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Installation instructions for aluminum sliding windows


Dismantling of balcony structures may be necessary when replacing cold glazing with warm. When repairing an old house or apartment, people often face the need to replace windows on balconies or loggias. The dismantling of the balcony glazing is quite long, however, it is not difficult work, for which many craftsmen require a sufficiently large payment. At the same time, you can remove the windows on the old balcony yourself, saving a significant amount of money. But there are a number of difficulties that accompany this work.

How to remove aluminum frames on a balcony

It is especially dangerous to perform such work in a multi-storey building, starting from the 4th floor - there is a high probability of accidentally losing balance and falling down. Therefore, in this case, it is imperative to comply with safety regulations, use construction safety belts and attract an additional comrade to secure. There are also structural difficulties, for example, many do not know how to remove aluminum frames on a balcony or how to remove sliding plastic windows on a balcony. Dismantling plastic windows is somewhat more complicated than dismantling old wooden frames, but you can also do it yourself. We will tell you more about this below.

Removing old windows is required when replacing them, in cases where it is necessary to glaze the loggia or perform work on the glazing of the balcony. But before starting any work, some preparation is required.

During the preparatory work should take into account the features of structures that must be dismantled

At the same time, the dismantling work is not limited to removing only windows and frames, it is also necessary to remove old insulation materials, garbage, dust, shutters (if any), window sills and ebbs.

In the process of dismantling windows on the balcony or loggia, a significant amount of debris and dust will be released. This will happen even if relatively “clean” plastic windows are dismantled. In the event that such work takes place in a residential apartment or house, then a significant amount of dust and debris will necessarily fall into the apartment from the balcony. This makes it necessary to take protective measures before removing the windows on the balcony.

Several important points should be highlighted in preparation for this work.:

  1. On the balcony you need to free up all the free space for work. For this, all things, furniture, etc. are taken out of it. The same thing is done in the room adjacent to the balcony. It is especially important to clean the carpets (if any). This is necessary so that during operation there is no interference that may cause some troubles during the work.
  2. If there is furniture that cannot be removed for a number of reasons, it should be packaged in pre-prepared dense polyethylene, which “seal” the furniture, and fasten the joints with tape. This will reliably protect the property on the balcony and in the room from building dust, which has the ability to eat into various materials.
  3. Particular attention should be paid to flooring, both on the balcony itself, and in the adjoining room and, possibly, in the corridor. After all, it can be damaged by transferring the removed constructions; also, building dust is strongly “eaten up” on the floor. To protect the floor, it is securely covered with self-adhesive dense polyethylene. You can also close the floors with thick cardboard or plywood - this is especially important if a laminate, parquet or boards are used as a coating. Particular attention should be paid to the windows and doors between the balcony and the adjacent room - they are also closed.

To dismantle the window metalwork for the aluminum balcony as simple as possible, it is important to know how to install it

It is relatively simple and easy to dismantle wooden frames and structures that have a relatively small mass. It is much more difficult and longer to disassemble a welded metal structure, which is associated with the need to cut such frames with a grinder.

To remove old plastic windows and their frames, knowledge of the method of mounting the frames and accuracy in disassembling the structure is required - the double-glazed window is quite fragile, it can be seriously damaged and cut itself.

However, the dismantling of such structures takes place relatively quickly.

Removing the balcony glazing: remove the wooden windows

After completing all the preparatory steps, you can begin to dismantle the window openings. Typically, such work is carried out in stages, when carrying out repairs in the house. It is convenient to carry out such work together with repairs in other rooms, since this allows you to avoid dirtying the apartment building with construction waste, which is quite difficult to clean (even if all the necessary protective measures are taken, the garbage will still get into the rooms).

The dismantling of old wooden frames is best done immediately before installing new window structures

In the event that the work execution procedure has already been determined and a decision has been made to replace the glazing, wait for the measurers who not only calculate the dimensions of the future window, but also indicate the required dimensions of the opening.

This will allow you to decide what should be dismantled and what not, and sometimes it may also be necessary to repel a few centimeters of the wall, which also applies to the dismantling of windows.

Of course, that you can only remove the windows on the balcony where they are installed, although at the moment the old wooden windows are most likely just an anachronism.

How to remove sliding windows on the balcony

Their dismantling begins with the fact that all the shutters are removed from the hinges. This can be done quite easily without a tool, lifting the flaps due to its own muscular strength.

Following actions:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to remove all the windows, taking apart the frame for this (if you can’t take it apart, then you can cut it). Windows that have fixed glass are carefully sawed with a jigsaw and glass is pulled out of them.
  2. The next step is to remove the windows themselves on the balcony. If the old windows are not planned to be used at other objects (sheds, cottages, etc.), then dismantling can be done rather roughly - saw the frame in several places, cut down the crosshairs and gradually take out the garbage.
  3. If the windows need to be kept, then the frame should be separated from the fasteners. This can be done with a grinder (grinder), walking along the perimeter of the frames from the outside, cutting the fasteners. This is the only true way that allows you to keep the frames intact, since the search for fasteners may not yield results.

