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Crafts from diapers


Make a unique hit for an unborn baby and present a stylish cake - a motorcycle from diapers to a future mother. Ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts or just for those who love cute things, this craft does not require special skillful skills, just enough material and a little time.

Method 1 Choosing Products to Create a Cake - Diaper Motorcycle

  1. 1 Choose the colors and styles of the necessary elements, which, in your opinion, would be the expectant mother. The following describes exactly what is needed (the things that you will need to create a cake are also listed below):
    • At least 34 diapers for (newborns or babies)
    • 2 baby blankets
    • 2 bibs with toys tied to them (Suitable for newborn or infant)
    • 1 pair of baby socks
    • 1 bottle
    • 1 washcloth
    • 1 plush stuffed toy (which does not contain buttons or any items that pose a choking hazard).

Method 2 Creating Tires

The curls you create form tires.

  1. 1 Place the diapers in the pan. Start by stacking one row and position the diapers so that they are straight and horizontal. Having built one side row, move to the other side of the pan and increase this area.
  2. 2 Continue laying out the folded diapers in rows in the pan. Continue to create a wheel shape.
  3. 3 Do not remove the diapers from the pan. Wrap one of the elastic bands or soft elastic collars around the perimeter of the diapers.
  4. 4 Remove the “tires” from the diapers from the pan and place on a hard surface. You can ask a friend to help with this, because if any diaper falls out of the wheel, you will have to start the process again!
  5. 5 Create another wheel of diapers. Do it in a pan just like you did the first.
    • Wrap the elastic around the diapers, carefully lift the tires out of the pan and place them next to the first diaper tire.
  6. 6 Wrap each wheel of diapers with decorative tape. Cover the rubber band or elastic band with tape. This improves the appearance and gives the impression of a tire.
    • Fasten the tape in place, leaving a pin at the bottom of the tire so that it is not visible.

Master Class

  1. Twist an owl body out of 20 diapers.
  2. Secure with an elastic band.
  3. Twist 2 circles of 10 diapers each.
  4. Secure the circles with rubber bands.
  5. Gather an owl and fix on top of a striped diaper.
  6. Fasten with a satin ribbon and tie a cute bow.
  7. Insert flowers as eyes.
  8. Fill the socks with cotton.
  9. Sew on socks as owl ears.
  10. Put on your apron.

Owl from diapers is ready! I recommend to watch a video master class!

Diaper bath

You will need: 56 diapers, baby bath, baby shower gel, dusting powder, baby lotion, 2 teethers, 2 washcloths, 2 rubber duckling, cotton wool, satin ribbon, elastic bands, wire.

Cake made of diapers for a boy

- cake stand

- about 20 diapers

- many rubber bands of different sizes

- Food sticks

- decorations to taste (socks, toys, rattles, bright ribbons)

1. Place a bottle of champagne in the middle of the cake stand.

2. Start twisting the diapers (do this with the pattern inward so that all the diapers are white outside):

* fasten all workpieces with rubber bands

- for the lower tier you can use 2 diapers

- for the second layer, use 2 twisted diapers together, plus another around them

- for the top two layers, use one twisted diaper each.

3. Start installing twisted diapers around the bottle of champagne and fasten them together with elastic bands. Make the first tier.

4. Now in the same way make the 2,3 and 4th tiers, each of which is smaller than the previous one in diameter.

5. Since the topmost layer is above the bottle, it can be fixed with chopsticks. Paste them between the 3rd and 4th layer.

6. After all the tiers are in place, look from the side and, if necessary, correct them so that the cakes are even.

7. Start decorating the cake. Use a tape that can wrap all tiers of the cake, thereby hiding the gum.

* To fasten the tapes, use double tape - glue it on one end of the tape, connecting the tape to the cake at the same time, and glue the other end to the first after wrapping the tier.

You can make such cute cake decorations.

Here's how to make them:

For one blank you will need:

7.1 twist the diaper and wrap it with a cloth

7.2 put on a sock on top

7.3 glue the toy eyes

7.4 make some of these diaper-wrapped babies

7.5 to insert them into the cake, use chopsticks - just insert the chopstick half into the blank and insert the other half into the cake.

Cake made of diapers for a girl

- 3 cardboard circles (in this example, they have a diameter of 20, 25 and 30 cm, respectively)

- 6 cardboard cylinders (from paper towels or toilet paper)

- glue (glue gun or superglue)

- 80 white diapers

- thin elastic bands (they are usually used for money, but you will need them to hold diapers together)

- tape of a suitable color

- additional decorations: soft toy, powder, toy or other gift that will fit in size.

