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How to stay up all night and stay awake


Sleep is necessary for a person, as it allows the brain to recover due to a decrease in its activity. Also, an individual needs a dream to restore metabolism and to process and sort information in the subconscious. So, sleep is a cyclic, genetically determined state of the human body with reduced brain activity and a reaction to the outside world.

However, in some cases, we urgently need not to sleep at all costs. Most often this happens during the session or during the night shift. Although, in the first case, it is recommended to sleep at least a little, at least a little, but still sleep, because it is a dream (in particular, a slow one) that helps to consolidate the material studied. However, nevertheless ... Having asked the question, what is still to be done if it is necessary to drive away a dream? We decided to share some ideas based on physiological effects, thanks to which we can act on circadian rhythms. We decided to describe these tricky methods for our readers in this article.

In this case, to control sleep, we suggest using a method of regulating breathing - a special ancient yoga breathing practice. By the way, such breathing not only affects the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, but also perfectly energizes the body and warms. In addition, this effect is mediated by the effect on the pineal gland. Such breathing (kapalabhati) consists in quick breathing by the stomach with an emphasis on sharp exhalation, while the inhalation is normal. To cheer up, enough to breathe ten times.

Chewing gum

And what about chewing gum? - you say. Gum itself can do nothing. This is a tricky trick in order to deceive the brain, which, when receiving signals from receptors in the mouth, as well as chewing movements, is activated in preparation for processing food. In parallel, the release of insulin, which causes a feeling of vigor, begins. It is better in this case to use chewing gum with a menthol flavor.

What is the secret of exposure to cool air? In fact, everything is simple - cold air tones up blood vessels and, by supplying appropriate signals to the brain, leads to an activation of metabolism to maintain normal functioning of internal organs. Heat, in contrast, causes a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness. So, create a cool atmosphere with a fan or air conditioner. If not, then at least open the windows. Another option is to wash yourself with water with pieces of ice floating in it - a charge of vivacity is provided.

Physical Education

What will help to better disperse the blood through the veins and gain courage? Yes, you guessed it - fitness! Do any physical exercise, preferably at intervals of up to half an hour. Light physical activity will provide a sufficient charge of vivacity. But if you need to work productively for two hours, then the best is a fifteen-minute walk. Can be replaced by jogging.

The wrists cooled by cold water will cheer up not worse than charging. The action of cold water invigorates along with cool air. By the way, a very good cooling technique during the heat or against a fever caused by a headache.

Do not pounce on food supplies in the refrigerator in the hope that the brain will be distracted from sleep. The effect may be the opposite - it takes a lot of energy to digest a large amount of food, and you can begin to feel lethargic and drowsy. Give dinner to the enemy!

Make the brain work - turn on rhythmic, preferably unfamiliar music. You can sway rhythmically or shake your head - the main thing is not to overdo it. Here a few more conditions must be fulfilled: the music should be such as to evoke a maximum of emotions. Another component is volume. It must be quiet so that it is difficult to make out words - the brain will work, including attention. Sing along if you can.

It is known that sleep-wake rhythms are also interconnected with illumination. The following advice is based on this: turn on the brightest light in the room at night, then go out into the yard during the day.

On our body are miraculous points - acupuncture. By acting on these points, you will be invigorated, as their massage, among other things, improves blood circulation. Their location: 1-crown, 2-neck (back), 3-earlobe, 4-point between the fingers: thumb and forefinger, 5-section under the knees.


Signals from the olfactory receptors are also able to activate the brain, regardless of whether we like this smell or not. To enhance nervous activity, aromatherapy recommends the following essential oils: mint, eucalyptus, rosemary. If these oils are not nearby, open a can of coffee and breathe a little of its aroma.

Coffee and sleep

Here is another technique that is interesting in that it combines sleep and vigor. It is known that caffeine, entering the body, does not begin to act immediately, but after fifteen minutes. So that this time is not wasted ... go to bed. How? Here are the eccentrics! But I still have so much to do! Perfectly. You will all be in time if you wake up in 15 minutes, exactly 15! This is an effective microspring (power nap) technique. A time of a quarter of an hour was chosen because after half an hour of sleep, a person plunges into the phase of deep sleep and, waking up later, you will feel tired and overwhelmed. So set an alarm!

