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How to sew a pencil case


Using various materials at hand and new ideas, you can create a large number of different pencil cases for pencils, felt-tip pens, pens, and other stationery.

Here you will find the most interesting pencil cases for pencils that you can take with you to school, on the go or use at home, where the pencils will be neatly folded in one place.

Pencil case from plastic container

- a suitable container with a lid (it can be either a food container or a container from juice / water or from liquid soap)

- decorative paper (or heavy color / wrapping paper).

1. Cut the desired piece from colored paper.

2. Using a brush, apply PVA glue to the container.

3. Glue a piece of colored paper and, until the glue has dried, correct it so that everything is even.

The pencil case is ready, but you can decorate it with sparkles, stickers and other details.

Do-it-yourself pencil case for pencils

- color tape or several washi tapes

- scissors or stationery knife

- any case or container in which pencils are placed (a bag with a zipper, a cover from swimming or ordinary glasses).

With the help of various rolls of colored tape and scissors, you can decorate any container or bag.

Use imagination to create a beautiful pattern.

How to make a DIY leather pencil case

- a piece of genuine leather large enough to fit several pencils or pens

* If you don’t have genuine leather, you can use faux leather, thick felt, or any other suitable material.

- awl or hole punch

1. Make the necessary markings and cut out the desired piece from the skin.

2. Make a hole with a puncher or an awl as shown in the image.

3. Insert the lace into the holes and tie the knot.

Do-it-yourself pencil case made of fabric: pocket

- notebook with a dense cover

- pocket from an old shirt or t-shirt

1. Cut a pocket from an old shirt or t-shirt. You only need the top of your pocket.

2. Trim the corners as shown in the image.

3. You can use red thread to decorate your pocket.

4. Sew a button to your pocket.

5. Bend the pocket - you need to bend the left and right sides, as shown in the image - and connect the bent parts with a thread and a needle. However, if you want to leave the width of the pocket, you can skip this item.

6. Sew a pocket to the notebook. You can use PVA glue to hold your pocket better.

How to make a pencil case with your own hands, which does not need to be sewn and sewn

- sheet foam (porous gum) - in this example, 2 sheets of 12 x 17 cm and 7 x 17 cm were used

- color adhesive tape (colored adhesive tape)

- hole punch or clerical knife

1. Lay on the table several sheets of porous rubber (sheet foam). The large sheet will bend over the small sheet.

2. Use colored duct tape to fasten the ends of the sheets. Trim the excess.

3. Make a few holes in the top of the large sheet (which you bent) with a hole punch or clerical knife and thread the tape through the holes.

4. Attach Velcro - you can use PVA glue, superglue or double-sided tape.

Pencil Case from DVD Case

- case from DVD disc

- cardboard (more dense or ordinary)

- scissors or stationery knife

- a special rug or board on which you can cut without damaging the table or other surface.

1. First you need to cut off the part of the case that holds the disk. To do this, open the case and put it on a special mat or board. Use a clerical knife to cut a circle.

2. From a thick cardboard cut a rectangle that fits inside the case.

3. Take a cloth, cut the desired piece to wrap the cardboard with it. Use glue to fix the fabric onto a piece of cardboard.

4. Cut another piece of fabric (preferably dense) to make a pencil pocket. Measure so that the fabric can be bent in half, and its height is not less than the height of the cardboard.

You can iron the folded fabric for your pocket.

5. Put the wrapped cardboard on the table, patterned up, put a few pencils on top of it, and put a cloth for the pocket on top.

Wrap the pencils with a cloth for the pocket and fasten its ends to the cardboard with glue. You can also use duct tape.

6. Glue the cardboard with the pocket to the case as shown in the image.

7. You can print a colored cover for the case so that when you insert it, you can cover the hole in the case.

You can also make several compartments in a pencil case by stitching a pocket cloth.

Case from a box

The simplest, but interesting school pencil case with your own hands can be made from an ordinary box. It is enough to put a velvet or leather lining on its bottom, and paste over the walls with beautiful paper. A box of unpainted cardboard looks no less original and very stylish.

Case out of the box

Case made of cardboard cylinder and fabric

You can make a pencil case from a cardboard cylinder and fabric. For this you need:

  • one wide enough and long cardboard cylinder or two shorter cylinders with the same diameter,
  • piece of fabric
  • zipper,
  • scissors,
  • pencil,
  • sewing thread and needle,
  • stationery knife.

Materials for the manufacture of a pencil case

If we use one cylinder, then we cut it into two parts of unequal height - one should be shorter, the other longer.

If we use two cylinders, then cut off one half, which we use together with the second whole cylinder.

We outline the bottom of the cylinder in advance on thick cardboard and fabric. We make two cardboard and two fabric circles.

We take a shred of fabric, the width of which should be enough to wrap the cylinder, leaving a little material from the edge. By the height of the short part of the cylinder, we outline the distance from the edge of the prepared piece of cloth, we make a cut. Sew a zipper between the resulting narrow and wide pieces of material.

