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How to make lizuna at home from different ingredients


Starch slime is good in that it can be made without sodium tetraborate and other thickeners. This lizun can be given to a small child without fear that the toy will cause allergies and irritation on the skin. In this article we will tell you how to make it.

Starch and glue slime recipes

You can use both corn starch and potato. It doesn’t matter when making a slice.

Store the lizun in an airtight container in a cool place (from + 2˚ to + 6˚). Then it will not lose its properties for 5-7 days. At room temperature, starch lysun will be stored for 1-2 days.

It’s best to keep the slime in the refrigerator, so it won’t lose its properties or mold.

If the slime has become too dry and hard, add 3-4 tbsp. l water and mix. If the antistress has become slimy to the touch, has an unpleasant odor or has become moldy, it is time to throw it out.

How to make slime from glue, starch and water

This recipe is very simple, for it you will need only three main ingredients. If this is your first time making a slice, we recommend starting with this recipe.

Take the following components:

  • Starch (corn or potato) - 30 g,
  • PVA glue (any manufacturer) - 15 g,
  • Water - 20 ml
  • Dye (optional).

And start to make:

  1. Stir glue with water in a bowl.
  2. Gradually add starch to the resulting solution, stirring as you add. You should get a mass that does not stick to your hands, does not crumble, spreads in a calm state and becomes solid if you squeeze it or hit it. If the mass is too dry - add more water, if, on the contrary, too liquid - increase the amount of starch.
  3. The last stage of preparation is decoration. You can color the slime, as well as add glitter, foam balls and any other decorative elements to it as you wish.

To make the slime more elastic and less sticky - add a few drops of vegetable or essential oil to it.

How to make starch slime with glue and shaving foam

In structure, this anti-stress can be compared to butterfly slime. It is quite dense and spreads well, resembling oil.

Components for Slime:

  • Starch - 10 g
  • Shaving foam (homemade or purchased) - 15 g,
  • PVA glue - 10 g,
  • Elements for decoration (optional).

Instructions for making a slice:

  1. In a separate container, mix starch and glue. In terms of density, the mixture should resemble sour cream. Add some water if necessary.
  2. Squeeze the shaving foam into the bowl and pour the starch and glue on top. Stir until smooth.
  3. Make the slime colorful and decorate it to your liking, then knead in your hands.

How to make do-it-yourself shaving foam? To do this, place the following components in a sealed container:

  • 3-4 tbsp. l water,
  • 1 tsp liquid soap, shampoo or shower gel,
  • 1 tsp Toothpaste (not gel).

Close the container and shake vigorously for 5-7 minutes. The resulting foam should consist of small bubbles and not settle when stirring with a spoon. If the foam is not dense enough, shake it a little more.

You can use this foam in this recipe as well as in other shaving foam slides.

How to make a starch slime without tetraborate and glue

Such an antistress is quite different from the purchased one, it sticks to your hands and lasts only 3-5 days. But Lizun is pleasant to the touch and safe for a small child. It does not include any chemical components, and even if the baby pulls the toy in his mouth, nothing will happen.

You will need only two ingredients:

How to make a lizun without tetraborate:

  1. Pour the starch into a bowl. The quantity depends on what size slime you want to get in the end.
  2. Pour a little water into the starch, stirring with a spoon. The slime should resemble sour cream in density, spread in the hands and harden upon impact.
  3. If desired, paint the resulting mass. If the slime is intended for a small child - use only food coloring or beetroot juice. Otherwise, the dye can be replaced with gouache, acrylic and watercolor, ink from a felt-tip pen, green paint, or any other coloring compound.

Do-it-yourself starch and shampoo slime

Shampoo will give lizun a pleasant aroma and elasticity.. To feel such an antistress is a bit like kinetic sand.

To make it, pour shampoo or liquid soap into a bowl, a little water and mix until bubbles and foam appear. Color the soap solution if you want the lick to be colored.

Add starch little by little, stirring constantly. When the mass reaches the desired degree of density - knead it in your hands.

If the slime crumbles too much - add 1-2 tsp. hand cream or vegetable oil.


Now you know that a slime can be made from:

  • Starch and water
  • Starch and shampoo
  • Starch and glue,
  • Starch, shaving foam and glue.

For this, sodium tetraborate or another activator is not necessary, since starch itself is a thickener. The starch and water slime is completely safe for a small child.

