Useful Tips

How to take revenge on the person who offended you


Sometimes, one wants so much to annoy someone, to betray, take revenge, remove the negative, throw out their aggression, which denigrates your white-fluffy aura!

There are many ways to do this, but remember - do not break the law!

Such acts as:

- Constant calls at night.
- Dirty feces of personal items.
- Disinformation at work, as well as relatives and friends.
- Infection by insects and small rodents of premises.
- Damage to property.
- Exposing, disclosing secrets.
- Etc.

(They can qualify as hooliganism!)

Believe me, there are other ways to find peace of mind!

Something about dirty tricks.

The special science "Gadology" is engaged in the study of dirty tricks, and the creation of dirty tricks is called "crap action." Gadology is as old as the world, but how science took shape only recently. Apparently, from those prehistoric times when people were just starting to live together, there was a need to do dirty tricks to one's neighbor. Now we will not delve into the historical and philosophical roots of this phenomenon - a whole book can be written about this. We restrict ourselves to only the most popular and original methods of Gadaction, applicable in modern society. I think I’m not mistaken if I say that you are surrounded by goats! And with the goats, you yourself know: either bleat together or ... Read more about this!

Everyone, for sure, fell into a situation when some goat humiliated you with impunity, and you could not do anything. Is that to hit a goat on the nose. But this is unaesthetic and sometimes fraught with consequences. There are many, much more fun and safer ways to repay good for good. In this case, your "benefactor" will be angry and humiliated to the limit. It is for this that dirty tricks exist.

+ Remember well! Mischief exists in order to teach the Kozlov!

It is always nice to do a dirty trick to a neighbor, especially if he deserves it. Muckiness is your moral compensation for the harm done by the goat. Mischief is divided into small and large. Minor dirty tricks are done very quickly, I would say, impromptu and can cause only severe irritation of your opponent. Major dirty tricks require more serious preparation and, possibly, engineering calculation. With their help, you can cause significant material and moral damage to the person concerned. There are also average dirty tricks - they occupy an intermediate position between the first two.

Modern Practical Gadology is based on the following rules:

The size of the dirty trick must match the size of the goat to which it is intended. Do not douse the nerd with napalm just because it spoiled your mood. But if the neighbor constantly torments you with his attention, you should answer him with something adequate.

If the level of dirty tricks on your part exceeds the maximum permissible norm per kilogram of the goat’s mass, then the goat can completely lose its taste for life, become depressed and even get sick. Some particularly malicious dirty tricks can bring their victims to suicide. Do not get carried away too.

The most successful dirty tricks are those that are aimed at the most expensive things for a goat: their own image, marital status, material values. Preliminarily, one should inquire well: what does a goat value most of all?

Do dirty tricks should be secretive. This is all salt! The goat should not know that he is preparing a dirty trick, otherwise a surprise will not work. Moreover, he may not appreciate your efforts at all and try to deal with you in his own way. You should also not pre-threaten that you will certainly pay the goat - this may lead him to unnecessary suspicions later.

Remember: successful dirty tricks should be enjoyed alone, this thing is very intimate and not intended for public announcement. Do not brag and do not tell friends - you will lose all the charm from the deed! It is much nicer to giggle meaningfully with the rest, looking at the angry goat.

Naturally, the goat will look for you in every way to share your feelings about your dirty tricks - be humble, do not be imposed! If you purchased any materials for your dirty tricks, make sure that this fact does not become known to the goat. Sometimes angry goats even run to the police, which helps them more out of pity than out of professional duty. Keep this in mind. Do not leave traces of the preparation of your activity. Provide yourself an alibi.

You should not do dirty tricks immediately, but some time after this thought has arisen in your head. For minor dirty tricks, a weekly gap is sufficient. For large ones, it is better to wait a month or two. Please note: the goats are very cunning and can immediately guess that it was you who did the dirty tricks.

Super complex nasty things should not be piled up - they often fail.

Show initiative and imagination! Almost any situation can inspire you! Create new dirty tricks and actively bring them to life!

And it’s best to entrust the dirty tricks to professionals!

Conducting a guerrilla war against a neighbor.

To begin with, the grandfather way.

