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Whatsapp backup - how it works


Active users of Vatsap will certainly be interested in the ability to back up data. This function will ensure the safety of all correspondence and chats, as well as protect a person from the inability to restore them in case of loss of the phone. It will also be useful when transferring information from an old device to a new one.

Whatsapp backup

If the user bought a new device or you have to reset the settings on the previous device, then you will need a WhatsApp backup, because he wants to transfer the correspondence.

This will succeed in some methods:

  • Using the option of storing information on Google Drive,
  • Restore the archive with the dialogs of the SD card or the internal memory of the smartphone,
  • Download from iCloud.

How to create a backup on Google Drive

To archive dialogs on Google Drive, you must first create an account in this service. In addition, the device must be synchronized with it.

To perform archiving, you must:

  • Go to sections "Menu""Options" — «Dialogs and calls» — «Reserve take ...»,
  • Here you should click on the button "Backup to Google Drive».

Also in this section you can see and specify the time of creation of automatic backup takes of correspondence.

Option 1: Android

In the Vocap settings menu in the "Chats" section, open "Backup ...". There, click on "Backup". The current status of all chats and conversations will be written to your Google Drive account. You can restore it when you reinstall the application or run it on a new device.

Note: at the bottom of the copy section is the “Add Video” item. If you activate it, then the backup will be made also for videos.

Option 3: Special Applications

There are a large number of programs for iOS and Android, with which you can make data backups. They save the state of the application at a certain point in time, storing it in the device’s memory. And if there is such a need, the user can restore his data at any time. IPhone owners are advised to use WhatsApp Recovery, for Android - Titanium Backup.

Important: if you use such an application, it will overwrite the Watsap files. This means that new correspondence that was later than the moment of saving will be deleted.

What is a WhatsApp backup and what are its features

It happens that you have to uninstall the current version of the Vatsap application in order to update or download a new one. However, with each uninstall, all data is deleted, including information on correspondence and media files. You can protect sensitive data if all settings are completed correctly.

Vatsap backs up daily at night (2:00), so the user can restore it even if the correspondence is accidentally deleted. This will allow access to the data again and, if necessary, save them to the internal memory of the smartphone.

WhatsApp Local Backup Method

You can back up WhatsApp personal information locally, in other words, save it to the smartphone’s internal storage. We offer instructions on how to do this.

  1. Log in to the WhatsApp application on your smartphone and go to the section "Settings" through the menu (three vertical dots).

  1. In the next tab, select Chats, then go to the button Chat Backup.

  1. Now you can force the save by pressing the green button "Backup".

The folder where personal information from stored conversations is stored is located in the application’s internal memory.

  1. We go in "Memory" devices, find the folder "Whatsapp". Next we find another inner "Databases".

  1. In the file that opens, we see several documents. This is the backup database that contains the latest reserved chat data.

Good to know! To open the saved data, you need to select the type of information that you want to recover, after which, after waiting for the download, you can use the previous version of the correspondence.

Virtual backup method

This storage method will help not only to save all the necessary chats, but also to prevent the memory full on your smartphone. For this Android phones use Google Drive storage. How to save virtually archived data, see below.

  1. Go to "Settings" WhatsApp messenger, then open the tab Chats.

  1. Next, open Chat Backup and find the item "Backup to Google Drive"

  1. We click on it and check the box opposite the period during which we want to receive automatic data storage.

  1. We select an account and wait for the authentication of the messenger in it, after which we allow Google access to personal data.

As a result, if you look at the backup that you just completed, you will see that two archives of confidential information are being carried out simultaneously.

How to set up backup on your iOS smartphone

You can also download a backup to Apple smartphones, however this method will have some differences. More on this below. Information about each save will remain in iCloud.

  1. We activate the WhatsApp messenger, then go to the item "Settings".
  2. Open Chatsfollowed by "Copy".
  3. Press button "Create a copy" and wait for the process to complete.

Good to know! When trying to automatically back up data from the messenger to the iPhone, you must move the slider to the “On” state opposite the “Add video” record.

You can view the backup in the storage only if there is an activated and working iCloud account, and the corresponding application is installed on the PC.

Storing chat information on a computer

You can open a WhatsApp backup on your computer only if the account on your smartphone is synchronized with the application on the Windows operating system.

  1. We go in "Settings", then select Chats and click on the tab Chat History.

  1. Click on Chat Export, select the contact of interest and make a backup with the inclusion of media files.

  1. Next opens “Departure Option”, for example, by e-mail, where you indicate your e-mail.

Then the user receives a full copy of the correspondence on his electronic mailbox and can download it in order to read it.

Disabling data copying

If you notice that the data is regularly populated and there is already a shortage of storage space, you can turn off backup. To do this. The user needs to enter the messenger settings and in the offer of the data storage location select "Never". Please note that the ability to disable is only valid for virtual backups.

What is message backup in Vatsap and what is it for?

Every day at two in the morning there is a local copy of the entire contents of your chats in Vatsap. This is necessary so that if you accidentally deleted some important part of the correspondence, it could be restored.

That is, if you suddenly erased all the messages in the chats, then there is the opportunity to restore all the data in the form in which it was at 2.00 current days. All correspondence that took place after this time cannot be restored, unfortunately, unless, of course, you backed up the messages yourself.

