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How to live after retirement


Feelings of a man who is reduced by work just because he is already retired, reminiscent of the feelings of a child who is trying his best to be good, but his parents do not notice his efforts. Before reaching retirement age, he begins to work especially hard: he undertakes to fulfill all the instructions of his superiors, does not go to sick leave and remains to work overtime, but still the time comes when he is asked to leave for a well-deserved rest, and a young employee is taken in his place.

Why so modern pensioners want to work? First of all, the state is to blame for this: it pays a pension, which for many today barely reaches a living wage. A person who is assigned such a modest pension and cut off at work receives a signal that he is not needed. And in the West, everyone believes that the age of 60-65 years is a period of active life that precedes old age, starting no earlier than 75 years.

Achievement retirement age many are happy there, because after retirement they are free from financial worries and can afford to live life to the fullest: travel, engage in hobbies, receive a new education and enjoy all the benefits of civilization. The size of the pension and savings that Western pensioners have, allow them to enjoy life until old age.

AT Of Russia the picture is different. After retirement, with us many people do not know where to put ourselves. The fact that you no longer need to go to work, you can fully sleep and do what you want, they rejoice only in the first month of a new life. And then, every day they wake up early in the morning and think that the next empty day has come, which will be as boring and bleak as yesterday.

Watch for hours TV set bored, the series are already uninteresting, and there’s no reason to go to the store and nothing. A modest pension is only enough to buy the most necessary products, but there are not many of them. You can buy milk and bread for several days at once, and you can do without other products. Many pensioners are in good health, but it turns out that they rarely leave their homes and practically buried themselves alive. It happens that for a week they do not utter a single word, but they cannot find a new job. Therefore, many joke that pension is a ticket to the next world. Indeed, in our country, if you do not work after retirement, you just have to think that it remains only to wait for death.

Special retire severely those who loved their work and live away from children and grandchildren. For them, retirement can be a real tragedy if they are alone all the time and think what lies ahead: illness, withering, helplessness and meaningless life. In fact, there is no reason to consider yourself fit for anything at the age of 55-75 years. An actively working person does not even become old even at 80 - he only feels more mature and wise.

Idleness necessarily leads to stress and people begins to realizethat his life is meaningless and boring. When every day turns on Sunday, a feeling of emptiness and uselessness certainly appears. Therefore, if health allows, after reaching retirement age it is better not to leave work for as long as possible. If this is not possible, you need to look for a new job.

People who continue to work and study in retirement aging. Indeed, the desire not to stop ahead of time, to look for ways to improve one’s life and the ability to see new opportunities instead of “putting an end to oneself” - these are the necessary components of a full and active retirement.

Work does life of a Russian pensioner filled and interesting. There is no place for loneliness and apathy in it. Now after retirement every third pensioner continues to work. Elderly learn new professions. Pensioners are registered with the employment service, they are offered free vacancies, sent for retraining and advanced training.

Of course find highly paid work to the pensioner harder than young. Therefore, you must agree to any work that you can do. Today, many companies are trying to save, it is much more profitable for them to keep the employee part-time and pay him half the salary than to hire an employee and pay him a high salary. If an employee agrees to do the same work for a salary 2 times lower, then what is the difference to the employer, 60 or 20 years.

Work for the senior citizen - This is one way to feel necessary and meaningful. Therefore, now even those people who live in abundance in retirement are happy for any employment, if only to escape from loneliness and not sit all day in four walls. And someone works, following the principle: "The longer you work, the healthier you will be."

Often retired women. They want to live a full life, and not live it, waiting for the onset of death and constantly listening to which side it hurts. In addition, they wish to go on vacation, pamper their grandchildren with gifts, buy clothes and update furniture. And for all this, a modest pension is not enough.

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Step by step

With the approach of retirement age, a person goes through several stages. The first is the so-called pre-retirement phase. You see the pension in the distant future, but there is a feeling of anxiety. Many in this period begin to save money, begin to equip summer cottages, where they plan to spend a significant part of the time after retirement, someone begins to look after a hobby. This approach is absolutely correct. After all, after such preparation, people cease to be afraid of leaving work.

The next stage is the romantic name “Honeymoon”. It begins immediately after retirement. A person experiences a feeling of euphoria from gained freedom - you no longer need to rush anywhere, you can do your favorite things. But, unfortunately, after the “honeymoon” a phase of disappointment often sets in, which, as a rule, arises because the picture of the retirement life that a person painted in his imagination does not correspond to reality. For example, you were sure that with retirement you would devote yourself to raising grandchildren, and children would refuse your help. Or you picked up a certain hobby, and the state of health does not allow you to do what you love. For many, the phase of disappointment is replaced by a stage of reorientation and stability - a person begins to realize his weaknesses and strengths and select the appropriate occupation. But there are people who, in spite of all efforts, cannot find themselves.