Fold the resulting piece of fabric along the front side inward, stitch along the edge.

Insert the long and short cardboard cylinders into the resulting case, matching them with a zipper. (The side seam of the cover remains outside).

Bottom and top we substitute pre-cut cardboard and fabric circles. Sew a fabric circle along the edge to a small case worn on the cylinder.

You can put a cotton pad between cardboard and fabric - for volume and softness.

Upper part of the pencil case

Having sewn, we remove a cover and we turn it on the front side. We put it on the cylinders again. We glue it.

Cardboard cases are ready

DIY leather pencil case

A simpler option on how to make a pencil case for the school with your own hands is to use a rectangular flap of bright skin to create it. Using a clerical knife, on a ruler, in a checkerboard pattern, we make parallel cuts on it.

Pencils or pens will be inserted into each of these incisions, like rods in a basket.

Having rolled up the pencil case with a tube, we intercept it with a beautiful ribbon, the edges of which can be sewn to a leather flap.

Felt Pencil Case

A charming, soft pencil case for markers or felt-tip pens can be made of felt.

Case for markers

To make such a pencil case we need:

DIY materials

Cut a rectangular blank from a piece. We can estimate the size by placing markers on it. Apply glue between the markers, as shown in the photo. The gap between the markers will be 2.5 - 3 cm.

We bend the lower part of the fabric, gluing it between the markers.

We get the markers. Apply strips of glue for the ribbons.

Glue for ribbons

Glue the ribbons. Cut off the excess part.

We turn over the pencil case and apply glue for the ribbon, with which we will wrap the pencil case. The glue strip should not be more than 5-6 cm on the right or left side of the pencil case.

A small strip of glue

Glue the braid. Please note that the tape is not glued along the entire length.

The ends of the tape remain free.

Wrap it in a tube along with markers.

Here is such a pencil case

Do-it-yourself pencil case

After about the first year, stationery and art supplies begin to appear in children: multi-colored pens, felt-tip pens and paint brushes. Moms are adding more housework, so they will be especially interested in learning how to make a pencil case with their own hands.

A case is very useful for parents of kids. First of all, the child will like to fold the items in a bright container. Secondly, for mom, this is a great chance to practice and improve your creativity.

No need to start with complex models. It will be enough to sew an ordinary bag-case on a cord. Work will take a little of your time. The fabric bag can be decorated with braid, buttons, rhinestones or beads. Such pencil cases for children will become a real find, because they can be bright and interesting.

Before proceeding to the creation, it is worth considering the model of your pencil case, calculate its dimensions, capacity and stability. All these points must be taken into account before you start stitching the product, because it will be sad if the accessories for work or drawing do not enter the bag.

One of the lightweight models is a one-piece pouch with a zipper. With proper operation, such a handbag is modified. Then the internal space will be divided into two or three auxiliary departments, each of which can be closed with a zipper.

Bags differ in shape and size. They can be in the form of a cylinder, parallelepiped, an animal, such as a cat. Experienced needlewomen can knit a fantasy pencil case with knitting needles, but for beginners it is better to choose simple models and the following fabrics:

  • Synthetic
  • Thick and non-slip, for example, a piece of unnecessary jeans or colorful cotton fabric (chintz, calico, satin).
  • Jacket, raincoat, upholstery.

Sew a shark bag

An original shark-shaped handbag will create a good mood for you and your child. For its manufacture it is necessary:

  • Connect together the parts of the abdomen of the shark and make the bottom of the pencil case by stitching the details on a sewing machine. Sew the cut parts of the back to each other, not forgetting to stitch the fins.
  • Starting with the shark's nose, you need to connect the stomach and back, moving towards the tail. Do not forget to leave a place for the fastener, which will also serve as the "teeth" of this fish.
  • Sharks can make eyes out of buttons or other sewing items.

Felt cover

Felt pencil cases are considered very original and easy to manufacture.

This material is malleable and requires processing, because its sections will not crumble, the inner and front seams need only be sewn by hand, and to make the elements more beautiful, they are cut out with special scissors with serrated blades.

This method is also applicable to natural and artificial leather, suede.

Model without a pattern

All that is needed for such a pencil case is a rectangular piece of material, a ruler, a pencil or chalk and sharp scissors.

In the fabric piece, you need to create small notches that will serve as loops for brushes, pencils and pens. Holders are made along almost the entire length of the workpiece, with the exception of the front side into which the color roll will be wrapped. In order for the bag not to open, from the side where there are no cuts, it is necessary to attach a braid or ribbon of sufficient length. Wrapped around the product, it perfectly captures everything that is laid out inside and decorates the item.