Better to start without much imagination - with a "trample". The recipe for this wonderful entertainment is ancient - you will need very affordable things: a newspaper sheet and the usual big pile, we will not be afraid of the word, shit. The pile should be placed on the rug in front of the victim’s apartment, after making sure that the “client” is at home, carefully covered with a newspaper and set on fire. Then boldly ring the doorbell and ... the effect is amazing - the victim begins to extinguish the flame of war with his slipper, unaware of the fragrant and sticky stuffing. It’s time to recall the first rule of the partisans: “I have arranged a terrorist act - disappear with lightning speed!”

The next number you need to go to the Internet, find well-attended bulletin boards, such as, and place an ad there, for example, that "it does not matter what is for sale, but very cheap," and give the enemy’s phone number. You can get a phone with the help of a disk (Telephone Base for 1999 costs from 40 to 75 rubles) So, according to the results of the second act - the telephone line began to heat up. To make the phone the same,
was placed in all kinds of teleconferences, as the BBS number, working around the clock and containing tons of the freshest wareza. The process has begun. But it is too early to celebrate the victory, because the second rule of the partisans says: "Be persistent, but be careful." On the walls of all the nearest schools you need to post announcements about the opening of a new and completely free computer club, which is located where? Right! At the same cherished address! And, surprisingly, the people tumbled down! A telephone constantly bursting from a flurry of calls, which will be perfectly heard through the wall, an unceasing stream of freeloaders will not give rest to an unfortunate neighbor. Soon he will stop opening the door for calls, then the time comes to pick up a handy tool that will allow you to cut the wires of the electric bell and short-circuit them, after which the bell starts to work continuously.

Tortured to death.

But if a neighbor does not like children, this does not mean that he is indifferent to women ... So, after preliminary research, you can have information about where the call girls come if the address and phone number are confirmed. The phone’s hitch was resolved by finding a cell phone and a “legend” of a new area where there are no phones. It is also temporarily necessary to disable (if any) the intercom by putting a metal corner in the door. And then, when everything is ready, do not spare a certain amount for outgoing calls (I need to find a mobile phone) and order a lot of paid fans with a appearance period of 15 minutes. All night he runs from bed to door, where far from friendly visitors did not recommend joking with them. Victory is near.

Fu ... Well, you have a stink!

For it, you will need a regular disposable syringe and several eggs are extinct. The contents of the egg must be carefully typed into the syringe and gently squeezed out behind the knee-cork soundproof door trim. If you are reluctant to bother with eggs, go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a package of hydropyrite. Then run to the "Cultural goods" for a photo-fixer (anyone will do). Try the result of mixing the two ingredients in equal proportions. I don’t think that you can endure this enchanting fragrance for a long time. I guess you guess how to apply. And in your spare time, think about the third rule: "You need to know the material part!"

A car is the best training ground for a partisan. Two reliable barn locks will occupy a worthy place on the door handles of the neighbor's car, which will plunge the neighbor into gloom. As it turns out in the future, the attack will end in a friendly mockery of the enemy by his friends and a complete analysis of the doors in the car service. As soon as the car again takes its place under the windows, it is time to move on to indiscriminate fire. Here in the open, you will immediately have to forget about bottles, air rifles, bricks, firecrackers, axle swaps, which, of course, can be lowered with some acceleration onto the roof of the car from the roof of the house, but such actions are incompatible with the high rank of partisan, because they disagree with the fourth commandment: "Honor the Criminal Code."

So, to conduct indiscriminate fire you will need a bowl of water, several newspapers and a fishing line. From the newspaper you need to roll up a dense lump the size of a child’s head, wrap it with fishing line, tie the same fishing line, but thicker, to raise the lump up and wet the finished gun in a basin. Without squeezing, throw in the roof of the car. with proper dexterity, a loud wet slap will sound and an alarm will sound. In order not to leave evidence, the projectile must be raised on a fishing line for later use. Repeat as necessary. You may be able to call a neighbor "encore" 5-7 times per hour under the squeezed, silent, but powerful laughter of your friends, interspersed with skating on the floor.

What is revenge and when is it appropriate

Thoughts about revenge in a person usually appear after someone seriously offends him. At first, he thinks that thinking about such a response is low, and he should just forget the offender as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this decision is not always possible to implement. Days pass, and possibly years, after which comes the realization that you can neither forget nor forgive insult, and you see only reassurance in revenge. Before you take such a step, think carefully - is it worth it. Perhaps it is necessary to wait a little longer and the ghosts of the past will scatter by themselves. If you are a conscientious and kind person, then later on you will be tormented by thoughts of the evil that you inflicted. However, if the insult was really strong, and dreams of revenge became an obsession, then it makes sense to try to realize it.

