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Fake Piercing - Summer Trend # 1


A piercing fake or, in other words, a trick piercing is the name for a body jewelry that resembles a puncture in appearance, but is actually attached to the skin using special non-traumatic fasteners and glue. This is an actual way to stand out from the crowd without causing damage. The holes in the skin under the earring leave marks, in some cases keloid scars. This cannot happen with a fake product. It can be worn at parties or worn in everyday life. The main thing is to exercise caution and not to exert a mechanical effect on the piercing.

What is it and what features

An earring in the nose or on the eyebrows looks bold, but not everyone can decide to take a serious step and make a real puncture on the face or body. Firstly, it hurts; healing can take months. Secondly, according to statistics, every fifth piercing ends with inflammation and infection. As a result, you can get not an ornament, but an ugly scar. But if the thought regularly visits you, then we suggest using a blende piercing.

  • has no external differences from the present,
  • easy to put on and take off, which allows you to change the image from a pay girl to an unpredictable person in a matter of seconds,
  • don’t need a puncture to put on the earring, which can fester in the future and develop into a big scar,
  • painlessly.

Types of fastening jewelry for the navel, nose, tongue

Currently, many options have been invented to fix the snag earring to different parts of the body. Most popular ways:

Each of the species has advantages and disadvantages, so you should understand them in detail to make the right choice.

  • Piercing as a snag held on a magnet. An ideal method to transform the nose, ears or lips. The product is made of two halves, inside of which there is a magnet of sufficient strength. Power is enough to even gain a foothold on the cartilage. Therefore, do not be afraid for reliability. They are reliable if they are not touched or moved.
  • Product on a suction cup. This option is suitable for simulating a puncture in the tongue. It acts similarly to a regular suction cup, which when wet reliably adheres to the surface. As ornaments can be balls, tips and other earrings. The main thing is not to let you look under the tongue. In order not to accidentally swallow a blende, it is recommended to remove it before eating.
  • Fixing with glue. Rhinestones are glued with a professional waterproof composition designed for applying artificial eyelashes. As a decoration, you can use pearls or small pebbles, which are sold in sewing stores. Also in stores in a wide assortment of stones are presented in a special metal frame, which is difficult to distinguish from a real piercing. The fake holds firmly on the skin for several hours, if you do not wet it and do not touch it. A snag piercing is applied to the nose, abdomen, eyebrows and other areas.
  • Clasp with clip. The most durable and safe way of fastening. There are no parts in the product that could fall off or come off at the wrong time. This option is loved by fans of fake jewelry. The simplest form is a half ring, which must be selected in size according to the thickness of the site. Deception can be made of cheap metal or silver, gold. Another clamping option is spring adjustment. It adapts to the size.

When choosing a fake decoration, be sure to consider all factors: the place of attachment, the possibility of mechanical stress, and conditions of wear. This will help you choose the best type of dummy piercing that can withstand any test.

How to do an imitation piercing at home

If it is not possible to purchase a finished jewelry, then you can make it with your own hands. This will require a minimum set of tools and several minutes of free time.

How to do a blende piercing yourself at home:

  1. Take a pen, felt-tip pen, pencil or brush for drawing.
  2. Prepare a hairpin and glue with waterproof qualities for eyelash extensions.
  3. Put the hairpin on the handle with the round part, and begin to wind the ends in turn, forming a spring. Two or three curls are enough.
  4. Spread the resulting rings and with the help of office scissors cut off excess metal. Leave the ring with a small distance between the ends.
  5. The half-ring can be left unchanged or decorated with metal or pearl beads with a hole in the middle. Fix with glue in the middle of the product. Wait for it to dry.

You got an imitation of piercing the nose, lips, eyebrows. If in some places the earring does not hold well, fix it with glue.

How to wear so that no one understands that the puncture is not real

We have already familiarized ourselves with the varieties of fasteners, now it’s time to tell you what fake jewelry is best worn at each particular place.

