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For beginners: how to use acrylic nail powder


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Nail powder is famous for its quick and easy application technique, which makes it a popular choice when visiting a nail salon. Remove powder just as quickly, you can do this without leaving your home. Nail powder can be wiped off with acetone and aluminum foil, or just soak your nails in acetone. Whatever method you use, your nails will remain clean and healthy.

What is acrylic powder

This material came into manicure from dentistry. It is soft, supple and at the same time porous. But he does not hold strength. This tool is used for sculpting directly on the nail plate. It is also used for building. Despite the fact that acrylic powder quickly hardens, it is used in manicure quite successfully.

What are the beneficial properties of acrylic powder? She:

  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic. This makes it a versatile material that suits everyone. This is a big plus when building nails, which are known to last a long time.
  • Similar to real nails. If you take powder to build up a shade that is close to natural, then it will be difficult to distinguish and take it for artificial material.
  • Wear resistant. The nails grown with its help last for a long time, they do not chip and do not break. In this case, the nail plate remains elastic, it does not deform, since the layer of powder is very thin.
  • Durable. Due to this, it is used not only for building, but also for artistic modeling. From the powder you can create pretty cute and interesting elements for decorating nails. True, this has to be done very quickly, since the material freezes soon. This does not allow you to draw small details.

Use acrylic powder and to strengthen the nails. This material is thin and durable. By applying it, you can prevent brittleness of natural nail plates. This method is used quite widely.

Product Types

Acrylic powder in the form of powder is on sale. It is a huge number of species. Some varieties are only for building, others for modeling. Also this material is made in different colors. We will talk about this and help you choose the right option.

Transparent and matte powder

It consists of particles of the finest grinding. When applied, the material is no different from ordinary nails. That is why it is used to create a base layer during building.

Such acrylic powder well hides the imperfections of nails. She aligns them visually. Often this is used to form the tip of the nail. It also performs volumetric modeling.

Such material is also used to create an aquarium design, as well as a jacket.

Camouflage powder

This variety has a denser structure. Such a powder is close in color to a natural shade. At the same time, it is not transparent.

The tool is used to correct a natural nail. With it, you can hide the yellowness, bumps. Also camouflage acrylic powder lengthen the bed of the nail.

How to use acrylic powder

This question should be highlighted, since if you apply acrylic powder on the nails incorrectly, it will not work to correct it in the process. It hardens very quickly. An element that was not made of high quality will have to be completely removed, and then the whole process should be started anew.

Before using acrylic powder, it is mixed with monomer (special liquid). After that, she is ready to go.

How to apply acrylic powder

This is done in a few steps. At the very beginning, of course, you need to prepare your nails for manicure. You cut them, align, remove the cuticle. You should also degrease the nail plates. After that, you can use acrylic powder for nails.

Treat the cuticle with a gel primer and attach the mold. It can also be tipsa.

Next, apply acrylic powder under gel polish. Try to do this with precise movements. You remember that everything dries out very quickly.

When the acrylic has completely hardened, remove the forms (tips). Next, you need to process the nails in order to make the manicure complete. Paint the plates with varnish, draw a picture or attach volumetric elements.

You see, using acrylic powder for nail extensions is easy. The main thing is to fill your hand.

How to use acrylic powder on gel polish

This is not so easy, especially at home. It's all about gel polish. It hardens only under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, so you definitely need such a lamp.

Everything should begin again with hygiene procedures. Having prepared your nails and degreased them, you can get to work.

Apply the base and dry it. Some products require UV drying.

Apply gel polish. Do this in the usual way, as you are used to. In this case, pay attention to the sides. They need to be painted over especially carefully.

Next, apply acrylic powder to gel polish. This is done when the last layer on the nail has not yet dried. Just sprinkle with small particles those areas that you need. You can dip the entire nail plate. After that, the manicure is dried under ultraviolet light.

Next, brush a manicure with a brush to remove excess dust particles. You can leave everything as it is or cover everything with a fixative.

How to strengthen nails with acrylic powder

This procedure can be carried out at home. To do this, you can purchase materials individually or in a kit. Additionally store the brush.

Apply to nails. First dip the brush in powder, then in monomer. You will get a drop of a certain consistency. It will need to be smeared on the nail plate. Do it in two layers.

After the acrylic hardens, file a nail. Top can be applied decorative varnish.

Remember that acrylic has a pungent odor. If you plan to use it at home, then take care of ventilating the room.

How to remove acrylic powder from nails

This task is also not an easy one. In order to do this, you will need a special fluid. It can be purchased at the store.

  1. First you should trim the protruding parts of the nails. Do this extremely carefully, as you can accidentally break off part of your nail.
  2. After the nails are trimmed, remove the finish gel with a large file. This will not be very easy, so set yourself up for work.
  3. Moisten a cotton pad in a special liquid and apply to the nail. Wrap it with foil. Do it with all your fingers. Soak for 10 minutes.