If the starch slime is stored in an airtight package in a cool (+ 2˚ to + 6 +) place, it will lie for 5-7 days. At room temperature, the lysun will deteriorate in 1-2 days.

How to make a lizun from water and salt

If you have a lot of free time, then of course you can make a lot of slides in different colors and shapes, and then arrange all kinds of tournaments with your friends.

Incredibly, this recipe is quite interesting and uses only 2 main ingredients. Can you imagine ?! I suggest that those who have never created these handsome men start with this simple option, because the ingredients that are used in this form are in any house or apartment.

If you start looking for and reading out information on how to make a real lick, then you will stumble upon the fact that the most common option is from sodium tetraborate, but you will agree that it is not always at hand, so you can do it using another method, using this targets plain water.

We will need:

  • hot water - 0.5 tbsp.
  • salt - 3 tsp
  • dye - a pinch or without it
  • stationery glue - 1.5 tbsp. l

Work Stages:

1. Take any container for work, for example, you can use a disposable container. Pour hot water into it, then add salt.

2. Thoroughly mix the liquid, salt water is obtained, now what? And now you have to add a little dye or paint.

3. After that, you have to cool the water, let it stand on the sidelines and stop it. And then you take clerical glue and pour it into the liquid.

Important! Now leave this mixture for 20 minutes, and there is no need to interfere, put glue and left in this position to stand on the table.

4. After the expiration of time, start stirring with a spoon, the glue should begin to curl by this time.

5. The glue separated from the water and became like a cool texture, take it with your hands and try to catch this ridiculous freak.

6. And here is a funny and mischievous pink lick, and you could add a red dye and it would be red. The toy is elastic, but a little harsh, if you want a more fluid version, then see the following descriptions.

Sculpt from flour and shower gel

The next option is quite simple and does not require special financial costs, which is liked by young children, because it is safe and not so slippery and liquid. And how he develops fine motor skills is also of little importance. By the way, do you know how this wonderful toy that conquered the world appeared in general?

It turns out that it was invented a long time ago, it was in 1976, then they called such a toy a slime, and then when for the first time a movie about hunters who hunted ghosts was released on television, and there was the most important and funniest green and inimitable green hero, whose name was lizun.

Since that very time this name has taken root, our children know these two concepts, so do not worry, if you make a reservation, they will definitely understand you.

We will need:

  • shower gel - a small amount of 2-3 tbsp.
  • flour - by eye

Work Stages:

1. First, take a clean and wiped dry plate, pour liquid shower gel into it. Take the gel with the volume that you want to see this Velcro in the future, for someone a small lick is enough, someone wants to make a huge one.

2. Next to the gel, begin to make a spoonful of plain wheat flour. Stir until smooth, what do you think happened? Actually nothing so far, the mixture looks like a sticky dough. Add more flour and mix until mixed.

And then, with the help of your hands, start kneading and you get super soft and flexible plasticine or the same Velcro that wrinkles very well in your hands and it's nice to play with.

In general, the toy is ready for fun. Run to friends and show off your masterpiece.

Dishwashing detergent and starch slime

This option will appeal to young children, it is much harder than the previous one, it resembles something like a dough for modeling, the mass is elastic and pleasant to the touch, with the kids you can make all kinds of crafts from this mixture, as they say, and use instead of clay.

Many claim that it turns out a sticky monster from such ingredients, but for some reason I got a mass similar to something else, try to do it and write what you got. After all, you can cope with this recipe in 2 minutes, and how much will be the delight of your kids.

We will need:

  • starch - 2 tablespoons with a slide
  • dishwashing detergent Feri or Aos can be different - by eye

Work Stages:

1. Take a bowl and pour starch into it, but so that it covers the entire surface of the bowl, that is, distribute it evenly. Then add dishwashing liquid to the very center.

2. Add the product as much until you get a homogeneous mixture that you like. It can be made a little softer, or cooler, see for yourself to play later.

In this embodiment, no dye was used, because basically the entire dishwashing detergent has different colors, it can be green, yellow and orange, and basically any. Therefore, take your remedy and marvel!

Video on how to make a slime easy and simple

Probably everyone wants not only a beautiful and funny friend, with whom you can have fun and humor, but also make it fast in a couple of minutes, so this recipe will use an air freshener, it’s incredible but a fact, even from this The product is already making this slice.

If you want to understand in more detail and detail, then watch this step-by-step video from the YouTube channel, it is quite popular for viewing, and I think you will like it:

I also want to say that you will find out why the lick may not work out, which freshener is worth taking.

