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How to use iPad: 40 tips, tricks and hidden features


Tablet computers continue to conquer the market. Some experts are beginning to support the words of Tim Cook (head of Apple) that soon tablets will supersede laptops. One way or another, statistics show that the iPad’s market share is slowly increasing. The advantages of tablet computers are obvious, so it is not surprising that everyone wants to buy this gadget. But what to do after the acquisition? Especially if the iPad fell into your hands for the first time? In this article, we will take a detailed look at how to use the iPad and try to answer all the most frequently asked questions. Let's get it right. Go!

The further operation of the device depends on the initial settings.

IPhone owners are unlikely to be surprised here. After all, the devices are very similar to each other. But for users who have taken up the "tablet" from Apple for the first time, it will be useful to deal with the very first steps.

First you need to understand what kind of iPad model you have. This is not about the novelty of the gadget, but about the support of a SIM card in order to be able to use a 3G or LTE connection. Finding it out is easy enough. IPads that support SIM cards have a black panel or cover that covers the antenna.

Now you need to insert a "sim card" (of course, if there is where). All modern devices work with microSIM, so if you still have an old-style SIM card, take it to the nearest mobile operator’s store, there you will be cut off as needed. The iPad comes with a special needle or clip needed to open the SIM card slot. Next, a card is placed in this slot and inserted back.

After turning on the iPad, the first thing you need to do is create an Apple ID or enter an existing one. This is your account that you will need to download applications from the AppStore and much more. Next, you need to download iTunes to your computer, without it you can’t fully use the tablet.

Now we’ll figure out how to make calls from the iPad, since many people are confused by this question. The iPads themselves do not know how to call, which is logical, because this is not a phone. But you can make calls using third-party applications and instant messengers. To do this, you only need to have the right program and Internet connection on the tablet. For calls, you can use the most popular applications: WePhone, Rebtel, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others. Starting with the eighth version of iOS, a feature such as calling from an iPad using an iPhone has appeared. It sounds tricky, but in fact, everything is somewhat simpler. All that is needed is to enter the same Apple ID on the phone and tablet, and then go to the iPhone settings, open the “FaceTime” section and switch the “iPhone iPhone Calls” slider to the active position. Then you need to repeat the same on the iPad. For this feature, called Continuity, to work, both devices must be in the same wireless Wi-Fi network.

Everyone knows that on modern devices, time and date are set automatically. But what if you need to set other settings? Let's figure out how to change the date and time on the iPad. First of all, go to Settings. By default, the General tab immediately opens. In the list, select "Date and time." In the window that opens, you can set the time format convenient for you. To set the date manually, move the “Automatic” slider to the inactive position. A line will appear below where you can set your own date and time values.

Some users have problems activating iPad. To activate the iPad, you need to connect it to your computer and open iTunes. After that, the device activation window should appear, in which you will need to enter your Apple ID.

Now you know exactly what you need to do, picking up the iPad, and using the tablet will become as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for you. Write in the comments if this article helped you and ask in the comments all questions of interest on the topic discussed.

How to change wallpaper on iPad

You can (of course) easily change the wallpaper of your iPad, both on the lock screen and on the main screen. Just select “Settings”, click “Wallpaper”, and then click “Choose new wallpaper”. You can choose from wallpapers from the Apple collection or “Dynamic” wallpapers that move slowly in the background. You can also select a photo from your photos.

Turn on the tablet

If your tablet does not use a SIM card, you just need to connect it to a wireless network. Many newcomers believe that without a computer, the tablet will not work. So it was on older models. All modern devices turn on by themselves and are in no way dependent on a PC or laptop.

The new gadget can be activated both through iTunes and through a wireless network. If you chose the option with iTunes, you need to establish a pairing between the computer and the tablet and just follow the instructions that will be displayed on the monitor screen. It is recommended that all users install “ITunes”, regardless of which activation method they choose to follow.

iPad with SIM card

There are tablets that use Micro SIM cards. How to activate the device in this case? The first option is to trim the standard phone SIM to the necessary settings. It is very easy to do, there are many instructions on the Internet. The second option is to go to the mobile phone salon. A store consultant will do everything for you.

What to look for when working

Here are some really useful tips to help extend your tablet’s life:

  • Be sure to purchase a protective case. In the case, the device will not be scratched on other objects.
  • It is strongly recommended that you stick a special film on the screen. It will save your gadget from dirt and stains. It is enough to wipe the tablet with a protective coating on the display with a dry cloth to keep it in good condition.
  • If you are traveling abroad, be sure to turn off the data transfer option so that, inadvertently, you do not open applications for which money will be charged.

Is it necessary to register on the AppStore?

In the store you can freely download or purchase for money the applications you are interested in. Registration in the application store is required. Without registration you will not be able to download anything.

To buy applications, you need to link a bank card. But this is not necessary, since most of the programs are available for free.

