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How to prepare a toast for a wedding?


To make a good toast at a wedding, you do not have to be a born speaker. It is enough to know a few secrets that you will find in our article.

  1. Introduce yourself. If a large number of guests are present at the celebration, most likely not all of them are familiar with each other.
  2. Do not tighten! Remember that you are not the only guest at the wedding who wants to congratulate the newlyweds. In order for everyone to have enough time to make a speech, try not to delay the toast - 2-3 minutes is enough to say the most important thing.
  3. Get ready in advance and take cribs with you. Even if you are a master of improvisations, homework will not be superfluous. So you definitely will not forget to say anything important.
  4. Do not use poems on postcards or ready-made texts from the Internet as a toast. Believe me, the newlyweds will be much more pleasant to hear sincere congratulations, rather than boilerplate phrases.
  5. Dilute the toast with interesting and fun stories from the life of a bride or groom. But remember that stories should not expose the main characters of the holiday in a bad light, and do not forget about point number 2

  • Good jokes will make the toast more dynamic and interesting. But do not forget that your humor must be understood by all those present, and avoid ambiguous jokes.
  • • How to determine what a joke would be good and appropriate? Just imagine what you are telling her grandmother to the bride.
  • No criticism of the bride and groom! If you didn’t like something at the wedding, the newlyweds do not need to know about it.
  • If you have prepared a surprise for the newlyweds or some kind of original congratulation, be sure to coordinate it with the organizer and host of the wedding.
  • Do not be shy speak from the heart and show emotions. But still, try not to cry while making a toast, otherwise no one will be able to understand you.

  • • Even if you know only the bride, and you met the groom for the first time only at a wedding (or vice versa), address both of them in your speech. After all, this is their common holiday!
  • Watch your speech. Slang expressions, parasitic words and ambiguous jokes in your toast do not belong.
  • Drink after the toast, not before! If you do not want to get into an awkward position and embarrass others, in no case do not give a speech in a drunken state.
  • Not sure how to finish the toast? The words “I am so happy for you two”, “I love you” or simply “Hurray!” Will be an excellent ending to your speech.
  • Are you shy about making toasts? Warn the bride and groom about this before the wedding, and on the day of the holiday, go to them during the break and congratulate yourself.
  • Be yourself

    The first and most common mistake of people who want to show off a great congratulation is the unnaturalness of their speech. Trying to impress, people often choose a manner of speaking that is completely unusual for them in ordinary life.

    There are two options. The first is excessive official or pompous speech using high-sounding quotes, the authors of which most of those present do not even know. The second - on the contrary, inappropriate playfulness and the desire to make everyone laugh from the very first words of congratulation.

    Remember that the most memorable words are always sincere and come from the heart, so you do not need to turn the toast into a report at a scientific conference or in a stand-up presentation.

    And moreover, do not read poetry from a postcard! This remnant of perestroika times is high time to leave in the past. If you are going to a wedding with unfamiliar people, it is enough to praise the efforts of the newlyweds, to say that everything is organized very well, with taste and everything around is very nice people, you are glad to be in such a sincere company today. And if this is a wedding of people close to you, I’m sure you will have something to say.

    Do not tighten

    Even if you are overwhelmed with feelings and want to say a lot, limit yourself two minute congratulation. That is how many are ready to listen carefully, perhaps even less, but certainly not more. You do not need to go into the details of your relationship with the bride or groom, indulge in memories for a long time, give advice regarding family life and demand grandchildren as soon as possible.

    This is not your holiday, so speak briefly and to the point, in a positive way and without creating awkwardness either to the newlyweds or to the rest of the guests, who are also waiting for their turn to make a toast. You can come to the couple a little later and in private say everything that was not included in the official congratulation.

    Do not mention ex

    This is a taboo! Never, under any circumstances. Even if it was a fleeting and easy affair, even if it was a very long time ago, even if now the “former” has become a friend, and even if you are constantly joking about this topic. A wedding is not the place for such jokes.

    Do not forget that the parents of the bride and groom, the entire older generation of relatives, are looking at you. With your unfortunate remark about the “former”, you can embarrass the couple for a long time, which will affect wedding photos and videos. In addition, people at a wedding often become more sensitive and sentimental than usual, so even an innocent, at first glance, joke can upset and offend them.