Making a sticky monster in 5 minutes from shaving foam

Such a weight can rightly be called an anti-stress, because with it you can do anything, crush, throw and even sculpt. In addition, you make it yourself from all sorts of things, which means you develop creative abilities, and also learn to correctly make certain ingredients by eye, which is also important.

It turns out you, like the very scientist who measures, cuts off himself, well, or a teacher. And then bam and done. By the way, such a toy can be put into the net and then watch how the sticky mass passes through it.

We will need:

  • shaving foam - 1 tbsp
  • silicate glue - 2 tbsp. l
  • Laundry Detergent

Work Stages:

1. Take a deep cup and add shaving foam to it. Now add silicate glue to the foam and start mixing with a stick or you can take an unnecessary simple pencil. Then pour a little Gloss for thickening.

2. Here is such an airy and fluffy plus a stretching licker, a jumper turned out. Store it in a jar so that it does not dry out.

DIY slime without PVA glue and sodium tetraborate

Now consider the most popular and well-known option that everyone knows, it has been tried by thousands of subscribers, you will definitely be able to do it.

I remind everyone that sodium tetraborate can be bought at any pharmacy, do not be alarmed by the word, it is at the expense of it that the mass will thicken.

We will need:

  • glue PVA Ray - 1 pack
  • yellow dye
  • sodium tetraborate - a couple of drops
  • shaving foam - 2-4 tablespoons
  • puzzle glue - 1 jar

Work Stages:

1. Pour a whole packet of PVA glue into a glass jar, then add about 2-3 tablespoons of shaving cream. Stir very carefully.

2. Now add yellow dye, if you want your sticky souvenir to be more saturated, pour more dye in, dull, then less. Stir.

3. After all such actions, it remains to pour a couple of droplets of sodium and all our liquid will begin to coagulate gradually, you just have to mix well with a spoon.

4. How cool and soft the slime will turn out, but it can tear, if you do not want this to happen, make it even more elastic.

To do this, take and pour glue for puzzles into another container and pour a couple of drops of sodium tetraborate, mix, do not overdo the sodium, otherwise the whole mass is so quickly folded, and then simply combine the yellow and transparent slime into one. It will turn out cool and super, like a toy in a store, I think this option is one of the best recipes.

By the way, many children use this gift as a tool for cleaning the keyboard.

Perhaps your slime will dry out over time, so it does not matter, make a new one or just moisten it with water. Or you can go to the store and buy another one, but this is an extreme method, I think it’s always more interesting to make such funny trinkets myself.

We make toothpaste at home

Each apartment has personal hygiene products, so go to the bathroom and get a toothpaste. And take a sweet from the kitchen).

We will need:

  • toothpaste - 1 tbsp
  • sugar - 0.5 tsp

Work Stages:

1. Put a little toothpaste in the cup, because the example uses blue paste, then the slime will turn blue, if you have another one, then our funny little guy will get the same.

Stir the paste into the cup with a spoon. Pour granulated sugar into it. Well, the mixture turns out, sweet probably tastes good).

2. Place this jar in the microwave for 15 seconds. What do you think will happen?

Important! Do not forget to cover the cup with toothpaste tightly.

3. Now you need to put the mixture in the refrigerator for 3 hours after warming up, by the way, it has already increased in volume, has become soft and elastic.

4. Well, after time, enjoy the game.

5. Reminds this type of chewing gum, or something living, from it you can make any animal, what do you usually do?

A simple recipe of 2 ingredients

We move on, now we will make lizun glue and ethyl alcohol from liquid glue. It also turns out to be interesting and as if alive, I liked this view for its simplicity, in just 30 seconds or 1 minute you can already enjoy the game with this fun and easy-to-control toy.

We will need:

  • liquid stationery glue - tube
  • ethyl alcohol - 50 ml

Work Stages:

1. Take the container and pour in it first clerical glue, and then alcohol. Alcohol is available at the pharmacy.

2. Ethanol should be added slowly, it acts as a thickener, if you go too far with it, then the slime will immediately become hard. Therefore, it is best to pour it into a regular syringe and dispense a little into the glue. Each time you drip alcohol into a container, stir the mixture with a stick.

3. And this is what happens, by the way, until the glue has completely curled up, you can add dye or paint it with an ordinary felt-tip pen. Wow, this is creative.

