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We hide from children New Year's gifts


We all know this feeling: the New Year holidays are approaching, and we look forward to the moment when we find out what gifts we will receive this time. Of course, Santa Claus is still on the way, but your parents have already made tantalizing hints and even put some boxes, tubes and packages of an unusual shape under the Christmas tree ... Curiosity is growing more and more ... Want to know how much your obedience paid off? By all means! Here are some tips to help you do this. Just keep them away from your parents, otherwise they will be able to mask gifts even more!

Method 1 Find Hidden Gifts

  1. 1 Make sure you are not caught. The first rule for finding gifts is to be sure that your parents will not catch you doing this. It is advisable that at this time they were not at home. If this is not possible, search at a time when they are busy with their affairs in other parts of the house. This way you can quickly hide them if you hear a noise.
  2. 2 Do your homework. But not math assignments, but preparations for the search. Take photos before you start using your camera or mobile phone. Take some photos of how everything looks before you start touching anything.
  3. 3 When you are finished searching, look at the photos to return everything to its place. It’s like you didn’t touch anything.
  4. 4 Be sure to delete the photos after the search!
  5. 5 Start checking places where your parents were more likely to hide gifts. The most suitable place is their bedroom, so start looking in the closet or under the bed (some parents may be so carefree). Then continue your search in the living room cabinets, on high shelves and everywhere out of sight.
    • Look into all the bags. If your gifts are not wrapped (or your parents showed a trick), they may be in paper or plastic bags.
    • Check out the rooms that your parents suddenly closed on Christmas Eve. Take the keychain of the parents and find the right one. Internal locks are just locks that can be opened with a regular screwdriver.
    • If your parents watch movies about spies, make sure they don’t put a piece of tape there or something else and can’t figure out that someone was opening the door.
  6. 6 Check also all the other rooms, even if you think that your parents would hardly have hidden their gifts there. The most cunning parents can hide them even in your bedroom! You need to look everywhere, including in drawers, wardrobes, ventilation openings and spaces between sofa cushions.
  7. 7 Continue your search in the utility rooms - pantry, basement, garage, attic, attic, barn and cellar. Also look in the yard.
  8. 8 Look into your parents' car. They can keep gifts there, thinking that it is not safe to bring them home. Remember to check the glove box.
    • Check and rooms for bicycles, the roof and the room itself. It can be closed, but you can easily find the key to it where the parents always keep the keys.
  9. 9 You also need to search your parents' workplace, especially if they have their own business. You can do this if your parents took you to work with them for some reason. Be very careful not to spoil important documents or things of employees, otherwise you risk creating for yourself serious problems.
  10. 10 See if your gifts are in the home of your relatives or neighbors. If your family communicates closely with friends or relatives who live nearby, then your parents could deposit them. Only do not try to get there without invitation. Again, avoid searching for places that could cause trouble (such as a bedroom or home office).
  11. 11 If the search does not help, look for instructions. They can be in the dresser, car, mom’s wallet or in the father’s wallet. You can also find a product description or purchase confirmation in your parents ’email or online history if they bought your gifts online.

. In addition, try to find plastic bags that will help you find out which stores they went to.

  • Be highly careful if you decide to check your parents' computer: this is a serious privacy violation, and if parents find out about it, then all Christmas in your family can be ruined.

Storeroom, loggia, garage

First of all, you need to hide the gift as high as possible. If in such places as a pantry, a garage or a loggia, the purchased item does not deteriorate, then you can hide it there. But one should not lose vigilance. The child may notice the bright packaging at the moment when you get sugar from the pantry or drive the car. Places such as garages and loggias are not suitable for surprises that require a plus temperature for storage, because on the eve of the holiday there can be severe frosts.

Mezzanines, upper shelves

The ideal solution is to find a box of household appliances, shoes or an opaque bag that the baby has already seen. In this container you can put a children's gift and put on the upper shelves or mezzanines. But keep in mind, detective kids are able to build a tower of Babel out of chairs if they suspect that a toy is hidden at the top.

Lockable Cabinets

If the child is not big enough, then a closed cupboard may not cause suspicion. The situation is more complicated with older children, because the child will simply begin to pester with questions regarding the contents of the closed box.

Neighbors, friends, parents

Great idea to hide a gift from your neighbors. The main thing is that they do not have small children who are able to find a surprise prepared for your child. Grandmother can also help in preserving, but only if the grandson or granddaughter does not come to visit her on New Year's Eve or is under constant supervision. Your friends can watch the present if their kids have grown up long ago or they are not there at all. But keep in mind, friends can forget about the thing you left and leave just before the holiday.