Where are messages from Vatsap copied? In the memory of your phone or on an SD card, if it is selected by default as the main storage of information on your device. You can find out where Vatsap backups are stored if you go to the File Manager of your smartphone (sometimes called Explorer) and find a folder called WhatsApp, and there is a Databases subfolder in it.


Virtual is called saving files to the cloud storage on Google drive. It is necessary, for example, to transfer information when changing the phone, as well as in case the device is accidentally damaged to such an extent that extracting information from its memory will be impossible.

It, as well as local, can be configured to automatically save a fresh copy of Vatsap to Google disk. It is also possible to set various time intervals, from once a day to once a month. You can do this as follows:

  • Open WhatsApp and enter Settings

  • Among the menu items, select “Chats,” and then “Backup Chats.”
  • You’ll see “Google Drive Settings.”

  • First of all, you should choose the account on which the information will now be stored. Just touch the line “Account” and click on the desired one.
  • After that, decide how often you will be happy with copying and replace the item “Never” with any of the proposed ones, at your discretion.
  • Keep in mind that all video files are not saved on the virtual disk due to space saving. If this does not suit you, check the box next to "Add video"

Your data is now stored in Google Drive! WhatsApp backups will be searched from it.

How to back up on iCloud

ICloud Service Required for iOS smartphones (iPhone, iPad and others). You can back up WhatsApp when you need it. To do this, you need:

  • Go to the sections "Whatsapp Options» — Chats"Copy"
  • Next, you need to click on the inscription "Create copy».

Before this, you should create an account in the iCloud service.

How to copy all WhatsApp correspondence to a computer?

If you want to keep all the correspondence with your loved ones on the computer, then this is not difficult at all. Chats and their contents (with the exception of media files) can be sent to yourself by e-mail.

You can do it like this:

  • In the Watsup application, open “Settings”, then “Chats”

  • Click on Chat History

  • From the four items that appear, select “Email” and then follow the system prompts. So you can save all messages in Votsap and send them to your computer.

Attention! If the chat history is too long, then it may not be sent completely due to limitations in the size of the email. The only way to send inappropriate information is to delete older entries in the application after they are on the computer, then the missing part of the information can be sent the second time. This is the only way to open a full backup of Vatsap on your computer if it is too large.

How to delete a backup of WhatsApp?

If you, for any reason, need to delete this information, then this is easy. You only need to keep in mind that you can open files of this type for viewing exclusively through the WhatsApp application, to which the number is attached.

To delete information, you need to know where to find a backup of WhatsApp.

    • Log in to File Manager or Explorer (depending on the model of your smartphone)
    • Find a folder called WhatsApp in the directory
    • Enter it and, choosing the “Backups” (or Databases) item, hold it with a long press on the screen.

  • From the options offered by the device, select "Delete"

For Android

    • Remove the application from the device,
    • Download it again from PlayMarket,

  • When confirming the number, the program will ask if you will restore the backups,
  • Agree to Restore.

If the application did not find the required copies, the reasons for this may be the following:

  • Your files on the device’s internal memory or card were corrupted,
  • The wrong phone number that was registered in your account was used,
  • You are not connected to the Google Drive you backed up to.

For iPhone

  • From the phone you need to remove this application, and then download it again through the App Store,
  • Confirm your phone number,
  • Following the prompts of the system, when asked whether to restore data, click on "Restore",
  • Files will be restored using your iCloud account.

After reading our other article, you will learn how to install Vatsap on 2 numbers at the same time.

Possible backup problems and solutions

In case of obstacles when copying data, pay attention to the following facts:

  • Internet connection quality

If the signal is weak, then you need to change the network to another, with a stronger and more stable signal. For example, change mobile Internet to Wi-Fi.

If the packet of traffic on your tariff is insufficient, then the connection may be disconnected and copying will not end.

  • Free space on the device or virtual disk

When there is not enough space, the system may refuse to transfer data. Free up enough space.

  • Lost Google or iCloud account with device
  • If the corresponding account is not created on the phone, create it and check its connection with WhatsApp in the application settings menu.

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How to recover information from internal memory or SD card

If you do not want to save dialogs on the network, you can configure daily duplication of information using the local method. Whatsapp backup saved in sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases. You can open the location using the file manager. It will not be possible to return the archive through it, as well as simply familiarizing yourself with the dialogue.

In order to return conversations, when confirming the number on the device when notifying the messenger about finding a backup copy, you only need to agree that Vatsap restore the copy itself (if necessary, you can disable it). However, all correspondence will be available no earlier than seven days before recovery.

To restore older archives on Android, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install one of the file messengers,
  • Go along the route sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases,
  • There, change the name of the file to be installed with msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 on msgstore.db.crypt8,
  • Erase Vatsap and reinstall it,
  • At the time of notification of the return of a copy of the chats - agree.

With a new installation, users are prompted to recover deleted chats. All investments will also be restored. If you want videos to be added to the copy, you need to enable this function in the settings.

Backing up Vatsap on a smartphone is automatic. Unlike being placed in the cloud, this method allows you to save not only the latest versions of conversations, but also the archives of all chats per week. The necessary parameters can be changed in the section "Chats and calls» — «Backup copy…».

In order for chats to be stored in the cloud on Google Drive, you need to provide access to an account on this service. To save traffic, you should specify the option "Use only Wi-Fi". In this case, the mobile network will not be used when downloading data.

При возникновении ошибок нужно проверить, выполнен ли вход профиль и имеется ли стабильное Интернет-соединение на компьютере или смартфоне.