4. Such a seemingly original mixture turned out to be really similar to this modern toy fluffy slime.

5. Once it becomes difficult to mix the liquid in the cup, put it on the table and knead it with your hands, you will feel some small water, squeeze it, over time, after pressing it will disappear by itself.

And here he is so thick, but at the same time, a sticky and elastic toy will work. Make such a giant and you will like to surprise everyone. Play twist on your finger, make funny faces, etc.

Funny little shampoo and sugar

Do you want to make this a miracle of science transparent, so let's make a jumper, or how to call it a slider using ordinary improvised means, two ingredients are used.

Guess which ones? I will not conceal it and you will soon see it yourself. A cheap option, but is in great demand among most children, as it is lightweight and affordable.

We will need:

  • Pantin Pro shampoo - 5 tbsp
  • sugar - 2 tsp

Work Stages:

1. Optionally take a shampoo by eye, use any, but it is better to take Pantin Pro and add sugar to it, stir. Well, a hell of a mixture.

2. Next, cover the cup with a lid and refrigerate for 2 days, so watch what happens after such actions.

3. But he is magical and unique as if a glass lick.

Face film mask lick

Из этого рецепта получится разноцветный слайм, который конечно понравится всем, и детям и взрослым.

We will need:

  • ПВА -1 бутылка
  • dye
  • Фери средство для мытья посуды
  • борная кислота — 25 мл
  • dyes

Этапы работы:

one.Pour PVA glue into the jar, then add boric acid into it and mix everything very carefully. After pouring the ferry, just a little straight, about 1-2 tablespoons. Shuffle, the mass will trample right before your eyes, it will become fluffy.

2. Add another tablespoon of the ferry and begin to knead the mixture with your hands.

3. Pour in any dye and crush with your hands. You will get a real slime like in a movie, but if you want to make a lot of toys, then divide the mixture into several containers and add the desired color of dye to each container.

4. For example, you can use blue or purple.

5. And then in one bowl to combine all the options, you get a rainbow-arc. Play and do good! It turned out very much nothing, and most importantly, the consistency is directly the same that everyone is so stubbornly looking everywhere.

Learning to make colorful lizunov with Stasya Mar

Now I propose to watch a video from one well-known blogger from the YouTube channel, with it you will also learn how to make this magnificent awesome little thing in a couple of minutes, and you will learn how to make licks in three main ways, I’ll notice it checked, so repeat:

So how did you like it? Unrealistic, but even salt is used))).

Funny bauble made of stationery glue and soda

The next option I ask you to notice will be without clerical glue, and from a pencil and also without sodium carbonate, a rather interesting and unusual way, which is based on soda. The result is cool and you also want to make such a friend.

We will need:

  • glue pencil - half
  • soda - 0.3 tsp
  • dye
  • Weasel detergent

Work Stages:

1. Cut the glue stick into round pieces, as if you are cutting a cucumber into a salad. Place on a plate and pour 1 tablespoon of water, now melt in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. While the glue has not frozen after the microwave, add soda and pink dye to it. Shuffle.

2. Add the detergent and stir, knead for 30 seconds, then add another Lasky and mix for one minute.

3. After all the manipulations, you should get such a not-so-sticky little lick, it doesn’t wash your hands. But at the same time it stretches well and it is interesting to play with it.

We create from PVA glue and boric acid

We will also make the last version of Velcro unusual ingredients, from which toys for sale are usually made. This is an ideal recipe, and if you haven’t succeeded before, use this one, and you will definitely get this miracle. And you will play with him, make balls and much more.

We will need:

  • glue PVA-K
  • dye - any
  • Persil washing gel - 1 drop

Work Stages:

1. Pour the glue, take the glue PVA-K and then you will definitely succeed. Pour in any color and a drop of washing gel.

2. Stir. If the mixture is not viscous enough, then you still need to add a washing gel.

3. And here it is, a great cool slime. Make it big or small as you like to play more.

4. Create, it is viscous, elastic and does not tear somewhat; make red, white and other colors. Have fun and do not be upset, if you can’t build it the first time, do not overdo it with the gel.

On this I have all my dear guests and blog subscribers! I say goodbye to you, let such creative work give you a lot of positive emotions and good mood. Bye everyone!

