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How to stop the development of cataracts


Alas, no one has power over time. Years go by, our body gradually wears out, various degenerative-dystrophic processes begin to occur in it. In particular, many elderly people have problems with their organs of vision, and the most common ophthalmic disease is cataract. This pathology is characterized by progressive opacification of the lens of the eye, the structure of which ceases to be transparent and elastic with age. As a result, visual perception is disturbed, the clarity of the image is lost, all the objects under consideration become blurred. Many people know that the most effective way to treat this eye disease is to remove cataracts and then replace the lens with a flexible intraocular lens. However, in the early stages of the development of the pathological process, the progressive destruction of the lens can be stopped. To this end, ophthalmologists conduct conservative therapy using special eye drops for cataracts.

Features of local cataract treatment

Of course, medical solutions for the eyes are not able to completely rid a person of this chronic disease. The basic principle of such replacement therapy is the introduction of various biogenic stimulants, vitamins, amino acids into the structure of the affected organ of vision in order to slow down the destruction of the protein substance of the lens. Drops that stop the further development of cataracts will have to be used constantly, instilling them into the eyes several times a day. Long breaks are not allowed, since in such cases, relapses of the disease and the corresponding symptoms will flare up with renewed vigor.

Medicinal drops have a positive effect not only on a clouded eye lens. They stimulate the processes of regeneration of the retina, which underwent dystrophic changes, normalize the metabolism in the structures of the organs of vision. Therefore, such therapeutic agents are recommended to be used not only with an already formed cataract, but also for prevention in order to prevent its development. Solutions for instillation into the eye should be selected by an ophthalmologist individually for each patient. Their choice depends on the degree of effectiveness, price category, tolerance of active substances.

Cataract Drops Overview

One of the most common drugs intended for the treatment of this age-related pathology includes Quinax eye drops. The active component of this drug, azapentacene, stimulates metabolic processes inside the eye and is able to absorb non-transparent protein compounds in the lens, which can significantly slow down the progression of the disease.

No less popular is another ophthalmic agent - Katachrom drops. Redox reactions in the lens of the eye are regulated by the active substance of this medication - cytochrome C. This biogenic stimulant has pronounced antioxidant properties, and also nourishes the natural lens of the eye with oxygen.

For the treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the organs of vision, including cataracts, one more effective medicine can be purchased - Taufon eye drops. This therapeutic agent improves peripheral blood circulation, thereby accelerating the regeneration and stimulating energy processes in the structures of the eye. Taufon is also used to treat glaucoma.

In addition to the listed most effective drugs intended for local therapy of senile cataracts, it is necessary to highlight such instillation solutions as Vita-Yodurool, Khrustalin, Mitseyin, Vitafakol, Sankatalin, Visomitin. All of them activate the metabolism in the structures of the organs of vision, stop the destructive processes in the natural eye lens, slowing its further clouding.

After operation

With the advanced stage of this progressive ophthalmic disease, eye drops from cataracts are already powerless. In such cases, there is only one way out - microsurgery. After cataract removal, it is important to prevent infection from entering, therefore, in the postoperative period, over a month, drops of anti-inflammatory action are instilled: Toradex, Maxitrol, Indocollyr and others.

Thus, there are a great many special therapeutic drops used to maintain the transparency of the lens of the eye. Therefore, it is very important to choose the truly effective drug, but not independently, but under the guidance of an ophthalmologist. It should be remembered that a frivolous attitude to cataract over time leads to complete blindness. Be healthy!

Is it possible to stop the development of cataracts

At the earliest stage of cataracts, visual disturbances are mild. In some, the development of the disease can continue for years, in others, the deterioration of the eye is rapid, the lens is losing its transparency more and more. In most cases, cataracts develop asymptomatically, often the patient gets to see a doctor only after difficulties appear in distinguishing the details of objects.

You should know that there are no drugs that could restore the transparency of the lens, since this process is an irreversible change in protein at the molecular level. The development of cataracts can only be stopped, provided timely treatment is started at the initial stage of the disease. The course of the disease cannot be slowed down if the patient is required to take myotics, steroid hormones, which are often used in the treatment of another eye disease - glaucoma. Antidepressants, purine derivatives, diuretics, thyroid hormones, antibiotics of a number of tetracyclines have a less pronounced negative effect.

Long-term drug treatment can lead to the fact that a double load on a healthy eye will contribute to the deterioration of its condition.

How to treat cataracts

In order to stop the course of cataracts, special eye drops are widely used that can slow down the development of pathology. In fact, these are vitamin preparations, they contain, in addition to vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and enzymes. In cataracts, the following drugs are often prescribed: Quinax, Senkatalin, Katachrom, Vitaiodurol. Their systematic use improves the nutrition of the lens and delays the development of the disease. An ophthalmologist must choose a drug, he must also decide during which time it is necessary to use this drug.

When choosing a medication, a specialist takes into account the nature of the clouding of the lens, the causes of the disease, concomitant diseases, individual characteristics of the patient.

Since in many cases cataracts develop slowly, often the doctor may recommend replacing the glasses with stronger ones as the vision weakens. If vision nevertheless deteriorates rather quickly, surgery becomes inevitable. This is the only effective treatment for the disease. Modern technology allows you to remove cataracts of any maturity. For able-bodied people of middle age who have difficulties in work and in everyday life due to the development of pathology, in no case can you wait until the process reaches a certain stage, it is necessary to go through the surgical procedure as soon as possible.

The main causes of cataracts

  • Improper nutrition and body poisoning. Cataract It is formed by the consumption of food, in which there is a lot of sugar, fats, white flour products. Poisoning the body with toxins, problems with the process of liberating the body from the end products of metabolism (excretion).
  • Fructose Intolerance. All this contributes.
  • A sugar substitute (sorbitol), which crystallizes in the eyes, is especially harmful.

Other factors play a role:

  • intolerance to certain types of food, fatty acids, high cholesterol, poor digestibility of calcium,
  • hormone imbalance
  • liver disease, chronic constipation,
  • heavy metal poisoning, a small dose of x-rays or radioactive radiation,
  • drug abuse
  • adrenaline deficiency
  • poor blood circulation
  • abnormalities in the spine
  • and the harmful effects of free radicals.

Change the diet leading to the formation of free radicals (saturated fats, sorbitol, dairy products, products containing toxins) on a balanced, highly nutritious diet. Take care to bring out toxins from the body.

Emotional treatment

Eyes - This is the personification of the ability to clearly see the past, present and future. Cataracts are associated with the inability to see the bright sides of the future, the inability to look forward with joy. A foggy future, pessimistic outlook on life. Different things mix up - the goal in life and the inability to believe in tomorrow's joy.

Rejoice in what today bears; tomorrow you will figure it out later. Remember that you are protected by God, live here and now. Hope that a lot of good things await you in the future. Life is full of joy.

Always with you, Love.