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Scholarships to study abroad: convenient search by country


Scholarships to study in the USA can be received not only by Americans, but also by citizens of other countries. The United States continues to be a country of great opportunity.

A wide range of grants and scholarships is allocated annually for training and research. Each support program has its own purpose and requirements for applicants.

Money allocated by governmental and non-governmental organizations pursues their goals. In accordance with them, programs are named.

Varieties of American Scholarships

You can get a scholarship by studying at US universities or colleges in the country, which will further facilitate obtaining a residence permit. You can divide all the types of assistance offered into 3 groups:

  1. General purpose.
  2. Specialized.
  3. For graduate education.

Both American and foreign students have the opportunity to become a scholarship holder for any of the programs.

Most popular general student support programs

Most types of financial assistance are not cash, which can be obtained and spent on raising the level of knowledge. Most often, young people receive assistance in the form of covering certain expenses.

The most sought after student programs include:

  • Need-basedscholarship,
  • Merit-based
  • Global UGRAD.

Need-basedscholarship valid at many US universities. The program aims to support young people from poor families.

Most universities provide support only to Americans and residents of the country. However, you can find universities that help non-residents of the United States as part of the program.

For example, at EmoryUniversity in Atlanta, funds are allocated to both Americans and gifted young people from other countries.

Merit-based - The most frequent type of scholarship, valid at universities in many states of the state. The recipient may be a student or applicant with academic achievements. To become accessible this scholarship program, it is enough to have good academic performance.

At Illinois State University foreign students are offered several options for the program:

  • one-time support - 1,000 USD for students in the last year of undergraduate studies,
  • USD 1,000–4,000 to support first-year students,
  • annually 11 000 USD - Presidential scholarship for students in undergraduate studies.

Global ugrad - A student exchange program initiated by the US Department of State. For those who take part in the annually organized contest, not only training, but also a scholarship in the USA become available. The training lasts a year, the costs of:

  • obtaining a visa
  • round trip flight
  • training,
  • medical insurance (partially),
  • food,
  • accommodation,
  • scholarship.

TheFulbrightProgram - A large-scale program of grants, which accounted for 43 Nobel laureates. About 8,000 grants are provided each year. Recipients can be students, graduate students, scientists and specialists from various fields of activity.

The main requirement for applicants is a good command of English.

This is only a small part of the standard scholarships for those who do not just want to emigrate to the United States, but wish to receive knowledge in American high schools. In addition to the usual types of assistance, there are types of material support of a specialized nature.

We offer you to watch a video review about receiving a Fulbright scholarship to study in the USA:

Special Scholarships in the USA

Among the specialized programs of greatest interest are:

  • Bursary,
  • Athleticscholarship,
  • College-specificscholarship,
  • Career-specificscholarship,
  • Student-specificscholarship.

Bursary - assistance in the form of a 25-50 percent discount on tuition. The owners of this type of support can become students involved in various types of public works: volunteering, assistance in organizing university events, etc. This type of program is available in many universities in the United States.

Athleticscholarship - A sports scholarship in the USA, which can be received by young people who already have impressive sports achievements. This type of assistance is offered by educational institutions in which sport is essential.

College-specificscholarship - It is aimed at achieving a specific university specific interests. For example, a student may be required to stay at a university for some time after graduation.

Career-specificscholarship can be provided in the form of a scholarship or a grant for education in the framework of a certain type of activity.

Student-specificscholarship always aimed at certain categories of youth. For example, young people from developing countries, representatives of national minorities or certain religious denominations can become its owners.

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Types of support for those who wish to study further

Fellowship - A scholarship focused on continuing education of graduates who showed good results. Thanks to the program, foreigners can continue to study in a magistracy or graduate school, to do scientific research.

Grants are a good alternative to traditional scholarships. As a rule, they are distinguished within the framework of certain areas of activity and require recipients to report on what has been achieved.

What do the US require for student assistance?

How much are American universities willing to spend on foreign students

The American educational system is organized in such a way that the prestige of each educational institution, as in the colleges of Canada, is significantly affected by the achievements of its graduates. This forces university leaders to look for strong students not only in their own country, but also abroad.

