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How to cook king crab?


  • Immediately after catching, the crabs on the vessel are boiled in sea water and frozen in a shock-freezing chamber.
  • After defrosting, the product is ready for use. It is enough to lay out the frozen limbs of the crab at room temperature for about 4-5 hours from the freezer and the product is ready for use.
  • It is even better to defrost crab in the refrigerator, in which case you will retain all the taste and, most importantly, vitamins that nature has generously endowed with crab meat. Put the limbs of the crab in the refrigerator in the morning and in the evening you can already eat it.

Do not use the microwave!
In case of emergency defrosting, the crab will lose all its juice, vitamins, become dry and less tasty.

Method number 2 (warm)

You will need:

  • Large pan
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Bay leaf

1. Put crab in a pan with cold water, put salt at the rate of 1 tablespoon per two liters of water, 4-5 peas of black pepper, bay leaf.

2. Wait until the first signs of boiling appear. Do not boil water!

3. Take out the limbs of the crab, let the excess water merge. Put on a plate and decorate with lemon, olives, salad.

Important Notice: Since the crab has already been cooked on the vessel, re-cooking will cause the protein to curl, so do not let the water boil

  • We recommend that you do not drain the water if you plan to cook crabs. Water saturated with crab juice will improve the next batch.
  • If the limb of the crab is large, then you can break it down so that it fits entirely in the pan
  • If you don’t have a large pan or want to keep your limbs intact so that they look spectacular, you can warm the limbs in the oven. Pour some water into a baking sheet, put the crab's limbs in an oven preheated to 150 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

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Subtleties of choice

Crab meat includes various vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This is a very dietary dish that is great for people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. The use of this product improves visual acuity and contributes to the overall strengthening of the body with cardiovascular diseases.

In nature, there are several thousand species of crabs that differ in size and appearance.

Most commonly found on sale:

  • live crab
  • frozen seafood
  • cooled,
  • boiled crab.

Experts recommend buying fresh individuals. But if this is not possible, then it is worth taking a closer look at the frozen or boiled options. Meat of different types diverges significantly in color. It is brown in some species, and white in others.

Recommendations for the purchase.

  • A healthy individual is always active. If a live crab is bought, then its activity needs to be paid special attention.
  • It is worth buying medium-sized individuals. A small animal contains very little meat, while a large one is not so soft and juicy.
  • It is worth choosing males. They differ from females with a smaller tail, which is tucked under the belly.
  • Cooked meat emanates a sweetish aroma.
  • The shell of the seafood must be solid. It does not depend on the form in which it is bought, whether it is a live or boiled version.
  • The body of the animal must be intact.
  • Eyes should be black and shine.

If you purchased frozen or chilled seafood, then you should pay attention to the shelf life of the goods. Re-freezing is not recommended. You only need to defrost seafood naturally. Using hot water or a microwave makes the meat tough and tasteless.

You should avoid buying if the following symptoms are found:

  • the animal is lethargic and does not move well
  • the large size of the crab can speak of coarse and non-meat meat,
  • female crab have much less meat than males,
  • seafood has a bulging shell - you should refrain from buying,
  • turbidity of the eyes indicates the staleness of the goods,
  • lethargy of a living crab indicates any disease.

The meat of males is considered the most dietary. When buying frozen goods, it is important to pay attention to the layer of ice. It should be very small, and when buying chilled goods, there should be no snow at all. The presence of frozen liquid indicates frequent freezing and thawing of the product.

How to cook crab?

Cooked crab contains a large amount of vitamin B, which contributes to better heart and brain function. Vitamin A is responsible for the growth of hair and nails, as well as immunity and vision.

Under the crab shell is a liquid mass, which has a huge protein content. Kamchatka crab can be cooked whole or by separating its claws and legs. The main thing is to cook it in time in order not to spoil the tender meat.

Frozen crab needs to be thawed and prepared for cooking. Therefore, when cooking Kamchatka delicacy, it is worth observing a number of important nuances. Seafood must be cooked until cooked, otherwise you can get severe poisoning.

It is important to properly cut the seafood. The crab is laid out on a cutting surface with its carapace down and the claws are torn off. With the help of a knife, the carapace is opened and the meat is taken out. From it you need to remove all the mucus and gills. Then claws are cut and the meat is pulled. After this, seafood should be poured with cold water.

A few recommendations when cooking seafood.

  • Focus on the readiness of the crab is the color of the shell. When it turns bright red, then the meat is ready.
  • Frozen crab should be thawed in advance.
  • Lowering the crab is important only in boiling water with all the spices.
  • It is important to strictly observe the seafood cooking time. Even an excess of 20 minutes can adversely affect the taste of the product.
  • It is better to use special sea salt. You can cook in ordinary, but it does not so contribute to enhancing the taste.
  • If the crab was completely cooked, then it should cool down with its belly up.
  • The proportions of water must be strictly observed. Per kilogram of crab should account for 5 liters of water.

Properly prepared claws require a lot of skill and skill from the hostess. It is worth trying to maximize their juiciness and softness, as well as all the taste qualities of seafood.

