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How to find out if your phone is being tapped


The life of a modern person is already impossible to imagine without mobile gadgets. They simplify our life, make it more comfortable. But only attackers often use this, therefore, today we will talk about how to find out if a mobile phone is being tapped. Consider the main signs that indicate the presence of wiretapping.

What to look for?

First of all, people whose profession is connected with confidential data, as well as overly jealous spouses, are at risk. It is possible to understand that information is “merged” by phone to third parties after people who are not initiated into these secrets find themselves in the course of secret information. There are technical signs that make it possible to suspect and find out that the device is being tapped.

  • Extraneous sounds, echo during a conversation. If during a call you regularly hear extraneous sounds - this is a clear cause for concern. There may be noise, clicks, gurgling, hum, claps, and more. To check such extraneous noise, you can use the sound sensor set to a low frequency. When the arrow rolls over with regularity several times per minute - this is an alarm.
  • Mobile does not work correctly. You should always pay attention to the stability of the phone. If it reboots on its own, the battery charge decreases too quickly for no particular reason - maybe the device is being tapped. Another sign is that the battery is very hot. This is because eavesdropping equipment uses the battery in the background.

There are many options that indicate that your phone calls are of interest to third parties. Regardless of the brand of the gadget, loopholes for wiretapping are always there. If in doubt, you should pay attention to such signs:

  • call connection is established for a long time,
  • the device turns off slowly
  • the device spontaneously turns on, deactivates and starts installing software.

How do I know if a mobile phone is currently being tapped?

Simple household appliances can help in this situation. You should approach the TV during the call, if there is interference caused by extraneous electronic equipment - this is wiretapping. There are devices that are close to the FM range and can make a piercing sound when the radio is in mono mode. This also applies to turning on the TV in the UHF frequency mode.

Operator Services

Be sure to pay attention to all messages arriving on the phone. In suspicious SMS, strange combinations of letters, numbers, symbols are usually spelled out. They come from unfamiliar numbers. This is a distribution of commands sent by listening programs. Sometimes scammers use the mobile Internet to introduce, so that the payment account is increased. If you have not connected the Conference Call option from the provider, but it is activated all the time, this is also a symptom of wiretapping.

We use specialized equipment

Special devices have been developed for a long time that immediately reveal all listening attempts. They are connected to a mobile phone and measure the resistance, capacitance, signal changes at very high frequencies. In order to find out if a smartphone is being tapped, you should connect a similar device to your gadget and look at the difference in performance.

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Distinctive features of wiretapping

In itself, wiretapping of a mobile phone has its own characteristics, by which it can be easily distinguished. Accessing another person’s phone is pretty easy. And if there is a suspicion that your own device is being listened to, it is better not to hesitate and send it for diagnosis.

Detectives and other specialists know exactly how to check the phone for wiretaps, but since you can do it yourself, it makes no sense to spend money on other people's services. Of course, such a diagnosis cannot guarantee a 100% result, but the presence of an extraneous network will certainly be detected.

Verification Code

There are several combinations that may help. For example, dial * 33 * on the phone and enter any characters further. If you cannot enter a character after the second asterisk, then the gadget is listened to. Some professionals consider this option ineffective, so you should use others.

*#21# - this code determines whether call forwarding is activated on your device, that is, whether your calls and SMS can be transferred to unauthorized persons.

*#62# - You will find out what number the call forwarding is set to, where the wiretap is directed, it will work if the device is disabled or outside the access zone.

##002# - Deactivates any call forwarding.

Signs of attachment to the listening device

Not everyone knows how to check the phone for wiretapping, but you must remember the main signs of attachment to a listening device. These include the following factors:

  1. The battery runs out quickly. This feature can not always be called an accurate indicator, since in most cases it is present on devices on which many applications and games are installed. It is a completely different matter when the phone is not in the hands of its owner all the time and there are no running programs on it. If in a calm state the mobile device discharges in just an hour or two, then this is the first signal to the presence of wiretapping on it.
  2. The device switches itself off, reboots or turns on the backlight. If all of the above problems are not associated with malfunctions in the system, then there is already a high probability that external interference is created. When the phone is still tapped, nothing new and superfluous is displayed on the screen, but periodic malfunctions may occur during operation.
  3. During a conversation, extraneous sounds are constantly heard. The presence of other connected networks prevents the subscriber from dialing to another number, as this happens many times longer than without wiretapping. In addition, as soon as a special listening program is connected to a telephone conversation, small interference and a strongly noticeable echo of both voices are observed. Sometimes there are situations when one subscriber hears only himself, but not his interlocutor.
  4. Cellular creates interference to the radio, TV, stereo. Even in the off state, the phone can “sound” when approaching any other devices.
  5. Literally half an hour after replenishing the account, an impressive amount of funds was debited for no reason. If such a problem is detected, immediately call the operator to clarify the circumstances. If his mistake is not here, then it can be assumed that, together with the funds, all the necessary information about calls and messages went to the listening program.

