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Ways to increase labor productivity in the enterprise and their implementation


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You may need to increase your productivity to become a better employee or just not lose your job. It is not always obvious what exactly should be done in such a situation. To increase labor efficiency, start improving today, evaluate your productivity and turn a new approach into a habit.

Why performance is important

The structure of our company, which works on the principle of a full cycle, has its own production, where sports and entertainment equipment is manufactured from scratch. Since the result of our work is a real product, the efficiency and success of the business are directly related to the labor productivity indicator.

In our case, labor productivity is measured by the number of products produced per unit of time, the so-called production of products. Therefore, profitability, as well as production time and product quality, are largely dependent on this indicator. Than in conditions of high competition we can not afford to take risks.

Labor productivity in Russia and abroad: what is the difference

In order to develop my business, I have repeatedly visited European, North American and Asian countries, studied the western markets of the sports entertainment industry. For example, in my opinion, one of the main reasons for the enormous difference between labor productivity indicators of Russian and Western companies is the poor technical and engineering equipment of the market sector of the Russian economy. And the point here is not only that employees are weakly motivated to work well.

Often, enterprise managers themselves are not ready to effectively use the work of staff to increase not only profits, but also wages of employees. Many save on the introduction of high-tech and high-tech industries, believing that you can make money on cheap machines of the Soviet era. This in turn affects the lack of jobs for specialists who could create a product that provides high added value. Other managers do not consider it necessary to develop a development strategy for the company, based on existing trends and changes in the market, optimize production, and study world experience in search of the best solutions. But there are solutions.

In the same Europe and even in China, factories are much more automated than in our country, where enterprises operate on industrial equipment, the age of which begins with two decades. However, even if the business owner is trying to keep up to date, he must understand that without competent staff motivation it is difficult to achieve high rates of labor productivity. It is important that when introducing modern technologies, employees do not have a fear of being left without work.

A person must be sure that the machine will facilitate his work, and not crowd out the center of employment. Modernizing the enterprise, changing morally and physically obsolete equipment, introducing innovations is certainly expensive, because most organizations often go the usual way for modern Russia - they hire employees for low wages or reduce wages, which naturally affects the employee’s desire to invest in the development of the enterprise.

Where are the main reserves for increasing labor productivity

If we are talking about a company such as ours, based on the production of a real product, the main reserve for productivity growth will be equipping the enterprise with high-tech equipment and the introduction of modern technologies. We at the “Kings of Sparta” try to go in this direction and even manufacture the machines we need on our own. But we must understand that there are no borders on this path. Modern realities constantly offer the know-how that we only dreamed about yesterday, and tomorrow they will become ordinary developments.

Another important factor in increasing labor productivity in production lies in the development highly qualified personnel. Work with personnel should begin with the introduction of progressive recruiting, include constant motivation of employees, and not only material, and end with the control of activities at all stages.

Our company uses an advanced hiring system.

  • Firstly, the ability to get to work on acquaintance has been stopped at the root. Even the owner of a business does not have the privilege of accepting, for example, relatives into a company.
  • Secondly, we have any candidate undergoes multi-stage testing aimed at identifying the potential of the applicant.
  • Thirdly, each employee has the opportunity to undergo training in order to improve their professional level and subsequently grow in both career and material plans.

Where to start and what methods to choose

It is important that the manager understands the current and potential state of affairs. Therefore, I would recommend starting work in this direction by monitoring the situation, identifying weaknesses that hamper the growth of labor productivity. As they are removed, labor productivity will increase. But one must be prepared for the fact that this is an endless process. With us, it lasts for years and determines the stages of development of the company. One of the most striking examples is associated with changes in production technology, in which each change of equipment to a more complex one significantly increased the company's efficiency.

In addition, the growth of labor productivity largely depends on the systematic work with personnel aimed at the maximum involvement of employees in the business process. We began to actively address this issue in 2016, when the company changed the structure of the production process, the main result of which was the linking of material motivation of employees to the development and quality of products. As a result, the staff was optimized: loafers and lazy people quit, specialists with sufficiently high potential got the opportunity to prove themselves in more responsible positions, in addition, the reward system for many line employees was revised.

How to increase your productivity: simple daily rules

The simplest by ear, but the most difficult in practice. No matter how much skeptics say that this has no effect on the workflow, the experience of millions of people has repeatedly proved that it has!

If you sit down work with desireso that your working day today is not wasted, with the desire to work and enjoy the results and the process, the result of the work will be exactly higher. Above any other with a different attitude.

And in order to “get hold of” such a mood for yourself, you just need to answer yourself the questions that were mentioned at the beginning of the article. Why are you even working here? If you consider this work temporary, let your next work motivate you (have you already begun its search and are already striving for it?), Let the current process of your aspiration motivate you.

What resources are required

I would single out three main resources for increasing labor productivity: time, investment, and the intellectual potential of personnel. Implementing progressive productivity growth tools should not be done simultaneously, otherwise it will be ineffective. This process should be gradual, constant and continuous.

First of all, it is necessary to work out the development strategy of the company, then describe it to each unit in the form of specific tasks, the solutions of which will determine business processes so that each employee understands what is required of him to achieve the set result, contributing to the development of the company as a whole.

Increasing labor productivity is difficult to achieve without sufficient financial investments, especially at the initial stage. For example, we spent a lot of money for the purchase of equipment. At the same time, they faced the problem of the right choice. It was important to conduct market research in order to choose exactly the equipment that will be most effective for our company.

