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Tip 1: How to keep a girl


In the modern world there is nothing eternal and permanent. Young couples sooner or later diverge. If at first it seemed that a love feeling between a guy and a girl is forever, then it turns out that it is the same as everyone else - for no more than 3 years, as psychologists say. Is it possible to keep a girl or woman near him for life? male site foresees that among the readers there will be guys and men who really love their hearts. And here a natural desire arises to hold on, not to lose, to leave forever. We will talk about this in this article.

Darling is not a thing

To keep near him, a man should understand that his beloved girl is not a thing that you can put, do not give to anyone. This can only be done with your property. However, the days when women were slaves of their husbands have passed. Modern women are free and independent. Here you need to act according to other rules in order to keep your loved ones near you.

The guy should abandon the idea that the girl belongs to him. Even if you love each other and want to live together, still each of you is a separate person who lives his own life. At some point, everything in your relationship can change. This will happen because of betrayal, boredom or betrayal, it does not matter. Any of you may want to leave. And what is the most important thing about it?

Each of you, when parting, remains his body, feelings, emotions, thoughts and life as a whole as they were before the relationship. As you have come, so will you leave. All yours will remain with you.

You should not make a thing out of a girl that should belong to you. Not those times. We understand that there are girls who are happy to be your “things” or “property”. They will be pleased to realize that you are trying to keep them near you. However, usually these girls do not get what they want. If a guy wants to keep someone, then usually this girl does not consider herself someone else's property. Usually they try to keep freedom-loving and independent girls.

Deliverance from fear

To hold on, you need to stop being afraid of losing. As people like to say, "what you are afraid of is attracting to yourself." If you are afraid of losing a girl, then most likely this will happen. After all, a person in a state of fear begins to do things that lead to this.

To get rid of the fear of losing, you need to understand a few ideas:

  1. Love is never eternal. This happens only in fairy tales. Your love will also subside soon. It will need to be heated again, heated or transformed into something else. But be that as it may, even the most loving people can leave.
  2. The girl is not the property of the guy. And that means, if she wants to leave, she will definitely do so. You can hold as much as you want. However, if a girl wants to leave, then she implements her plan.
  3. There are plenty of girls. Fear often arises from the fact that a guy begins to think: “I will never find one again. She is the only one! ” And he is right - he will never find such a girl again. However, there are many other girls who combine a different set of qualities and interesting thoughts, appearance and skills. The girls are all different, and among them there are definitely those that can be considered better than the one next to you now.
  4. Believe in yourself. Always tell yourself that no matter what the circumstances, you will do everything to be happy. You are scared because you do not want to lose what gives you happiness. However, the girl is not the only person who can please you. Why don't you learn to make yourself happy? No matter how events unfold, you should always support yourself and give what is missing.

If you are afraid, then the girl will feel it. If she herself does not want to part with you, then she will be embarrassed by your experiences. If she is already considering leaving you, then your fear will greatly amuse her self-esteem. She may even take advantage of the situation in order to receive some profit on the basis of your fear.

If you do not want to be a puppet in the hands of your own fear and girl, it’s better to get rid of an unfit feeling and be ready for anything.

Love yourself or a girl?

When it comes to love, people often forget that they need to love not only their partners, but also themselves. Here various problems arise, how to hold on, to fall in love, to interest, etc. A person in this entire race for love forgets that you still need to love yourself. And then the girl will not have to hold on, because those who know their worth and adequately evaluate themselves are always attractive.

Keep calm in a relationship with a girl. Set yourself up in such a way: “If a girl wants to leave, then let her go on all four sides. I will not run after her. She is an adult, so she knows better where she will be fine. "

Do not try to restrain anyone. Be sure that there will always be a lady next to you who needs you. And if someone near you is not interested, then this is her problem, not yours. Since women want to be free, independent and equal with men, then let them take responsibility for what decisions they make. In this case, women will at least learn to think in a relationship with you, and not be whippy girls.

If there is love in the relationship, and the guy and girl are adults who understand that no one holds on to them and everyone is responsible for their actions, then such an alliance is stronger and more stable than where someone holds someone and begs to stay. Let the girl be responsible for her decisions and actions. If she loves, then she won’t go anywhere.

How to keep a girl?

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to let the situation go by gravity. In a relationship, people should try to maintain the light of love. The guy is only required to create the conditions in which the girl will be, why not want to leave such a relationship. How to keep a girl?

  1. Be romantic. Everyone understands that life is full of ordinary worries and deeds. Every day you need to work, solve life problems, face difficulties, etc. However, all this should not cause a lack of romance in the relationship. Life is life, and relationships are built as they are made by man and woman.

So that your beloved never thinks about breaking up with you, periodically arrange romance for her. It can be a romantic evening, an invitation to a restaurant, a surprise in the form of flowers, a basket of sweets, etc. Any surprise of a pleasant nature will excite women's feelings, and it will become even more firmly established in the idea that such a man should not be abandoned.

  1. Give her good sex. Some might wonder how sex can be bad. In fact, the sensations that the girl experiences at the end of the act are not the same as that of the guy. For example, if a guy has reached orgasm, but a girl is not, then the attitude to what kind of sex between them has occurred will be different.

All the girls are different, so what each of them wants to receive from sex should be clarified specifically from her. If a girl wants an orgasm, then give her that. If a girl wants affection, then focus on this your attention. If you give the girl what she wants, then you won’t need to keep anyone - she will already be yours.

  1. Eliminate tediousness. Girls often walk away from good guys. How so? As it turns out, the reason is boredom, annoyance, the tediousness of such gentlemen. No matter how good people are, and if they get bored, you want to part with them.

  1. Dream with a girl. Despite the fact that girls can be mercantile and prudent, they are pleased to dream of a beautiful future. If the guy does not resist this occupation, then the girl will be pleased to be with him.

Do not forget about the following fact: if you promise something to a girl, then be sure to fulfill the promise. Dreams inevitably lead to the fact that the girl wants to get something from the guy. If you dreamed about what you would like to have, then promise her to achieve this.

A guy who not only dreams, but also intends to achieve what he wants, makes a promise and fulfills it, becomes that person from whom they never leave. Girls go away from those who do not keep their word.

  1. Be beautiful. A man should never run himself. Keeping personal hygiene, walking in clean and new clothes, being neat and well-groomed are the tasks of all men. Not a single girl is unpleasant to be next to a man who stinks and is not interesting to look at.

Just as men want to sleep and hug neat, clean and beautiful ladies, so girls dream of beautiful princes. Here you do not need to be the owner of the title of super-handsome, but neatness must be required.

You do not need to hold the girl, because in any case, all actions will be violent. A girl should feel the space of choice when she is not forced, and she wants to be next to the guy whom she loves now. To do this, you just need to create conditions in which it will be comfortable for the lady to be. If she receives more from her boyfriend than anyone gave her, she will not have to be held back. She will not go anywhere.

Do not be silly. Do not sit idle. Always do something for the girl. At the same time, do not contradict your principles. Combine self-esteem and the ability to make a girl happy.