If you suspect that the eavesdropping systems are working, it is recommended that you contact the law enforcement authorities. Based on the fact that modern devices operate according to innovative principles, it is better to deal with them only with special equipment.

It must be remembered that you can install wiretapping on each phone, regardless of its cost or year of manufacture. Of course, the very first models succumb to this only after installing bugs, and not using the network or the Internet, since they do not have operating systems, but even these cases are cause for concern and contact the authorities.

More details on how to check the phone for wiretapping in Russia will be described below. This information will make many people think about the state of their device. Every person needs to check the phone, since it certainly will not get worse from this, but it would not hurt to make sure there is wiretapping.

Numbers combinations

The wiretap of a mobile phone, or rather its presence, is freely checked when a certain combination of numbers is dialed. They are few known, but each is valid. The best combinations of numbers are:

  1. * # 43 #. This number allows you to see information about call waiting.
  2. * 777 # (for Ukrainian subscribers). The combination shows the current balance and the operator menu.
  3. * # 06 #. The code automatically displays a window where IMEI data is displayed.
  4. * # 21 #. This code helps to check the wiretap of the phone in just 5 seconds. This number allows the user to find out who, besides himself, receives notifications about calls and SMS to this number.
  5. * # 33 #. In this case, data is displayed about the services that support the mobile device and the devices from which they originate.
  6. * # 62 #. The combination shows the number to which calls and data are forwarded, if any.
  7. ## 002 #. This code is used to turn off call forwarding and set up call acceptance only by the phone owner.
  8. *#thirty#. A set of numbers provides information for a clear definition of the numbers from which incoming calls are made.

All these combinations make it possible to provide your phone with reliable protection against connecting unknown networks that are harmful. In fact, there is nothing complicated in checking the phone for wiretapping. The combination of numbers is available to all subscribers. But keep in mind that not all operators know about it, so it’s not worth checking your device too many times.

We will use applications

Mobile software developers have long released decent products that can help you find out. Most popular programs:

  • SpyWarn is paid, but many users find it effective,

  • Darshak is a free application that not only detects any suspicious activity, but also appreciates the security capabilities of the mobile operator,
  • EAGLE Security - distributed free of charge, version in Russian. Has a good rating in Google Play.

Provider Help

If you suspect that the smartphone is being tapped, you can contact your operator. There, experts have all the necessary technical means to make an analysis of the condition of the line. According to the results of this procedure, it is easy to identify the fact of wiretapping. If necessary, you can then install the software so that third parties can no longer "listen" to you.

Hidden Codes for iPhone

The owners of the devices from Steve Jobs, probably guessed that they have hidden functions, or rather codes. Thanks to them, you can view a lot of information: starting from the signal strength and ending with the forwarding status itself.

  • hide your own device number (# 31 #),
  • find out the signal strength (* 3001 # 12345 # *),
  • familiarize yourself with the unique code (* # 06 #),
  • determine the point where messages arrive (* # 5005 * 7672 #),
  • bar calls and standby mode.

Find out signal strength and unique code

Sticks and dashes in our time are the embodiment of signal strength, which does not have accuracy. After enabling the field conditions, you need to dial the number above, and then hold down the power button. When the screen goes blank, you need to press the center button and wait until the home page appears. The number in the upper left corner will indicate the strength of the signal.

To determine the phone code, just dial * # 06 #. There, the settings will immediately be displayed, where the necessary item will be present.

Call barring and call waiting

This mode makes it possible to block calls, both incoming and outgoing. "Waiting" allows you to hold the current or incoming call. You can carry out interesting manipulations with such combinations:

  • * 33 * PIN # - enable call barring,
  • # 33 * PIN # - disable the previous ban,
  • * # 43 # - standby call,
  • * 43 # - turn on standby mode,
  • # 43 # - disable standby,
  • * # 21 # - call forwarding.