How to use the iPad Pro

“IPad Pro” runs on the same operating system as the regular iPad. All the functionality is exactly the same, the applications in the store are the same. The difference is only in price and dimensions. Therefore, the use of this model is no different from using a standard tablet from Apple and is configured similarly.

For beginners, the question arises, how to use the iPad Mini, what is the difference between this model and others? The answer lies in the name of the tablet. This gadget is smaller in size than its counterparts, but it has the same filling. Therefore, you can simply download applications in the Applestore store (of course, having previously registered) and freely use the tablet for both work and entertainment.

What is iCloud?

What is the Cloud in iOS? On iCloud, all device content is saved: photos, videos, documents, and more. They know far how to use “Cloud” on the iPad, but this information is extremely important and will help to save the necessary documents in case of careless deletion from the tablet.

Using the "Photostream" service, the user can upload all the content of his "iPad" to the "Cloud". If this service is activated, then each shot will be taken to a special folder on the computer. This is very convenient, because for this procedure you do not need a cord and other devices. Everything works through a wireless network. The function can be connected in the "Settings". On "iPad 2" how to use the 2Fotopotok service and how to connect it:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Click on the "Photo & Camera" button.
  • Move the slider next to "My Photo Stream" to the active position.

That's all. This option can also be found by going to "Settings" - "Cloud" - "Photo".

How to protect iPad from intruders

It’s not enough to know how to use the iPad, it’s also important to ensure the safety of the device. Directly in the "Cloud" settings, you can activate the gadget search option. If your “iPad” is lost, you can always trace where at a particular second the tablet is located. In addition, it can be blocked, send a message, as well as delete all data, and all this is done remotely.

To prevent the attacker from disabling this option, put a ban on any changes. In any case, you should be careful. If the person who stole the tablet is well versed in technology, it will easily bypass your lock with just a flashing of the device.

Desktop icons

Having an iPad tablet, how to use programs whose icons are on the desktop? Everything is very easy. Click on any icon and just linger on it for a couple of seconds. When the icons start to tremble, you can freely move them, create folders. By clicking on the program icon, you can log in to it.

To exit the correction mode, click on the “Home” button. You can also set up an email service. The desktop will display popular services, for example, Google, Yahoo. If you use these boxes, just click on their icons, and then simply enter your data in a special field. Usually, only a login and a secret code are sufficient.

How to download music tracks and other files

The instructions on how to use the iPad to download various information say that for this you will need the iTunes application installed on your PC or laptop. First you need to select a specific file in the application and click on “synchronize”. In addition, photos from the tablet can be transferred to a computer.

Many users do not know how to use the iPad to transfer video. Videos downloaded from a computer are not always played on the tablet. By installing a special player, you can open absolutely any video. One of the most popular video players is called AVPlayer. You can download it in the app store. The player supports absolutely all extensions.

1. Use an external keyboard and shortcuts

For serious work, the physical keyboard is much more convenient than the on-screen keyboard, and it becomes even more convenient when using shortcuts. They are in every application and often overlap with the Mac hotkeys: for example, Cmd + Tab to switch between applications or Cmd + Space to search in Spotlight.

In good applications, lists of keyboard shortcuts are sewn, which can be viewed by holding down the Command key. There are shortcuts in iOS itself, here are a few of the most useful ones:

  • Cmd + H - return to the desktop,
  • Cmd + Shift + 3 - screenshot
  • Option + arrow keys - navigation from word to word in the text,
  • Option + Delete - delete text by words.

2. Assign text replacements

AutoCorrect abbreviations for text fragments is a very useful feature that few people use. But with its help you can not only turn "xxx" into ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯. Thus, it is easy to configure other useful shortcuts that will save time: email addresses, phone numbers, email replies, and other template texts.

3. Work in multitasking mode

Multitasking in itself is harmful, but sometimes the work involves simultaneous interaction with several applications. In this case, the iOS multitasking features will come in handy.

Slide Over will allow you to quickly look at the most recently used applications in a small window if you swipe from the right edge of the screen. With Split View, the application opened in the mini-window can be stretched by dividing the screen space evenly between the two necessary programs. By the way, Safari allows you to open two sites this way in separate tabs.

4. Use gestures

The iPad has only two buttons, and all interaction with iOS is carried out through them. Nevertheless, you can further simplify the work with the gadget and save your time if you use multi-finger gestures.

To open the multitasking panel, do not click on the "Home" button - just swipe four fingers up from the middle of the screen. To minimize the application, you just need to make a “pinch” with all your fingers, and to switch between running programs, just swipe four fingers left or right.

5. Edit photos in third-party applications

The built-in editing tools in the standard “Photos” application can perform some operations, but they can not be compared with the capabilities of specialized graphic editors.

The most popular now is Affinity, which so impressed everyone at WWDC. In terms of functionality, it is already very close to desktop competitors, however, if you are scared off by the cost (1,490 rubles), then its analog Pixelmator has something to brag about for a more affordable price.