There was a case in my practice when I had to order equipment samples abroad. There were delivery problems - deadlines were not respected. I had to discipline a foreign supplier plant both at a distance and at a personal visit. One must also be prepared for this. In order to avoid problems beyond our control in the process of increasing labor productivity, we now manufacture some machines that automate production on our own, but funds are also needed for these developments.

An important human resource. High-tech equipment loses its effectiveness if the company does not have competent employees who can use it competently. This is the first moment.

The second difficulty lies in the selection and motivation of specialists who will not only understand what is required of them, know how to implement the tasks, but also achieve results in a certain period of time. You can, of course, draw an intellectual resource outside the company. But such a method is unlikely to accelerate the increase in labor productivity, although in the consultation mode it is quite an acceptable option, in my opinion.

3. The golden rule of the beginning of the working day

What you do at the beginning of the day, then with a high degree of probability, you will do the rest of the day. Started the day with a conversation with a friend in ICQ? Check what comes next, purely out of curiosity :)

Personally, the rule almost always works for me. Sorry 🙂

Think and write down everything, what do you want (what you need) do today. This will allow you to abandon unnecessary incoming cases that only seem urgent. And they will not draw precious working energy out of you, if not increasing, then at least leaving your productivity at the same level.

Is it familiar with the growing protest in your soul when you are not doing what you need now because someone has successfully hung another piece of uninteresting work on you?

4. Meals and breaks

For some reason, many people think that more work will be done if you work all day without breaks for rest, exercise, food ... breathing ... It is noted that such people may make more, but at the same time make many small mistakes that will need to be made later redo, so the result is quite dubious.

Food can not only give strength to your body, but also significantly increase your mood, and this will increase your productivity at times!

Maaalenky chocolate candy - and after that you will work like a durasella bunny 🙂

How to consolidate the result and continue to move forward

After the introduction of the necessary employee motivation system, analysis and optimization of business processes, the company needs to implement the concept of lean manufacturing.

Lean Manufacturing Concept

In particular, organizing workplaces and workspaces correctly, establishing clear implementation of the principles of the production system, eliminating double standards, identifying leaders who are ready to bear responsibility for the result, as well as those who are able to motivate and lead the team, achieving improvements continuously and constantly to eliminate stagnation or violation of the sequence of stages of the production cycle.

What difficulties may arise

With the introduction of tools to increase labor productivity in the team, discontent often grows due to fear of being left without work or performing additional functions for previous earnings. It is important here to explain to people the reasons for the decisions made, the expected result and the related prospects for both personal growth and the development of the employing company as a whole: expansion of production, creation of new jobs.

Those who do not see the possibility of self-realization in this picture should not be regretted. It is necessary to convey to the rest that there is no need to work more for the same money. In contrast, productivity gains are often associated with automation of production, when more operations are replaced by machine labor, making it easier for humans.

How to motivate employees to increase productivity

In my practice, this issue was one of the most difficult, but solvable. Here you can go in several ways. One option is to motivate the team through informal leaders who are listened to. It is enough for such a specialist to instill the correct thought, which he will convey to the others.

Another way is to find out what is valuable for a particular employee. It is a mistake to think that the material aspect plays a decisive role in motivation. For some, the priority is to work in a prestigious company among professionals in their field. Others focus on learning opportunities, prospects for personal development and career growth.

For third, it is important that the work coincides with the hobby, such employees, by the way, in our company, too. Among them, for example, engineers, artists, designers. Depending on the priorities of employees, one or another method of stimulating productivity can be applied. In any case, the main thing is to constantly and continuously maintain the interest of a specialist in what he is doing and to involve him in more and more new projects, when work causes excitement, the employee’s desire to prove to himself what he is capable of, and as a result takes the company to the next stage of development .

5. Give gifts to yourself

If you know that you are waiting for watching some very interesting video or a coveted call to a friend, your mood to do some kind of task will improve significantly and productivity will increase.

Get started working day with small tasks, then take on something big, in the evening hours (the end of the working day) again leave the lighter work.

Such an operating mode will be in harmony with the way your body lives.

The hardest and try to complete an unpleasant task in the first half of the working dayso that later this stone does not hang on your neck, interfering with work and demotivating with your presence alone. Done and forgot all day.

6. Alternate activities

To increase labor productivity, you need to make the latter diverse. Even if it will be 2 types of the same reports :) The brain will constantly have some kind of food, it will not do something on the “machine”, the eye will not “blur”.

7. Engage in your education and training.

Mastering one program can save you a lot of time, and you know about it. But you also know that it is very convenient for you to do as you did before, you have learned to do it quickly and automatically. Learn new programs ask others how they do it, try it.

Perhaps you will find for yourself what will make your work more convenient and increase your productivity.

And finally, a little "smart"

Remember about Pareto principle. Managers usually study it, but if it's simple, it sounds like this: 20% of the effort brings 80% of the result. Think it over. Now tell me, noticed? 🙂

The point is to come up with an expensive advertising campaign for the sale of motor oil, to pervert with the wording and packaging, if often the consumer just needs to see in the frame, for example, a girl in a swimsuit? 🙂

Interesting work and productive labor productivity!

Author - Lyubov Schegolkova, - Beautiful and Successful.

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