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How to connect a home phone Rostelecom?


More recently, SIP communication has spread. It is becoming more popular every day, so many users need to learn how to create and configure their own networks. Of course, a professional in this matter will cope with a similar task in a few minutes, but what can ordinary people do? First you need to deal with a concept such as IP-telephony. What it is and how it works is described later in the article. The main issue under consideration is the problem of creating a do-it-yourself connection with a minimum expenditure of funds or completely free of charge.

What is IP telephony?

This type of communication arose in 1999, and is accordingly considered one of the youngest. It was then that the SIP protocol was approved, which laid the foundation for the development of the described type of telephony. Its ancestor and predecessor can be considered the connection H.323. However, it is now used as rarely as possible. This protocol differs from the modern one in that it does not save traffic, is itself quite complex and does not support human mobility.

SIP Protocol

The IP-telephony network, namely the SIP protocol, is considered simpler and most flexible. Due to it, you can significantly save traffic, and most modern devices and applications are able to work on it. Each person using this protocol receives his (unique) ID. Telephony allows users to freely move around the planet without changing this number.

The protocol allows a person to make calls, communicate via video, transfer various files, messages, and also play online games. In order to perform some of the above actions, the protocol accesses the Internet, but for the rest, a special IP-telephony gateway is used (moreover, it is not one).

Work principles

In order to use this type of communication, an ordinary person does not need to study its working principles. Moreover, he does not need to try to delve into how exactly this or that protocol functions. As a rule, users are interested in questions about the cost of such services, the availability of additional options, and so on. However, for those who reveal a desire to create such a connection as IP-telephony with their own hands, that this and how it works are quite relevant issues.

Consider the principles of network operation via the VoIP protocol. For an explanation, let's take two phones connected precisely with it. While the gadget is in standby mode, it is connected to the Internet and connected to another through the operator’s server. Immediately after the subscriber calls the internal number of the interlocutor, the protocol will establish his location and send a special signal. Communication over the network occurs immediately after the subscriber receives the call.

Accordingly, we can conclude that this action (like everyone else) occurs via the Internet, without the help of a mobile operator. That is, subscribers pay only for traffic. Often it is free.

VoIP-telephony allows you to call a subscriber who is with the interlocutor on the same network. In this case, a SIP-ID is used, that is, unique numbers of each. It is possible to call a subscriber from another network. Then a special identifier called a URI is used. It looks like an email. You can also call from VoIP numbers to mobile and landline phones, and vice versa. Such calls are made thanks to special gateways. This allows you to make calls over the Internet, saving on the services of a mobile operator.

The program for IP-telephony makes it possible to safely travel around the world. It will allow you to call anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. Billing will not change.

It should be noted that calls that take place within the same network are free. At the same time, the location of the interlocutors does not play any role. The same is true with direct numbers. One subscriber can be in Kiev, the other in Seoul. Billing will be the same, and the quality of communication at the highest level. This property is called mobility.

Cost of IP Telephony

Creating such a type of connection as IP-telephony with your own hands is an excellent solution, but before you get down to business, you need to find out how much it costs ordinary users. It is worth noting that this nuance is quite relevant. VoIP telephony has spread worldwide. Due to what? It not only saves money, but also provides excellent communication quality and so on. This protocol also provides free calls to a subscriber who is registered with the same provider.

Everyone knows how ordinary conventional telephony works. The farther the interlocutor is located, the more expensive the minute of communication will cost. IP-telephony allows you to talk for free with a person who is on the other side of the planet. No need to pay for voice data transfer and connection. Additional charging is not carried out. Due to this, the cost of a call to a subscriber who is on another network and registered with the “left” provider will be much lower than with a regular mobile operator.

For calls within the network, payment is not made. In the predominant part of incoming calls, they also do not have to give money. Landline and mobile numbers are charged about 40 kopecks per minute. This is quite a bit.

You will have to pay for using direct numbers. It is impossible to say the exact cost, but it is small and is monthly.

How to configure DIY IP telephony: general information

Everyone who has a landline telephone at home knows how to make a traditional call. It is necessary to write an application to the company of the desired provider, wait for its consideration. After that, you will have to wait when a special line is stretched or equipment is installed to operate the device.

Connecting IP-telephony is much easier, it can be done independently without the help of the provider and professionals. What is needed for this?

For a stable and good network operation, the Internet is required. Its speed should not be lower than 100 Kbps. You will need a computer or phone that works with VoIP. It is from them that the call will be made. You must also create an account with the provider. All this does not require any costs. The only expenses will be to purchase the already described type of device, if it is not. Next, we consider in more detail the process of connecting this type of telephony.