When dismantling the balcony, a safety system should be provided to prevent the frame from falling out.

The last stage is cleaning the installation site. Usually done with trowels, spatulas, etc.

How to remove sliding plastic windows on the balcony

The procedure for dismantling plastic windows is almost the same as the previous one, but it has some features.

At the same time, there are practically no differences between how to remove sliding plastic windows on the balcony and ordinary ones.

The first step is to prepare the windows - to cover the glass with a special self-adhesive protective film, which will protect against cuts if the glass packet accidentally breaks.

To dismantle double-glazed windows is somewhat more difficult than to pull out simple glasses, since they are several times heavier and more massive

Next, the mounting strips that go along the perimeter of the glass from the inside of the windows are removed. This should be done together - one takes off, the other supports a double-glazed window so that it does not fall out. After that, the glass unit is gently squeezed out. This work should be done with all double-glazed windows, and the plastic “plugs” with insulation, which are sometimes put in place of windows, are removed in the same way.

How to remove the sash of a plastic window (video)

Next, you should inspect the windows around the perimeter. On the window frame there are large screws screwed in, which carry out the fastening of the window frame to the walls. For dismantling, it is enough to simply unscrew them and carefully cut the mounting foam in the seams with a construction knife or grinder. It is important that the frame does not fall out. To do this, she is insured, tied to something.

Types of structures

Aluminum windows have a long service life due to design features inherent only to them.

Design features of aluminum windows provide a long service life

Window configuration can be:

  • folding - The sash works exclusively for ventilation. This type of opening is used in rooms with a deficit of free space,
  • rotary - This is a traditional swing type of opening the sash,
  • swing-out - A combination of opening the sash for ventilation and the swing method. This type of opening is common when glazing openings of residential premises,
  • deaf - This is a continuous glazing of the opening without the possibility of opening due to the lack of a sash. This type of glazing can often be found in public buildings and offices. In residential buildings, some openings are glazed in this way, if there are more than two of them in one room - this is typical for houses of an old construction,
  • multifold - with this type of opening, several sashes are used in a large window opening, when each sash has its own type of opening,
  • sliding - the opening of the sash in the “compartment” format is common for narrow rooms, where every square meter counts - on the loggias and balconies.
The configuration of the window system is selected based on the purpose of the room

Depending on the degree of thermal insulation, there is a division of the windows from the aluminum profile into "cold" and "warm" type.

The “warm” window profile has a thermally insulating insert in its design. This affects the width of the profile, which is greater than that of the "cold".

The warm profile includes a heat-insulating layer

“Cold” window profiles are not used in residential premises. They can be found as partitions or doors in offices and other non-residential premises.

Sliding systems

Separately, it is worth considering modern aluminum sliding window systems, which are called sliding windows. The movement of the leaves is carried out on roller guides.

Sliding window shutters move by rollers

It is common to produce profiles with several guides, which allows you to install 1 - 5 wings. The use of aluminum sliding windows is common in small areas of residential premises, on the attic floors, on the loggias of apartment buildings and country terraces.

When choosing a manufacturer, you should pay attention to the roller mechanisms that they offer. If a polymer shell is used as their coating, then such rollers will last a long time. This is important because the roller system is a weak point of sliding windows and doors.

Advantages of Sliding Systems

Modern sliding windows made of aluminum profile have several advantages:

  • The small weight of the structure is due to the use of aluminum for its manufacture, which is a light type of metal,
  • have high sound and heat insulation properties,
  • facilitate the penetration of more light into the room due to the insignificant framing of the window sash,
  • Roller opening system allows saving and rational use of free space,
  • it is possible to use several flaps moving in different directions in combination with blind glazing,
  • long service life and corrosion resistance,
  • ease of maintenance and repair,
  • stylish modern appearance and versatility of use,
  • to ensure the safety of housing, it is possible to install reinforced locking fittings,
  • affordable cost of the product.

The use of modern aluminum windows has recently gained wide popularity due to their functionality. They are used as windows on a balcony, on a country veranda, for glazing a closed summer house or winter garden.

The production of large horizontal glazing planes with a parallel sliding system makes it possible to arrange stylish panoramic glazing of elite apartments.

Do-it-yourself installation of aluminum windows does not differ from the installation of a plastic analog.

If before this work was done to dismantle the old product, it is necessary to restore the integrity of the damaged window opening.

Mount aluminum windows by unpacking

Installation of aluminum windows is carried out by unpacking, if they are delivered assembled to the installation site. It is necessary to carefully remove the double-glazed windows from the window frame and remove the sashes.

The next step is to fix the frame in the window opening. In this case, it is necessary to use a level gauge so that the frame in the opening occupies the required position. Using wooden or plastic wedges, the frame is fixed. Bending the window profile is unacceptable.

Plastic wedges are used as window structure fixers

To fix the window frame to the wall surface, anchor plates are used, which are fixed with self-tapping screws. At the final stage, the installation joint is sealed with foam. After repeated expansion of the foam and its hardening, the wedges are removed, and the holes from them are foamed.