Leave at work

Most moms and dads do just that - they keep gifts at work. A significant minus of this method is that often two or three days before the New Year they no longer go to work. After all, you need to bring a surprise home. If you have keys to the premises, there is no problem with the ability to go to work on the weekend, then safely store it in the workplace.

You can try to hide the present from the ubiquitous baby under the bed, under the bathroom and even in the trunk of the car.

What to do if the child still found a surprise?

For many months, your child dreamed of an interactive robot and even asked Grandfather Frost in a letter for it. And then it turns out that the baby found his surprise, which was so carefully hidden.

Do not scream or punish the child. Tell him that Grandfather Frost has a lot of children and that in order to be in time he brings gifts in advance, and his parents help him to present. Offer to put a gift in place and get it on New Year. Also buy some inexpensive toy that you give along with this gift.

What if the child is at the age when he knows that mothers and fathers give gifts, and not Santa Claus? Calmly explain to him that purposefully looking for gifts is not good. Say that with his find he ruined his surprise. Return the gift to its place, while saying that he will not receive another gift for the New Year.

It does not matter who brings the gifts - Santa Claus or parents. A child at any age should believe that the New Year is a time of magic, when all the wishes and dreams made are fulfilled.

How to find out what parents will give you for the New Year?

So that you are not caught in this fascinating activity, try to observe safety measures and choose the moment when your parents will not be at home. And after everything is over, take away all the things in place, as if you did not touch them. The camera can help you with this ... Take a picture of the room or other room that you examined, and after you find the present, put everything in place as it was.

If mom and dad are not going to leave home, you can find the time when they are busy with something. However, be on your guard, and in order not to get caught, try to quickly hide what you found if you hear a noise. Also be prepared to give excuses if you are "caught."

There can be many places where parents hide gifts for the New Year. Dads and mothers, always busy at work, usually just do not have enough time to properly hide the purchased things.

Most often they are left on the balcony, where no one goes in the winter, on the mezzanine or in the pantry, in cabinets, under beds and sofas, as well as in the luggage racks of cars. Items that can withstand low temperatures can also be stored in the garage.

How to find a Christmas gift hidden by parents for 2020? Pay attention to the boxes that are in the far corners of the cabinets, under the beds or in the pantry. Hidden items can be masked on top with packing attributes (polystyrene, paper, bags).

It is very convenient to hide something in the old boxes: your parents expect that you simply will not pay attention to them. This can be a container from a TV or a refrigerator, an old shoe box, etc.

Perhaps in your house or apartment there is a roomy suitcase or a large travel bag? There is a chance that the present is hidden there.

Small presentations (smartphones, books, etc.) should be looked up on bookshelves: such items can be discreetly placed between books or behind them.

Check the rooms that your parents suddenly closed on the eve of the holiday. To do this, take a bunch of keys and find among them suitable ones.

Look in the kitchen: maybe the gifts are in large pots, plastic containers, and even in the oven? You can check out several more places: a washing machine, spaces between sofa cushions and compartments under the sofa, laundry basket, peeping under the bath: it usually doesn’t occur to anyone to look for it there, especially if this space is covered by a special screen.

Where do parents hide gifts for the 2020 New Year?

If your searches were unsuccessful, and you still wonder where your parents can hide the gifts that they prepared for you for the New Year, perhaps your mother and father decided to keep them with their neighbors or grandparents in the apartment. If your family communicates closely with friends or relatives who live nearby, then your ancestors could turn to them.

In this case, it will not be easy to find out what gift from parents is waiting for you for the New Year 2020. It is unlikely that your neighbors or grandparents will tell you where such presents lie, even if you ask for it very much. After all, like your mom and dad, they are sure that if you find out in advance about what you bought, then on New Year's Day you will be the most unhappy child in the world.

Maybe in some ways they are right? Think about whether to reveal a secret ahead of time? After all, at the same time, you can not be happy, but upset. Parents could choose not what you like, but what seemed to them the most suitable. In addition, some things they might not have bought for financial reasons.

If you read the article to this place and are still wondering how to find out where your parents hide your New Year’s gifts, then you haven’t found anything. Apparently, they tried to hide things properly and would be very upset if you find them.

Should you continue your search if you know that will upset them? In addition, most likely, the gifts are already packed, and it will be difficult to find out what your parents decided to give you on the occasion of the upcoming New Year without damaging the package or box.

However, ... if you do this very carefully, nobody will notice anything. In this case, we’ll give a few more tips: try to fold the paper very carefully when you unfold the package found.

If the gift is in the box, you can shake it softly: you can guess its contents by the sound you hear. If there are gaps in the box, you can look there. Pay attention to the label on the package, which provides information about the purchased product: its name and technical specifications.

Remember to carefully put all things in place. And even if you don’t like the present, thank mom and dad for it when they will hand it in, because they deserve it!