Revenge with Black Magic

As a rule, people have a double attitude to magic - someone sees in it their salvation and a panacea, and for someone, any mention of witches, black and white magicians causes only a skeptical smile. If you belong to the first category, then all kinds of rituals can bring you a sense of satisfaction.

If you have not previously practiced magic, then you are unlikely to have the strength to destroy someone's life with a curse. Meanwhile, there are a lot of ads on the Web from various clairvoyants and witches who promise to deliver an irreparable moral or physical blow to your foe for a fee. When deciding on this type of service, remember that often on the web appear stories of people who decided to take revenge in this way on the offender. The enemy really was defeated, found himself at the very bottom of his life, survived terrible misfortunes and the like. It is not known whether witches merit this, or karma overtook a person, but the fact remains that the “Avengers” felt very bad after that, believing that they took a huge sin on their souls.

Conspiracy to the enemy for failure

Wanting to harm a person with the help of conspiracies, so as not to repent later, one should not choose too terrible rituals that promise a fatal outcome to the offender. Better pay attention to conspiracies that promise for some time to throw problems with money or in love - for example, until a person regrets that he has acted dishonestly with you. Be that as it may, do not forget that many believe that any magic can then harm the one who decided to use it.

Punish a man knowing his phone

Knowing the person’s phone number, and being confident that it will be very difficult for him to change it, you can use this for your own purposes. Over the years, people have overgrown with a huge number of contacts, and it’s not easy for them to notify everyone of a change of number - especially when it comes to business and sociable people. In this case, the easiest way to get an enemy out of yourself is by posting on his behalf. For example, if we are talking about a guy or an ex-husband who left you for another, then you can add variety to their relationship by announcing that this man is supposedly looking for a girl "for secret meetings." If revenge is intended for a former chef, you can place his data in a section of a dating site for people with a gay orientation. If you intend to take revenge on your ex-traitor friend, you can leave her phone number in the section for women who provide services of an intimate nature.

To make it unnoticed

Of course, few people want revenge in the open. Firstly, it can be delayed by lengthy “military” actions, and secondly, for sure, you don’t want to show the offender that you are infringed and his act does not give you rest. Of course, the best option is to pretend that you deleted any memories of this person from life, even this is not so. In other matters, we can talk about petty dirty tricks in relation to the person who is present in your life now. For example, once he seriously offended you, but you continued the relationship (perhaps this is a relative, and this was inevitable). Nevertheless, grievances of the past to this day torment you, and you can not calm down until you have done some dirty trick to feel avenged. So what tricks can you resort to?

How to ruin a laptop or phone foe

Phone. Put the unit in the microwave for a few seconds. The main thing is not to overdo it! 5-7 seconds is enough - otherwise some parts may melt, and the thing will not be able to spoil imperceptibly. It is very important to remove the battery from the device before doing this!

No less effective way to freezer! The principle is the same, because, perhaps, everyone knows how phones suffer from sudden changes in temperature. So, take out the battery (so that it does not swell, and does not give out extraneous interference), and send the phone for two to three hours in the freezer. Of course, after this, it may turn on, but it will not work for long - especially if you repeat the "operation".

Laptop. In this case, it is more difficult if you are not technically savvy. The most common way is to fill the keyboard with some liquid (it is better to choose sweet carbonated drinks).

How to ruin the clothes of the enemy

Of course, in order to quietly spoil clothes, you need to have access to it. For example, you can use a nail to make several holes in the offender’s coat. If you do this with scissors, then he will definitely be sure that someone did it on purpose, but holes of unknown origin (for example, along the hem) will cause him bewilderment. Perhaps you have only scissors with you - in this case, do not make an incision, but as if to rip a little fabric - as if the person himself had caught on something and had not noticed it.

Also, many people know that almost any dress or shirt can be ruined by wine. You may well throw a glass of drink on the enemy’s clothes, but, of course, this should be done so that he won’t think about you - that is, if you live in the same house, this option is excluded.

Funny revenge - lots of salt, pepper, or food

Of course, the carrying substance will cause the enemy much more damage than salt and pepper. However, the second option can be used if you are not stocked up with a more serious arsenal and just want to at least ruin the dish to the person you hate. This may be a second disappointment for your offender, because, more often than not, there is the opportunity to replace spoiled food. It’s another matter if you are on a hike and the quantity of products is limited - although in this case too, other travelers are likely to share with an upset eater. In general, this method is only suitable when you want someone to only slightly spoil the mood.