    How to choose and pronounce a toast at a wedding

    A lot of people are shy from excessive attention, blush and stammer before a large audience. If this is about you, take on the following hints:

      If unfamiliar people are present at the event, at the beginning of the monologue it will be appropriate to introduce yourself and greet those present. This will set up an audience benevolently, and accordingly, it will be much easier for you to communicate with it in the future.

    The most important thing is to get attention. An effective trick is a joke at the beginning of the monologue. You can recall a funny story from the childhood of a bride or groom, but do not overdo it. It is very important to attract attention, but not turn a joke into laughter.

    When the guests smiled and listened carefully to you, you need to keep their attention to the end. Say your wishes sincerely and with intonation, without making too long pauses, but also not in a hurry. Avoid excessive artistry and pathos, otherwise you will be accused of insincerity.

    All speech should consist of introduction, main body and introduction. The toast should not be chosen very long so that no one gets bored. Break it into simple sentences, then it will be well perceived by ear.

    Easier to say when you hold eye contact with one of the listeners. Make such a contact with 2-3 guests and periodically translate your views. You can use gestures, but they should not be excessive.

    If you were interrupted, take this as a joke, without focusing on this a lot of attention and without making any comments to anyone.

    If there is a desire and opportunity, prepare a small presentation and demonstrate it on the screen. Use collages from photos, vibrant captions and unobtrusive background music.

    If an extra wish, a small memory, or any other idea that applies to a wedding toast unexpectedly occurs, don't be afraid of impromptu. You will earn the glory of a sincere person who wholeheartedly shares the joy of the bride and groom.

  • Do not say a toast in one go. On the last 2-3 sentences, slow down and say them with maximum expression. The final touch - raising a glass with the words "For the bride and groom!".
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    No negativity

    Friends have different relationships, you can quite communicate with constant mutual jokes, and for you it is normal. But in no case do not try to hurt your friend by making a wedding speech in his honor. And even more so, do not let go of the sharpness towards his other half. To summarize, if in doubt, your sarcasm will be funny or offensive - just give it up.

    Check out the toast on someone

    When your speech is ready, read it to someone who is authority for you. It is better if they are people of different generations with different levels of humor: a mother or an older sister, friends or just a person with impeccable literacy. Those close to you will tell you if there will be any unsuccessful jokes or inappropriate remarks in the congratulation, and literacy is another necessary condition for good speech. Hearing expressions and frankly clumsy syllables do no honor to anyone.

    It is also important not just to send the text of the congratulations by e-mail, but to read it out loud, referring to the person. Correct and beautiful presentation is half the success of your speech.

    If in doubt, ask your friends.

    Often other people's thoughts help us shape our own. If you are at a loss and it seems that nothing sensible comes to mind, ask your friends to read you their congratulations. Perhaps you will find in their words something from which you can push off and write your own speech.

    Another way that works is to simply think about the person who invited you to the wedding. What comes to mind when you think of it? Listen to your associations and ask a similar question to other people who know the bride or groom well. Listing in the framework of congratulations the positive, valuable human qualities of the heroes of the occasion would be a good idea.

    Perfect Toast Formula

    If you derive the formula for an ideal wedding toast, it will look something like this:

    • start with who you belong to the bride or groom, how do you know each other,
    • tell me a few words about the relationship of this couple - how they fit together perfectly, what is the secret of their happy life together, what should be equal to them,
    • remember the moment when you realized that they were made for each other (how the groom was preparing to make an offer or what was the bride’s reaction, her joy about the upcoming wedding, careful preparation for her - in general, something that you witnessed) ,
    • wish the couple a long and happy family life, full of love and understanding.

    A good toast will mean a lot to the newlyweds, but your presence at their holiday means no less, because they tried not only for themselves, but also for each of the guests. Therefore, the best conclusion to any speech will be your gratitude to the people who invited you to the wedding.


  • Very interesting is the toast, which is delivered by the guest man every time the guests at the table begin to talk among themselves in small groups. The guest raises his glass and exclaims loudly, “Hooray to the newlyweds!”, to which guests will certainly react with loud applause and applause. Thus, the general homon and fun is recreated, in which all those present participate immediately. You can pronounce a toast countless times during the holiday when there is a lull.
  • There is another funny short toast at an Italian wedding - this is the exclamation "Kiss for the bride!". In fact, this toast is an analogue of our “Gorky” - the bride and groom rise and kiss each other.
  • Using our toasts and recommendations, you will earn the glory of a wonderful sincere speaker and create an unforgettable holiday mood for the newlyweds and their guests at the wedding.