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Gemini seduction


Born under the auspices of the air element and the planet Mercury, people are distinguished by liveliness in the spiritual and physical planes. To conquer a twin man, you must analyze his worldview. Such a person needs complete freedom, he will determine how to dispose of it.

It is not difficult to recognize the Twin Boy among the crowd of people, because he never holds his eyes for a long time, he is unusually mobile and easy to move. An elusive charm emanates from him even when he is silent (which is extremely rare). But should he talk, how many women will simultaneously fall into his network.

The twin man was born from May 22 to June 21. People of this sign have absorbed all the charms of the end of spring and the beginning of summer, when nature comes to life and blooms with bright colors. The nature of the representatives of the air element is changeable and inconsistent, since the choleric temperament does not allow them to remain without moving forward. Happy shades range from bright yellow (intermediate: blue, green, silver) to dull gray.

This fully describes the mood of a man who, like the dawn of the bright sun, is upbeat and cheerful. By lunchtime, insurmountable melancholy and disappointment are replaced by joy (very much like a gray cloud), and by evening, the mood again becomes playful and perky. A man has the same attitude to work and family. He needs fresh impressions, because without them the guy just starts to hurt. He is not inclined to engage in routine work and, together with his lover, spend hours examining old photographs. He needs a change of scenery in every way.

The twin man is too smart to devote much attention to things known to him. His desire to learn newness makes it impossible to stay at one place of work or communicate with only one woman. He seeks to convey his knowledge in all areas to a vast number of students. The guy does not care what gender they are, because he is exclusively interested in spiritual communication. In his character traits, a man knows how to combine practically incompatible traits. An example is unlimited generosity and simultaneous crampedness. The twin guy has:

  • sharp analytical mind
  • ability to science,
  • the rapid development of foreign languages,
  • literary skills,
  • oratory,
  • liveliness of mind
  • desire for change
  • love of love
  • tact
  • good manners
  • intelligence
  • ease of lifting
  • a gift of persuasion
  • intuition
  • generosity
  • cramped in the little things,
  • the ability to seduce women
  • ability to convince people
  • talent to do business
  • organizational skills
  • inconsistency
  • lack of desire to make long-term plans,
  • highly competitive
  • morality
  • love of freedom
  • an unrivaled sense of humor.

A twin man is able to live his whole life with one woman, never cheating on her. But the duality of his nature necessarily compensates for this “monotony” in love. The guy will have two cars or two apartments, two parallel work or two hobbies.

You can conquer a twin man if you give him complete freedom. He always appreciates just such a care from a woman. He doesn’t care about the partner’s sexuality, her housekeeping and even appearance (these qualities will affect a guy’s decision only at the initial stage of communication).

The most important thing is exclusively spiritual kinship, since it implies the presence of each partner’s own space.

To hook on a twin guy, you must have an original appearance. The guy loves everything unusual. He will like the girl not for her beauty, but for her unusual hair color, dress style and creative approach to life. Actively participating in the conversation, a girl who has a good sense of humor has every chance in order to interest the guy. At the first meeting, do not be shy and the bull is closed. It is necessary to talk about your interesting observations, to compliment a guy or to thank for some trifle.

A huge plus will be the fact that the girl is engaged in an unusual sport for the fair sex or has an original hobby. This will lead the guy into a real delight. Gemini is a very sociable, active sign. A man likes to constantly be in touch with his girlfriend. After a date, you need to phone, take part in correspondence. Do not ignore his communication, even if a woman is tired and wants to sleep. The man will immediately switch to another object.

It is worth showing interest in his hobbies. This should be done frankly and without flattery. Gemini has too much intuition, they are able to denounce the presence of pretense and cunning. If you ask him to tell about what is interesting to him, the guy will appreciate the role of a worthy listener of his endless story. He will have enough of these impressions of the meeting to think again about the girl and try to meet her.

With a guy, the first closeness at the beginning of a relationship is possible. Here you need to look at the situation. She will not become an obstacle and will not be condemned if people become emotionally close.

