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How to Replace the Wick in a Zippo Lighter, First Tobacco


From 1933 to the present day, Zippo lighters by American businessman George Blaisdell have been very popular among smokers. Owners of such lighters can easily light even in windy weather, because the light will not go out. This fact is an undoubted advantage of this brand. To keep the thing happy with stable fire, the owner will have to periodically look after it. Judging by the reviews, many are interested in how to change the wick in Zippo? You will learn more about this in the article below.

What do you need?

Before changing the wick in the Zippo lighter, the home craftsman needs to get the following tools:

  1. With tweezers or thin pliers.
  2. A small flat screwdriver. If it was not at hand, then you can do with a lid of a lighter. It has a sharp edge, which will also be convenient to unscrew.
  3. New wick.

How to change the wick in Zippo?

The whole procedure consists of the following steps:

  • First, the lighter is removed from the metal housing. To do this, just pull it up. Such actions are performed when it is necessary to change silicon in a product or to refuel with gasoline.

  • A screwdriver unscrews the lower spring, which clamps silicon. To knock out a chair, you need to lightly tap on the body. At this stage, you should be careful not to lose the small details.
  • It may be that the spare silicon is located between the cotton and the substrate. In this case, with tweezers, felt elements are also removed from the lighter. They are laid out on a flat surface. It is advisable to comply with their order. Otherwise, the master will have difficulty assembling.
  • The design has a special hole in which to insert a new wick. After you select its desired length, in the upper part it is fixed with tweezers.

  • Then all the pieces of cotton wool return to their original place so that a new wick passes through them.
  • Then silicon is inserted and the spring is twisted.
  • If it turns out that the wick is too long, then it is cut.
  • At the very end, the lighter folds up and refuel.

About wick adjustment

Not always a bad lighter fire indicates that it is time to replace the wick in it. To return to its original performance, some owners slightly adjust it. For this purpose, with the help of tweezers, the wick is pulled up a little and gently cut off charred and too frayed pieces from it. Judging by the reviews, such actions can be performed no more than three times. The wick will last a couple of weeks, and then you still have to change it.

Dismantling the lighter

First, the lighter is removed from the housing, similar to how it is done during refueling. At the bottom of the device, a spring is unscrewed, which compresses the flint. The most convenient tool here is a miniature flat screwdriver. Then the spring and flint are placed in the empty shell of the device. The solution will not allow to lose components.

Remove the felt pad. The element is also placed in the outer shell of the lighter for safety reasons. The case of the device is removed to the side so that it does not interfere with subsequent maintenance.

Removing and replacing the wick

Cotton wool is pulled out of the lighter with thin pliers or tweezers. You may notice that the element is represented by several pieces of material. The latter are laid out in the order according to which they were located inside the structure.

Take a new wick and insert it into the corresponding hole. Outside, leave a piece of material that will reach the top edge of the lighter. The wick is pressed with a finger or any convenient tool. Fixation avoids the loss of an element during operation.

Lumps of cotton wool are returned to their original place in the right order. Such products have a unique shape. Therefore, they are joined together like a constructor. During the event, they make sure that the wick passes between the lumps of cotton wool.

Flint is then inserted back. A retaining spring is placed in the groove and the component is fixed using the same screwdriver. The work is done carefully, without unnecessary pressure. Otherwise, there is a risk of thread damage.

If the top piece of the wick rises too much above the edge of the lighter, the element is shortened. Ordinary manicure scissors will come to the rescue. At the end, the device is refueled, after which they check how high-quality the new wick burns.

How do I repair a lighter?

The official representative of Zippo in Russia - the company "Avankorp" provides a full range of warranty services for your Zippo * lighter. For a free warranty repair of your lighter, you must provide it to us in any way convenient for you:

  • Send the lighter by Russian Post to the address: 127015, Moscow, st. Vyatskaya, house 27, building. 5 (for Avancorp LLC)
  • Bring it to us at Moscow, st. Vyatskaya, house 27, building. 5, 4th floor (company secretariat)

Make sure that the lighter is provided with the necessary explanations about the malfunction (the more quickly the master detects a problem, the faster the lighter will be returned to its rightful owner). We will send the lighter by Russian Post back as soon as possible and at our own expense!

* Please note that restoring the appearance of a lighter is not covered by the Zippo lifetime warranty.

How to refuel my windproof lighter?

Fill the lighter away from sources of fire and flame.

  • Remove the inside of the lighter from the body. Lift the corner of the felt pad on the bottom of the insert so that cotton balls are visible.
  • Slowly soak cotton balls with fuel to refuel the Zippo lighter. Try to be careful to avoid overflow. When overfilled, fuel will leak. Avoid contact with skin, as it is an irritant. If it does get on your skin, wash the contact area thoroughly with soap and water. If irritation persists or gets worse, consult a doctor.
  • Insert the inside into the lighter body, wipe the entire surface of the lighter so that there is no fuel left on it. Wash your hands before ignition. Make sure the canister is closed and there is no spilled fuel near you. Fuel is flammable.

If you keep your Zippo lighter in your pocket, we recommend that you carry it in an upright position, bottom to bottom, especially after the first refueling, especially if it turns out to be full.

How to change the wick in my windproof Zippo lighter?

If black appears on the wick, pick it up with tongs and pull it out until an unused, clean part of the wick appears. Cut off the tip of the wick at the top of the windshield and straighten the wick. The wick can be cut only twice, then it needs to be replaced.

To replace the wick, use tweezers to remove all the cotton balls from the combustion chamber. Insert a new wick, pointing it down through the windproof casing, pushing it with tweezers.

Insert the cotton balls in place, waved the wick into the intermediate layers of cotton wool. Do not forget to trim the wick by leveling it with the height of the windproof casing.

How to change the wick in a Zippo lighter - procedure:

  1. We pull out the insert (internal mechanism) from the metal shell, gently pulling it to the outside.
  2. We unscrew the spring clamping the flint (in the absence of a screwdriver, this can be done with the edge of the case).
  3. We remove the chair and the spring (usually inside the upper element of the product to avoid loss).
  4. We remove the felt pad and spare flints (if any).
  5. We take out the cotton balls with tweezers and arrange them in the order they were stacked.
  6. Insert a new thread into the wick hole with the required length left in the upper part.
  7. We fix the end of the wick with tweezers so that it does not fall out and put the balls of cotton wool in the reverse order (the one that got the last is put first, etc.).
  8. Between the cotton we pass the wick in a zigzag state (through each cotton piece!).
  9. If necessary, carefully trim the excess length of the wick.
  10. We collect the insert and refuel the lighter (see instructions). We check the functioning of your favorite little thing and enjoy its impeccability.

How to reduce the frequency of changing the wick

Replacing the wick in lighter Zippo is an inevitable process for owners who are actively using a lighter, but you can try to minimize it. To do this, it is enough to refuel the accessory only with flammable liquid from the manufacturer, in extreme cases, with highly purified third-party fuel. This will extend the life of the wick and eliminate blackening, sooty, fluffing and unpleasant amber during burning.

A negligent attitude even in the “eternal” Zippo lighters is fraught with failure and the need to replace certain mechanisms. Brand products “love” respectful attitude and native equipment. Otherwise, why take an expensive device at all?