Another thing is a laxative. If you know that a person has to go to an important meeting or make a statement, then such a “trick” can significantly ruin his day, career or personal life. You just have to discreetly pour the carrier substance in the dish of the ill-wisher and wait for news about its embarrassment. Впрочем, этот вариант тоже может быть почти безобидной шалостью, если вы точно знаете, что человеку в этот день не нужно никуда идти, и борьбу со своим организмом он будет вести дома.

Сделать плохо бывшей второй половинке

В таких случаях говорят, что лучший способ уязвить бывшего парня или девушку, поспособствовавших разрыву ваших отношений, – жить счастливой жизнью. Наверняка, бывшая вторая половина убеждена, что после разрыва с ней, ваша жизнь утратит былые краски, а сами вы будете пребывать в растерянности. However, if you never call and write to the former (former) and will in every way demonstrate that everything is fine with you (on social networks, in conversations with mutual friends), then, for sure, this will hurt him (her).

Although, of course, there are other ways that can cause damage to a person not over time, but instantly. For example, you can spoil his car - scratch with a nail, pour paint. It is important to make sure that there are no surveillance cameras in the area and you will remain beyond suspicion.

Hurt a colleague for meanness

You can ruin his reputation. This method should be used only if the person really acted with you very vilely, because it can destroy his family or personal life. So, go to social networks on his page, and look for several users with whom not only he communicates well, but also half of him. Create a page with a photo of a certain stranger (a pleasant young woman). It is better to find the picture on the page of a user from another country and modify it a bit (for example, make it black and white) so that it cannot be found through various search engines. Now write to these people that Valery (there may be any name of a colleague) has stopped responding to messages or calls, you are very worried, and want to know if everything is okay with him. When they begin to ask you who you are Valery, you intriguingly answer that this is not important. Be careful not to be figured out. Soon after, delete the page, do not create it on your real data, do not access it from your work or home computer, lest you be calculated via the IP address. You can do the same with a female colleague by creating a male profile.

To salt the neighbors

If the neighbors behave dishonestly, and you understand that further the situation can only worsen, you have a great opportunity to redirect their attention to a completely different direction. Post ads in your area that the room is for rent. Invite applicants to come immediately to the apartment without indicating a phone number. Of course, the price for the room should be indicated as low as possible, but so that it looks believable. Surely, many citizens will be interested in such a proposal, making your neighbors nervous and less likely to leave the apartment.

You can also place an ad on the appropriate site, according to which your neighbors are looking for a “meeting” couple. However, the couple can be replaced by a young active man. Of course, it’s important to indicate the phone number of the neighbor or neighbor.

Method number 1: telephone prank

Telephone prank is perhaps the perfect way to drive a brazen neighbor or spiteful guy crazy. To do this, you need Skype, or a service with a "mobile" phone number. The way is to incite his enemies against the offender, to quarrel him with friends, or simply smash his quiet life.

The simplest thing is to simply call in his home funeral services, order pizzas and food from all over the city, evil taxi drivers, and so on, so that they boil at his door for a long time and spew curses.

More difficult is to organize cross-prank. In other words, call him a speedy grandmother (Oleg Shurmaty, Volnov, records can be found on the Internet) or another character, provoke retaliatory curses, and record them in mp3. Ideally - so that he calls into the phone his address or place of work (study), name. In general, you need to create a sound bank from the phrases of the offender.

And then everything is simple - look for an evil Chechen, a taxi driver, a stupid boxer who will go to understand for "curses". Or even call him in the voice of a stairwell neighbor, boss, friend at 3 o’clock. After that, the offender will be considered a madman or drug addict, and it will be very difficult to launder.

You can also set an army of gopniks or Caucasians under the webcam against the enemy, enjoying how the object will get out.

Telephone prank is the best way to take revenge on various cattle, gopniks, "boys" who are aggressive, stupid, and are ready to go to avenge "mother" for 200 km. At the same time, it is almost impossible to prove the avenger's guilt if he used a VPN.

Method number 2: litter under the door

This method gives just a sea of ​​joy, despite its simplicity. Especially if “overlapping” has multiple repetitions. You can shit on your own, or bribe someone. For difficult revenge, you will have to make an additional key to the intercom, look for performers, but it's worth it.

On average, in Moscow for 500 rubles you can find a homeless person or drug addict who will gladly agree to such an event. Almost always, migrant workers, schoolchildren, and simply students with humor agree to provide such a service.