The first stage is the choice of provider

Setting up IP-telephony begins with the choice of provider. You need to look at the reviews on each of the available. The provider should provide the lowest possible price for calls and good quality communications. If you wish, you can pay attention to the ability to contact additional numbers, hold calls, and so on. The second line support function will also be useful. The basic subscription options that are offered by providers for free, as a rule, have a low level of charging.

Most consumers recommend using Comtube services. What is needed to connect? You should register on the site, inventing a unique username and password, replenish the internal account. This completes the connection. What does the user get after carrying out these actions? He gains an active account, which makes it possible to make intranet calls. The user receives the caller ID. He is also allowed to receive incoming calls.

Paid services

To call, you need to replenish the internal account. After this operation, IP-telephony systems will give access to calls both within the Russian Federation and abroad.

If desired, you can purchase a direct number. It is assigned to a specific city. There are about a thousand of them. Why is this necessary? While in Russia, you can answer calls that go to an American number. This allows you not to spend a lot of money and save traffic.

Computer programs

When using the first option, it makes sense to install the software. It simulates a stationary device. The IP-telephony server easily connects to the device after completing the settings. This allows you to make calls and receive them. But when using a computer, you must have a headset.

The downside of such a phone is that the program should always work in the background, and the PC should always be in the active state. That is why a SIP phone is considered as convenient as possible. Next, let's talk about him.

Work with a SIP phone

SIP-phone costs at least 2 thousand rubles. For such a small price you can buy a standard device that supports the protocol. Even budget phones have the functions of noise reduction, call hold, able to function with speakerphone and conferences. But there is no caller ID.

More expensive options provide the most convenient use of telephony. As a rule, such devices are universal. What does this mean? The fact that they are able to work with IP-telephony and with urban networks. Often, such devices support the function of determining the number, using multiple communication accounts. They allow you to work with additional cordless handsets, have an impressive phone book and a color display.

The third step is setting up a VoIP phone

DIY IP telephony is pretty easy to create. One of the steps is to set up a stationary device. This is what allows you to receive and make calls to subscribers. Moreover, you will have to configure both computer programs and landline phones. An explanation of the steps for changing the parameters is carried out using the example of the Comtube provider. In order to enter the necessary menu, one should find the category “General” in the “My profile” section. We are interested in “Basic IP Telephony Settings”.

There you need to register the account login and password, server address and special port numbers. You should also enter your personal account there. If there are any problems, then you can contact the service center. It will help to cope with problems. However, often setting up programs and phones occurs without glitches and errors.

The fourth step is to use multiple phones

Some families need several devices for comfortable work with telephony. It should be noted that in order for the two urban devices to function, you will have to create separate lines and conclude a couple of contracts. This requires a lot of money, time and nerves, since in the Russian Federation providers have been considering connection requests for quite some time.

Digital telephony makes it easy to use multiple devices. When registering an account, many lines are immediately created. They provide the ability to simultaneously receive and call from everyone. However, this is available not in the "Basic" tariff, but in the "Premium". Subscribing to it costs a little more, but for busy and serious people who constantly talk on the phone, it will be suitable. This tariff supports the creation of up to 100 lines at a time. Most often, these services are used by offices.

In order not to purchase several separate phones in the apartment, you can buy a device that supports working with additional wireless handsets. Each of them is allowed to be identified on its “own” line. More expensive models are able to work with multiple accounts and optimally distribute them automatically between the handsets.

Through the site

The most convenient and fast is to send an application for connecting and laying a telephone line through the official website (for Moscow. The region can be selected in the upper right corner).

To connect, you need:

  1. Follow the link above to the home telephony section of the site (or in another way - through the main page).
  2. View rates and choose the most convenient for the price and services offered.
  3. Click “Connect” in the window of the selected tariff.
  4. Fill out an application - you will need to indicate how you can be contacted, what address you plan to connect to, installation dates and any additional comments. A checkmark on the transfer of personal data is required.
  5. Under the application, you can click the "Configure" button and, in addition to the selected tariff, connect additional options, as well as see the conditions and prices within the plan that you decided to connect.
  6. Click “Next” and wait for the operator to contact you to set the date of arrival of the technicians.
  7. Sign the contract when the installers come to you.
  8. Do not forget to pay the selected tariff for the next month in any convenient way.

Important! The cost of the connection itself is 1 ruble (promotion until the end of December 2018). If in the process of laying the cable and setting up the working technicians try to charge you an additional payment, it is recommended to call the hotline and clarify the situation.

Types of IP Phones

The IP phone can be software or hardware. In any of the selected options, it does not matter how the connection to the network is made.

