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13 simple ideas how to make a room decor for a teenage girl with your own hands


1 Before you start doing anything, sort through all your things. Lay them out in 4 piles: leave, discard, give and decorate. Leave the necessary things, get rid of garbage and papers, give out unnecessary things to friends, relatives, charity organizations. This step is very important because it will allow you to unload the room from unnecessary things and save you from unnecessary clothes.

2 Paint the walls! This will significantly change the appearance of the room. If you do not want to paint the walls or re-glue the wallpaper, if your parents do not allow you to do this or you do not have money - do not worry and proceed immediately to the next step. But if you have the opportunity to change the appearance of the walls - it's great! Choose a color that you like and that will blend well with the rest of the things in the room. Some people like to leave the walls in the same color as they were, while others prefer to change the color. Whatever your choice, prove yourself! If you are arguing with your parents about the color that suits your room, look for a compromise. Do your parents want the walls to be pink and do you prefer black (or vice versa)? Paint the walls pink and add black accents!

3 Buy new furniture if you can afford it. Do you really need to leave that locker in the corner? Unlikely. Go for new furniture! We recommend leaving a bed, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, a bedside table and a work desk in the room. Choose all the pieces of furniture by color so that the room looks neat (but if you want the room to make an ambiguous impression, choose completely different furniture).

4 Buy something for bed. Buy new bedding, and if you want the bed to look girlishly cute, cover it with new blankets and lay some decorative pillows on the headboard. If you prefer minimalism, change only bedding. Do whatever you want. Just because you are a girl does not oblige you to have a girl's room.

5 Buy a pair of chairs. So that your friends do not have to sit on the floor when they come to visit you, you will need chairs - so you and your friends will be comfortable. You can buy a bean bag chair or a folding round chair. Even an ottoman is suitable for you, especially if there is a place to store things inside. Try to match the chairs to the tone of the rest of the furniture.

6 Buy some small rugs. If you have a carpet on the floor, you will not need rugs, in other cases they will be a good addition to the furniture. If your room has parquet or laminate on the floor, lay the rug next to the bed so that you lower your feet in the morning on a warm carpet, not the icy floor. Remember that with all the variety of colors and textures, rugs also reflect your personality.

7 Free up storage space. Allocate space to a closet or chest of drawers or a table. Buy special boxes for storing things and hide them under the bed. This will help keep all things in place.

8 Shelves! On the shelves you can put a variety of things: sports awards, photographs, books, etc. Buy a few shelves and fix them wherever you want - over the bed or over the desk.

9 Mirrors! Mirrors exist not only for girls who like to pay a lot of attention to their appearance. If you use makeup, a good mirror will come in handy - so it will be more convenient for you to paint. You can buy a full-length mirror so you can also look at your outfits. Buy a mirror with an unusual frame - for example, with pieces of colored glass glued to it

10 Hang a cork board on the wall. On it you can post your photos, photos of friends, relatives, pets and other little things like concert tickets and postcards. If you already have a board, but you do not like it, paint it in a color that will be in harmony with the color of the rest of the things in the room. Her color should not be too dark. You can also wrap it with some beautiful cloth or buy such a finished board.

11 Make the room truly yours. Place posters on the walls depicting your favorite bands or celebrities. Post photos of relatives and friends. Fill the room with the things you like - art projects, your sketches, and anything else. If you are creative, hang or arrange your drawings or paintings. Let the room fully reflect your personality. After all, she is yours!

12 Put all your children's things in a drawer and hide them, if only among them there are no things that are especially dear to your heart. If you have things that you don’t need and that you won’t use, give them to charities.

Decorate the room so that it reflects your inner world.

Remember to keep the room clean and tidy. Remove debris from the floor, sort the cabinets once a week, wipe off the dust and vacuum at least once a month.

Make a clear plan before proceeding with the alteration of the room. Use a blackberry, if you prefer.

Fresh ideas for decorating a room can be found in magazines and on the Internet.

This item is very important! If animals live in your room, clean the cage or aquarium at least once a week. If you have animals with a strong odor (such as turtles or rabbits), use an automatic air freshener, but do not install it too close to the cage, as it is harmful for pets to inhale particles contained in the freshener.

Try to choose a color scheme that would look organic and not variegated.

If you have a bookshelf, arrange books by color, by author, or by series.