So for only 5,000 rubles you can bring a person to tears of disgust. When the enemy is laid down 10 times in a row - he will be in despair, this is a guarantee, even his relatives will laugh at him.

The main thing here is that the performers do not give out the customer, and observe the interval. Criminal liability for such revenge is not provided. Feces can also be thrown out of the bag if the offender has become alert.

The old way is to pick up shit in a cardboard box, put it under the door, lay out the paper on top and set it on fire. 99% of people jump out of the apartment, begin to trample the fire with their feet, and there. shit.

By the way, video surveillance here does not give anything if the avenger has no special signs, and he is in the hood. You can wear Santa Claus’s costume - the police will simply not engage in such nonsense. Imagine, he will go write a statement that Santa Claus shit under his door.

Method number 3: ruin the car

This way of taking revenge on a guy is very popular. Writing a bad word on the hood (“short-barrel”, “gave in the ass,” “killed dogs”) is an extremely unpleasant revenge for any person. First, most likely, they won’t wipe it at the sink. Secondly, you have to go through the whole city to the bodybuilders, enduring the ridicule of others.

However, spoiling someone else's property is a crime. You can’t do this. But to lower (not to puncture!) All 4 wheels or to fill a muffler with a carrot is a very unpleasant revenge without any legal consequences.

Crumbs on the hood for pigeons to pump up is another way that it’s also very difficult to find the council if the avenger is caught.

Urine in the grate under the wipers is just a real mockery (especially feline). Urine flows into the cabin filter, removing the “aroma” does not even work out by replacing it. A person will go to sell the car, and how embarrassed he will be when the buyer begins to suspiciously inspect the seats and sniff under the rugs.

And finally, the "sale" of the car through the forum of Caucasians. An announcement is made with a minimum price (through a proxy naturally), and the contacts state that the owner is not yet in place, but you can see the car there and there. When hundreds of strong guys from Dagestan circled around the car, the owner will have a lot of unpleasant thoughts.

Method number 4: develop paranoia over the Internet

A very good way to take revenge on a person who has offended or insulted you is to develop paranoia and a loser complex over the Internet. To do this, you need to study his family for a long time through social networks, to find out all of his main phobias. Further paranoia is pumped up by information bombardment.

Firstly, this is “spam” on electronic soil, for example, from an Israeli clinic, which understands the problems and secret complexes of the customer, and wants to help him increase his penis, chest, correct curvature of his legs and so on. Mailing only needs to be done via Gmail, as via Russian mail they can be burned by IP.

Secondly, it is ordering phone calls to a subscriber’s number from various funeral agencies, submitting CVs to these offices on his behalf, and so on.

Thirdly, this is following the example of Tom Sawyer “letters from an unknown friend”, strange night calls and so on.

The main thing in creating paranoia is not to rush, not to overdo it, but to gradually surround a person with negative, bloating complexes and fears.

Modern people are very susceptible, so all the arrogance of the insolent will come down after a couple of months.

Method number 5: black magic, a conspiracy, a candle in the church for peace

All these methods work, however, their use sooner or later brings down on the avenger himself or his family a mountain of trouble. In addition, it is considered a mortal sin, often after the rites of black magic a person goes crazy.

In Christianity, it is customary to forgive offenders, and when a person humbles himself, God himself helps him. So it’s better to put a candle for the health of this person, order magpies for him for health, read the prayer “About those who hate and offend,” and God will surely arrange everything, if it is sincere.

And in general, revenge itself is only good, like mischief, and even that is doubtful. If there is a desire to hurt a person, to hurt him greatly, then this personally will not bring you anything good. Verified already by the experience of many people.

So - it’s one thing to insinuate and defend your honor and dignity, and it’s quite another thing to make a person muck from your own anger and resentment. It is necessary to take revenge easily, without malice, chuckling. Or not revenge at all. Better to forgive.

About situations in different places

Each situation is individual, so when planning revenge there may be nuances. The most important thing is to identify the weaknesses of your opponent.

Children are especially cruel, sometimes a selfless and quiet guy or girl in the classroom turns into scapegoats. Or, on the contrary, a gopnik or some impudent girl appears in the classroom, which spoils life for everyone. To take revenge on a classmate, it is best to win a psychological victory. To do this, it should be ridiculed by collecting incriminating evidence or by carefully analyzing the flaws. In a personal conversation, you can put the insolent in place with the following expressions:

  • "Your eyes are a little squint ... oh, again."
  • “I would not choose such shoes. I have a taste. ”
  • "Your dress is beautiful, my grandmother has the same curtain."
  • "Sorry, you couldn’t move away, you smell from your mouth."
  • "You have nose hair and a goat is visible."