  • Soft IP-phone is an application installed on a computer, such as, for example, the well-known Skype. To make calls, you must have a headset, Internet access, and the computer and program must be running.
  • A hardware IP phone looks similar to a regular one, equipped with a handset. If you purchased a phone with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, then turning on the computer to use the connection is not required. A PC will only be needed to set up an IP phone. Some models can be configured even without a computer.

By phone

You can also leave a request and appoint the arrival of masters by calling the Rostelecom hotline - 88001000800.

Indicate the following:

  1. Address - the operator will check if there is an opportunity to lay a line to you or it already exists.
  2. Name of the person to whom the contract will be drawn up (ideally, you yourself).
  3. Phone number for communication.
  4. Availability of equipment - telephone.
  5. The desired connection time - most likely, you will need to agree so that both the masters can and you.

After this, the connection occurs in the normal mode - on the appointed day, technicians will contact you and sign the contract and install the line.

IP Telephony Connection

You can choose any of the connection methods based on your financial capabilities and the requirements for such a communication tool. A minimum of costs will be required to use a software connection, since the purchase of a special device will not be required if devices already exist that support this communication format.

Contact the company office

When contacting the office of the company, it is advisable to have a passport with you. When you connect services remotely, a passport is needed only at the time of concluding the contract (when technical specialists arrive), but if you come to Rostelecom personally, the contract is concluded on site, so grab the document.

You can leave an application and sign an agreement at any point of sale of Rostelecom. The addresses of the centers can be viewed at the link - (for Moscow). If you have a different region, select the city of your residence in the upper right corner of the page, and the map will change to the current one for you.

You need to contact during working hours of a particular sales center with any manager specialist who will prepare a package of documents and schedule the arrival of technicians to connect.

Software connection with a headset

If you connect by software, you simply download and install the selected application on your computer or other device that supports IP communication. For the most part, such programs are free and are freely available, and their setup does not take much time. You need to create an account for the selected application, enter the necessary data, during installation, the parameters necessary for work are set by default, in the future you can make your own adjustments to the settings. To make calls and video calls you must have a headset, external or built into the device. In addition to computers and laptops, you can also use tablets or mobile phones. Modern devices with a Wi-Fi receiver have the ability to use such programs for calls.

Headset for calls from a computer

Application Procedure

The application is the same in all three cases, its order can be described by the general algorithm:

  1. We chose a tariff plan.
  2. Selected additional services.
  3. They sent personal information about where and in what name the contract will be signed.
  4. We waited for a call from the operator to confirm your intention and technical capabilities of Rostelecom.

Заявка подана, можно ждать приезда специалистов.

Отличия лишь в том, что сам договор подписывается не сразу же в офиса, а в момент подключения – если заявку вы подали дистанционно.

Important! Если для вашей квартиры или дома необходимо формирование абонентской линии (то есть, у вас не было ранее домашнего телефона), подключение все также будет стоить 1 рубль до 12.2018!


You can make calls by plugging the IP phone into the USB port of your computer. Of course, you must first configure it. The instruction for each model will be different, it is always attached. You can obtain the necessary network configuration data that you need to enter from your provider. Like any connected external device, the system must detect it. Drivers suitable for your phone will help synchronize the operation of both devices, usually they are included.

Options for the appearance of such a USB phone:

  • a mobile phone with a USB cable,
  • landline phone,
  • wireless cordless telephone.

Panasonic cordless telephone

When connecting such a phone to a computer, it is necessary to run an application that supports communication over IP protocol. For the program, the correct operation must be set up first. Some software manufacturers offer for sale devices configured for a specific application, such as wired Skype handsets, but you can set up synchronization with the program on any phone, then it will not matter whether your computer is turned on or not to make calls. Fixed and cordless telephones can be successfully used at home or for the office. It is very convenient to connect USB tubes when the user is often on the road and connects to the network via Wi-Fi.

Home Phone Rates

Tariffs for home telephony Rostelecom - the most extensive of all on the market. They include options for any request, and may differ only in the price offer depending on the region of connection.

Below are the packages with a description valid for the fall-winter of 2018 in Moscow.

SIP adapter

An inexpensive and practical way to connect using the adapter is carried out if you have a Wi-Fi router, as a standalone device, or built directly into the adapter itself. Both the computer and the adapter are connected to the router using USB ports. The network cable must be connected to the router, regardless of whether it is built-in or not. The IP phone must be connected to the adapter, and in the menu, set the dial tone mode. Thus, there is no need to turn on the computer in this connection option. Different SIP adapters can support from one to several accounts simultaneously.

SIP adapter for phone


A popular plan for parents, seniors and families who talk a lot with people from their city.

