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26 ways to keep your child busy


Work, household chores and other worries take a lot of our time, often to the detriment of communicating with our children. Even when free minutes fall, we do not always know what interesting things you can do with your child, in addition to reading and simple games.

Some parents come out of the situation, including cartoons or game on computerso that the child doesn’t interfere. In our opinion, this is an extreme measure when there really is no time to pay attention to the baby.

Today we decided to offer you interesting ideas that, on the one hand, will not take you much time, but on the other hand, they will surprise and occupy the child for a long time. With your own hands, you can quickly and easily create a “miracle”, with a minimum of material costs. Try to conjure with your child, guided by our tips.

Cardboard house

Cardboard is an excellent material for building houses. It is easy to cut, bends well and is quite durable after gluing. Depending on your imagination, size and density of cardboard, you can make either a large house for a child or a small house for dolls.

It is better to make a house for the child in such a way that it can be folded and removed at any time. To connect the parts in this case, it is more convenient to use adhesive tape rather than glue, and if necessary, glue reusable Velcro. Do not forget to provide a window and doors, also curtains and other decor will not interfere.

10 ideas for entertaining a child

A dollhouse can be made in two ways: without a roof or without a front wall, so that it is convenient to play. Try to make a copy of your apartment or country house in miniature. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, but it will be interesting for you and will delight your child, because here you can place your favorite toys not only in “your own”, but also in your “mother’s and father’s” room.

10 ideas for entertaining a child

Furniture in the house can be made of cardboard or buy a special wooden designer. It is very affordable and allows you to furnish all the rooms of the house, up to the bathroom and toilet. And if you supplement the premises with bedspreads, curtains and rugs, you will get a real "Dream House" without any special costs.

Sea in a bottle

Pour water into a transparent bottle, add a little blue or blue food coloring (you can use tablets or powders to color Easter eggs), small shells, toys, sparkles, etc. At the end, add a little vegetable oil, close the lid, shake and you can watch the "marine inhabitants".

10 ideas for entertaining a child

A simpler, but no less interesting option. Make a jellyfish from a thin plastic bag, for this, wrap a small area in the center of the package with a thread to make a jellyfish body, and cut the remaining area with scissors into strips. Now dip the jellyfish in a bottle of water tinted with blue dye, close the lid. Shake the bottle and the jellyfish will come to life.

10 ideas for entertaining a child

3. Games with colorful rice

Ingredients: Rice, White Vinegar, Food Coloring, Clean Bags. Dilute the dyes in a little vinegar. Put a handful of rice in a plastic bag, pour the paint in there, tie it tightly and mix the rice to color the whole cereal. Children, by the way, also like the mixing process itself, when you can twist and squeeze a sachet free, and the result. Painted rice needs to be dried and used for pictures, applications and all kinds of crafts.

4. Mass for sculpting with your own hands

You can make a lot in a couple of minutes, and children will have fun with it for hours. You will need: PVA glue (240 ml), sodium boric acid, also known as “borax”, sold in hardware stores and in departments for gardeners (a teaspoon), water and food colors.

Mix glue with water in a bowl, add a few drops of dye. Dissolve the borax in half a glass of warm water and pour the solution into colored glue, while continuing to stir the mass. When the mass thickens and begins to stretch, knead it with your hands, like a dough, and after a few minutes you will have a plastic mass in your hands that does not stick to surfaces and does not smell! From it you can even blow bubbles.

5. Board games with cookies

Buy two-tone cookies, chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other. Make a board for the game: stick strips of colored adhesive tape on a square base. The older the children, the more cells can be included in the game. Use cookies instead of chips to play reverse. Ordinary checkers can also be replaced with marshmallows or cookies. After the game you can eat chips.

6. Do-it-yourself dollhouse

We do one day - we play a week! Set for architectural creativity: shoe boxes, scotch tape, paper for mache paper, scrapbooking paper or wallpaper, paints, stationery glue, newspapers.

Insert shoe boxes into each other at an angle of 90 degrees. Two boxes will make one corner of the house and one floor. Any design can be done, depending on the flight of imagination. Tape the boxes together with tape.

Then glue the whole house with newspapers, and glue paper for papier-mâché on a layer of newspapers. On this basis, you can practice creating an interior. Paints, wallpapers, beautiful paper and even pieces of linoleum will be needed to decorate walls, floors and ceilings. Arrange the furniture and the puppet mansion is ready.

A lot of interesting things can be made out of boxes.

7. Plastic balls and masking tape: active games at home

Plastic balls and cups can be used for active games at home. Use marking tape to mark the floor or carpet to define the boundaries of the games. With the help of such simple means you can:

  • play hopscotch, and the plastic cup will act as a puck,
  • draw a target on the floor, the one whose ball rolls closer to the center will win,
  • replace tic-tac-toe with cups or balls of different colors to play on the floor,
  • imagine a nest in which a bird protects eggs (cups) from snake attacks,
  • arrange long jump competitions, marking the records with strips of tape,
  • turn into tightrope walkers who need to go around the entire apartment, never once stepping away from the line.