That is, if there is little strength, and this can provoke a fight, it is better to act carefully. If you manage to put the wrongdoer in place, then this will be a much bigger victory than just revenge.

If something to say in response is scary, then you can resort to the following intrigues and methods of revenge:

  • Write on behalf of the offender a love letter to the teacher / teacher,
  • Draw in his test work the genitals and sign "Putin",
  • On behalf of the offender, call the school principal home a funeral service,
  • Throw a briefcase into a toilet bowl or throw a dog poop into it,
  • Stick the offender to a chair,
  • Spit in the pencil case
  • To paint muck on the asphalt at the entrance to the school with his last name,
  • Substitute him under the wrath of a high school student,
  • Draw a photo-toad
  • Nail replacement shoes to the floor,
  • Put a dead mouse, a brick, a condom with petroleum jelly in a briefcase,
  • Put a garbage can on your head
  • Pour laxative into tea in the dining room,

There are quite a few ways, only sometimes they are able to ignite a real war, and certainly they are unlikely to bring moral satisfaction. To avenge the offender so that he is hurt and offended, but you are pleased and well, best of all in psychological ways. And for this it is necessary to change, become stronger, better, more beautiful, smarter and so on.

In reality, there are only two ways to get rid of the status of the scapegoat. The first is to knock to be left alone. The second is to sign up for boxing, and after a couple of years fill everyone’s faces.

Office wars often involve a showdown between employees, but more often you want to take revenge on your boss. In order to annoy well, you should carefully think about your own safety, since among adults it is much easier to find the author of revenge.

So, first of all, it is necessary to find the weak point of the offender and the area of ​​his responsibility. It could be:

  • Loss of reporting, documents, damage to equipment,
  • Broken customer relationships,
  • Troubles in the family, among friends, with partners,
  • Getting into an awkward situation
  • Waste of money

In general, it’s easy to take revenge on the director or the owner of the company. You can easily and quietly intervene in correspondence, workflow, or let his wife know about the affair with the secretary.

How to take revenge on a boyfriend or girlfriend?

If a guy or girl abandoned it, it’s very insulting and unpleasant in the soul, then the best way to take revenge is to change your life. Become successful, beautiful, influential, become famous and earn a lot of money.

Well, you understand, you have a fart burning and tormented by heart sufferings from your own complexes, you have been humiliated by status, therefore it is insulting. If you raise the status, then the suffering will go away (this is how a person works), and the former partner. if he doesn’t love you, then at least he respects you. And somewhere in his heart he is piercing in any way.

Pouring kefir on the girl’s head if she cheated, or hire gopniks to beat the former lover - absolutely wild ways of revenge for complete losers.

In personal life, there should be no place for revenge. It’s one thing when you are being bullied at school or at work. And then you yourself have chosen a satellite, you could not keep it, what is the point of even more showing your failure? If he acted meanly, then why humble himself to his level? Sorry, and move on.

Therefore, the only right way to take revenge on your soulmate is to change beyond recognition and reach great heights. A person who has committed evil in relation to another will surely regret it, looking at his success.

When thinking about how to take revenge on the person who offended you, the main thing is not to make it destroy you.

Think about the motives

Before taking revenge on the person who offended you, think what is the main motive for this. After all, what is an insult? This is a wounded pride, complexes, a blow to a sore spot. If a person is wealthy, beautiful, smart, authoritative and rich, then he simply will not be offended by all shit.

Very often, when a person begins to work on himself, to improve his social status, then there is no trace of resentment, and no revenge is needed. The guy threw the girl, but she became a beauty, successful, made a career - but would she really remember him?

Here is a traffic conflict - a man took a strange place in the parking lot. Did he make conclusions from car damage? Unlikely. Only embittered in response. But if you have a personal lawyer, a circle of acquaintances on television, means and opportunities, you can simply condemn him and blind the enemy of society. By the way, in Russia they are more afraid of public censure than a prison term.

So any offense should not be a motive for revenge, but a catalyst in order to become stronger, richer, more authoritative and successful.

Do not revenge offenders. Goodbye and evolve.