Remember that you may not be able to recreate the interior that you saw in the picture or on TV. Do not try to copy everything to the smallest detail. Be creative and make the most of your room.

Buy a dressing table with a mirror and put on it your favorite perfume and a little different cosmetics.

Do not copy friends interiors. Be yourself!

If your parents do not allow you to buy a new bed, at least buy a new bedspread and pillows.

If you have a well-developed spatial imagination, draw how you want to see your room, so that it is easier for you to remodel it. If you want to devote a room to a specific topic, instead of using an animal theme or something similar, it is better to choose which then a single color scheme. So it will be easier for you to choose furniture, and the room will not look too messy.

Do something with your own hands. You can make a mirror from mirror paper and cardboard, you can cover a stable case with a blanket for storing things, add a few pillows, and now you have a sofa ready.

Place candles with a relaxing aroma around the room. Surround them with beautiful stones, because the stones do not burn.

Remember that you will live in this room for a while, so seriously approach its design. Do not use the first wallpaper or furniture that comes across unless it is part of your personality.

Put a little vanilla extract on the light bulbs and turn on the light. A pleasant smell forms in the room, and you will be warm and comfortable there.

Allocate a separate place to cosmetics. If you have a free desk or chest drawer, put all the makeup there so that it is easy to find there. Try to keep makeup near the mirror.

1) Colorful geometric shapes at the head of the bed

They are made quite easily from randomly cut pieces of foam.

You will need: polystyrene, ruler, putty knife, acrylic paints, brushes, mounting tape for mounting.

@ A Kailo Chic Life

A few practical tips for parents

Each is individual, therefore it is impossible to describe one version of the interior that all children will like. However, there are some general tips to help create a harmonious environment:

  • Use the same theme when choosing jewelry. This will facilitate the search and manufacture of decorative items.
  • It is worth considering the interests and hobbies of the child, but do not forget about the functionality and sense of proportion.
  • It is better to set the general direction in design, choose the minimum content, and encourage the creative impulse of children, let them develop designs and decorations for their new room.
  • Bright elements of the interior will be appropriate on a neutral background, an excess of flashy shades will negatively affect the mood.
  • If a teenager likes black, don't be alarmed. Suggest using natural or artificial stone and forged objects in the interior. But the black and white gamut of minimalism is suitable for children at least 16 years old. This basic palette will complement the natural colors of wood, glass, brick.
  • Ethnic style (Japanese, African, Mediterranean) is more suitable for bright rooms. Sunlight will convey brightness and saturation of shades.

Universal jewelry

One of the main recommendations is to select elements that combine with the overall style. But some adornments for a teenager’s room are universal and fit any interior, whether for a boy or a girl. Among them:

  • Original shelves for books, if the child likes to read them in paper form. They can be in the form of honeycombs, broken lines, "snakes", bridges, geometric shapes, arrows, drops or branches.
  • A colored luminous can operating on solar energy, or an interesting lamp in the form of a balloon, the sun, an airplane, etc.
  • Interior decorative letters on the initials or in the form of a motivating inscription.
  • Bean bag chair suitable for interior design, ottoman or hanging chairs.
  • Boards or magnets for notes and drawings.
  • Stylish boxes for storing little things.
  • Paintings are better to choose light. They should be placed at the eye level of the teenager. If people are portrayed on them, let them smile, this will create a positive emotional atmosphere in the room.
  • A triptych or photo wallpaper with nature, a window opening onto the sea, a view of the city from the height of a skyscraper, marine and space themes is appropriate. This is an original and safe way to decorate the room the way a teenager wants.
  • Young aquarists will appreciate the aquarium in the nursery with bright fish in the form of a soccer ball, flasks with flowing liquid, a TV, a kettle or made in the classic version. And those who have a pet - a bed for a cat or dog in the general style.
  • Interior vinyl stickers with images that meet the interests of a teenager.
  • Posters or posters.
  • Unusual wall or table clock.
  • Panel with clips for photos, drawings, notes.
  • Non-standard photo frames, including electronic.
  • Design products for the desk: organizers, book restraints, note holders.
  • Place for awards or collections (cars, ships, coins, etc.)
  • Goods for athletes, music lovers, paraphernalia of favorite clubs and performers.