The main thing is self-confidence

Domestic and foreign psychologists agree (and this is confirmed by numerous studies) that people with average and high self-esteem are best adapted to retirement. That is why those who can’t come to terms with their new status in the first place, first of all, it is necessary to start treating themselves better. Remember your achievements more often, don’t reproach yourself for the mistakes made, take every small victory (for example, you made a bargain or shared a recipe for a branded cake with a neighbor) as a big success.

You are responsible for your life

Try not to shift the responsibility for your life to someone else. Many pensioners believe that others are to blame for their bad mood and sense of uselessness: children who do not want to live with elderly parents, former superiors who sent a valuable specialist to retire, friends who rarely come to visit. But you must be responsible for your life. And you live first of all for yourself. It seems to many that there is no need to prepare a delicious dinner for themselves - they say you can eat semi-finished products, you don’t need to clean the apartment - still no one comes in, etc. However, all this is necessary. Let first through force, forcing yourself. But over time, these simple everyday activities will help you cope with longing and a bad mood.

Find something to your liking

Of course, the best way to reliably survive retirement is to find something to your liking. One of my acquaintances after retirement took up the arrangement of a flower garden under their own windows. By the way, gardening made her the most popular person in the stairwell. The neighbors, who for many years did not even know the name of my friend, began to communicate with her. She met with all the tenants of the house and made real friendships with some of them.

Another problem that “novice retirees” face is the inability to communicate with people “just like that”, not the case. It seems to many that people can perceive such “conversations about nothing” as importunity. It's not like that at all. There are a lot of lonely people. Do not be shy if someone does not want to maintain a dialogue with you, this is not a tragedy at all. Many help in finding new friends ... a dog. Make a four-legged friend. Dog lovers are a special caste, they always have a topic for conversation and a company for a walk.

Common Retirement Jobs for Women

The question of what to do for a woman with retirement is very global, because each person has his own ideas about the desired profession. Some retirees, if possible, prefer to stay at the same workplace, some want (or are forced) to quit and start doing a completely new thing. The skills acquired during life with which people retire are also different.

If we talk about those professions that are most often mastered by women of retirement age, then we can dwell on several leading options:

    nanny - for those women who perfectly find a common language with children, the role of a nanny is perfect. This profession does not require heavy loads and does not involve much stress. However, you should prepare for the fact that some employers want the nanny to live at the place of work,

Many older women prefer babysitting

Room cleaning - energy-intensive and hard work

In addition to standard earnings options, there are more unusual ones that do not involve the conclusion of employment contracts. These types of activities include:

  • needlework. If you know how to work with your hands, then you can try to start making various things to order. Such things can be leather goods, lace embroideries, panels, decorative concrete products and so on - it all depends on the sphere of your “specialization”. The main thing in this area is to find demand,
  • growing vegetables and fruits in a greenhouse. Some pensioners manage to get significant income from their summer cottages. Today, fresh vegetables and fruits grown without additives are a rarity. Because many buyers are interested in quality products,

Greenhouse allows you to grow vegetables and fruits for sale year-round

As already mentioned, freelance is a phenomenon largely unknown to most modern pensioners. Freelancers are people who are involved in certain orders, for which they receive a certain payment. This type of cooperation does not imply the conclusion of employment contracts and in most cases is free.

Freelance allows retirees to avoid office work

Freelance is closely connected with the Internet, since most of the tasks in this area are somehow related to filling sites - whether it is writing articles or visualizing portals. However, there are exceptions - for example, an ordinary builder hired to perform a specific task can be called a freelancer. Freelancers do not pay income security and have the ability to manage earnings at their discretion.

It is freelance that is the area in which the age of a person performing a certain job does not mean anything. The main thing that is valued by the customer is the ability to complete the task given to the freelancer in the specified period of time.

Freelance requires certain skills for working with Internet projects.

What you need for freelance

Before proceeding to a phased acquaintance with the world of freelancing, let us dwell on a few basic professions that take place in this area.