Properties, features, application

The chemical formula of starch is (C6N10ABOUT5)n. In these designations are hidden hydrogen, carbon, oxygen. But outwardly - it is a white powder with a characteristic creak when interacting with fingers. It does not dissolve in cold water, but mixes with it, making the liquid cloudy. In hot it turns into a paste-like substance, due to which it is used to thicken slimes. About other activators, we talk in the article "Thickeners for slimes."

Starch slime is safe for children. The powder is used even in recipes for food lizunov. More details in the article "How to make an edible slime."

There is more than one simple slime recipe using starch and 1-2 additional ingredients. The toy is universal, cooking takes up to 30 minutes. More complicated recipes, with the addition of a larger number of ingredients, take more time, but the finished slime is more interesting.

Shelf life - two days

There is no PVA glue or sodium tetraborate in this recipe. Starch, a natural and safe powder, acts as a binder. For cooking, you will need only water and utensils, as well as paint, if you want to give color to the lick.

To make a toy without glue, take: 150 g of starch, 80 ml of water, 1/4 teaspoon of dye. From the inventory you will need a stirrer and a deep container.

The cooking process is simple. Starch is poured into clean dishes and mixed with dye. Add water. Do not be alarmed if the color of the lizun will be different from the coloring matter - at this stage this is possible. He will bounce back later.

The size of the slime depends on how much starch you take initially. But keep proportions to make the toy jelly-like.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed until the mass turns into jelly. The process can take several minutes, as starch takes time to swell.

A simple slime is short-lived. Lives up to 2 days. Next, we’ll tell you how to make a glue slice so that the toy lasts longer.

Bright chewing gum for hands in 30 minutes

We will tell you how to make a slime from glue and starch, because such a toy is more durable and practical. To add colors, use food coloring - it is safe for children. Gouache is permitted if older children play and do not take slime in their mouths.

Starch for such a slime needs liquid. If not, dilute the powder with water in a ratio of 1: 2. When choosing glue, pay attention to the date. Only fresh will do.

In order not to get your hands dirty when making a slime and mix the components thoroughly, use strong, resealable bags.

We drip a few drops of paint into a bag or bowl (a lot is not necessary so that it does not remain on hand during the game). Add 70 ml of starch and 25 ml of PVA glue.

Stir the ingredients by turning the bag (or spoon) until a lump forms. We drain the excess water, we wet the toy with a napkin. Slime is ready, the child can play and develop fine motor skills.

Proven version of Fairy

A starch slurry is prepared from any detergent for dishes in the form of a gel. But Fairy gives good results. The toy is soft and keeps its shape. Suitable for children's crafts.

Pour potato starch (2 tbsp.spoons with a hill) into a cup and evenly distribute in the lower part. Add a little detergent.

To understand which consistency slime is right for your purpose, pour in the dishwashing detergent gradually. Add 1 tbsp. spoon and mix. If the slime is thick, add more Fairies.

The dye is not used in the recipe, since the detergent already has a shade. Choose the one that you especially like. The same slice is obtained from shower gel, which easily replaces dishwashing detergent. Detailed instructions can be found in the article “Shower Gel Slimes”.

Starch and soap

We will tell you how to make a slime from soap or shampoo. We warn that the preparation of the toy takes 12-15 hours. This time is necessary for fastening the ingredients.

The operation algorithm is as follows:

  • take a bowl and pour 120 ml of liquid soap or shampoo,
  • add dye if you plan to prepare a color slime,
  • mix until the color becomes uniform,
  • add 280 g of starch and mix again,
  • add 90 ml of warm water and mix until you get a lizun,
  • send the mixture to the refrigerator for 12-15 hours,
  • take out and play.

If a lizun is made from soap, the toy will turn out monophonic. Mother-of-pearl shampoo gives the slime interesting tints of color. Any starch can be taken. If he is not at home, replace with cornmeal.

Read even more interesting recipes based on soap products in the article "How to make a slime from shampoo."

Edible toys

If the house has small children, you will be interested to know how to make a slime from starch with the addition of marshmallows or condensed milk. Such a toy will not harm the baby, but will become an interesting and unusual treat.

For the first recipe, 1 can of condensed milk is poured into a metal bowl and put on fire. Gradually introduce 1 tbsp. spoon of starch and heat, without stopping to interfere. After waiting for the lick to get the desired consistency, the bowl is removed from the stove.

Add food coloring for color and cool. Edible slime is ready. You can eat or play.

