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How to set up iPad


Apple tablets are smartly designed and it’s usually not difficult to figure out how to use them. But what if you are holding a tablet computer for the first time and don’t know yet which side to approach? In this article, we will talk about the simplest and most important thing: how to turn on the iPad. And if you are interested in what to do next, take a look at the article How to activate iPad.

How to enable iPad button

It is very easy to turn on iPad 2, 4, iPad mini or any other model in general. Locate the narrow button on the top of the tablet, press and hold it until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Be patient: loading will take some time. When the tablet is fully loaded, a lock screen will appear. Swipe it from left to right to unlock it.

In the future, the iPad can not be turned off at all, but simply “put to sleep” and “wake up” with the same narrow button, but not with a long press but with a short one. You can also bring the tablet out of sleep mode with the round “home” button under the screen, but it cannot turn on the iPad after it is completely turned off - only the button on the top edge is capable of this.

If the iPad does not turn on

What should I do if you pressed and held the button, but I cannot turn on the iPad? Do not despair - perhaps he just ran out of battery. Plug it in and wait a few minutes.

If the reason is not a low charge, but, for example, a breakdown of the power button, you can try connecting the tablet to your computer and launch iTunes. Usually, the iPad turns on itself.

Finally, if you suspect that the tablet is not turned off, but just frozen, try restarting it. To do this, hold down the power button and the home button until you see the download indicator on the screen.

Hey, are you sleeping there?

Users of home and office PCs are so used to the process of loading the operating system after pressing the power button that the tablet, “cutting” right away, causes a feeling of focus, if not magic.

The process of switching on, which seems so fast, is just the transition of the tablet from a sleep state to a normal working one. Any tablets lying in the bags of their owners, in fact - are already included, but "doze off".

How to enable iPad for the first time after purchase

If you already have a desktop, then your store employees turned on your iPad. In principle, it's okay - use it, they’re unlikely to do anything malicious there (most importantly, note that the iPad does not have any installed applications other than the standard ones, read more about this in the article: Do not buy an iPad with installed applications). If you still want to have a device with a clean OS with a 100% guarantee, then I recommend reading the iPad firmware instructions.

So, if your iPad is just out of the box, it is regrettable, but you won’t be able to turn it on without a computer and iTunes. Therefore, install iTunes (Windows instructions for installing iTunes) and connect using the bundled cable - iPad to the PC.

We start iTunes, we see a choice: to configure iPad as the new device or to restore information from a backup copy. Set up your iPad as a new device. After some time, the iPad will finally turn on and you will see the operating system screen. By default, the iPad may not have the latest version of the OS installed, so I recommend updating it according to the instructions mentioned above.

Are tablets always on?

Did you just bring the iPad out of the store and take it out of the box? Then he was definitely completely turned off, but his battery was charged. The tablet will not react in any way to one-time and short “exercises” with buttons. Press the only button on the top end for longer than 1 second. In the center of the screen, an image of the coveted “apple” will appear.

The process of loading the operating system has begun. It will take time. In the process of downloading, all electronic devices are more complicated than iron. Even the simplest mobile phone.

It takes less than 30 seconds to download! But if after 30 seconds and after a minute the tablet does not boot, it may be faulty.

OS boot

If there is no reaction after 5 seconds of pressing the start button, then the new device is definitely defective or discharged so that it does not turn on in any way. It can be charged, but is it worth it? Modern batteries have a very small percentage of self-discharge, and devices equipped with them are delivered to warehouses and stores already charged at a level sufficient to turn on the device and check it. The battery of the just purchased iPad is not charged - only a refund or replacement!

A contrasting, milky white image of the Apple logo appeared on the black screen - your device is working, the battery is pulling, loading is in progress. Usually 30 seconds is more than enough for the iPad to start a dialogue with the words "Unlock." Slide your finger across the screen to where and where it is offered.

And here is a desktop with program icons. If not visible, you must enter a four-digit password. No drawings leaving a mark on the screen.

If you did not succeed in doing the above, you have in your hands an inactive tablet from the store box. You have to register and activate the iPad yourself. Be sure to connect to the Internet.

After completing all these manipulations, your iPad is turned on! You will most likely have to repeat this procedure when buying a new tablet. iPad - the device is very reliable, stable in operation, and it rarely needs a reboot.

First start

So, here is the tablet in your hands, still brand new, possibly in the factory film. It's time to stop admiring, turn it on and start the basic setup.

  • To start, just press the power key on the top of the tablet. The display will light up and show you a greeting in several languages ​​at once. At this point, the tablet will prompt you to click on the "Home" button and continue with the setup.
  • The next stage is the choice of language and region. These parameters are independent of each other, so you can choose the English language, while choosing Russia as the region.
  • Next, to configure and activate the iPad, you will need an Internet connection. Select a Wi-Fi network and enter a password, if available, or click Use Cellular Network if your iPad supports SIM cards. At the same stage, decide whether to enable geolocation services or not (they will be needed to determine your location, time zone, and the Maps application).
  • Then the tablet will offer to take care of the security of your data. You will need to specify a password of 6 digits and configure the operation of Touch ID. Just put your finger several times on the fingerprint scanner (in the "Home" button). In the future, the fingerprint can be deleted or changed.
  • The next window allows you to restore data from backups or transfer them from another tablet. We need the item “Configure as a new iPad”.
  • To set up your iPad and make it fully functional, you need an Apple ID account. It allows you to synchronize data between multiple devices, includes features such as iMessage and FaceTime.

To create an account you must:

  1. select "Create a New Apple ID Account"
  2. enter date of birth
  3. enter first and last name
  4. then specify an email address or create a new one
  5. invent and remember a new password for your Apple ID account
  6. we select several security questions and enter answers to them (you need to remember them, this data will be needed to restore access if you forget the password)
  7. in conclusion, we accept all conditions and agreements and wait until the activation is over

Enter only real data or write it down somewhere else, otherwise in case of account blocking, you will not be able to regain control over it.

  • The system will prompt you to activate iCloud. This is a very convenient and reliable data warehouse. Using iCloud, you can synchronize messages, documents, photos, and music. If you want to store all the data on the tablet, then disable this feature.
  • Following iPad will offer another method of protection - the function "Find iPad". This option is useful to you if you forget the tablet in a cafe, it is stolen by an attacker, or he just falls into a sofa.

Do not neglect the manufacturer’s advice and be sure to turn on this feature, it has saved far more than one gadget around the globe.

  • The next step is to configure Siri. Siri is a virtual assistant that helps you solve everyday tasks with voice commands. Siri sends data to Apple, so if you care about privacy, turn this option off.
  • The final step is diagnosis. Apple offers to send anonymous information about the device to the company so that engineers can analyze the data received and improve the quality of the software.

Activation using iTunes

If your iPad does not support working with SIM-cards, and there is no Wi-Fi at home, then you can activate the device as new using a computer and iTunes.

  1. To do this, at the stage of connecting to the Internet, connect iPad to the computer and launch iTunes.
  2. Select the “Configure as a new iPad” sub-item.
  3. Click the “Get started” button and wait until the data synchronization is over.
  4. Then we return to the iPad and follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. You can create an Apple ID and transfer media content directly from your computer.

In order not to transfer unnecessary information to a new device, cancel the synchronization, select the necessary items and start the synchronization again.


This completes the basic setup of the gadget. Next, fine-tuning will follow: connecting email, downloading applications from the AppStore, transferring photos, music, movies and other tasks. Using our step-by-step guide on setting up your iPad, you can activate the gadget without any hassle and start using it comfortably.