Table 1. Freelance Professions

SEO copywriterSeo-copywriters specialize in generating advertising texts that are posted on the Internet. Such specialists work on creating concise descriptions of goods in online stores, paint a list of services on the websites of various organizations and so on. Various web-studios, online stores and owners of commercial sites can act as customers of SEO-copywriters
RewriterThe name of the profession comes from the English word re-write - “rewrite”. The main task of rewriters is to “creatively retell” the text being sent, taking into account the preservation of all initial facts. In some cases, it is necessary to create a longer or shorter text, in some cases, the customer needs to focus on individual elements of the text and skip others. Customers with information projects are interested in rewriting.
Content managerContent managers monitor what materials are filled in sites, magazines, newspapers and so on. The tasks of these specialists include the selection of material, its proofreading and subsequent publication on a specific portal. In a sense, the content manager is similar to the editor, but its scope is much narrower. The services of content managers are primarily interested in entertainment and news sites, as well as small companies in which KM can work remotely
Web DesignerWeb designers work with the visual component of future sites. These specialists are responsible not only for the “attractiveness” of web pages, but also for their ergonomics and user-friendly interface. The design of the portal should be such that the Internet user does not get confused in the links and banners and quickly find the information he needs to provide traffic. The main programs that web designers deal with include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

If you plan to devote yourself to freelance, then you need to prepare for the fact that adaptation in this area occurs in stages:

    choice of profession. We talked about the professions that are in demand among freelancers above. The choice of one of the specialties depends on your mentality, as well as on existing skills. So, if you are already well acquainted with graphic programs and know how to work with site interfaces, you can apply for a specialty web designer. With a minimum set of skills, you can pay attention to the vacancies of rewriters,

Choosing your niche in the field of freelance it is important to build on the knowledge that is currently available

Freelance Sites

You should be prepared for the first time to work for a fairly low fee. Most exchanges assume a concept like reputation. The copywriter's reputation is made up of the ratings that the customer puts to him for the work done. The higher the ratings, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to take on more expensive and complex projects.

Recommendations for retired job seekers

The success of a job search largely depends not so much on the presence or absence of a particular job as on the mood of the applicant. Before you sit down to look for your dream job, we recommend that retirees pay attention to the following simple tips:

  • Improve your computer skills. Unfortunately, many retirees have very distant ideas of even the most standard programs designed to work on a PC. Today, an increasing number of professions requires the ability to "communicate" with a computer at least at the user level. This skill greatly facilitates the retiree not only the search for vacancies, but also ordinary life, as it allows you to get more information. Many large cities have special introductory courses designed for retirees and allow them to get started with a computer,

The ability to use a computer is useful not only at work, but also in everyday life

Working with children is one of the best earning options for retirees

Job Search Sites

The demand for pensioners

Unfortunately, rumors that it is not so easy for pensioners to find work are partially justified, especially when it comes to finding work in large organizations. According to surveys, only a quarter of employers are ready to consider candidates for retirement and people of pre-retirement age for employment. Such employers focus on the positive qualities of people of advanced age, noting their positive aspects, such as:

  • rich professional experience,
  • responsibility,
  • diligence
  • constancy
  • perseverance.

В первую очередь начальники ценят опыт, который позволяет пожилому человеку справляться с теми задачами, которые вызывают существенные затруднения у его более юных коллег.

Далеко не каждая компания готова взять на работу пенсионера или человека предпенсионного возраста

Однако около 40% российских компаний открыто избегают найма пенсионеров, поскольку опасаются сопутствующих сложностей. As a rule, the main difficulty is the orientation of organizations to applicants for new professions (such as designers or programmers), assuming the possession of such knowledge that even the most experienced pensioners do not have. Among other things, many modern vacancies involve the mobility of employees, which means frequent trips not only within one city, but also to other countries, which can be difficult for older people.

The remaining 35% of companies are wary of retirees, but may accept them for certain positions. Moreover, one of the main criteria for the “suitability” of an elderly candidate is his state of health. It's no secret that organizations prefer not to deal with pensioners who have serious health problems. First of all, employers pay attention to energetic and open job seekers who are ready to learn new things and become an organic part of the team.

The main criterion that employers look at when hiring older employees is their state of health

Pension indexation for working retirees

Unfortunately, the state does not go to meet working pensioners at all - for example, some time ago, an initiative was approved to abolish indexation of pension payments to officially employed pensioners. This decision was made in January 2016 and will last until 2024.

Working retirees temporarily denied pension indexation

From the point of view of the government, raising pensions for working pensioners is an inexpedient decision, which can be waived at the moment. Funds that can be saved by such a cancellation will be redistributed among non-working pensioners, whose payments will increase.