Another recipe for edible slime will please fans of marshmallows. We take a bowl, chop the marshmallows and send in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. We get and add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water. Mix. In another bowl, mix the powdered sugar and starch in a ratio of 3: 1. Combine the contents of two plates and knead thoroughly to get a slime treat.

Rainbow toy for children

Now we will teach how to make a lizun at home like a rainbow. This recipe is designed for 4 colors, but the number of tones can be increased.

The peculiarity of rainbow lizun from water and glue is that in order to obtain a viscous consistency, liquid starch is necessary. Food colorings (safer) or liquid colors (brighter) can be used to add color.

We mix water at room temperature with glue ("Elmer" or PVA) in a ratio of 1: 1. Spread the mixture evenly in 4 bowls. Add 1 color dye to each serving and mix until smooth.

Pour 0.25 cups of liquid starch into each serving and stir until the slime becomes viscous. It will take 2-5 minutes to interfere. We connect all the parts and enjoy the rainbow in our hands.

Starry sky

Children are attracted to everything bright and brilliant, so we will teach you how to cook such a slime and please the child. The recipe for the toy is simple and does not take much time. You will need: liquid starch, glitter glue (such as Elmer’s glue), water and paint.

We take a bowl, pour a bubble of glue with sparkles and add 0.2 cups of water. Mix. Pour in the dye if the color is not bright enough. Enter 0.5 cups of liquid starch. We interfere.

Stir the slime until the toy acquires a jelly-like structure. Set aside the stirrer and continue to knead with your hands for another 5 minutes. The made lizun will last up to 2 weeks if stored in an airtight container.

Magnetic joy

Rainbow, colored and shiny lizuny - it is bright and beautiful. But the starchy slime “running” behind the magnet is a real miracle. To give your child a little magic, follow the instructions:

  • take a deep bowl and pour 1/4 cup liquid starch,
  • fall asleep 2 tbsp. tablespoons of iron shavings (sold in online stores) and mix,
  • we introduce 1/4 glue PVA or "Elmer",
  • mix with a spoon until thickened,
  • mnem hands for another 5-7 minutes.

It is better to wear gloves so that your hands from metal shavings do not turn black. The cooked mass will stretch if you bring a magnet to it. Do not overfill starch, otherwise the slime will become a stone.

Like if we taught you something new. Repost your friends to learn about the new entertainment.

Write about your experience with slime making in the comments.

Lush or elastic

The toy, in spite of its simplicity, has a large number of variations: mucus, hopper, plasticine, fluffy. The most resilient representative of lizunov is considered to be a jumper. This slime can be made from shower gel and tetraborate with the addition of a large amount of starch. And the most magnificent is the fluffy slime from shampoo and shower gel. This is an airy soft lick that stretches easily and does not tear.

One of the popular types of slimes got its name “Cream Cheese” due to the fact that outwardly it really resembles a creamy mass. How to make such a slice of shower gel with your own hands? Very simple and interesting. Of the ingredients you will need:

  • water (15-20 ml),
  • PVA glue,
  • dry starch
  • shower gel,
  • thickener (tetraborate or any other),
  • fat cream (optional).

All components must be mixed in a bowl in the following sequence:

  1. Glue, water and shower gel.
  2. Starch and cream.
  3. Thickener.

Tetraborate should be added gradually. When the mass begins to lag behind the walls of the bowl, then the thickener is enough and it's time to knead the slime with your hands. It is advisable to store the resulting lizun in a closed container, otherwise it will quickly lose its magical air properties. To make the toy more interesting, it can be painted with any food coloring, add flavoring or sparkles.

Many parents do not like purchased slimes because of the “chemistry” in the composition that children like to put in their mouths. In this case, there is nothing left but to make an environmentally friendly version of the slime from flour and shower gel.

The set of ingredients is simple and always found in every kitchen:

  • wheat flour (400-450 g),
  • cold and hot water (50 ml each),
  • dye or any other decoration.

Important! Flour, as in baking, must be sieved through a sieve to enrich with oxygen and increase the air effect.

  1. Add dye to flour.
  2. Pour in cold water first, then hot.
  3. Accompany each step with thorough mixing.
  4. Leave the resulting mass in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
  5. Remove and knead the dough until soft.

With shaving foam

To give the slime more fluffy, hair or shaving foam can be added to any recipe. Prerequisite: the composition must be glue. Without it, the foam will not enter into the desired reaction, and it will not work to achieve the integrity and softness of the toy. The amount of foam directly controls the level of airiness of the slime. If you want to get a real cloud, then you have to spend at least half a can of foam.