An average of $ 15,000– $ 25,000 is allocated per gifted student.

Usually, each applicant for a grant or scholarship is approached individually. The most promising and gifted young people can receive a scholarship for several years of receiving education and be fully provided, up to and including payment of food and accommodation.

How to become an owner of an academic scholarship?

As already noted, American universities can partially or fully cover the costs of educating foreign students. In the second case, the conditions for obtaining assistance are extremely harsh.

In the last years of study, many Russians begin to study the possibilities of studying abroad. The United States is considered one of the most promising and complex options. Becoming a member of the country’s programs is difficult, but possible.

The program can be selected independently or take advantage of the help of special companies offering assistance in entering foreign universities. The services of such assistants are not cheap. But the probability of admission, if you turn to a reliable institution is also higher.

Be sure to watch the video on the topic: “Master in the United States with full funding. Personal experience"

What you need to know entering US universities

You can enroll in both undergraduate and graduate programs. First of all, you should study the proposed specializations for the availability of the right one. To send to the selection committee you need to collect the following documents:

  • everything related to obtaining a previous education: certificate, sheet with grades (according to a 5-point system, at least 3.9 points),
  • a copy of the pages of a foreign passport,
  • language test results: TOEFL (at least 79) or IELTS,
  • a letter in English indicating the reasons why the applicant decided to continue their studies in the United States.

It is advisable to send your applications to several educational institutions at once. With good grades, you can get a number of offers and choose the most promising ones from them.

And at the end of the article, the educational video “Searching for Master's Programs in the USA with Full Funding”

How to get a scholarship to study in the USA

A scholarship to study at US universities to get ... possible! This is the main conclusion that can be drawn by "digging through" a lot of sites, both universities themselves and specialized funds involved in scholarship programs for studying abroad.
For this, American universities have special funds in their multi-million dollar budgets. There are scholarships for excellent students, for athletes, for those experiencing temporary financial difficulties, for alternatively gifted people, for ethnic minorities, etc. But, if you are a foreigner, then the number of potential scholarships for you decreases many times, and, most importantly, keep in mind ... from the fact that you are a foreigner it does not follow that you will have any concessions in your studies ... Since you are applying for what Something to cover the financial costs of studying at an American university, keep in mind that you will be in demand as a mature person who is ready to independently engage in a high academic level!


The first one. Stop fantasizing, wander around sites and forums for hours, and just ... finally learn English! To know the language at a good conversational level, to read messages on foreign dating sites or to watch movies without translation - DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE GOOD ENGLISH! “Good” in the sense that you are able to understand academic speech and writing. At an American university, you will have to listen to lectures (with relevant vocabulary and expressions that are well-established in this professional environment), to read educational and scientific literature yourself ... This is difficult. This is almost impossible if your level of English does not correspond to the minimum passing points that the university presents to foreigners in its entrance requirements.
Conclusion: instead of reading articles like this for hours, pull up your ACADEMIC English and take the TOEFL or IELTS test.
Just be sure to take the correct module of one of these tests - the “general” for training will not work! Be sure to sign up for the "academic module"!


An American university or college doesn’t care what kind of test you pass. They are equivalent in the eyes of the selection committee. Hand over the one that you prefer to hand over purely organizationally - which is cheaper, that "closer to home" - then hand over. For an example look at the website - here you can pick up a test center in your own or in the nearest city.


Once again, there are quite a lot of scholarship programs for studying in the USA, BUT MORE APPLICANTS to receive this academic “manna from heaven” ...
The longest, most painstaking, but also the most reliable way is to visit university sites and look for a scholarship in the section of the site (all American universities have this section!) Financial Aid. We hope you understand what the phrase “financial aid” means? If not, then stop reading this article and finally take care of your English! It's a joke ... Financial assistance is offered by almost all universities, the main thing is to get into that group, if you like, the “stratum” that offers financial assistance. Read, read carefully all the entrance requirements, all additional requirements presented by the university, and if you fit the description of applicants and you are satisfied with the amount of financial assistance, then submit documents! If not, then ... look further, “scour” in this way dozens, hundreds of sites! Fortunately, in the USA, according to various estimates, from 3.5 to 4.5 thousand universities, so there will be plenty to choose from ...