  • Navel. Clips or adhesive rhinestones are ideal for this part of the body.
  • In the language. The method of fastening in the mouth is radically different from the rest. For reliable fixation, the product is required on a suction cup or magnet. Wear carefully so as not to swallow a fake accessory.
  • Eyebrow. You can decorate with miniature rhinestones and glue or an open ring that you can make at home with your own hands.
  • An ear. The choice of mounts is huge. You can put on a fake piercing with a clip, in the form of a half ring, with a magnetic base. Especially popular among the stars are cuffs, which are located on the auricle.
  • Artificial nose piercing. The most popular place on the face for piercing and simulating a puncture. For a safe arrangement of earrings, there are two options: glue and half ring. A pebble gives femininity, and a ring worn on the nose of insolence.
  • Lip. The best way to decorate is an open ring, but rhinestones and magnetic cloves look more aesthetically pleasing.

Which option to choose, only the future owner decides. The main thing is that a jewelry without a puncture does not harm beauty and health. It looks original, others will not be able to suspect a fraud. An unusual approach to the transformation of appearance makes it attractive without pain and dangerous complications in the future.

Facial piercing: on the lips and not only. Find out about the grand summer trend.

Thanks to celebrities, beautyloggers, instagram "stars" and colorful photos of festival makeup over the past few years, interest in piercing on different parts of the face has returned. So the piercing has not been perceived for a long time as a prerogative exclusively prepared by metalworkers, amateurs to transform their appearance (the so-called body-morphing), or representatives of any other subcultures.

However, today offers us a compromise option - a fake piercing. No longer need to risk beauty and health, putting the skin at risk of infections or keloid scars. Fake piercing is a grandiose, but at the same time easy summer trend, which will allow you to simply remove the jewelry if you change your mind about wearing it and leave no residue on your skin.

Fake Piercing: Festival Fashion

Festival fashion has already turned into a separate insanity: while the mass market releases whole collections of clothes dedicated to the beginning of another grand event, guests of musical events themselves are creating their own trends. Sometimes amidst all this splendor, quite elegant and interesting ideas appear, designed to change your look for exactly one evening, and then to easily return to the more familiar everyday tricks - fake freckles and piercings are just one of them. Today, the fickle fashion is held in high esteem with fake navel piercings, as well as “pseudo” nose rings or lip accessories: they are part of the makeup and go out with them to informal parties or clubs.

In fact, the trend “sprouted” back in 2014, many were interested in the Indian-style nose piercing - from the filing of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and a number of other extravagant and experimental-minded celebrities. Jewelry manufacturers quickly responded to this interest with the release of fake nose rings: they are easy to wear and able to mimic piercings in a natural way without punctures and other serious interventions. This year, with the onset of the festivals season, the fake piercing trend reincarnated in a new quality - this time thanks to Kim Kardashian: she came to the next event with a solid adornment in her lower lip made of gold and diamonds. Of course, this went unnoticed and it is not surprising that such accessories were declared a trend in just a couple of days.

Meanwhile, beauty experimenters on Instagram suggest creating an imitation of piercing without leaving the house: an imitation of a gold or silver ring can be created using metal lipsticks or liquid eyeshadows, or simply leaving a small “bare” strip of skin in the process of makeup.

How to do a fake piercing

If in order to simulate a piercing in the nose or, especially, in the ears, you still have to pay a visit to the shopping center or the Indian market, then with jewelry on the lips everything is simpler and more pleasant. Practice shows that the options drawn for instagram are good not only for photo shoots: the same glitter in the company of matte lipstick is quite capable of staying on the lips for a long time and not cause inconvenience.

In connection with the spread of the new trend, it’s easy to find beautiful and interesting options for false piercing even now. Recently, such jewelry can be bought online almost everywhere - at H&M, on the ASOS website, etc. Neat half-ring earrings can be purchased ready-made, or can be created using appliqués made of metal elements or tiny pearls from hand-made shops. For ears, you can also try earrings with magnets, however, their range is quite narrow and in general such models are more designed for men. But for fans of unisex - a great option!

Fake piercing rings are easy to make from ready-made jewelry that you’re tired of. Another easier idea - to draw jewelry, and not to buy or make them, also seems attractive: liquid shadows and metallic lipsticks are accumulated in many summer cosmetic bags, so there’s an extra way to apply them to everyone’s hand.

