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FAQ for a newbie to Age of Empires 2


People. Who is developing as a whole? For example, I prefer a moderately extensive way. That is, development with a slight eye on the army: I carry out militarization starting with the knights. As a result, the normal speed of development is insurance against "surprises" in the cash age. To the box and the walls are good :)
But I know friends with strategies such as "not a single unit before the Imperiel and the paladins" or vice versa, I have a friend who immediately rivets archers and futmen and knits an opponent (person) preventing them from developing normally. Who do you like?

All paths are controversial, but truth is born in argument and discussion!

PS: I think any experience in the tactics of development battle economy can be useful to someone, so write!

How to search for free units in the Age of Empires 2

In the game, you can easily switch at the touch of a button to unoccupied economic units (peasants / boats / trade carts) or military (free soldiers, siege weapons, etc.). So, flipping the assigned hotkey for this, you can occupy everyone.

  • For the military, the default is the B key
  • For peasants, the default key is Yu

You can change the button assigned to this action in the game settings (settings -> hot keys -> game control -> next inactive unit / peasant) In addition, to search for free peasants / boats / trade carts, a special button is placed on the game control panel near the minimap, which can be clicked with the mouse.

What is the population limit and how to remove it

The population limit is set in the pre-game settings. In AoE2 HD, you can set a limit of up to 500. In the early version of the game (not for Steam), you could play a maximum of 200 units, but there were different tricks to increase the limit (add-ons and resource editors).

How many peasants to build in the game

Peasants should be at least 60% of the maximum population limit. That is, if the population limit is 200, then the peasants must be at least 120. In order to achieve this indicator, city centers must work without stopping and at the beginning of the game your peasants are 90% of all your units.

With fewer peasants, it is impossible to produce a good army, and it must be produced continuously. There are exceptions - for example, if you are sponsored by an ally (then there will be fewer peasants) or you play on a specific map, you are protected from attack and save resources (there will be more peasants).

How to make small trees in Age of Empires II HD

Using some plugins in the WorkShop (if you have an HD version of the game from Steam), you can visually reduce the appearance of trees on a map in the Age of Empires. This increases the visibility on the border of the forest and generally simplifies the gameplay (for example, it is not visible the silhouette of gold or stone behind the trees, but it’s immediately clear what kind of resource there is.

You can search for such add-ons yourself at the request of "tree" or download, for example, such - it reduces the size of all trees to 40% of the original.

What is the strongest (best) civilization Age of Empires 2

In the Age of Empires, developers are trying to maximize game balance, so any civilization can play better with a certain strategy and defeat any other. When it seems that some race has an objective advantage (for example, Vikings on sea charts with their longboats and cheap ports), usually it’s the clumsy strategy of opponents. An experienced gamer knows how to use the advantages of each civilization and, given the minuses of the "civs" of the enemy, in the end to win.

Therefore, the “strongest civilization” can only be in the game of beginners because of the advantages that appear on the most obvious tactics. For example, many would call it the Huns (they do not need houses) or mongols (fast hunters + strong unique unit).

How to disable the construction of a miracle in Age of Empires II

By default, there are 3 ways to win the Age:

  • capture all the relics
  • build a wonder of the world
  • take over the world.

Thus, one of the conditions for victory in the game is to build a miracle (a beautiful building without functions worth 1000 wood, 1000 stone and 1000 gold) and hold out for some time (during this period, enemies actively attack in order to destroy the building). You can disable this feature.

Before starting the card in the settings, you can select other, more accurate conditions for winning:

  • Conquest (opponents surrendered or destroyed)
  • Time limit
  • Score
  • To the last drop of blood (all enemy units are killed).

Siege weapons

Stone thrower
Cost: 180 units of wood, 80 gold. Description: The most pleasant property of this unit is the ability to shoot at longer distances than towers. Therefore, he is able to destroy them without loss.

Cost: 180 units write, 80 gold. Description: An improved version of the above unit. It has a higher firing rate, range, strength and a larger strike zone.

Heavy catapult
Cost: 180 units of wood, 80 gold.
Description: The most powerful catapult. In addition to her usual abilities, she can destroy the forest.

Cost: 100 units of wood, 80 gold.
Description: This unit, unlike catapults, does not shoot with cores, but with special shells. He also has a higher firing rate, which allows him to more effectively destroy not only static objects.

Cost: 100 units of wood, 80 gold.
Description: An improved version of the unit described above, characterized by higher characteristics.


Scout ship
Cost: 135 units of wood.
Description: The weakest warship. Large groups of these ships can restrain the onslaught of their older brothers, as well as patrol the shore.

War galley
Cost: 135 units of wood.
Description: A dozen of these ships are capable of delivering a sufficiently powerful blow from the sea to a base that is unprotected by towers.

Cost: 135 units of wood.
Description: A powerful enough ship that fires shells like Ballist’e. It represents a real threat to the enemy army, located offshore. It can also destroy certain buildings within its range.

Catapult trireme
Cost: 135 units of wood, 75 gold.
Description: Catapult prototype at sea. The best way to destroy the towers guarding the coast. It can also be used to destroy buildings located offshore.

Cost: 135 units of wood, 75 gold. Description: An improved version of the Catapult Trireme. Used the same way he does.

Cost: 125 units of gold. Description: This is the only unit in the game that owns magic. Despite the small number of spells, they are all quite effective. The magician is able to restore power from damaged units (with the exception of ships), as well as turn enemy units and buildings into his own. The last spell requires a certain amount of mana.

Thus, we examined all combat units in the game, without exception. However, you are unlikely to use them all. Firstly, it simply may not have enough resources, especially gold, and secondly, many of them are simply not needed. I will not further indicate the main principles of defense and intelligence, because all of them are extremely primitive. It’s better to proceed right away to the attack, which I will try to illustrate with a real example.
There are two islands on the map: on one - your base, on the other - the base of the enemy. For the initial phase of the attack, you will need a sufficiently powerful fleet consisting of 15 Triremes and at least one Catapult Trireme. First you need to destroy the enemy shipyard where the ships are being built. With such forces, it is quite simple to do. Next, you take the fleet to the rear in order to repair the damaged ships by workers. Then you scour the entire coast of one Catapult Trireme (by this time you must destroy all the enemy ships) and destroy the towers one after another. Do not pay attention to the workers who try to repair them - they still will not work. After the coast is cleared of all defensive structures, take all the other ships and destroy everything within their sight. Next, it's time to start a direct attack from the land base. It will require two catapults, five hoplites, five archers, two magicians and two workers