There is! These are special scholarship funds that accumulate information and funds from universities that offer scholarships to study abroad! One such project is the Students International Scholarship Fund. Of the dozens of partner universities, we have chosen the MOST REALISTIC SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WHICH STUDENTS AND SCHOOLCHILDREN FROM RUSSIA AND THE COUNTRIES OF THE FORMER USSR. Moreover, a number of scholarships to study in the United States is absolutely exclusive! That is, they are allocated by the university exclusively to applicants who apply for scholarships through this scholarship online service.


Go to the main page of our website and in the search engine select the country of study you want (USA) and the type of program that suits you (bachelor's, master's, or preparatory programs for entering bachelor's and master's degrees). The search engine will select for you scholarship programs for studying in the USA relevant for the next intakes (that is, for the nearest dates for the start of training). After reading the information about the scholarship (or a discount on the cost of training), you will be given the opportunity to choose the option of submitting documents for the scholarship: independently online, or through the educational company Students International, which is engaged in this scholarship project.

U.S. Government Scholarships and Grants

Government scholarships and grants to study in the United States are available to Russians and Kazakhstanis.

In the USA, the state does not deal with higher education issues - they are handed over to the states. Americans can study for free or significantly reduce the cost of studying at many universities in the country by providing evidence of low income. Only a few top universities provide such opportunities to foreign students, including Harvard and MIT.

Global Education - Scholarships and grants to study in the USA for Russians

The list of the Russian Government's scholarship program “Global Education”, which provides future masters and graduate students with 100% scholarships for studying in the USA 65 American universities. Upon graduation, you must return to Russia and work for at least three years in your specialty in one of the Russian cities (not necessarily in your hometown). Learn more about the Global Education program.

Bolashak - scholarships to study in the USA for Kazakhstanis

The Bolashak scholarship program allows graduate and postgraduate students from Kazakhstan to receive a full grant for study in the United States from the country's budget. Under the terms of the contract, having completed your studies, you need to return to your homeland and work in your specialty from three to five years. More details here.

Scholarships and grants of funds


The grant allows you to fully pay for graduate studies at a US university under the program from the list of the fund, and also provides for a monthly scholarship, payment of medical insurance and travel expenses. Each year, Fulbright provides 8 thousand grants in 155 countries. More than 1,500 students, graduate students and young scientists from Russia have already received Fulbright grants to study in the United States.

The list of scientific areas in which the program allows you to pay a Fulbright grant to study in the USA and information on how to apply, see here.

Edmund Masks

The Edmund Mask Scholarship is designed for graduate students studying at US universities and covers 100% of the costs, including airfare and travel expenses, as well as the payment of a monthly allowance.

Scholarships and grants from American colleges and universities

Finding a grant in the USA is most difficult for undergraduate students - American colleges offer them infrequently, and competition is high. If you are looking for such options, pay attention to a scholarship from the University of East Michigan: you can reduce the cost of studying to the level that is offered to residents of the state. Sign up for an online consultation with Education Index specialists to learn how to get a US undergraduate grant.

It is much easier to get a grant to study in the USA for graduate students, and most of all are for graduate students.

How to get a grant in the USA

You can apply for a grant in the United States after you receive an offer to enroll in a university. Each university has its own set of requirements for scholarship holders. Most often, the application will include: a document on the previous education with grades, a letter from the university about enrollment, as well as a motivation letter, which must be carefully and accurately drawn up.

In rare cases, such as the case of the University of East Michigan, the university automatically accepts the candidates for consideration, but only the most worthy will be able to receive a grant to study in the USA.

If you are applying for one or more scholarship funds, you will also need a letter from the university to enroll in the program so that your candidacy is accepted for consideration.

The main difficulty in obtaining a scholarship or grant in America is that in this country there are a lot of really good educational institutions, while there are no uniform standards for higher education for all universities. The terms of admission to universities, the beginning and duration of the school year, the requirements for applicants and, of course, the cost of training and options for financial assistance to students differ. Because of this, it is not only difficult for students to assess the chances of applying for and scholarships, but even finding and selecting options that are suitable in all respects is not easy.

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