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How to download paid games and applications for free


In this article, we will tell you how to buy a paid application from the Play Market, and then return the money for the purchase - how to download paid applications from the market for free! This can be done using the wonderful application, which we will now describe in detail.

Lucky Patcher is the most popular and easy to manage application that allows you to make free purchases in in-game stores, disable annoying ads, save .apk files from installed applications, clone applications, apply patches to the system and perform many other operations.

In recent versions of Lucky Patcher, a wonderful feature for installing a modified Google Play store has appeared. After installing it, you can download paid applications, return money, and at the same time, the game or program that we downloaded will not be deleted.

How to download paid games for Android for free:

    Install Root rights and the Busy Box program on your android device. Without root rights and Busy Box Lucky Patcher will not work stably.

  • Install Busy Box on our device. We go into it and make one more installation.
  • We go into the Lucky Patcher, click on the "Tools" tab located at the very bottom and click on the "Install Modified Google Play" item.

  • We select the installation version suitable for your android device. We are waiting for the installation to complete.
  • We go into Google Play and select any paid application. I have this Castle of illusion. We pay it in any way convenient for you: through a bank card, using your mobile operator or PayPal payment system.
  • Click the "return payment" button.

  • Voila. The payment was canceled, and the application remained on our android.

  • The only nuance to be noted is that you can only return money for buying an application made in this way once. By reinstalling the game or program and clicking "return payment", you will not receive anything back.
    In addition, an application downloaded from a modified Google Play store will be unable to update. It will also be impossible to play music and videos from Google Play for free, however, this is not such a big minus.

    In order to get the modified .apk file of the downloaded game or application, you need to do the following:

    1. We go into Lucky Patcher and select the application we need.
    2. In the list that appears, select the menu item “Patch menu”.
    3. Here we click the "create modified apk" button.
    4. Next, select the item of interest to us, for example, “Apk with a cut license” or “Apk with a cut advertisement Google”.
    5. In the next window, check off the first two points and click "rebuild application".
    6. After the process is completed, Lucky Patcher will show the storage location of the created .apk file.

    Another option is to get the original .apk, without any modifications or changes.

    1. We go into Lucky Patcher and select the application we need.
    2. In the list that appears, select the "Tools" item.
    3. In the window that appears, click the first button “Clone application”.
    4. We are waiting for the completion.

    We got apk, and the cache for the game downloaded from the Playmarket lies in the Android / data / ... or Android / obb / ... folder
    Now you can transfer this data to another smartphone or by installing a new one on your device.

    Dear users, if you have any questions, you can always ask them in the comments to the article and we will be happy to answer you.

    Cancellation of purchase

    The first way is to purchase the game and then cancel the payment (not to be confused with the standard method). To do this, go to your personal account, open the order history and select the reason for the refund. The most optimal option is “The purchase was made by chance”, but you can select another item (see photo).

    By the way, in this way you can return money for in-game purchases. In most cases, the payment is returned, but the game currency remains.

    To do this, find the purchase that you want to return in the list and click “Report a problem”, in the window that appears, select the reason for the return. The easiest way to indicate that the purchase was made by accident, but you can choose other options.

    Attention! Do not abuse this method, as the Google Play support service may refuse to refund you.

    Blackmart (Black Market)

    The second way is to download games not from the official Google Play, but from the Blackmart analog application (Black Market - Black Play Market). This program has a very interesting feature - all the games and applications presented in it are absolutely free. The design of the Black Market is simple and convenient, making it as easy to use as a real Play Market.


    1. Enable "Allow installation from third-party sources" in the settings of your device.
    2. Download Blackmarket or BlackMart from the official website
    3. Install and run Black Market.
    4. Find the application you need using the filters and click “Download”.

    Hacked Google Play

    The third method is more complex and is implemented using the hacked Play Market, which can be hacked on your own or downloaded already hacked. In order to hack the Play Market you will need Root rights, the BusyBox installer and the Lucky Patcher application.

    If you have all this, then follow the instructions below:

    1. Launch Lucky Patcher, open the “Tools” tab and click “Install Modified Google Play”.
    2. After installation is complete, open Google Play and buy any paid application.
    3. Then we press the button “return payment”.
    4. The payment was canceled and the application remained on your device.

    Remember, you can return money for purchasing the application in this way only once and within 15 minutes!

    To create a modified APK of a downloaded game or application:

    1. Open Lucky Patcher.
    2. Select the desired application.
    3. Then the item "Menu of patches" and click the "Create modified apk" button.
    4. Next, select "Apk with license cut."
    5. In the next window, check the first two paragraphs and click “rebuild application”.

    Lucky Patcher is a patcher for Android games and applications, with the functions of cutting ads and checking the license. The program also has the ability to clone the APK and replace the original Google Play Market’a with a hacked one to launch pirated versions of the software.

