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Christmas stars and wreaths: do-it-yourself jewelry


It’s not necessary to buy New Year’s decorations, because they can be made with your own hands, from all of us available natural materials. By the way, Christmas-tree decorations made of various cones, branches, acorns have become so popular that products from them are now presented in an extensive assortment in souvenir shops. Of course, you can buy Christmas toys, but it’s much more interesting to craft them yourself, last time we presented you 21 ideas for creating Christmas balls, but today we’ll tell you how to make a star from branches. And we will show not one example, but several at once, well, and you already decide which one will be closer to you.

To create stars, you can use not only twigs, but also large skewers, toothpicks, matches, ice cream sticks, etc.

Various examples of finished stars.

Such beautiful, environmentally friendly stars can be hung on the branches of the Christmas tree, on the door handle, chandelier, window cornice, cabinet doors, etc. A star from the branches with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself angel on a Christmas tree:

Today we talked about how to make a star out of branches, we hope that today's review was useful to you. Lastly, we want to say that a handmade star made of branches will bring a particle of warmth and spiritual kindness with which the product was made into the interior of the house, which can never make a purchased jewelry. Nevertheless, there is nothing better than a quality and own-made decoration for the home, you want to admire such trinkets constantly, which means you can and even need to decorate the whole house, from the corridor to the bathroom.

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Stars and wreaths of twigs and twigs

For the manufacture of such ornaments from natural materials, freshly cut branches and a vine, twine or yarn, glue (a pistol version is very good in our case), a pruner will be required. All the stars and wreaths are made for more than one year, and every time before the holidays you can simply change or update the decor.

How to make a star

It is necessary to cut twigs into equal segments, for each star 5 pieces. Smooth young branches and old ones covered with lichen will do, you can even take long cinnamon sticks - everything is limited by your imagination.

Materials for making stars

Having folded the prepared sticks in the form of a five-pointed star (they still know how to draw an asterisk!), You need to glue the places of their intersection and convergence to the tops. This must be done for two reasons: firstly, it will be easier to work further, and secondly, fresh branches will dry out and decrease in size, so you should not rely only on twine fastening.

We glue the places of contact of the sticks

After the glue dries, we tightly wrap the tops of the star with twine or some other rope.

Fix the sticks with twine

The basis for the star is ready. Now turn on the fantasy and start decorating. You can cover the star with golden paint, or you can paint it white. For decoration, ribbons, Christmas decorations, natural material (cones, nuts, seeds) are suitable. Finally, such stars are good not only in New Year's decoration, they can be used in the interior and outside the holidays.

Star Decor Options

How to make a wreath

It’s convenient for a wreath to take a fresh vine, it is well suited to the girl’s grape, which grows everywhere, often as a harmful aggressor. Very thin branches and those that are thicker will do. It is necessary to pick up a bunch of branches and, twisting a little, roll a wreath of the desired diameter.

We form a wreath of the desired diameter

Then we wrap the resulting base with the free part of the shoots. If they were not long enough to go around the whole circle, then you can fix them by slipping between the twigs or using a floral wire. It’s good to make a loop out of it for hanging a finished wreath.

The length of the branches was insufficient

We continue the winding of the wreath, taking the next bunch of twigs. It is convenient to fix them by tucking it under the existing coil.

We fix additional branches, pushing them under the existing coil

Now you need to see how thick, voluminous wreath you want to create: imagine how it will be decorated and where it will find its place. Depending on this, continue to wind the flexible shoots to the desired thickness. The ends of the branches are fixed in the same way - by slipping under a turn, and cut off the excess. Having dried up, such a wreath holds very well and does not fall apart for many years.

It's time to decor! Again, you need to turn on the imagination at full power and decorate the holiday wreath.

Wreath Design Options

“It’s better to see once than to hear seven times,” the famous saying goes. More recommendations and ideas for manufacturing stars and wreaths you can learn from natural materials by watching the video of our permanent author Alyona (Latvia)

The following materials will be required:

  • the basis. It can be anything, in our case - thermal insulation for a plastic pipe 120 cm long,
  • twine,
  • waterproof glue
  • decorative enamel
  • Scotch,
  • decorative ribbons of two colors,
  • bumps
  • sprigs of spruce,
  • sackcloth,
  • a small piece of plastic pipe.

Materials for making a wreath

First of all, we form a ring - the basis for the wreath. To do this, bend the insulation and fix it with a short length of pipe, smearing with glue. For reliability, it is recommended to tape the joint with tape.

We fix the ends of the insulation

We cut a tape 10 cm wide and 2 m long from the burlap cloth. If your cut is not so large, then it is quite possible to use several strips. On the tape on one side you need to make a fringe with a width of about 0.5 cm.

Cut the tape from burlap

We cut the twine into pieces of 40 cm, it will take 15-16 pieces.

Cut the twine

Now we wrap the base with tape from burlap so that the fringe is on the outside. We periodically fix the burlap with twine bows.

Wrap the base with burlap

It turned out here is such a basis for a wreath, proceed to decorating.

The basis for the wreath is ready

Cones need to be coated with decorative enamel, it is better to do this outdoors and with gloves.

We cover the cones with golden enamel

We attach spruce branches to the finished ring base. To do this, use twine, make neat bows in two or three places.

We attach spruce branches

We cut the decorative ribbon into pieces with a length of 70 cm. We tie the bows in the upper part of the wreath.

We decorate the wreath with bows

Cut another tape 10 cm wide and 1 m long from the burlap. The edges must be grooved to a width of 1 cm on both sides. We add a bow from this ribbon and fix it at the base of the wreath with twine folded several times.

Attach a bow to the base of the wreath

By this time, the paint on the cones has dried. Glue them to the fir branches.

We decorate the wreath with cones

The wreath is ready! If desired, you can add small Christmas tree decorations, tinsel or "rain". You can see the whole process of making such a wreath in the video, which was prepared by our permanent author Tatyana (Tula region).