From starch

For those who do not know how to make the strongest slice of shower gel with their own hands, a simple option with starch is suitable. The result is a solid, high-quality lizun, which will cost much less than on store shelves. A feature of the recipe for making toys is the use of starch without the addition of glue and other harmful components. It contains only two ingredients: corn or potato starch and any shower gel. Depending on the size of the slime required, the proportions of the components are adjusted.

With toothpaste

Most parents do not know how to make slides from shower gel and toothpaste. This is a safe and easy version that does not require prior preparation. For creation, both ordinary and gel paste are suitable.

  1. In a bowl, mix the gel, 5-6 teaspoons of flour and 15-20 ml of toothpaste.
  2. Mix thoroughly with a spoon.

Such slimes from shower gel and flour are prepared quickly. Within half an hour the child will receive a new interesting toy, which, moreover, will be pleasant to smell of freshness.

With chemicals

Slime recipes can be simple and harmless, but there are also many options for creating toys using chemicals. The most harmful substances in the composition of lizuns include thickeners (tetraborate, liquid for lenses, borax). You should pay attention if the child does not let the toy out of his hands, it is better to use safe cooking options. If the main goal is to entertain the kids with interesting experiments, then you can increase the effect of density, elasticity or splendor of the slime with the help of chemicals.

With shampoo

Want to make an interesting slice of shower gel? A simple fragrant option using shampoo will delight the kids and will not require much effort from the parents.

The cooking process consists in combining the gel and shampoo in a 1: 1 ratio. The resulting homogeneous mass should be sent to the refrigerator for one day.

Since the lizun is created from water-soluble substances, it should be protected from moisture and after the game should be stored in the refrigerator. If dirt and dust get on the slime, then washing it will not work, it is easier to create a new one.

To create a lizun from shower gel and salt you will need:

  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • cold water,
  • gel,
  • shampoo (optional).

Stir the gel well with a spoon in a bowl. Dissolve the salt in a small amount of water. Combine the components and mix thoroughly. Send the mixture to the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes.

If the tetraborate is over, and you really want to create a lizun, ordinary baking soda will come to the rescue. This embodiment is less durable in comparison with the use of sodium as a thickener, but does not lose quality at all.

To make a shower gel and soda slime, you will need the following ingredients:

  • water at room temperature (100 ml),
  • transparent glue (50 ml),
  • soda (15 g),
  • dye or glitter.

  1. Mix glue, 50 ml of water and dye in a bowl.
  2. Mix the soda and the remaining water in a separate container.
  3. Slowly mix the contents of the two containers without stopping stirring.
  4. After achieving uniformity, knead the mass by hand.

Precautionary measures

Before you start making a slice of shower gel at home, you should familiarize yourself with the safety rules during cooking. And also tell the child about the proper use of the toy. If the recipe involves the presence of glue, then you need to cook a lizun in a well-ventilated area.

A high concentration of glue particles can lead to poisoning.

Резиновый, силиконовый и строительный клей лучше заменить на ПВА. В процессе приготовления следует использовать перчатки. Некоторые компоненты в большом количестве могут повредить кожу. Перчатки помогут выбрать правильные соотношения и сохранить руки без ожогов. Ограничивают время игры ребенка с лизуном. There may be a minimum of chemicals in the composition, but frequent contact with the skin of the baby can cause allergies.

Household storage rules

Lizuns have a short duration. However, some storage secrets will help extend the life of your favorite toy:

  1. Keep the chewing gum in an airtight container made of plastic.
  2. The sun dries the toy, so warm rays should be avoided.
  3. Pile, dust and dirt make the lizun unsuitable.
  4. If you do not use the slime for a long time, it will become moldy and will have to be thrown away.

Tips & Tricks

Often, after the work done, the result is disappointing. But there are several tricks that will help to give the toy the desired properties:

  1. A few drops of vinegar will help to create greater elasticity.
  2. For a pleasant relaxing smell, essential oils can be used as a flavor.
  3. Glycerin will help make slime slippery and mucus-like.
  4. A drop of water will save the slime from dryness, a pinch of salt from excessive moisture.
  5. You can increase the size of the toy by placing it in a container with water for several hours.

Lizuns are a unique device not only for entertaining children, but also for practical use in everyday life. These sticky balls are convenient for cleaning fleecy clothes or a computer keyboard.