardboard, as well as the presence of edible plants that the turtle can feast on if necessary. The pen should be located in such a way that a sufficient amount of sunlight gets into it, because ultraviolet is necessary for the correct formation of the shell. You can’t equip an aviary in a lowland, because when it rains, all the water will drain there.

The walls in the turtle enclosure should be high enough so that walking individuals cannot get out of them. The minimum height should be no less than one and a half lengths of the largest of the turtles that are in the aviary. If possible, it is worth making a horizontal, bent inward, 3-5 cm curb over the perimeter of the top of the wall. After all, some turtles can get out of the lawn by pulling themselves on the wall with very strong forepaws, on which tenacious claws grow, allowing you to catch on the slightest potholes or crevices of the wall.

Under the ground, the fence should be dug at least 30 cm, and if possible it can be even more, because animals can very quickly get out through the digging they dig.

When building an aviary, the net on top of the aviary is very useful, because many dogs may want to play with “live toys” or even taste them. Both cats and large birds may also be interested in walking turtles, so leaving animals on a walk without a protective net will be unsafe. Another net is very desirable under the aviary itself, because many enemies of turtles, such as rats or snakes, also live in the ground. If there is a desire, instead of an underground grid, you can lay a foundation that will protect against underground uninvited guests.

What properties should a corral fence have?

  1. First of all, the fence should serve as an indisputable barrier around the entire perimeter.
  2. The opacity of the fence will not prompt the tortoise to seek a way out of the enclosure.
  3. The smooth surface of the fence will not allow claws to catch on it.
  4. The fence should protect from the wind and not release heat.
  5. If necessary, the owner must cross the fence without delay and have an unobstructed view of the entire territory of the enclosure.
  6. The fence should be not only reliable, but also aesthetic, pleasing to the eyes of the owners.
  7. There are materials from which a fence can be built on each site: concrete slabs and stones, boards, wooden beams, etc.

The size of the enclosure, as well as its design, depends on whether the animals will be in it only in the summer, or whether they will live there all year round. In the cold season, pets can be kept in greenhouses, which equip a special compartment for turtles.

In the aviary, it’s nice to plant green treats for turtles, such as lettuce, clover, cucumbers, dandelions, pumpkin, lavender and many others. It is only necessary to ensure that plants do not grow close to the fence, especially curly ones. In this case, the turtle will have an extra chance to leave the aviary.

A good soil for turtles will be a mixture of river sand with small stones, which should replace part of the land in the pen. Pesos

by day it will heat up, and at night give heat to the turtle, which can dig into it.

What to look for

Before starting work on the manufacture of a house for a land tortoise with your own hands, you need to determine the size of the future structure. It is not at all difficult to calculate, for this it is necessary to multiply the length, width and height of the pet by 4-7. The resulting area will be comfortable for the living of one individual. For example, the length of the turtle is 10 centimeters, then the length of the terrarium should be at least 40 centimeters, the width is calculated in the same way, but you can do with the height more loyally, that is, 30 centimeters will be enough.

If there is a need to make a terrarium for a land tortoise with your own hands, drawings where several individuals will live, then the estimated area is calculated by a larger animal and is multiplied by two. Of course, in this case, the more, the more comfortable the pets will be.

The material for the turtle's corral is wood, thick plastic, glass or plexiglass

The material for the pen is wood, thick plastic, glass or plexiglass. The last two options will make the terrarium more beautiful, it can be a real home decoration, which can not be said about a wooden box. But there are drawbacks to these materials: the turtle does not perceive glass, so it can beat against its surface. To prevent this phenomenon, you can carefully stick a self-adhesive film on the surface, for example, on a tropical theme.

Where to put

It is important to understand that exotic animals prefer silence and peace, therefore, in a noisy room, where a TV or music center is located nearby, you do not need to put a terrarium. It is best that there are no other pets in the room, as conflicts cannot be avoided. Many believe that the tortoise is a calm and non-aggressive creature, but this is not always the case. In case of danger, the tortoise can severely injure the offender, because it has a powerful jaw.

It is advisable not to place the terrarium in places open to sunlight. The best option would be for the tortoise to be able to leave its house and move independently on a vast area. Indoor conditions should be close to its natural conditions so that the individual can feel comfortable.

Advantages and disadvantages of types of terrariums

It’s easiest to make a terrarium for a turtle with your own hands from wood, to build a structure is not at all difficult, and for this you do not need to have special knowledge, just acquire everything you need and follow the established algorithm of actions. It is best to make at least one wall of ordinary glass or use plexiglass, which is much more convenient to work with. Be sure to make several ventilation holes in the walls of wood. Thin plastic or laminate is laid out at the bottom, linoleum can also come up.