Protein diet

Naturally, there are exceptions to any rule. Therefore, we do not change the recommendation to eat, but with one condition! Choose a protein diet, i.e. rich in proteins and carbohydrates: eggs, nuts, fruits and vegetables and in small portions. The frequency of such a diet is once every two or three hours. In addition to sugar, it will just give the opposite effect. And also, drink plenty of water so as not to feel weak and tired.

A ridiculous and simplest way to quickly shake a dream off yourself is to tickle the top of the sky with the tip of your tongue. The main thing is that everything is always with you!

Fall asleep? Take a break during which watch some funny video or start actively posting on social networks, which will cause the necessary excitement in the brain.

And remember, healthy sleep is the key to health. So try to resort to such methods only as a last resort!

1. Do not get ready for bed

We are talking about standard rituals - brushing your teeth, taking a shower, putting on pajamas, reading a book and more. Thus, you tell the body that you will soon go to bed. If you are not going to do this, try to avoid such habits.

3. Choose the right clothes

Do not change into pajamas, even if it is very comfortable. Put on something that is impossible to fall asleep, such as new unshorn jeans. Another assistant will be shoes with laces. She will not give you the opportunity to "just lie down for five minutes." If you, of course, are not used to falling asleep every Friday in boots.

5. Make the light brighter

Studies have shown that bright light suppresses Suppression of sleepiness and melatonin by bright light exposure during breaks in night work drowsiness. Turn on the overhead light, sconce, desk lamp. To overdo it in this matter is impossible. True, you should not turn this trick at parties: other visitors to the nightclub may be unhappy with the suddenly turned on lights.

10. Eat foods high in carbohydrates.

Adherents of proper nutrition will begin to resent, however, planning a sleepless night, you can once give up their principles. Fast carbohydrates during splitting give a burst of energy. The effect will be short-lived, so replenish the supply of chocolates and go to battle.

8. Drink coffee or caffeinated drinks

Caffeine really suppresses Sleep and Caffeine drowsiness. True, there are nuances of drinking coffee, depending on how you want to spend the morning. If you drink it too actively, there is a risk that you will be too cheerful even when it comes time to go to bed. If you drink coffee a little bit, you will easily fall asleep when caffeine leaves the bloodstream.

10. Get Fast Carbs

On a sleepless night, it’s precisely the property of fast carbohydrates, for which they are abused by devotees of a healthy diet, they will quickly decay to simple sugars and give a strong, albeit short-term surge of energy. So neglect the advice of the grandmothers “do not eat sweets at night, otherwise you will not fall asleep” and stock up on sweets.

Watch the level of fatigue, as the energy will leave your body as quickly: as soon as you feel tired, it's time to bite off a piece of chocolate.

12. Chew gum

According to studies by Chewing can relieve sleepiness in a night of sleep deprivation. chewing will not let you fall asleep. The brain receives a signal that food is on its way to the stomach, and does not allow the body to relax in anticipation of a portion of energy. In general, you can chew anything, but chewing gum will be a longer-lasting option than food.

Do not eat sweets - lean on proteins

There is a prejudice that sugar helps to cheer up, there is a lot of it in energy drinks and the classic night before deadline cocktail (coffee with Coca-Cola). In fact, recent studies prove that sugar only boosts energy for a short time, but in a couple of hours you will become very sleepy.

Orexin, a protein neurotransmitter (biologically active chemical substance), is responsible for wakefulness in the human body. Sugar intake lowers orexin levels, and high protein foods increase it. Therefore, instead of sweets and sweet soda in the middle of the night, it is better to eat nuts and boiled eggs.

Brighten the monitor screen and turn on the light in the apartment

In 2017, the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to scientists Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young for the study of the human biological clock - circadian rhythms. They found that people physically feel the time of day, because the production of certain proteins depends on this time. The circadian rhythms of the body also respond to light, so in the dark it seems to the body that it is time to sleep, and in bright light it is ready to stay awake and work actively.