To charm the Twin, it is necessary to relate to life in the same way as he does. A girl needs to have the following qualities of character:

  • Intelligence. Only a smart, well-read girl will be able to conquer the Twin Man. It should be comprehensively developed to be able to support any topic in the conversation.
  • Energy. Light on the rise, agile, energetic women will immediately be able to attract the attention of the representative of the Gemini sign. The guy does not like to sit still, he needs a change of scenery. A woman of this type is extremely close to him.
  • Sociability. A man will always prefer a woman who easily contacts people. Emancipation in the views and movements of the girl will allow the guy to immediately find a common language with her
  • Positive character. A twin man will be interested in an exceptionally kind, sympathetic woman. She must be generous and compassionate. Willingness to help always remains a priority for the guy.
  • A sense of humor. You can catch the Twin guy not only with jokes and funny stories (this also has a huge priority), but also with the ability to get out of any situation with humor.
  • Mysteriousness. An air sign implies a desire to comprehend something unknown. The woman’s ability to surprise with the presence of original views and character traits will allow him to be located.
  • The presence of personal interests. The girl’s enthusiasm for original hobbies or sports will be a huge bonus in her personal qualities.

A very important point that the twin man draws attention to is the woman's interest in his life priorities. For joint harmonious communication, it is necessary to show your participation in all events, to love the hobbies of your partner and be able to correctly give wise advice. The detachment of a woman and a passion exclusively for her problems will quickly bore the guy, and he will quietly disappear from her life.

A guy born under the constellation Gemini has an independent character. There are such qualities of a girl with which he categorically will not put up. Fortunately, a man does not need much time for this. The guy will quickly stop communicating if he notices the chosen one the following characteristic signs:

  • Ignorance. If the girl is not smart enough and educated, the guy will not even talk to her. A man determines the presence of intelligence in the first minute of communication.
  • Pessimism. A man will never choose a pessimistic woman as his companion. The problems of her past and present life will be ignored, as the guy expects joy and pleasure from communication.
  • Lack of sense of humor. The twin man has a sophisticated sense of humor. If the girl does not understand his jokes, if you ignore them, take them too seriously or take offense, they will quickly part.
  • Unsociality. A man seeks constant communication with people. A twin in love requires endless attention. He constantly calls, participates in correspondence, seeks meetings. If a girl is busy with her own affairs or she is tired of this way of communication, the guy will not stay close to her.
  • Impracticality. If a woman does not have a material or moral base in her life and wants to get it all from a man, her choice is wrong. The twin does not want and cannot take responsibility for a helpless woman who is not fit for life.
  • High morality. The twin man remains a child until the end of his life. Sometimes he wants to play pranks and fool around. If the girl takes this behavior too seriously, the couple faces separation.

The most important postulate for all women who want to connect their lives with Twin Men will be giving them complete freedom. This guy does not tolerate control and does not allow violent acts by women. If he is pressed against the wall and forced to answer the question, the man will find an opportunity to avoid responsibility. The air cannot be held in a fist; it will certainly burst out. Gemini can never be forced to do what they do not want. He will tell everything necessary or do it when he sees fit.

To fall in love with a manborn under the air constellation, you must be prepared for the mood swings and unexpected decisions. He is capable of caring beautifully, declaring his love and dreaming of further meetings. Then it suddenly disappears for an indefinite time, returns in a completely different mood and does not remember past meetings. A woman needs to restrain her emotions and not to give the appearance that something has changed in a relationship. After a short amount of time, the guy will become even kinder and friendlier than on the previous date.

If a girl passes this test, she will be worthily rewarded. Do not be offended and think that the guy does it on purpose. This behavior arises in a man involuntarily, and he really appreciates endurance and understanding of the chosen one (or does not remember at all that he behaved differently). A woman should also bring surprises to a guy. No need to tell everything about yourself to the smallest detail, you need to leave an element of mystery. When the relationship strengthens a little, it is recommended to repeat the young man's behavior and the abyss for a while.

Then appear and tell an amazing realistic story of his disappearance. The guy will be interested and intrigued. It must be remembered that delaying with one’s absence is not recommended, since the man will run to look for another companion.

In order to stay in his heart for life, it is necessary to become a man a real friend with whom he will always be interested. Trusting Gemini is recommended. A guy with such a character, strength and discipline is impossible to keep. It is necessary to provide him with personal space and participate as much as possible in his interests. Praise and thank the representative of this sign should be several times a day. The main conditions should be honesty and sincerity.

If you follow all these recommendations, the guy will never leave his beloved. He will not cheat on her, because physical proximity will not be a priority for him. The man himself will try to create conditions for the woman that all the wives of the world dream of. He will allow her to develop, give up all finances, always listen to her decisions and help in all matters. A huge advantage is that the twin men try not to infringe on the interests of women and always treat them with respect.

The aerial representative of the Gemini sign loves all people. He treats women very well, as they raise his self-esteem. Once a guy starts a conversation, when the girls even stop paying attention to his appearance, this person is so charismatic and charming.

But nevertheless, among his preferences there is a certain type of women.

Go through the preparatory phase

Right! Find a fascinating topic for you related to science, current issues, technologies, travel, and explore it. Then, as if gently, mention her in a conversation. They are always ready to develop a conversation, and if it turns out that you understand something that is unknown to him, then he will be instantly interested in your person.

Great, now you get his attention (finally!). For the next step in seducing the Twins, you will need to become as mysterious and deep as possible. Disclose only insignificant details about yourself, and best of all, that they also contradict each other. He will begin to perceive you as a cipher, eagerly, collecting pieces of your personality. The trick is to become a difficult mystery for him. Change topics in the conversation and be unpredictable!

Flirting with a twin

Try to remove all emotions and ambiguity from the conversation and do not stutter about marriage, especially if you are still at an early stage. Just talk to him. You do not have to give all the best, as you will notice that he himself takes the levers of government into his own hands and begins to flirt. Then everything goes easy.

Get the twin in bed

This is usually the easy part. If Gemini is interested and lonely, he will want to take this opportunity. He does not need a deep emotional connection or vows of eternal love. Appreciate the most daring and sometimes even inappropriate behavior. Moreover, you do not have to worry about what you can shock your partner or insult.

The twin loves variety, so if you are used to taking the initiative, don't be afraid to do it here. If ideas are exhausted, then it is known that he likes oral sex.

How to seduce Gemini - tips

He will be able to tell you many jokes, jokes and stories, after which you do not even remember your own failures and problems. But here comes a moment when you think about something more than friendship.

And here the above question arises. In this article you will find information on how to seduce and win the heart of Gemini - it will help you realize your dream.

To begin with, it should be said that the Twin loves mystery and mystery. Therefore, in order to seduce the Gemini, it should be for him like a blank sheet of paper.

For example, when making an appointment, do not say where it will take place or where you will go. The usual trip to the restaurant will never interest the Twin, so approach this unusual.

In order to attract the attention of such a person, you should be lively and cheerful. But at the same time, you do not need to reveal all the cards and show him your passion. Gemini loves when there is some secret in the soul of a person.

The twins really like ingenuity, so it would not be bad to attract the attention of such people, to invite them to unusual parties, such as a masquerade. The Twin Man will simply be crazy about such an idea and it will then be easier for you to win the heart of a lover or lover.

An intelligent approach will help you in the issue of the temptation of Gemini. The fact is that they are very curious and going to a museum, theater or opera will bring you much closer. After such an unobtrusive day trip in the evening, you can offer Gemini a more active holiday, such as ice skating or roller skating, playing billiards, bowling or golf.

To seduce the Gemini, try to give your interlocutor Gemini freedom in the conversation. Twins love to talk, and a lot about everything. However, they don’t really intend to listen, so you will have to become a listener. Do not worry, chatting about everything and at the same time realizing that you are not interrupting and listening carefully, he may fall in love with you.

How to attract a twin man

Twins are incredibly pleased to watch family movies in the circle of their friends and relatives, so do not refuse to meet and meet his family. You can also suggest viewing his family photo album and, moreover, Gemini will only be delighted.

Do not hope that a person born under this sign can hide a secret. He loves gossip and naughty details from the life of friends or relatives. Therefore, if you want to seduce the Twins, then save a couple of news for a meeting.

Characteristics of a male twin

To conquer the twin man, you first need to deal with his character. After all, not knowing his preferences and tastes, it is difficult to judge the nature of a person. In addition, knowing what kind of person he is, you can understand whether relations with him will be interesting or not.

The distinguishing features of such a person are a light character, sociability, wit and leadership. A twin man is attracted by noisy companies in which he feels great, because he simply can not live without large crowds. In addition, he is always in the spotlight, attracting admiring as well as envious glances.

Близнецы отлично вливаются в любые компании и всегда чувствуют себя комфортно, вне зависимости от интересов и предпочтений окружающих. Чувство юмора и живой ум делают таких людей всеобщими любимцами и отличными собеседниками. Next to such a man definitely will not be bored.

During the evening, the twin man can be seen on all the floors of the dance floor and it may seem that he is everywhere: he joked there, he told a joke. Everyone will be delighted with his charm and activity.

As a rule, the twin man is distinguished by a slightly careless conservative style, since he manages to look free and refined at the same time. If someone notes the flaws in his robe, then you can be sure that he will answer the same, colorfully telling about the flaws of the opponent.

