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How to buy a used mobile home in the USA


Craigslist (Craigslist) - a site of free electronic announcements, which is very popular on the Internet. One of the most bought and sold products on the site are used cars. People can advertise used cars at any price, and they will be sorted in chronological order. Buying such cars online is convenient, however, it is important to understand the process itself in order to avoid any surprises and fraud. Use these tips to easily make a car purchase on Craigslist website.

Types of motorhomes

Motorhomes are divided into motorized and trailers.

Motorized in turn are:

Class A - buses. Large and comfortable, but gluttonous.

Class B - minivans suitable for a couple.

Class C is the so-called alcove mobile home, which has a sleeping space above the cab. Perhaps the best option for traveling with a company of 4-6 people or family. We will dwell on them in more detail.

1. We feel alive

Before proceeding to the search, it is better to go to a large dealer to see the motorhomes with your own eyes, feel with your hands and lie on the bed.

Drive RV * dealer into Google, find the closest one with the most good reviews and go there.

Here you can see a variety of models in a variety of modifications. You will have an idea of ​​what you want and what kind of house you need.

If you have never traveled to RV, it is a good idea to rent a house for a few days. Take a closer look and make sure in practice that this is right for you.

Details on how to rent a motor home wrote here.

In which states is it best to search for RV?

America is a huge country and in every state there are thousands of campervans for sale.

The best condition is on motor homes that were used in the southern part of the country, where there are no negative temperatures and snow. Less temperature changes, less wear. In the states of the east coast, where there are often hurricanes and floods, you should be careful not to buy a "drowned man".

  1. Go to used car dealerships. The main thing is that the seller has a lot of good reviews. Everything is simple here. The dealer will also register for you.

Buy at a rental company. America's Largest Distributor Prices here start at $ 27,000 for a 3 year old RV.

Here we are talking about how to manage to buy a good house at a low price from a private trader. Now let us dwell in more detail, because we have tested such a method on ourselves.

They searched for their camper for almost 3 months, because they wanted to buy a good house cheaply, and they were new to this topic. Such options fell out with a frequency of only once a week. And many people hunted for them.

We traveled literally across America to get the desired RV, and several times he left under our noses.

Market laws work here:

Did you find a cool offer that was posted a couple of hours ago? Consider that you are not the first to call. And the likelihood that it will be in your neighboring area tends to zero.

What does cool option mean? This is a motorhome owned by an elderly couple (this is an unwritten sign of quality in the USA), cherished it and cherished it, drove it several times a year and drove it to the service every hour. Add to the ideal condition the price just below the market, and you have a few minutes to be the first to arrange a meeting.

If you are already in the USA, then outline a radius for yourself, where you will be ready to go behind a motorhome. For example, we searched around 500 miles from San Francisco where we lived. By car - it's 7-8 hours. Plus, we included the search for major cities in neighboring states: Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, where you could fly quickly and relatively cheaply.

I sold my car on Craigslist

A little over two years ago, I decided to start working on the bus. Shortly afterwards, I sent my car to Craigslist to sell it. I literally got a few calls on the first day I posted it (including one from a potential buyer). There is a huge demand for used cars on Craigslist. Craigslist is the place for thrift lovers who want to buy used cars.

  • They are not going to go to the dealer to disrupt it.
  • The listings in newspaper ads are almost dead.
  • Other online directories, such as and, are dominated by dealer listings.

Therefore, they turn to Craigslist. This is a great place to sell your car.

Buying a car on Craigslist

Craigslist is also a great place to buy a car, but you really need to get a jump on others to find a good deal and get to it first. If you were looking for a Craigslist for a used car, you know that it’s hard for you to stay on top of all the listings that go exactly for what you are looking for. By the time you saw the listing for the car you've been waiting for so long, it has already been sold to someone else.

The following method is the only way I know how to get a jump on these vultures and find a good deal on Craigslist. This method requires that you have an account to read feeds, such as Old Book or Submission. They are free.

Craigslist Car Buying - Get There To The Vultures!

Step 1: Know which cars you want. It can be several models and models. But know that they make models, and make a short list of them.

Step 2: Go to your local Craiglist page and search for one of the cars you are looking for.

Step 3: Click the small RSS feed in the lower right corner of the page and subscribe to this feed using your account to read feeds.

Step 4: Repeat for each car and model you are interested in.

Step 5: To improve your reach, repeat for each local Craigslist region that you are not against driving. For me it's a 60 mile radius.