Installation of a sliding system

Installing a sliding structure of aluminum windows has some nuances. The window frame needs to be mounted in the same way as a traditional plastic window.

To set the guides, use the tape measure to measure the horizontal parameters of the frame. Then make the guides of the required length, cutting them in accordance with the obtained dimensions. Places of cuts must be processed using a file. The guides are fixed to the window frame from the bottom and top with screws, observing a step of 30 cm.

First attach the guides to the frame

Then assemble the sash:

  • a double-glazed window is placed in the sash,
  • the rollers are fixed on both sides of the lower sash, maintaining a distance of 5 cm from the sash border,
  • along the perimeter of the sash fasten Schlegel - seal in the form of a brush,

The seal is secured around the perimeter of the sash

  • the sash is installed first from above, then from below,
  • the movement is adjusted by the adjusting screw, which is located on the sash below.
  • It is not more difficult to look after aluminum windows than plastic ones. Wipe periodically from dust and dirt. To maintain the fittings in working condition, it must be lubricated annually with oil lubricants without resins and acids in the composition.

    Is it worth it to change?

    When old windows fail, the question arises: is it necessary to replace windows with plastic analogues or is it possible to repair old ones? If the windows are wooden, and their age has already exceeded ten years, then it is not practical to repair them. The repair will take a lot of time, since parts are made individually for such windows, and repairs will be comparable to the cost of a full replacement of the window.

    At the same time, the new design will not require any maintenance for a long time. The plastic window is characterized by good tightness, durability, affordability. Replacing old windows with plastic may be required in the following case:

    • The old double-glazed window is ordinary, it can be exchanged for a modern analogue that can isolate heat and noise.
    • Glass is damaged.
    • The design does not match the design of the room.
    • The window is no longer sealed.
    • Replacing plastic windows installed by the developer with more expensive and thicker ones.
    • Damaged frame or sash.

    Old wooden window

    The price of windows is of primary interest. We have a website calculator for the cost of windows and balconies.

    Advantages of PVC products

    Plastic windows significantly surpass analogues and have the following positive qualities:

    • Well prevent the penetration of noise from the street into the room.
    • They allow you to save heating resources, as they retain heat in the room quite effectively.
    • Suitable for installation in any room, can be of any shape and any size.
    • They do not require complicated maintenance; they fit well into any interior.
    • A quality profile has a long service life.
    • Affordable price.
    • A wide selection of manufacturers and models.
    • You can choose any design - from the simplest deaf to complex, equipped with burglary protection.

    Where to begin?

    Replacing wooden windows with plastic starts with the choice of the manufacturer. There are many offers on the modern construction market that differ in price and quality. The main points you need to know when choosing:

    • Plastic windows can be made in various colors, which is convenient if you have a designer interior. A white frame will cost less than any color.
    • The price is affected by the country in which the product was manufactured, however, it is quite difficult to buy a truly imported product. Usually, local products are produced under an import brand, most often under a license.
    • The double-glazed window can be 1-6 chamber. The thicker it is, the more expensive the window will cost. Его масса возрастает в зависимости от количества камер и толщины рамы.
    • Цена зависит от использованной фурнитуры, толщины стеклопакета, стоимости иных материалов.
    • If the size or shape of the window is non-standard, their manufacture will cost more.
    • Many companies provide a service for free measurement of the opening.

    On average, replacing old windows with plastic, taking into account the dismantling of the old structure, buying and installing new windows, will cost about 22 thousand per window. If you change several double-glazed windows, many companies offer a discount. You can save on work by doing it yourself.

    Replacing individual parts

    Quite often, a complete replacement of windows in an apartment is not required: it is enough to replace only worn-out mechanisms or failed parts. Such repair will cost much cheaper than changing the design completely.

    If you plan to replace windows in the apartment, what you need to do is check how smoothly the new window is installed. If it is skewed, you cannot open it normally, it will quickly fail, parts will wear out much faster, and most importantly, sufficient tightness will not be achieved. In rare cases, the frame may burst, and the window will have to be set up new. That is why you should not contact dubious installation companies or do the work yourself if you are not sure that you can perform it efficiently.

    Replacing the seal on the plastic window

    How to properly install plastic windows is described in our material "Installing plastic windows in accordance with GOST".

    approximate cost

    Replacing a window in an apartment will cost approximately the following amounts:

    • A square meter of installation work costs about 1000 rubles. If the structure is brick, the price can increase to 1200 per meter.
    • With the dismantling, a square meter of the window will cost 2500.
    • If you are going to replace a single-chamber double-glazed window, prepare approximately 4800. A double-chamber will cost more - from 5400.
    • Slopes are mounted for about 700 rubles a sq. m
    • They will help you to install a window sill for 1500.
    • Low tide will cost 650.
    • Installation of a set of accessories costs from 3500.
    • Sealers cost 160 rubles a sq. m