Among the reasons why officials came to freeze indexations for working pensioners, we list the main ones:

  • the salary of employed pensioners is constantly increasing due to inflation, which makes an additional increase in pension payments unnecessary,
  • employed pensioners have a large number of benefits compared to unemployed. For example, they have every right to receive a tax deduction (which can reach 13%),
  • it is believed that the financial situation of employed pensioners is more stable, and therefore they need less material support.

Pension indexation will be made only after the pensioner quits

Pension payments to employed pensioners will be indexed only if the employee is dismissed soon. Recalculation of the pension will occur already three months after the pensioner leaves his previous job. Recalculation will include all indexations that have happened during the freeze.

Retirement points

Omitting the lack of indexation, it should be said about the positive aspects of employment in retirement age. Even when indexing stops, the pension of a working pensioner will continue to grow due to pension points. As a pensioner continues to work, his employer pays insurance premiums every month. Pension points, in turn, are formed on the basis of the total amount of insurance contributions made for the previous year.

Accordingly, the longer a pensioner works, the more he will have these points. The points directly affect the increase in the pension - the more points, the higher the pension. The cost of pension points is reviewed annually, and at the moment one point is equivalent to 81 rubles. The dynamics of the value of points is explained by constant inflation, based on which pensions are recalculated. The effect of pension points on retirement can be read below.

1. The decision to stay home

According to the survey, three out of five pensioners decide to stay at home after retirement. But in most cases this is not the most reasonable solution. Payment of utilities, the high cost of medicines and products may not be affordable for pensioners. Moreover, the home can become a real "dungeon" for the elderly.

DECISION: Calculate how much money you spent on average over the past five years, and add 2–5% (inflation) to this amount so you can calculate the level of your future expenses.

2. Willingness to work in retirement

Another recent poll found that 70% of the Millennium generation (those born in 1980–1990) and more than half of Generation X (born 1960–1970), as well as a third of the generation baby boomers are getting ready to continue working after reaching retirement age. But they do not take into account the likelihood that their plans may not be realized. According to the study, 60% of people who recently retired admitted that they had to stop working much earlier than they expected - as a result of problems at work, health or family obligations.

DECISION: Plan your retirement career at a younger age. Get new skills or learn an additional language.

3. Disregard for the difficulties of moving to a smaller apartment

Many pensioners move to another apartment, smaller in order to save on utility bills. Although such a strategy can make their life easier, sometimes it can lead to new difficulties. The main reason - moving to new housing often requires the adoption of difficult and complex decisions, for which not everyone is ready.

DECISION: Make sure you take into account the time and money that will be required to move to new housing, including real estate agent fees and taxes.

4. Disputes with spouses

Spouses who have different opinions about retirement may face a serious problem. Their disputes may concern the level of future income. Almost two out of every five couples participating in the survey were unable to reach agreement on pension issues or even decided not to discuss them.

DECISION: Communication is the best way to avoid conflict. It is recommended that plans be agreed at an early stage. Take into account unforeseen circumstances like dismissal or illness.

4. Disregard for life expectancy

One reason why pensions are often not enough today is increased life expectancy. About a quarter of people over the age of 65 will live up to 90 years, and a tenth of them will even live up to 95 years. You should ask yourself if you have enough pensions in this case.

DECISION: Use the special calculator that can be found on the Internet. He takes into account personal health and family history. Consider acquiring an insurance policy or delaying certain payments so that you can increase your annual income.

6. Refusal to write a will

Although many people pay attention to pension planning, they are not able to cope with the will. 2/3 of Americans do not have a will, according to a survey conducted in 2014. Caring for legal issues can be a heavy burden for the family of the deceased - in addition to organizing a funeral.

DECISION: If your property has a home or some other property and it is important for you who gets it, you need to contact a lawyer who will help you make a will. Be sure to also appoint a guardian for medical treatment.

7. Forgetting to prepare for the unpredictable

When retired, unforeseen circumstances may also await you. A gas water heater can go bad, a car can break down, and much more can happen. Even pleasant expenses, like your child’s wedding, require prior planning. According to one of the latest studies conducted in the USA, about 50% of pensioners cannot afford unforeseen expenses (and more in Russia), as a result of which they are forced to take loans.

DECISION: Create your own emergency savings fund.

8. Help for adult children

Unlimited assistance to adult children can greatly worsen your financial situation in retirement. Of course, this is not about planned assistance, but about paying off debts, financing additional higher education, buying a car, etc.

DECISION: Provided that your adult child does not have physical or mental inferiority, and you do not have extra money, then talk with him of such a plan: if I give you money now, then you will have to help me, and therefore I have to refuse at your request.