Teenager Boy Room Decor

The room of a teenage boy should not only be functional, but reflect his personality, attract attention among peers.

  • You can use interior pillows and poufs in the form of soccer balls or fields with markings, cobblestones, car wheels, a game console, with funny quotes and other interest pictures.
  • If you are keen on sports, you can decorate the wall with a small basket, stylized as a basketball, or put a green carpet with markings under the football field, fix darts on the wall.
  • A wall map, for example, in the form of a volume puzzle, will decorate the room. On it, a teenager will be able to mark the places he has visited or plans to visit.
  • Depending on the interests of the boy, you can decorate the room with models of airplanes, the globe, ships, etc.
  • The highlight will be added to the interior by the LED backlight laid for the shelves in the form of curves, as well as for decorative elements in the form of a balloon, the sun, experiencing an eclipse, an airplane, an emoticon, etc.
  • Graffiti - draw on the walls. So that the picture does not "interfere", you need to choose the right place for its application. Graffiti can be different - screaming, calm, pacifying, gentle, restrained. It is necessary to think over to the smallest detail the plot of the image and the color scheme.

The size of the future composition is important. A bulky drawing in a small room “crushes”, it will be difficult to consider the meaning. The most attractive element of graffiti is the beauty of the line.

Decor in the room of the girl

You can transform a teenager’s room without even spending a lot of money on acquiring new interior details. Enough to show a little imagination. Here are a few ideas that can inspire creative exploits.

  • Phytodesign - flowers decorate life. These are indoor plants, wall decoration with painted flowers, murals with macro photographs of buds or a chandelier in the form of petals. In this style, you can apply stabilized flowers - purchase compositions from natural plants in a glass vase. This method allows you to permanently maintain their appearance.
  • Creative teens will be interested in trying to make a flower ikebana of flowers and herbs on their own.
  • The walls in the room of a teenage girl can be decorated with decorative butterflies, lanterns, macramés, an unusual mirror, curtains - with funny pendants in the form of monkeys or tildes.
  • Sheathe the head of the bed with soft plush or, if it is wooden, paint it with a new color that matches the impulse of the soul.
  • Above the bed you can place a dream catcher.
  • Garlands of hearts, buttons, beads or paper figures act as a decor of a wall, window, doorway or chandelier.
  • If the girl is passionate about creativity, you can purchase or make a casket or a box for small items using decoupage technique.
  • An excellent decoration and motivating product will be the teenager’s wish card.

What can you do yourself

The teenager can make original decor for the room with his own hands or with the help of his parents.

  • The simplest is decorating a flower pot with thick threads, shells, glass, beads. You can also paint it with special paints or markers.
  • The artistic direction of design is wall painting, which a child can paint according to his interests. So, a very special microclimate will appear in the room.
  • Ready-made sets can become ideas for decor: coloring paintings by numbers or from diamond mosaics, embroidery, including beads and ribbons.
  • Unusual decor will be kirigami (openwork paper carving), origami or other result of artistic carving or paper graphics.
  • You can decorate the workplace with your own made pencil. For example, wash the coconut, dry and cut it by a third.
  • Ah, these soft pillows ... You only need to buy materials and help with the execution of the child. Well, if the pattern on them will overlap with the pattern on the walls. For example, wallpapers with the image of England and themed pillows will create a London style in the teenager’s room.
  • The mirror can be decorated in a marine theme, for example, by sticking shells, or in the natural, fixing dry flower buds and leaves. Or replace with beads, beads, cinnamon sticks, coffee beans.

The teenager's room should have its own style, this is facilitated by original decorations. They can be purchased or made independently, while focusing on the tastes and interests of the child. Show a little imagination, attention and care so that the nursery turns into a cozy oasis where a teenager will be happy to spend free time.

3) Flower bulbs

They are made very simply from paper cupcake molds. The color of the garland depends only on your imagination.

You will need: Christmas garland, paper molds for cupcakes of different sizes, scissors, a knife.

@ Oh Happy Day

5) Magnetic makeup board

Cool budget idea =)

You will need: frame for a picture, metal or magnetic sheet, beautiful fabric, magnets, hot glue.

@ Laura Thoughts

8) Hammock Chair

I think such a homemade hammock is one of the most attractive decor items for anyone, not just teenagers. Ideal for reading in the corner.

@ A Beautiful Mess