For 522 rubles per month, the subscriber receives:

  1. Subscriber line for permanent use.
  2. Unlimited minutes to all local phone numbers.

Important! Unlimited is offered only for calls to landline phone numbers. In order to make free calls to mobile numbers from your home phone, you can connect the “Zero to mobile” option.

If the tariff is connected in a coupled way, the monthly payment will be 261 rubles.

SIP devices

This is the most comfortable, but also, accordingly, expensive way to connect. The variety of the model range of devices is very large. IP-phone can be equipped with a Wi-Fi-receiver, a screen for video communication, a built-in router. Some models have the ability to connect to multiple SIP-servers, then you can make and receive calls by choosing the most suitable. If the IP phone is already equipped with a router, the network cable is connected to it, and the computer to the phone. When you connect the Internet to your phone, you won’t need a PC or laptop to use it.

Sip Phone Yealink VP-530 4-line


The same unlimited tariff, only for a situation where it is not possible to take into account the duration of a call for technical reasons.

Cost per month:

  1. 354 rubles - for an individual scheme.
  2. 177 rubles - for a paired connection scheme.

IP Telephony Setup

So, regardless of which device you have chosen and which provider you are connected to, there is a general configuration principle that applies to any IP phone, for more detailed details on how to configure the functionality of a particular model you will find in the instructions that came with the device.

Before buying the device, ask your provider which equipment will be most compatible with its network. Perhaps, the operator already has configured adapters or devices for sale, then connecting the device on their own will not be difficult.

When you connect all the necessary wires directly from the phone to the computer or to the adapter, turn on the device and wait for the download. Pick up the handset and wait until a tone sounds. An IP phone equipped with a Wi-Fi handset or router (or if connected directly to it) can work without a computer.

The presence of an IP phone implies the ability to always be in touch, if necessary, you can configure call forwarding in the menu. The communication protocol used in IP-telephony by converting the signal allows you to communicate with different subscribers. You can make calls to mobile, landline phones at least to the other end of the world, while the cost of using the connection is minimal.


Tariff with a limit on the number of minutes spoken to local landline phone numbers.

For the 100 base minutes included in the package, the monthly cost will be:

  1. 240 rubles - individual connection.
  2. 138 rubles - a paired connection.

If you exceed the 100-minute threshold, payment for each next minute will be 0.64 rubles.


There are two different rates in this offer, differing in the number of minutes packages offered:

  1. Combined 450 - 450 minutes for 390 rubles per month (192 for paired connection). The following minutes - one for 0.42 rubles.
  2. Combined 350 - 350 minutes for 354 rubles per month (177 for paired connection). The following minutes - one for 0.48 rubles.

The tariff for those who plan to communicate a lot on weekends and holidays is for 348 (or 246 for a paired connection scheme) rubles per month.

The cost of 1 minute on weekdays will be 0.54 rubles.


The tariff is without restriction of the package of minutes, the payment for the minutes of which is immediately charged according to the principle “How many talked - so much and paid”.

Monthly cost:

  1. 204 rubles - an individual connection.
  2. 102 rubles - a paired connection.

The cost of 1 minute is 0.58 rubles.

Long distance rates

Outside the region, you can call with your Rostelecom home telephone at a separate charge. The company also offers convenient additional options in several directions.

RateWhat is includedCost
Unlimited RussiaNo restrictions on landlines throughout Russia.

Up to 200 minutes per month - to mobile numbers within the zone.

500-560 rubles / month. depending on add. services.

Over 200 minutes on mobile - 1.30 rubles / min.

Favorite IntercityAdd. Option for one direction of calls (1 subject of the Russian Federation - all landlines and mobiles).

You can connect several separate directions for extra. fee.

30 rubles / month

1.5 rubles / min.

Call to other countriesAdd. option with special rates for calls abroad.45 rubles / month

For different directions the tariffing of minutes is different. See the table on the site.

Zero within the networkAdd. option for calls to Rostelecom landlines in all regions of the Russian Federation.

100 min./day at Unlimited tariff

150 min./month with limited tariffs

0 rubles / month for unlimited.

99 rubles / month at limited rates.

Installation and configuration of equipment

Installation and configuration of equipment is performed by the company's technicians. For connection, you can use both Rostelecom equipment - for example, under the “Phone as a Gift” promotion, you will be provided with a simple stationary device — and your own equipment purchased in equipment stores.

Rostelecom can be used with any modern device.

What are the benefits of switching to IP telephony from a regular telephone?

Connecting an analog telephone to IP-telephony is important due to the large number of additional functions and advantages (in comparison with a landline or radiotelephone).

Additional features of IP-telephony (even when using a simple phone with an adapter):

  • Call forwarding from the old number to the new one (automatic)
  • Ability to connect voice menu, IVR,
  • Recording conversations (optional),
  • Create conferences.