This procedure will soften acrylic. He will become malleable. You can easily remove it with a regular nail file.

Why do I need gel powder?

Powder gel is used to strengthen the nail plate. It is a friable fine dust from acrylic. After mixing the powder and a special monomer, the powder hardens and forms a durable coating.

For the first time, acrylic properties were noticed by dentists. This material is widely used in dentistry for the manufacture of fillings. Previously, acrylic coating was used only for nail extension, now powder is used to strengthen, repair and design nails.

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Pros of Using Nail Gel Powders

  • Nails are well protected. The powder provides a dense coating that can withstand external influences.
  • The powder penetrates the nail and restores its structure.
  • The powder hides all cosmetic defects of the nail plate, such as chips, bumps, delaminations and other imperfections.
  • The tool quickly hardens, and removing gel powder for nails will not be difficult with a special remover.
  • The coating fills the microcracks of the nail, ensuring even application of subsequent layers.
  • With abrasion and chipping gel polish, there is no need to redo the entire manicure, it is enough to fix only the breakaway part, using the powder.

Preparation of nails for applying powder

Before using acrylic powder under gel polish, nails must be carefully prepared for the application procedure.

  • wash your hands and wipe dry with a towel,
  • remove all coatings from nails (varnish, gel polish, etc.),
  • soften the cuticle with a special cuticle remover or lower it in warm water for 2-3 minutes,
  • to move the cuticle with the wide side of the orange stick and cut,
  • apply nourishing cream to hands and nails.
  • Nail preparation:
  • gently file the nail and give it the desired shape, repeat on all nails,
  • treat nails with a nail polisher (only the hard side),
  • shake off the nail dust.

Application Technique

The process of strengthening nails with gel powder does not require special knowledge and skills. Even a novice is able to cope with this task.

  • Apply primer and wipe off grease from nails. Important! You need to remove the fat with a paper towel, as the tissue can leave the villi.
  • Apply base under gel polish. No drying necessary.
  • Sprinkle acrylic powder on top of the nail so that there are no empty spaces.
  • Dry in a UV lamp for 3 minutes.
  • Remove the remaining powder with a brush. Important! If unwanted tubercles or other irregularities appear, they can be removed with a polisher.
  • Apply nail polish gel polish. Previously, you do not need to use the base or top. Important! It is not necessary to dry the powder under the UV lamp. It hardens when interacting with the base coat.
  • Fix the manicure with a topcoat - top.
  • Dry under the lamp for 2 minutes. Remove sticky layer if necessary.

Tip: It is not necessary to powder the entire nail, only damaged brittle parts of the plate can be strengthened.

Varieties of Gel - Powders

When strengthening nails with powder, gel polish can not be used. There are several varieties of decorative coatings. The choice depends only on the imagination of the nail master.

  • Transparent powder. Matte powder, light beige or white, fine grinding. After hardening, the powder looks very similar to the natural color of the nail. The powder is suitable for nails without visible defects. Used to strengthen nails, mask small flaws, nail extensions or foundation under gel polish. Widely used to create a natural manicure.
  • Finishing gel powder. This is a universal powder, which is used to fix the manicure as the last layer. It should be applied in a thin layer. Powder is able to create a glossy shiny surface. Used to obtain a glossy surface of nails.
  • Camouflage powder. It differs from its “sisters” in its dense structure and ability to mask serious nail imperfections. The powder is opaque. The shade of the powder is similar to the natural color of the nail. Used to eliminate mechanical damage to the nail.
  • Colored powder. It is a powder of various shades. The color scheme is very diverse. Powder is used to color decor elements and patterns on nails.
  • Neon acrylic powder. The composition of the product contains phosphating components that can glow from ultraviolet radiation. Powder is used to create club nail art. You can add sparkles to this powder or mix colors with each other.
  • Glitter Powder. Translucent powder with shiny particles. Sequins can be different in size, shape and color. Used to create a creative nail design and holiday manicure.

    What is gel powder

    Gel powder is an alternative to the usual gel polish. It took many years to adapt the powder in the nail industry - it was difficult for lovers of beautiful manicure to abandon traditional and already understood methods.

    Every year, development is becoming more widespread, pushing its predecessors into the background. After the product entered the world market, large manufacturers of nail design products began to produce their own funds, while improving the composition and expanding the color palette.

    Acrylic and gel powder are fundamentally different products.

    • Acrylic powder is a synthetic compound that hardens only under the influence of ultraviolet rays.
    • The gel powder has an organic origin and is capable of polymerization in airspace.

    Coating system

    Powder jar itself is a useless product. High-quality manicure will be achieved only by using all means. The coating system includes: preparing gel, base coat, powder, siller and top. Depending on the desire, various oils for processing the cuticle after the procedure and preparations for cleaning the hands after the procedure are additionally purchased. To remove the gel powder, a special liquid is used.