To eliminate the likelihood of listening to a mobile device will help a few tips from specialists who have repeatedly faced similar problems:

  • do not send confidential information over the phone,
  • for business negotiations, a cell phone is not the best way
  • a conversation that is held in the car on the go is much more difficult to listen to due to noise and a change in frequency,
  • no need to risk and trust a phone repair to an unfamiliar office with dubious customer reviews.

Knowing how to check the phone for wiretapping, you can not worry about the integrity and safety of the device, as well as for yourself. Now it’s clear that it’s not so difficult to do this, so you shouldn’t immediately contact the masters who will conduct the diagnosis for a long time. The help of specialists will be required only if the wiretapping is serious and it will not be possible to remove it in any way with the help of simple combinations.

What are the types of wiretapping?

Official - Used by special services that gained access to wiretapping by court order or other means.

Signal capture - carried out thanks to devices that intercept the communication line and broadcast conversations to intruders.

Through applications - performed by installing a malicious program that listens for all calls, records them, transfers or stores on a flash drive.

The bug - “spy” equipment for listening, through which a signal is transmitted to the receiver of criminals.

Attention! Recording conversations through special devices is almost not used in Russia, since it is very expensive. Most often resort to the help of spyware or bugs.

Increased delay before and after connecting to another subscriber

Another important signal is too long waiting time after dialing. If, for example, you called a person from your iPhone or Android, and the connection is established for too long, you may be on the hook. We also check how much time it takes to disconnect after a call, this is also a significant indicator.

Low internet speed and traffic loss

Has it ever happened to you that it seems that before downloading files from the network went very fast, but now everything is swinging too slowly? Or the traffic could not be consumed in a month, and now it is "leaking" in a couple of weeks? If yes, then take a look at other strange phenomena, as this may indicate that spyware has settled in the phone.

Strange messages

Those who have listening software often get strange messages from unknown numbers. There is nothing but mysterious characters in the texts.

Attention! These symptoms do not give a 100% guarantee that you are being eavesdropped. Similar problems are caused by a mass of network or software glitches. They can only make you think that privacy is at risk.

Using codes

Pay attention to these combinations, which help to record call forwarding and to understand whether they are listening to you. They must be entered in the dialer, and then watch the answer.

Here is a list of commands:

  • «*33*» - the easiest testing method. Enter the combination "* 33 *", and then check the reaction of the mobile phone to enter other characters. If after the second star the smartphone stops printing any numbers or icons, then the device is tapped. This is not the most reliable method, professionals are still arguing about its effectiveness, so it is better to play it safe and perform additional checks.
  • «*#21#» - by entering this line, you will know which numbers are being forwarded. Jealous partners, as well as parents who want to protect and control the child, often resort to this tracking practice.
  • «*#62#» - Another combination of numbers to determine where call forwarding is directed.
  • «##002#» - A universal request that blocks any form of relay from your mobile phone.

They are safe for the device, be careful only with the latter.

Programs for checking

They are often used, and SpyWarn, Darshak, and EAGLE Security have gained the most trust. You can download the latest utility on your mobile from the Play Market, and the rest will have to be downloaded from the official sites. They identify real stations from fake ones, and thus calculate surveillance.

How to get rid of wiretapping mobile?

Naturally, the most obvious option is to take your phone to a service center and analyze the installed programs, as well as the exploits that are responsible for the "discharge" of data. After the employees confirm the wiretap, find out how it works, they can destroy it or block it.

You can also try to uninstall the listener application yourself. To do this, install one of the popular antiviruses, for example, from Kaspersky Lab. This utility takes care of privacy, so it can catch malware and erase it, securing your cell phone.

The steps to remove suspicious software from the list of applications will not be superfluous. Also, go to the battery usage statistics, maybe there is a program that uses the battery too much and is constantly in the background. Check it out through a Google search, and if there have been complaints about it, then delete it immediately.

In general, when you want to secure the exchange of information, then use the Telegram messenger (there is a version for iPhone and Android), its secret chats have not yet been cracked. Так что за сохранность данных можете не переживать. Не забывайте и о том, что нельзя открывать всплывающие баннеры и входящие сообщения от неизвестных номеров. И ни за что не переходите по ссылкам из неизвестных источников.This is fraught with the ingress of a virus or wiretap into the system.