To make the dish juicy, you need to add salt, lavrushka and spices for seafood to the water to taste. If the claws were frozen, then before starting cooking it is enough to pour them with boiling water.

You need to cook them on the biggest fire. Claws are prepared for no more than half an hour. Before eating, it is better to sprinkle with lemon juice and add your favorite greens.

Dish recipes

Cooking a crab at home is easy if you have a cooking pot of the appropriate size. True gourmets find a touch of sophistication in king crab soup.

  • Separated claws must be welded in accordance with the proportions of water and salt. Finely chopped onions and bacon are fried in a small skillet until golden brown.
  • Then 2 tbsp. Are added to them. l flour and the same amount of butter.
  • Potatoes and celery are cut into small cubes and placed in a pan. The contents of the pan are added there.
  • The resulting composition is poured with chicken broth and simmers over low heat until the potatoes are completely ready.
  • Crab meat and cream are added to the soup, then it needs to be salt and pepper.
  • At the end, chopped cilantro and garlic are added to the dish, the soup is served hot with crackers. Cooking such a dish will not take much time and will please the whole family with its unusual and piquant taste.

Tasty and original salads with the addition of king crab are obtained. They are very useful for everyone who adheres to a healthy lifestyle. The high-calorie ingredients in the form of mayonnaise can be replaced with classic and low-fat yogurt.

  • Cucumber, tomato and onion are peeled and rubbed on a coarse grater.
  • Also, any hard cheese is rubbed on a coarse grater.
  • Boiled crab limbs need to be cut and cut into small pieces.
  • Cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, crab meat and cheese are laid out in portioned molds with a pyramid.
  • Top the salad with mayonnaise or low-fat yogurt. For decoration, caviar or greens can be used.

At home you can cook gazpacho and crab.

  • Tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers, cucumbers, onions, garlic and parsley are chopped in a blender.
  • All ingredients are ground to a mushy state. The phalanges from the legs of the boiled crab need to be removed and the meat divided into fibers.
  • The crab is placed in a container where olive oil, lemon juice and cilantro are added.
  • In a grinded mixture from a blender add tomato juice, 2 tbsp. l olive oil, lemon juice, 1 tbsp. l sugar, salt and pepper. Then everything is ground in a blender one more time.
  • After the crab and the mixture from the blender are thoroughly mixed. The dish is served in portioned plates with crab and cilantro.

Some are unable to purchase fresh Kamchatka crab meat. Therefore, they prefer to cook salads with crab in their own juice. This is a canned dish with natural meat. Salad from it is prepared as simple as possible. Lettuce is cut into small strips. Sliced ​​cherry, cucumber, olives, mozzarella cheese and spices to taste are added to the salad bowl. Seafood is laid out on top in its own juice and greens to taste.

Seafood has been very popular lately. Gourmets prefer sophisticated dishes from this delicacy or simply boil them and serve with original sauce. With a sauce, any dish changes its taste, becomes brighter and richer, and it’s not difficult to cook it.

The original addition to crab is mango sauce. However, the recipe for its preparation is not very complicated. It is necessary to peel ripe mango and finely chop it with a knife. A tablespoon of liquid honey and a little table vinegar are added to the container with mango. After the composition is thoroughly mixed, olive oil, paprika and a little salt are added to it. Then all the ingredients are thoroughly whipped in a blender. This amount of sauce is designed for 4 persons.

How to eat it right?

Crab is a delicacy and it, like a simple cancer, will not work. If you plan to eat crab at home, you should carefully prepare the table. You need to put thick paper or newspaper on it so that they absorb all the juice as quickly as possible.

The restaurant should especially observe the rules of etiquette. The waiters will provide the correct and necessary devices, but you need to act as carefully as possible.

It is always worth starting with a claw and legs. Carefully tearing them off the body with rotational movements is better with a blunt knife. After the seafood limbs are torn off, it is better to remove them for a while. Then the seafood turns upside down. Carefully tear off the tail. The next in line is the shell. With your thumb you need to push on the lower part, and then pick up the upper part and pull it towards you. The process of tearing off the shell of a crab is similar to opening a tube of toothpaste.

It is important to be careful not to injure your hands. Inside the carapace there is a dark flesh. It must be carefully scrubbed with a spoon and set aside. The main part is cut in the middle and two identical halves are obtained. Inside, there is also delicious meat. It is easily accessible with a fork.

Claws are very difficult to cut, but it's worth it. It is important to know that there is a bone in them, which is very easy to hurt. For cutting this part of the crab requires special forceps or a hammer. The tongs crack the claws like nuts.

When using a hammer, the knife is inserted into the claw. Then gradually the knife is driven to the middle and rotated to the side. This helps split the seafood claw. With the help of a fork, meat is extracted from the claw. A rather difficult process, but the taste of a peeled crab is worth it.

It is important to remember a few rules when cleaning a crab.

  • Do not forget about the bone, which is located in the claw.
  • Seafood has a lot of spikes. It is very easy to get hurt about them during the cleaning process.
  • The product has many different particles that can prick or crumble.

Learn how to cook Kamchatka crab from the next video.