- if desired, you can prepare small cards with excerpts from fairy tales or wishes.

1. Make the skeleton of the cake.

- cut off excess cardboard from cardboard cylinders so that they match the width of the diapers

- glue the cylinders to the cardboard circles - 3 cylinders for the lower tier, 2 for the middle and 1 for the upper.

2. Add diapers

- fold each diaper into a tube, and start wrapping the cardboard cylinders with these tubes, securing them with elastic bands

- Now you need to fix the tubes of diapers according to the diameter of the cardboard circle, i.e. wrap them with all the other diapers that you secured to the cylinders

3. Cake Decoration

- wrap with tape the places where the elastic bands are visible

- add artificial flowers using glue (carefully so that the glue does not get on the diapers)

- add decorations - it can be a toy, small greeting cards with wishes, small children's books, etc. In this example, the turtle is reading one of the books.

DIY diaper cake

- a circle of cardboard (diameter about 35 cm)

- glue gun or double adhesive tape

1. Twist one diaper (with a pattern inward) and secure it with an elastic band for money. This diaper will be the center for all the other diapers that you will mount around it.

2. Prepare 5 diapers and lay them on top of each other with small distances from each other (see image).

3. Wrap the cooked diapers around the central diaper (from point 1). Use an elastic band to secure the structure. The result was a small "cake".

4. Start to increase the diameter of the cake, adding new packs of 5 diapers each time. Between each update, use elastic bands to hold the entire structure together.

* The diameter of the bottom layer of the cake in this example is 30 centimeters.

5. Go through steps 1-4 again to create the top layer of the cake, which should be slightly smaller.

* For the lower tier of this cake, it took about 30-35 diapers, and for the upper one about 20-25 diapers.

* The number of diapers depends on the distance between them.

6. Put the top tier on the bottom and wrap the cake with ribbon in the places where the gum is visible.

7. Using paper clips, fasten one end of the ribbon to the elastic on the cake.

8. Glue a double adhesive tape to the same end to stick the other end to it.

9. You can decorate your cake as you like best.

In this example, artificial flowers are used that are glued to the ribbons on the cake (one flower is necessarily glued to the place of fastening the ribbons).

* You can put a pair of shoes for the baby on the upper tier. Instead of shoes, you can use a toy or simply decorate everything with flowers.

10. Place the cake on a piece of tulle and wrap it.

Bright diaper cake

- bright scarves or towels

- decorations to taste

1. Spiral up a few diapers.

2. Wrap twisted diapers with a bright scarf or towel and secure with pins as shown in the image.

* For this cake, you will need three scarves for three tiers of cake.

* If necessary, you can use double adhesive tape or elastic bands to attach all structures and tape to hide this adhesive tape or elastic band.

* In this example, tapes were added that prevent towels from dispersing.

3. Decorate the cake as desired - you can use small children's toys, for example, rattles, etc. They can also be attached with pins or sewn with a thread and a needle if a ribbon is passed through each toy.

Cake from diapers (master class)

- diapers (the larger the cake, the more there are)

- cake stand or tray

- rubber bands for money

- diaper-wide tapes

- colored satin ribbons for decoration

1. Prepare the tray and place the bottle in the middle.

2. Twist each diaper into a tube and secure it with an elastic band.

3. Place all twisted diapers around the bottle. You need to fill the tray, which means you need to use a lot of diapers until the tray is full.

* If the diapers are not very tight to the champagne, make another layer and secure it with an elastic band. You got the first tier of cake.

4. You can leave this tier as is, or you can carefully cover it. For this:

- prepare a thin fabric of any color

- cut a square from the fabric

- fold the square 4 times and make a cut at the corner (for a bottle)

- unfold the folded fabric and cover it with the first tier of your cake (the bottle will go through the hole).

- Use an elastic band to fasten the fabric.

5. Repeat steps 1–4 to make the remaining tiers. Since they will be smaller in diameter than the lower tier, less diapers will be used.

6. When you cover the upper tier with fabric, the slot does not need to be done anymore, because this fabric will cover the bottle, which is a surprise for parents.

7. Decorate the cake.

Wrap each tier with wide white ribbons, covering them with all the elastic bands. Thin ribbons can be wrapped in several rows. Tape the ends together with tape.

Then you can use bows, toys and other decorations.