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Apple iPod nano (7th generation) user manual


Are you annoyed by the meager volume level of your iPod because you like music to beat on your ears at maximum volume? Or do you have massive headphones that require more power to sound correctly? If you know the password, this article is not for you, but if not, here are some simple solutions that do not require resetting or formatting your iPod. Below are a few ways to remove the volume limit on an iPod without a password.

Note: This option is NOT applicable to iPods whose volume is factory-set (Apple sells devices with a limited volume level in Europe, because according to EU laws, the sound power in the headphones cannot exceed 100 dB). This guide will only work with the volume limit that has been set through the iPod settings menu.

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Music and other audio files

When prompted to re-enter your password, enter the numbers again.

Cancel Volume Limit

On the Home screen, tap Settings> Music> Volume Limit.

Move the slider to the far right.

If a password is set, first click “Remove restriction”, enter the password, then
move the slider.

If you forget your password, you can restore iPod nano to its original settings. See section

Playing songs at the same volume level

The volume of songs and other audio may vary depending on the method.
recording and encoding an audio file. The volume level may also vary.
from used in-ear or regular headphones.

You can set iTunes to adjust the volume of songs so that everything
songs were played at approximately the same volume level. Then you can
Set iPod nano to use the same volume settings in iTunes.

Setting the same volume level when playing songs

In iTunes, select iTunes> Preferences on the Mac, or

menu item "Edit"> "Settings" on a personal computer with Windows.

Click “Play”, select “Test Sound,” and click “OK.”

On the iPod nano main screen, tap the Settings icon.

next to “Level Volume” to turn it on.

If you have not activated the sound check function in iTunes, volume equalization
iPod nano will not work.

If you applied the equalizer settings to one of the songs in iTunes, and the equalizer
iPod nano is off, the song is playing using iTunes settings. You can
Use the equalizer settings on iPod nano in Settings> Music.

Q. How to change the volume limit?

A. On iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone, you can change the maximum volume level in Settings. On iPod shuffle, adjust the volume to your desired maximum. Connect iPod shuffle to iTunes and select Limit Maximum Volume. Drag the slider to the desired maximum volume level. Detailed information on how to adjust the volume limit can be found in the user manual.

Q. What level of volume control is better to install on my device?

A. There are no universal parameters recommended for all users and methods of application. The volume of the reproduced sound may vary depending on the model of headphones or equalizer settings. Some hearing experts believe that adjusting the volume is better in a quiet environment, and if you don’t hear people talking nearby, you need to lower the sound volume. Experts also advise not to increase the volume level so as to completely drown out the noise around, and to limit the time for listening to audio recordings at high volume through headphones.

Q. How to set the volume limit equal to a certain value in decibels?

A. By adjusting the volume limit, you can change the maximum volume level for playback on the headphones. The actual sound pressure level depends on several factors: the music you are listening to, the way it is recorded and encoded, the type of headphones used and their position relative to the ears.