8. Aircraft from a cocktail tube

A non-standard version of the airplane, which will fly much further than the usual one, can be made of three pieces of paper and a plastic tube for a cocktail.

Three thick strips 2.5 × 12.5 cm in size need to be cut out of thick paper. Connect the two strips together and lock them into a large ring using tape. From the third strip make a small ring. Attach the rings to the ends of the tube by placing it inside the paper rings. It looks unusual, but this design flies! Run in a small ring forward.

10. Rainbow made of foam

When children get tired of blowing ordinary soap bubbles, invite them to make a foam snake. To do this, you need at home: a plastic bottle, adhesive tape, dishwashing liquid, food colors and a sock that has lost a pair.

Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle, pull the sock on it, secure the sock with adhesive tape. In a separate container, mix the dishwashing liquid with a small amount of water, add dye. Dip a sock on the bottle in soapy water and blow it slowly in the neck. You will get a big foam snake. If you show imagination, you can make a rainbow out of foam.

13. An alternative to a slingshot from a plastic cup and balloon

Cut the plastic cup in half. Tie the balloon's knot without knotting. Cut the wide part of the ball and pull the half with the tail onto the cup. In your hands is a fun substitute for a slingshot. Put a “bullet” (a plastic or cotton ball) in a glass and pull the tail of the ball. You can arrange firing range championships.

16. Speed ​​games: catch up in one minute

Almost any item in the house can be turned into game equipment if you collect something at a speed for one minute.

  • Collect candies and marshmallows with Chinese sticks - who is bigger?
  • Build the tallest tower of coins or plastic cups.
  • Throw more socks into the laundry basket.
  • Do not let the ball fall to the floor for a minute.

17. Racing glass balls

If you have an aqua stick (noodle), and you are not going to swim with it, make a toy out of it. Cut the stick into half along the entire length (it is better to use a saw). You have two paths through which you can run glass or iron balls. Lay the sticks with one end on the dais, the other on the box where the balls will fall. Decorate the track with the “start” and “finish” flags - the game is ready.

18. Aiming with glass balls

Glass balls make it possible to come up with a sea of ​​games. Take the shoe box and make a few semicircular cutouts with different radii along the long edge. Turn the box upside down. You got a garage with different gates. They will be the goal for the balls. Put the box (it can be painted) on the table and try to hit the rolling gate into the narrowest gates. The one with the most hits wins.

19. Bracelets made of wood and paper tape

You can make wooden bracelets with your own hands. This is an idea for working together with children.

You will need: water, a wide mug, wooden sticks for ice cream, multi-colored paper tape or colored paper, an awl, twine or thick threads.

Put wooden sticks in water to make them soft. It will take two days. Be sure to crush them with something so that they do not float and are always completely covered with water. When the tree becomes flexible, bend the stick and put it inside the mug. The next day the tree will dry and take the form of a glass.

Proceed to the most interesting! You need to decorate the bracelet to your liking with applications from colored paper or scotch tape. When the pattern is ready, make two holes at the ends of the wooden stick with an awl, thread the thread. Decoration is ready!

23. Do-it-yourself car wash

Children can play for hours in the bathroom with a real car wash, which can be made from a five-liter plastic canister, dishwashing sponges and moisture-proof adhesive tape.

From the canister you need to cut the sink body with entry and exit. Cut the dishwashing sponges into thin long sticks and glue them vertically to the sink ceiling. Permanent markers paint the design. Place shaving foam in empty yogurt jars, take old toothbrushes and toy cars. The rest will be done by imagination.

24. Scientific experiment with balloons

Show your child a chemical experiment in the kitchen. Pour a spoonful of soda into a balloon, and pour vinegar into an empty plastic bottle. Put the ball on the neck of the bottle and tighten it securely. Gradually pour soda from the ball into the bottle. The neutralization reaction will lead to the release of a large amount of carbon dioxide, which will inflate a balloon.

25. Frozen Dinosaur Egg

If a child loves dinosaurs, show him how ancient dinosaurs hatched from eggs. Put a dinosaur figurine in a balloon and fill it with tinted water, then send the balloon to the freezer. When the water freezes, call the young paleontologists. Remove from the eggs the "shell" of the ball, consider a dinosaur in the thickness of the ice. You can get the toy with a small hammer (you only need to do this with glasses for swimming so that small ice floes do not hurt your eyes).

26. Banana Ice Cream

You can make popsicles with just one ingredient. Take bananas (preferably slightly overripe), peel and cut into thin slices. Put in the freezer. After a couple of hours, remove the frozen bananas and mix in a blender until the mass begins to resemble thick sour cream. Ice cream can be eaten right away or put into molds and re-frozen. Older children will do the cooking themselves!

Games of light

Draw an ornament on a rectangular piece of cardboard, make a puncture with a thick needle along the lines of the picture, then glue the cardboard into the cylinder, and inside put a small light bulb or flashlight. Now you can turn off the light and enjoy the light patterns on the walls.

10 ideas for entertaining a child

Another interesting lighting effect can be obtained by cutting a picture on a round piece of cardboard, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of the glass of the flashlight. Now put this cardboard on the glass, turn off the light in the room and turn on the flashlight. Who said shadows cannot be revived?