    System Tools:

    1. Preparing gel. Its function is similar to the primer, but does not penetrate the nail and does not violate the acid-base balance of the nail,
    2. Base. The coating is responsible for good adhesion of powder and nail and alignment of the plate.
    3. Powder. Colored or transparent powder to give your nails the desired shade. Transparent powder is used for general nail strengthening, color powder - for design,
    4. Siller. Acts as an activator. Allows you to connect the base layer and powder,
    5. Top In simple words - fixative. It makes the coating less resistant to physical impact, guarantees the preservation of shade and gives shine.

    Depending on the manufacturer of the gel powder, the name or list of basic products may change.

    • EA Bond - gel under the powder. It is used to prepare the plate for applying other means of the system and provides reliable adhesion of the coating to the nail,
    • Gelous base - base for coating,
    • SNS powder,
    • Sealer dry - liquid for polymerization,
    • Gel top - fixer

    Additionally, you can purchase:

    • Vitamin oil - moisturizing cuticle oil,
    • Nail glue - adhesive liquid for repairing a damaged plate,
    • Gel thinner - composition for thinning the base and top. It is used if the base or finish gel has thickened.
    • Brush saver - brush cleaner.

    • Pro bond - preparatory tool for the nail plate before applying the base,
    • Gel base - the basic tool for the preparation of the nail,
    • Color powder
    • Activator - gel for polymerization,
    • Gel top - finishing agent for fixing the coating,

    Additional products:

    • Brush Cleaner 1 - liquid for cleansing brushes after use,
    • Brush cleaner 2 - composition for the preparation of brushes after cleaning,
    • Vitamin Cuticle Oil - cuticle softening oil,
    • Remover fluid

    • Nail primer - Primer for degreasing,
    • Nail Base & Top Gel - Base and finish gel,
    • Layering gel dip - Glue composition. It is applied to the base, before contact with the powder,
    • Powder,
    • Gel activator - Polymerization.

    Additional funds:

    • Brush Cleaner - Brush cleaner
    • Cuticle Oil - Cuticle moisturizing oil.

    What are the means of

    Innovative safe composition has become the main argument of gel powder in competition with other coatings.

    Gel degreasing components:

    • Ethyl acetate. Acetic acid ester
    • 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate. Synthetic thickener.

    Base Layer Components:

    • Ethyl cyanoacrylate. The cyanoacrylic acid ester is used for fast bonding with powder,
    • Polymethylmethacrylate. Film former of synthetic origin.

    Siller components:

    • Ethyl acetate,
    • Dimethyltolylamine. Film former of synthetic origin

    Finish Coating Components:

    • Ethyl cyanoacrylate. In this case, to glue the product with the previous layers,
    • Polymethylmethacrylate. A thick film former on the surface of the coating.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Like any remedy, gel powder has its advantages and disadvantages. Before giving preference to a product, you need to deal with the pros and cons of the product.


    • The relative speed of the procedure using the tool. You can create an individual manicure in just 30 minutes,
    • The absence of ultraviolet radiation on the nails and skin of the hands - the composition of the product does not require drying in a UV lamp,
    • The coating stays on the nails for about a month, without cracking or fading,
    • The products intended for coating do not have the chemical smell inherent in many products of the nail industry,
    • In addition to the aesthetic function, it has the property of strengthening the nail plate,
    • In beauty salons, the speed of the procedure allows the master to increase the number of clients,
    • The organic composition eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions that are often encountered by manicure specialists,


    • To achieve maximum effect, you will have to purchase funds from one manufacturer. When working with gel polishes, for example, it is allowed to use the top and base of different companies and the result will not be affected,
    • Funds dry out quickly, so to get a good manicure, you’ll first have to master the technique,
    • The multi-layer coating affects the final thickness of the nail, which exceeds the thickness when working with gel polish.

    Coating technology

    To create a manicure with an ideal coating, you will need:

    • Primer
    • Base,
    • Powder,
    • Siller
    • Top
    • Lint-free wipes for nail treatment with primer,
    • Buff
    • Nail file
    • Brush.

    Step-by-step instructions for working with the gel-powder system:

    1. Remove the upper glossy layer from the nail. You can’t skip this step - with a glossy surface, adhesion is many times worse
    2. To process a nail surface with a primer. The product degreases and disinfects the nail plate,
    3. Apply a thin layer of the base product as evenly as possible.
    4. Without waiting for the base to dry, dip the nail in a jar of powder. Brush off excess.
    5. After the layer dries a little, apply a second layer of the base and dip the nail in powder again,
    6. The next layer is applied siller. It is he who will combine the previous layers and give the coating strength
    7. After the activator has completely hardened, the desired shape is given to the nails. All irregularities in the application and surplus are cut off.
    8. The final stage is applied top. The fixer will make the nails glossy and hide roughness from cuts.