Step 6: Watch how new Craigslist listings get delivered to your RSS feed. Check your channel daily (most of you probably already do this with other feeds). You will see the very last minute for every search query on a Craigslist car.

Please note that you may need to click the list in the feed to see photos of the vehicle published on Craigslist. If I see the vehicle that I want to track, I will “read as unread” so that the listing does not disappear from my unread feeds. This is a way to filter out bad lists from good ones.

Step 7: Act immediately. Offer to meet with the seller as soon as possible on this day. As a seller, I was ready to see who wants to see the car as soon as possible, and was going to sell to anyone the first reasonable offer. I was not going to put it off or wait for anyone.

That’s all - it’s much easier than it sounds. This method is not a guarantee, but if you check your channel reader just like I do, then the likelihood is that you quickly get there and you don’t have to return to Craigslist several times a day to search for all the cars in your the list. This saves you the hassle.

All the standard Craigslist fraud alerts apply: only sell to someone personally, don’t send anything, cash, certified check or money order - you should know the deal by now.

Not just for cars!

Not only can you use this technique to search for vehicles, but it is a very modest technique that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for something specific to buy used and locally. Hm. I think I need a used keger.

100K Prius Miles from a Car Dealership

  • Purchase Price: ($ 10,000)
  • California Registration: ($ 890)
  • Expected Service: ($ 3000)
  • Resale Price: $ 6000
  • TCO: $ 7,890

So the cheap Prius seems to be still a good bargain. Am I mistaken in reasoning somewhere?

I do not think that you are very bored. One thing you are entitled to do is that low-priced cars almost don't discount anything. One thing you are missing is your satisfaction index. Driving a 200K car for 4 years requires a bit of motivation when your friends drive new cars. Typically, you need a big goal to keep you focused. It can be saving money, getting out of debt or getting an education.

When buying a car from a private party, Craigslist is just one source that can save both parties money because the middle man is excluded.

If you have the opportunity to do this, you can save a lot of money using your own brakes. Information on YouTube, and I usually "earn" from 100 to 300 / hour, doing this work on my own.

In most cases, guarantees do not pay off. In essence, these are insurance companies, and insurance companies are engaged in making money. If your car is probably in need of repair, the policy may be unattainable or very high in price.

A 200K car is probably better. Get your own mechanic to check it out. If he does not have serious problems, it will probably cost you less.

What for? Because you reasonably included $ 6,000 in the expected service. Nevertheless, during the 4 years during which you plan to own it, you have the opportunity not to demand more than $ 500 for maintenance. This is a gamble, but you have a chance to save $ 5,500 of this estimated cost with this car.

Please note that you will also need to consider tires for any vehicle if this is not included in your maintenance rating.

I agree with the previous comments. One thing that arose a while ago when I was considering buying a Prius was replacing the battery, someone once told me that it is very expensive in case of failure, and it needs to be replaced, I'm not about 12 volts, but about nickel metal hydride. Another factor to consider is the gas you save. Typically, a Prius gets twice as much as gasoline compared to a civilian or a whisk, but if you don't drive a few miles a day, you really won't get a return. In addition, if you can pull CarFax on a car, an investment of $ 20 is worth it because you can find out if he had an accident or is it a lemon! Once I bought a bmw and did not make CarFax, and later discovered that the car has more owners than a taxi. In addition, as mentioned above, a 200 KB car versus 100 KB always means that 100 KB is better, especially if the previous owner never serviced it well. Receive your car order before making a purchase.

You seem to be on the right track. I feel, however, that it is worth considering your service budget. Even if both cars described in your question belong to the same model year, one of them is serviced 2 times more, one car was on the road, in the weather, twice as much as the other. I'm not sure what the $ 6,000 maintenance cost is, but a number of systems may require maintenance or replacement for 200,000+ miles. Air conditioning compressor, all kinds of rubber parts (oil seals, hoses, belts, bushings), computer systems, stereo system, power windows, this list goes on. I do not know at what point the battery on the hybrid machine needs to be replaced, or what this replacement entails, but it is likely that the battery or hybrid recharge system will require something after 200 thousand Miles of service. I would learn more about the fact that an actual service can experience the long run prius.

To answer your question, although, at this level it’s “used,” I don’t think the dealership is adding anything to the equation. When you buy certified second-hand products, the relationship between the dealer and the manufacturer and the warranty may make sense. When you buy a car with a mileage of more than 100 thousand miles in a small used car, it may turn out to be a stranger on Craigslist.