It is imperative to make a lid in order to provide the necessary conditions inside the house, as well as to protect the pet from other inhabitants of the house and to avoid an unpleasant smell in the house, although it will not be there if you systematically clean the turtle. The lid can be shifted to the side, opened back, or simply removed.

You can find plastic containers, they are specifically designed for reptile content. Their cost is small, but there is a main problem - the safe and proper placement of the lamp. The same species include cat carrying and cages for rodents, they are often found in pet stores.

The easiest way to make a terrarium for a turtle with your own hands from a tree

Some owners are not particularly tormented with the question of how to make a terrarium for the turtle with their own hands, by fencing on the floor. To do this, choose the most comfortable and safe area in the house and enclose it with an impromptu fence, its height is determined by the above formula. The disadvantage of this variety is the insecurity of the open terrarium, but if you protect the pet from other animals and constantly maintain the temperature on the lower layers of the room within 25 degrees, then there will be no problems.

In shops, you can find aquariums for aquatic turtles, they can be used for a fellow land. Such designs are equipped with the necessary holes and mounts for ventilation. This option can be taken as a basis, that is, take a closer look at it and make something similar at home. To do this, you need to at least minimally know how to make a terrarium for a land tortoise with your own hands, so that the product meets all the standards.

Internal arrangement

Before you make a house for a turtle with your own hands, you need to study the natural living conditions of the pet to provide it with everything you need. Be sure to keep such a pet needs soil. Otherwise, the animal can erase its claws, and over time, the legs will begin to deform. Experts do not recommend using ordinary sawdust for these purposes. It is best to bring the soil as close as possible to the natural habitat.

Coarse sand, as well as small pebbles placed in some places, are great for the floor. A hard spot will allow you to sharpen your claws, and in the sand the turtle will bury. The absorbent rubber mat does not hinder under the stock; it can be purchased at the pet store, department of household items in the supermarket or taken from the bathroom. Cleaning such a bottom with a frequency of 1 time per week will be quite enough.

Coarse sand and fine pebbles placed in some places are suitable for the floor.

There are craftsmen who install a warm floor system under the ground, then the temperature will always be maintained within the required limits. In this case, it is necessary to protect the electric cable from the pet, since it can easily get under the ground and gnaw the wire.

Important elements of the terrarium are heating and lighting. The normal temperature is considered to be 26-30 degrees, to ensure this indicator, both special heaters and incandescent lamps are used no more than 60 watts. You can imitate the sun's rays due to ultraviolet lamps, this is a prerequisite for the normal life of a pet. Heating and lighting devices should be placed at a distance of no more than 20 centimeters from the terrarium so that the animal is not burned.

An excellent solution would be to use a safety grill, this can also protect against accidental ignition of objects that are in the terrarium.

You can simulate sunlight using ultraviolet lamps

The standard daylight hours of a reptile last about 10-12 hours, so the lights must be turned off at night.

It is not at all necessary to warm the entire part of the cage the same way, because sometimes the turtle wants to warm up, and at other times it needs to be chilled, because its well-being directly depends on the ambient temperature conditions. The feeder should be placed in the warm part of the terrarium, be sure to make it stable, it is advisable to fix it in general in one place. The fact is that the turtle will certainly try to knock it over, then it will kick for a long time. An ordinary feeder made of light plastic will not work, because its strength will certainly give slack, but a small but ceramic feeder will be enough. For fixation, you can prikopat it in the ground.

The dishes should not have a ribbed surface and sharp elements, about which the pet can damage the skin. These recommendations are also suitable for drinking bowls, excellent options can be found in pet stores, they will last for many years. The land tortoise’s diet mainly includes vegetables, and these products contain fiber, which is necessary for reptiles to function normally. It is necessary to provide the pet with a balanced diet, that is, do not give the same vegetables every day, sometimes the animal needs to be pampered. This will not only earn trust and recognition, but also improve internal processes, this is especially important in the cold season or during pregnancy.

This is an important part of the terrarium, because it not only maintains the necessary lighting conditions, but also is responsible for the temperature. The optimal indicator is 26-30 degrees, this value is quite high and not every lamp can handle it, so they additionally mount a heater. This is especially advisable if the terrarium is large. An ultraviolet lamp is able to imitate the sun's rays, which is an integral part of the existence of an exotic pet.

A land turtle is an excellent pet that does not require large financial investments, because its cost is not very large, you can do without special food, and you can also make a terrarium for a land turtle with your own hands. This will be a great pastime, as an assistant you can take a child who also likes to make a house for a little turtle. It is important to take into account some requirements so that the housing is comfortable and meets all standards.