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Most expensive way

The standard YouTube client can play videos in the background perfectly, but this option is available only to subscribers of the YouTube RED service.

Behind $ 9.99 per month users are given access to exclusive content, they can download videos for offline viewing and get the aforementioned ability to watch videos in the background.

In any case, you can get a free month at registration and evaluate all the advantages of a paid tariff plan. After connecting to RED, I myself rushed to wool “premium” videos, but from a wide variety I did not choose something interesting for myself.

As a result, I did not give ten dollars a month only for background playback and video downloading.

Cheaper and more functional

Instead of an expensive subscription to the service, you can choose a more functional client from the App Store. One of the best in this category is the app. ProTube. It has long been replaced by a standard client and I do not regret it.

For this price you get a great app with a more compact interface. In most cases, much more information fits on the screen than a client from Google. There is a choice of quality when viewing on 3G LTE and Wi-Fi, a choice of the start screen, the inclusion of safe search, cool horizontal mode (iPhone Plus owners will appreciate it) and, of course, background playback.

And in addition, we get the opportunity to change the speed of the video. This is useful when listening to webinars, lectures, or audio books.

The only drawback can be considered a separate from the standard list of watched videos. Videos that were viewed in the application are not displayed in those viewed on the computer and vice versa.

Free Offline

Free app NetTube focused on use as a music player from YouTube. If the goal is to listen to music in the background, the application will be a great choice.

There is nothing supernatural in the design of the program and its capabilities. It’s worth noting only the loading of clips for viewing offline.

Of the shortcomings - the complete lack of parameters and the presence of advertising, which will not cause inconvenience only without connecting to the network.

Simple and convenient

Tube master - Another free application that was originally tailored for listening to music. There are all kinds of tops, collections and playlists, you can view tops for other countries and create your own playlists.

Background playback, picture-in-picture inside the program and gesture control (rewind and swipe volume control) work.

Otherwise, Tube Master does not stand out among competitors, but it performs its functions correctly.

The most unexpected way

One of the best third-party players for iOS - VOX Can play music from YouTube. The option is not advertised anywhere, but the application does an excellent job of this.

Inside VOX there is neither YouTube search, nor the ability to switch to listening to the tops; to play, you need to do the following:

1. We open any YouTube client (you can standard).

2. We find a suitable playlist with music or audiobooks (you can search or create your own playlist) and click on the ellipsis.

3. In the menu, select Share this.

4. Copy the link to the playlist.

5. Open VOX and see the offer to start listening to the playlist using the copied link.

It makes no sense to talk about all the benefits of VOX; this is one of the most popular third-party players for MacOS and iOS. On his side is a powerful equalizer, nice design, convenient controls and background playback.

Now you know how you can consume content from YouTube and at the same time perform other actions with your iPhone.

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