How to attract the attention of a twin man

Since such a person is always in the center of attention, he really likes when they pay attention to him. Luck often becomes his constant companion, but he considers her something ordinary and normal.

If you are one of those girls who hone flirting with their eyes and love to sparkle and meaningful looks towards the chosen representative of the strong half of humanity, then you will not succeed in winning the twin man.

Why? Everything is simple. He already has a lot of such fans, but he wants something else. For a twin man to distinguish a woman from the crowd, she must be unusual and must be different from everyone.

Therefore, in order to conquer the twin man, one should stand out against the general background of rivals, and it is better to stand out in principle. Then he himself will notice and be interested.

Try to show yourself favorably and point out your personality. It will be great if someone introduces you as a talented and unusual girl. However, in the future it will be necessary to comply with this.

How to behave with a twin man

If you decide to conquer the twin man, then you will have to completely forget about all the standard methods of seduction, which could work perfectly with other representatives of the strong half of humanity. He is different, he needs to be different.

Hackneyed phrases, vulgar flirtation - only alienated by the twin man. Why? Yes, because they are already popular among women and all these standard female tricks will not cause anything but a smirk and thoughts about another lady in love.

With coolness and arrogance, one should not play with him either, since this will not lead to love.

Your ideal case is witty and unpredictable behavior. Surprise will emphasize your personality and exalt in the eyes of the Twin. And it will cause interest. In addition, you must have a sense of humor and a sharp mind, otherwise you will not be interested in it.

If you decide to talk to him, then think over topics for conversation so that you do not seem a silent bore, who is afraid to open his mouth. After all, if only he will speak, then you will have few chances. He will support any conversation and any topic, in general - you won’t be bored.

Diversity and Intrigue

Try to change the topic of conversation and not focus on just one thing. Laugh sincerely at his jokes and wonder if he really surprised you. And then the most interesting.

When you won his attention and showed your personality, it's time to leave, and on your own. This is necessary so that the man began to look for meetings, he wanted to see you again. This is such a peculiar move, which is required for those who want to conquer the twin man.

Leaving him, you can continue to communicate with other people, sometimes returning to him to exchange a few words. He should feel free, and you should feel at ease.

Often he talks with a person in a position where only half of the body is deployed to the interlocutor. It may seem that he is about to leave. And only when he turns completely, it will be evidence of interest.

The technique of conquering the male twin

The technique of mystery and mystery is perfect when you promise to tell him something, often a secret or secret, but do not tell. It is important that after the story he is not disappointed. And this can happen if your secret is a dummy and is not worth attention. In this case, the Twin may lose any desire to continue communication.

Since the representatives of the strong half of humanity born in this sign are distinguished by erudition, they expect the same from a woman. Therefore, if you surprise him with knowledge in some sphere, he will admire you.

Since the sign of Gemini refers to the air element, his interest can very quickly appear and also pass quickly. And if a lady becomes uninteresting to him, he will simply disappear. He loves being listened to. Do not listen silently and nod, you need to react vigorously to his words, emotions, ask questions and participate in a dialogue. Only in this way will you maintain interest in him.

Seeing you as a grateful listener who is interested in communicating with him, he will be carried away by such a woman and will strive for you on an intuitive level. You can slightly adjust the topic, directing it in the right direction. At the same time, you need to try to show him that he is talking with you, and not vice versa. You must give him visible freedom in everything, and he will idolize and adore you.

During the conversation, the Twin will periodically ask you questions and give you the opportunity to speak in order to understand what the lady has in mind and whether she plays with him. If you show a little mystery and erudition, you can conquer it.

What awaits you in a relationship with a twin man

Keep in mind that the plans of the twin man can change very often, so you have to stock up with remarkable patience and try to understand him in everything. If you listen and inspire him, looking at him adoringly and admiring his mind, he will fall in love with you and never leave you.

To be with him, you need to be the same active and active nature, because he is always in motion, searching and always in a hurry. If you prefer a home holiday and do not like to spend time outside the house, then you will not be interested with him, and he will feel at home in a cage.

You should be easy-going and active woman who will accompany the twin man in his travels, follow him. By the way, it is also necessary to do this because he, because of his windiness, may be carried away by another representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Important! Remember that you need to do this subtly so that the Twin does not have a sense of control.

In this case, you can not only conquer the twin man, but also make sure that he will never leave you.