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Ingredients (proportion for two): Dark chocolate (minimum 60% cocoa) - 80 g Butter - 50 g Eggs - 2 pcs. Sugar - 40 g Flour - 30 g Preparation: 1. First you need to melt 80 g of chocolate and 50 g of butter. 2. Mix two eggs well with 40 g of sugar. 3. Add melted chocolate. 4.

This recipe surprised me so much that I built such a cake right at night, breaking away from the computer. : Ingredients and preparation: 1 tbsp. milk1 tbsp. sugar4 tbsp. l cocoa (with top) Mix all ingredients with a mixer. Since I baked at night and everyone was asleep, I just chatted with a whisk. The mixture is divided into two parts. In one half.

The invisible apple pie got its name due to the fact that the bulk of the pie is the thinnest apple slices, which dissolve in a small amount of dough, and the dough itself is practically not visible in the pie. On the cut are dozens of the finest apple slices. The cake is very juicy and very apple. You will need: cognac 1 tbsp. milk.

INGREDIENTS: ● Potato (peeled weight) - 850 g ● Sausages - 8 pcs ● Processed cheese (portioned - I have for cheeseburgers) - 8 plates ● Flour - 3 tbsp. l ● Egg - 2 pcs. ● Salt - to taste. ● Seasoning for potatoes - to taste. ● Butter - to lubricate the bowl. ● Sour cream -.

OPTION No. 1 INGREDIENTS: ● Sesame buns - 5 pcs. ● Mushrooms - 100 g ● Onion - 1 pcs. ● Mayonnaise - to taste ● Mustard - to taste ● Adjika - to taste ● Cheese - 50 g ● Tomato - 1 pc ● Greens - 1 bunch ● Salt - to taste COOKING: We will need sandwich buns.


Choose only fresh potatoes that do not have green spots, shoots, spots or soft areas. A few bad potatoes will ruin your dish.

Potato scrub thoroughly under running water. Dry them with a clean towel before firing or frying.

Skin and cut or slice potatoes if the recipe requires it. The skin is thin and fragrant. It contains most of the nutrients and adds color to your plate, so keep your skin on, unless the recipe specifically requires removing skins

Fill a large pot with enough water to cover the potatoes by at least 2 inches. Give enough space in the pot so that the water rises when you put the potatoes.

Bring the water to a boil. If you like your potatoes a little harder, put 1/2 tsp. lemon juice or vinegar into the water. This helps the potato retain starch. This increases the cooking time in small quantities and leaves the potatoes a little denser with thin skin on the surface. Add the potatoes.

Allow the potatoes to cook for 12 to 15 minutes if cut and 20 minutes if it is whole. Experience larger milking potatoes. It should pierce easily with a fork. Try a sample. It should be smooth, creamy and tender. Challenge every few minutes until the potatoes are done at your discretion.

Remove potatoes from water in a bowl. They are ready to chop and serve. If you use them for potato salad, let them cool before cutting them. If you will be serving them soon, apply the prepared potatoes with a mixture of melted butter, parsley and leek and cover them so that they do not heat up.

Fried oven

Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Cut the potatoes into large pieces and toss with garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil in a large bowl.

Transfer the potatoes to a small baking dish and sauté until you finish about 30 minutes. Start testing every 5 minutes after 20 minutes. They should be affectionate inside and golden brown outside.

Remove from pan and serve hot.

What is colored potato and what can be prepared from it

What kind of miracle is this colored potato? These are natural (non-GMO) varieties of potatoes, the peel and core of which are painted in a variety of colors: bright yellow, blue, red, pink, burgundy, purple, orange. And this is the natural color. The homeland of such potatoes is South America.

For culinary experts, the important thing is that with skillful cooking, the color remains.

Thanks to a variety of cooking methods, you can prepare many different dishes from this rainbow potato:

  • mashed potatoes
  • fritters
  • bread rolls
  • croquettes
  • French fries,
  • chips,
  • soups
  • dumplings
  • zrazy
  • casseroles.

A special delicacy of cooked potatoes gives an almond or nutty flavor, which appears in many varieties after cooking.

Exotic colors, a riot of colors and the original presentation of such an unusual dish guarantee him success, and the cook - compliments.

How to cook colored potatoes

Some varieties of colored potatoes are rather capricious and do not tolerate heat treatment. They are best cooked in their uniforms.

But in many varieties, coloring can be preserved if even peeled potatoes are cooked in salted water. Do not forget that colorful potatoes often cook faster than the more familiar varieties.

How to prepare potatoes for baking

  • Potatoes are pre-boiled. We put tubers in boiling water, cook until half ready, without reducing the fire.
  • Then we drain the water, dry the potatoes. The trick is that you need to cook in such a way as to preserve the amazing coloring of the pulp.
  • In one case, cut the tubers lengthwise into two halves and take out part of the core. In another, for a whole potato we select a part of the pulp (not through) so that a longitudinal hole is formed like a small tunnel or channel.
  • Formed cavities fill minced meat. If cut into two halves - combine the halves with minced meat.

How to deliciously bake stuffed colored potatoes


  • Prepared potatoes of different colors - 10 pcs.,
  • Cooked minced meat from any kind of meat - to taste,
  • Lemon juice or dry white wine,
  • Melted butter - for coating,
  • Butter - for frying,
  • Salt to taste.

We stuff the boiled potatoes with minced meat and bake in the oven

  1. We add and lubricate the tubers without the peel, boiled until half cooked and prepared with any of the two methods described in the article above, with butter.
  2. Fill the cavity with minced meat.
  3. We spread on a baking sheet with a sufficient amount of butter.
  4. Sprinkle with lemon juice or dry white wine.
  5. Cover with a sheet of foil and place in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.
  6. In the process of frying, we turn the potatoes once.
  7. Cook until soft potatoes.
  8. The softness of the tuber is checked with a toothpick.
  9. We remove the foil and leave it in the oven for another 5-10 minutes.

Here you have the assorted colored assortment of stuffed potatoes.

Half done! And now we are starting to turn our rainbow potatoes into enchanting brilliant dishes.

How to beautifully serve a dish of colored potatoes: options for serving and decoration

Add more colors. Serve multi-colored sauces for baked potatoes. There are also possible options. Or we prepare sauces, the ingredients of which paint the finished dressing in some color.

For example, one sauce can be green, the other can be red, i.e. made on the basis of tomatoes, and the third sauce can be chosen from white species. Or we prepare the base sauce and color it with the juice of various vegetables.