Simple rectangle

  • The square of matter is conditionally divided into 2 parts. To each half in the middle, sew a rectangular piece of felt smaller in size than half of the fabric by 1 cm both in width and in length.
  • Sew a rectangle. You don’t even need a pattern for this. Simply fasten the edges of the square and stitch the sides or glue.
  • Insert a zipper.

You can decorate the pencil case with a bow. How to do it, see the video.

Volume case made of fabric and felt without sewing

  • Sew 12 zippers of the same size (not less than 18 cm) so that one is the zipper up, the second is the zipper down. The main thing is that the locks are nearby, in one line.

  • Sew the edges of the fabric.
  • Fasten the sleeve at the edges.
  • Turn out!

The advantages of this device are that you can open it anywhere, and not even in one. And if you take zippers of different colors, it will turn out very beautifully.

Pencil case without sewing

  • felt sheet or foamiran,
  • threads
  • lightning
  • the width of the fabric is more than felt by 7 cm.

  • Glue the edges of the fabric to felt, bending them inward.
  • Glue one half of the zipper to the finished edge. The same thing to do on the other hand.
  • Bend the ends of the fabric in line with the zipper and glue together. Trim the excess lightning. On the other hand also glue the ends of the fabric. We got a rectangle.
  • Tie the formed ponytails of the fabric with threads or elastic bands, trim the excess. Garnish with eyes or felt flowers.

Look at a pencil case like a candy.

Paper tube case

The same principle is laid down for cardboard. It is only necessary to take a sleeve from paper towels. Cut it up or down, depending on how you plan to open the pencil case. Then everything is according to the instructions. True, the dimensions of such a cover will be small.

You can also use leather and suede, felt, a plastic container, etc.

Master class pencil case type furosiki

You can use this technique if:

  • You want a variety, every day a new device.
  • In urgent cases: the school pencil case broke, an urgent need for a new one.
  • Need a temporary organizer.

Furosiki has many advantages:

  • Make it from a scarf or just from a fabric.
  • You can easily vary the color and size.
  • Quickly done. It will take a minute to make it.
  • No pattern needed!
  • Lightweight and does not take up much space.
  • Without zipper and fasteners ... etc.

I needed only a scarf. I specifically took it with a simple ornament, so that everything I do is more noticeable. You can take fabric with a brighter design. What and how I made from it:

  • The scarf is laid face down.
  • Each corner is bent in turn:
  • The sides of the "triangle" are bent towards the middle.
  • Then again we bend the sides, only it is already necessary that each of the sides slightly goes beyond the middle.
  • Fold the corner in half, one side to the other.
  • We tie a knot, stepping back from the edge about 10cm.
  • We do the same with all angles. Straighten the scarf. It turns out a “basket”.
  • We knit together two opposite angles in pairs. These are the pens of our furosiki.
  • It remains to fill with pencils and pens.

Such furosics can even be cut out of jeans. Only to tie corners will not work. But to put on the edges, in places of knots, elastic bands, is quite real. Handles do not tie too. They will need to be sewn. Such a fashionable stationery handbag looks very cool!

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How to sew a simple pencil case from a fabric or oilcloth material?

This simple version of the pencil case can be made both from ordinary dense fabric, and from cloth-based oilcloth. To make a pencil case, we need the material itself, lightning, scissors and pins.

DIY materials

It will be most convenient to make a pencil case based on the size of the lightning. We cut out two identical rectangles from our material in length equal to the size of the zipper.

Cut two rectangles

We position the material with respect to the lightning as shown in the photo.

Material and zipper

Sew the material to the zipper with threads. This is a temporary seam. After we make a seam on a typewriter, we will remove the temporary seam.

We make a line on a sewing machine.

Line on typewriter

Stitch the second part of the material with a temporary seam manually.

Sew the second part of the material

We make a seam on a typewriter.

Making a seam on a typewriter

We turn out the pencil case with the front inward and sew it on the remaining sides.

Sew the remaining sides

We turn out the pencil case and remove the zipper inside.

Our pencil case is ready!

The pencil case turned out to be very light and convenient.

Do-it-yourself pencil case

See how to sew a simple and inexpensive pencil case:

How to sew a fabric pencil case in the shape of a cat?

Look at our website “how to sew a pencil case in the form of a funny cat?”.

DIY materials

We make blanks on the model of paper.

Cut according to the pattern

On paper blanks we cut out patterns from fabric. We leave a small margin on them at the edges.

Fabric Patterns

Sew a zipper between the parts.

Here we have such a charming cat.

How to sew a pencil case

High school students can also make such a pencil case, thereby demonstrating their outstanding abilities.

See what a wonderful pencil case you can make in the form of a shark:

Plastic bottle case

A pencil case can even be made of plastic bottles. To do this, we need to cut off the lower parts of two identical bottles. Glue a zipper between them. The case will turn out very unusual. Perhaps this idea will be relevant in the competition of original crafts for the school.

Plastic bottle case

See how to make such a pencil case on video: