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How to choose a rabbit when buying


When choosing a rabbit, there is often a risk of buying an unhealthy animal. This is due to mercantile intentions of sellers or a mere coincidence. In any case, the sudden illness of an already beloved pet can be an unpleasant surprise for its new owner, as well as the risk of infection for other pets.

Therefore, before buying a rabbit you need to be "fully armed". Namely, take into account several factors that will help you understand: a healthy rabbit in front of you or not.

How to choose a decorative rabbit?

First, of course, it is worth deciding where you will buy the rabbit. The Internet and specialized sites are full of advertisements for the sale of eared animals. For a nice price you are ready to sell a charming dwarf rabbit, but it may happen that this “baby” grows into a very large and not at all dwarf rabbit in a year. Under the guise of decoration, they can sell the most ordinary rabbits of meat breeds.

At the same time, there are many really high-quality breeders who professionally breed purebred rabbits. It is on such "nurseries" that one should pay attention. A qualified breeder will pick up a rabbit of the right breed for you, show the parents of the baby. You will see in what conditions your future pet is kept, what it eats. In such a meeting, special attention should be paid to several important points:

First, it’s worth clarifying bunny age. It should be at least 45 days (1.5 months). Only after reaching this age can the baby be weaned from the mother and he can continue to exist independently. At 1.5 months, the rabbit will already reach the size of the palm of an adult male. Or with two girl’s hands. If this is a lop-eared rabbit, then by this age one ear must at least already fall, and by two months both will lie.

You can determine whether a rabbit is healthy or not by the following points:

  • inspect his eyes, they should not watery, stick together, fester. Must be absolutely clean and clear
  • inspect the nose: there should be no discharge from the nose, it should be dry (not like cats, but vice versa). A wet nose is a sign of illness

In addition, it follows examine the ears, genitals - everything should be clean, without redness, discharge. Blow on the rabbit fur - look at the skin: are there peeling? Dandruff? Must not be. If there is an opportunity to stay longer with the "applicant" - watch how he goes to the toilet: "peas" - rabbit feces - should be round, not very small, dry. There should be no "liquid" stool. Healthy rabbit peppy, cheerful, active. Reacts to your movements, sounds, eagerly tastes food.

Also check with the breeder. rabbit vaccination. Usually, rabbits are vaccinated for the first time after reaching 45 days of age and weighing 500 grams. You can ask the breeder to vaccinate the rabbit with you, or you can do it yourself at the veterinary clinic.

Who to choose: male or female?

All rabbits are different, and no matter who the rabbit is, you will still love him. You may be frightened by stories that during puberty, females become aggressive, and males begin to mark everything around. But such unpleasant moments are solved by the recommended castration. For males, this operation is almost harmless: the operation is superficial and lasts only 40 minutes. Females are a little more complicated, but if the operation is performed by a competent specialist, then no complications will arise. And the rabbit will continue a happy and carefree life.

One rabbit or two?

Rabbits are social animals, like communication, company. But keeping a few rabbits is not easy. Unisexual non-castrated animals will conflict, heterosexual animals will constantly breed. In this case, the solution to the problem is again the castration of both partners. About a month and a half after the operation, the hormones will subside and the rabbits will live a happy life together. Therefore, the answer to the question: “One or two?”, Is unequivocally: “Two.”

We clarify that it is not recommended to keep a rabbit and a guinea pig together. Often, pigs are bought as a toy for a rabbit. But it's not right. Firstly, it is immoral. Secondly, it can end sadly for a guinea pig, since the rabbit is much larger and has a territorial instinct. During the period of superiority, the rabbit may cause injury to the guinea pig.

How to choose and how to cook a rabbit

It contains much more protein than veal, pork, lamb, but it is characterized by a low content of fats, including saturated ones, than the other types of products listed here. Therefore, it must be eaten by people who suffer from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Rabbit meat its benefits and harms directly depend on the composition and properties.

According to the vitamin and mineral composition, rabbit meat is more beneficial than all other species. It is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, minerals: phosphorus, iron, cobalt, fluorine, potassium, manganese. At the same time, it contains a small amount of sodium salts. This is one of the reasons why rabbit meat is recommended as the main dietary product. Due to its regular use in food, the metabolism of fats and proteins is normalized. Rabbit meat contains a large amount of lecithin, and very little cholesterol. Therefore, it can be used as a means for the prevention of arteriosclerosis.

Why is it good to eat rabbit meat? Of course, primarily because of the amount of protein that is included in its composition. Moreover, it also contains adhesives. This meat must be in the diet of allergy sufferers. It contains a minimal amount of allergens, so rabbit meat is suitable even for children. People suffering from serious illnesses are advised to consume rabbit liver. The assimilation of beef by the human body is at around 62%, while the assimilation of rabbit meat is 90%.

How to choose rabbit meat

Of course, the most useful is a young rabbit aged three to four months, so it is better to give preference to a young lady. To determine the age of the rabbit, you need to look at the meat, the young animal must have light meat. As a rule, the color of rabbit meat varies from light pink to dark pink. The meat is gray in color and is not very fresh.

If you want to buy rabbit meat from a private trader or at the market, then keep in mind that the carcass must be with a fluffy tail of the animal or with one foot with fur and claws. Only this can convince you that you really get a rabbit, not a yard cat. Keep in mind that the carcass of a young animal is slightly more expensive than an old one. At the same time, the weight of the young rabbit cannot exceed 1-1.5 kg.

If you purchase rabbit meat from a private trader, make sure that he has a quality certificate. It is worth noting that it is impossible to get a serious disease from a rabbit, but the certificate will provide you with evidence that the animal did not die or become ill, but was stabbed alive. As for the store, you must not only make sure that there is a stamp and certificate, but also the indicated expiration date of the goods and the name of the company that supplies the product.

Most stores typically sell rabbit carcasses placed in vacuum food packaging with a label inside. This fact is very important and thanks to it you can make sure the meat is fresh. After all, if it was frozen and thawed several times, then the label inside will have signs of paper getting wet. Therefore, be sure to pay special attention to the label. Also, the label should contain the inscription "environmentally friendly product." Keep in mind that the cost of such a product will be higher, but at the same time you can be sure that you get a really high-quality and valuable product.

Be sure to ensure that the carcass is bloodless.

If the product is packaged under vacuum, there should be no pieces of frozen blood inside. There should also be no protruding blood vessels, bruises, or discolored areas on the carcass.

How to cook a rabbit

It is very important to properly carve the rabbit. After you have bought a rabbit, you need to wash the carcass and start cooking it. Next, divide the rabbit carcass into two parts. Division should be carried out on the last lumbar vertebra. The back and front can be cooked, both together and separately. Both parts need to be cut.

Another important step is pickling. Thanks to this procedure, the meat will acquire additional taste, will be softer and more aromatic. To soak rabbit meat, you can use water with apple or wine vinegar for 3 hours. If the rabbit is young, then it will be quite enough to soak it in water or serum. Vinegar should only be added if the meat has an unpleasant odor.

When cooking a rabbit, be sure to use spices. This can be done both when pickling, and during cooking. The main spices are salt, onion, black pepper, bay leaf. You can also use dill, parsley, garlic, lemon, basil, cinnamon, cloves, celery, rosemary.

As for the dishes, it will be quite enough to use a frying pan with high walls or a stewpan, as well as a pan. To cook the whole carcass, you need to take a goose body or a large form.

It is worth noting that universal rabbit meat can be both cooked and stewed, baked, grilled, grilled. Meat baked or grilled is very delicious. You can stew on the stove and in the oven, especially tasty - under sour cream. During cooking, several processing methods can be used simultaneously. For example, first the product is fried in a hot pan, and then put out. As a rule, one hour is enough to cook a rabbit.

There are various ways to cook a rabbit, but one thing must be taken into account: rabbit meat negatively affects the effects of high temperatures. Ready meat should be served and eat only hot!

Rabbit in sour cream with mushrooms

This recipe will allow you to cook tender rabbit meat in sour cream.

To prepare 8 servings you need to take:

  • 2.5 kg rabbit (whole)
  • Ceps - 500 g
  • Fat sour cream - 400 g
  • Onions - 2 pcs.
  • Garlic - 3-4 cloves
  • Olive oil
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Rosemary
  • Wine vinegar
  • White wine
  • Pepper, salt.

First, the rabbit is pickled. The upper white film is cut from it, put into a basin and filled with cold water with the juice of half a lemon, vinegar and a sprig of rosemary. Leave to marinate for several hours. Note that the whole carcass must be marinated whole.

Next, the meat is removed from the marinade, cut into large pieces. Heat a large frying pan.

Squeezed garlic cloves lightly in olive oil, take them out. Fry the rabbit until a golden crust appears on it and put them in a pan with a thick bottom, where it will be stewed.

Onions are cut in half rings, slightly fried in the remaining oil. Add wine and evaporate it over high heat.

The mixture needs to be emptied to the rabbit. Stir and cover. Water does not need to be added. Juice will be quite enough. The meat must be put on a small fire for 1 hour to stew.

Next, cut the mushrooms into 4 parts or halves, fry in a pan.

We add juice to sour cream in which rabbit, mushrooms, pepper, salt, herbs were stewed. Pour the mixture with the rabbit and put in the preheated oven for about 30 - 40 minutes, covering it with a lid. If you want the crust to brown, do not use the lid.

It is necessary to ensure that the juice is in sufficient quantity during the stewing of the rabbit. If liquid evaporates, add water. Serve the finished rabbit with a salad mixture seasoned with olive oil with spices. You can also use potatoes as a side dish.

The author of the portal

Decorative rabbits are gaining popularity as pets. Their unpretentiousness, gentleness, ease of care and maintenance, and quick learning, attract hundreds of new owners. But for the pet to bring joy, and not become a burden, you need to carefully choose a rabbit. It is difficult for inexperienced buyers to make a choice and in order not to make a mistake, you need to know how to choose a healthy rabbit.

Today, there are many different breeds of decorative rabbits: giants flounders or lop-eared dwarf rabbits, cute Angora fluffies or "fox" rabbits. But no matter what breed the rabbit is - the main thing is the acquisition of a healthy animal. Decorative rabbits, with good care, live for 10-12 years, easily get used to the owners, are clean, can live in a cage or move freely around the premises.

How to choose a decorative rabbit and not make a mistake? When choosing a decorative rabbit, you need to pay attention to his behavior - this is not only an indicator of health, but also maintenance and care. A healthy rabbit, correctly and carefully raised, curious, trusting, he constantly jumps around the cage, shows interest in everything that happens and is not too afraid of loud sounds and inspection.

When purchasing a pet, it is necessary, first of all, to evaluate its appearance and physical condition. When choosing a rabbit, you must visit the breeder or carefully examine the animal in the store and observe its behavior for a while.

How to identify a healthy animal? Coat: in a healthy rabbit, the coat is thick, dense and shiny. Dull, felted, rare coat is a sign of various diseases. If the skin has scratches or bald spots - this indicates the presence of parasites or skin diseases. On examination, you need to stroke the rabbit against the coat, in this way you can immediately detect redness or rashes on the skin.

Eye examination: they should be shiny, clean and without secretions. If one eye in a rabbit is watery or reddened, this can be caused by a foreign body or blow to the eye, if discharge from both organs of vision is visible - these are conjunctivitis symptoms and should not be acquired.

Inspection of the ears: when examining the auricles, there should be no signs of inflammation or scabs, you need to carefully examine the inner ear - often there you can see discharge or contamination. A healthy rabbit should not sneeze and should not have any discharge from the nose. Contamination of the anus: if the wool around the anus is contaminated with feces or it is sticky, with an unpleasant odor, this indicates a disease of the gastrointestinal tract or poor living and feeding conditions.

How to choose a dwarf rabbit and get an animal of this breed? In order not to make a mistake when acquiring an animal, you need to ask both parents to show and pay attention to such details: the weight of thoroughbred dwarf rabbits in adulthood does not exceed 1500 grams, the ears are much shorter than other breeds - up to 7 cm, eyes are large, convex, large head , round, with a "ram" nose, the color can be any.

When choosing an animal, such signs should alert you: the rabbit is too shy, afraid of loud noises, tries to hide, does not leave the house and does not move around the cage, this behavior indicates a too timid character, the rabbit’s soreness or poor treatment of the owners.

If the rabbit sits in one place, does not want to eat and does not show interest in the environment, perhaps these are the first signs of the disease and after a while, he will become ill. Also, when deciding how to choose a rabbit, you need to pay attention to the general impression - the rabbit should not smell unpleasantly or be dirty.

Buying a decorative rabbit, its owner acquires a friend and pet for many years. Of course, it is important to acquire a healthy and thoroughbred animal, but it is also worth listening to the sensations, because this is the only way to choose truly “your” pet.

Published on the site: 07/02/2018

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