    You may also need the BusyBox installer, which is available for download on Google Play.

    Legal Ways

    And in conclusion, we’ll tell you about honest and legal ways to get paid software for Android for free. If you do not want to get root rights or hack, then try these tips:

    1. Discounts and promotions - Prices in Google Play are constantly changing and sometimes developers arrange sales. For convenience, you can use the special programs AppSales or Best App Sale, which automatically track and notify you of new discounts and promotions.

    2. Alternative - To search for similar programs, you can use the website. Just enter the name of the desired utility in the search bar, and then filter only the free ones in the results.

    3. Application of the day - Install the AppGratis or MyAppFree application and learn about new applications that have become free for a day.

    4. Amazon Underground - Use the Amazon app store. The peculiarity of this market is that for the promotion of Amazon every day makes one of the items completely free. In addition, various promotions and sales are periodically arranged, within which whole sets of really valuable and worthy programs receive free status.

    And what methods do you know for free downloading paid games? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, maybe your message will be useful and help other users to choose.

    Best app sale

    The Best App Sale presents not only Android applications, but also discounts for Steam, Xbox, Nintendo and Origin. Using the Best App Sale, you can find out when and how much cheaper the offer you were interested in, create your own wish list, in which you can include expensive games to track their value.

    You can also view the rating of available applications by the number of downloads, by the percentage of price reduction, sort offers by the size of the discount, popularity, creation date and of course, configure receipt of notifications about the beginning of the sale.

    Play store sales

    When meeting, it may seem that its interface is very outdated. However, with a detailed acquaintance, doubts disappear: the wide possibilities of the service are surprising for those who really want to find free games.

    The site takes data from Google Play, but, unlike the latter, where a large number of base games are found, here the site moderators manually filter out the worst options. As a result, the user does not waste his time in vain, getting a list of only the best paid applications, which right now can be downloaded for free.

    App hoarder

    App Hoarder eliminates the need to constantly sit and wait for the desired application to become free. Automatic notifications will immediately notify you of a change in the value of games that have been added to your wishlist. A set of profitable offers is updated every hour, which allows you to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and download what you like, absolutely legal.

    The built-in collection of filters allows you to customize the list of displayed applications as detailed as possible. It should be understood that App Hoarder is not a store, but only shows the currently available offers from Google Play. Therefore, it will not show anything if there are no suitable discounts or sales on the exposed filter. And it will also be powerless if there are any restrictions for downloading in your country.


    FreeAppsNow has such a simple interface that it will be understandable to any user. Already on the start page a list of discount offers available for download opens. To work, you do not need to create accounts and enter personal data. The application you like is installed on the smartphone directly from FreeAppsNow.

    To provide users with up-to-date information on discounts for paid applications, a database is updated daily at a specific time. If necessary, you can hide those applications that have already been installed previously or which you are not interested in, so as not to waste your time in them in the future.

    A huge plus is FreeAppsNow - a smart search function that will surely find exactly what you need. Not looking for anything specific, but simply interested in the offers available here and now? Sort the results by rating, price, number of downloads to make it easier to find something new and interesting.

    The undoubted plus of MyAppFree is an automatic list of recommendations after the first downloaded application, which will be more accurate and interesting the longer you use the service. The myAppFree team is working hard to make paid applications cheaper, so it works closely with developers to convey their wishes for lower prices.

    Sometimes they manage to get a discount for a period of one week - then users have enough time to make a decision about downloading. This is not 24 hours to think about when you need to act as quickly as possible! That’s why you need to visit myAppFree regularly: you won’t miss out on a good deal.

    To work with Freeapp, you need to create a personal profile similar to that found on many social networks. Based on the created profile, Freeapp will start sending suitable offers. You can also browse the profiles of other users, for example, your friends, to find something interesting.

    You can not worry about low-quality applications: 7 million downloads of Freeapp is proof of this. He daily checks the list of available discounts on the Google Play Market and sends his users only the most profitable ones.

    Once a day, a notification comes with offers that are advantageous to you, so you should not waste time constantly monitoring prices. By the way, notifications can be configured to receive them at certain times or only in relation to certain applications.

    Paid Apps Gone Free

    To date, Paid Apps Gone Free has been downloaded by more than a million users, but it is still in beta, so some errors may occur. A list of paid applications and games that have become free for a certain time is published daily. With Paid Apps Gone Free, you can download high-quality games and applications for free or at a fairly low price. Thanks to him, more than 6,000 paid games have become more affordable for purchase.

    A big plus of this utility is the absence of any advertising and the imposition of additional purchases. All downloaded applications will be automatically added to your Google account to receive updates. But it’s worthwhile to understand that not every country may have promotions specified in Paid Apps Gone Free. It happens that for residents of the United States - there is a discount, but for Russia - it is not.