When buying jewelry for false piercing, pay attention to the fact that these accessories will still be in close contact with the skin, so people who are allergic to metals (and, accordingly) metal coatings, it is better to check their quality twice, and also avoid how Nickel fire is the most powerful allergen.

What are

Imitates a puncture in the earlobe. Fastens in the manner of clothespins or on a small magnet on both sides. Magnets are more reliable, but it’s more difficult to buy them - ear clips are not in fashion right now, which means they are sold in few places :)

Stylish jewelry that fits all over your ear. They are made of inexpensive materials with silver plating or gilding. You can order cuffs of gold and silver, decorate with expensive stones or Swarovski crystals.

The peak of the popularity of snag tunnels came in 2007-2010 - then really stretched ears were in fashion, but not everyone was ready to do that. You cannot imitate a large tunnel with deception, but for one centimeter it’s quite.

Most often, a ring is imitated, it can be done independently: find any rigid wire and twist it into a non-locking ring. Less often use earrings in the form of a ball - they are made on a magnet, and this is dangerous: you can breathe.

How do piercings

There are two options for how to make a piercing: a gun and a needle. The process of calcination with a gun is fundamentally different from the puncture with a needle. At the same time, professional craftsmen believe that working with a steel needle is safer and faster.

Pistol provides a quick and silent puncture. In most cases, you do not even need to use anesthesia during the procedure. Does it hurt to do a piercing with a gun? Rather, it’s unpleasant, like piercing an ear or eyebrows.

But, you need to remember about the probability of infection. Pistols have a complex structure, which makes them quite difficult to clean. During the puncture, part of the cells falls under the holder and at the next puncture (even if the needle is replaced), they can pass into the blood of the next patient.

Needles always disposable, which minimizes the possibility of infection or virus. But this process is more dangerous. If the gun has a fixed strength and length of injection, then the puncture with a needle is controlled exclusively by a specialist. For a successful session, the master's experience plays a large role here. In addition, often, this method is more painful. Exactly the same method is used to puncture the nose, lips or tongue.

How does the piercing procedure work?:

  1. The patient exposes the abdomen for puncture. The master processes the navel with special antibacterial solutions. It can be alcohol, chlorhexidine, etc.,
  2. A decoration is inserted into the gun (if used). If the master works with a needle, then after removing it from the bag, it is treated with an alcohol solution,
  3. A puncture point is being planned. Evenness is determined visually, at this moment it is very important not to move. After a puncture is made. Most often, the specialist first inserts a banana jewelry, after healing, a butterfly, pendant or other earrings for navel piercing can already be used,
  4. The decoration hole is treated with an antibacterial solution. Or, a decoration is inserted into the hole, after which it is lubricated with ointments and solutions for safety.

Theoretical, you can conduct a session at home, but it is very dangerous. If you pierce without previous experience, you can touch the skin of the abdomen above the navel or introduce an infection.

Video: how the navel is punctured

How much heals and how to process

Reviews claim that the healing of navel piercing is purely individual. The average time from 1 week to 2, in men this period can be reduced to one week. Interestingly, in full girls, the process slows down a bit due to more damaged tissue under the puncture.

Treat the wound as necessary. In the early days, you need to rinse the puncture 3 or more times. This is to prevent decay. Chlorhexidine is used for washing, which heals both large wounds and microcracks. No need to drip alcohol on an open wound - it greatly overdries the skin.

Navel Healing

You need to lubricate the earring with the Rescuer, Healer, Levomekol or any other antiseptic ointment. Apply a little money to the earring itself, then stir it several times so that the ointment spreads inside the wound. A pea of ​​the product is also applied under and over the earring.


The puncture of the septum is called the septum, and the original trompe l'oeil for it is now sold everywhere. It looks stylish, no one will guess that this is an imitation of a puncture. You can buy several at once and change the mood.

The same thing as with a blended piercing on the nose: either a ringlet, or a “button” on a magnet. Sometimes on the Internet they suggest sticking a rhinestone, but to be honest: it looks strange, and it’s immediately clear that the puncture is not real :) Choose rings - they are safe, you won’t swallow them like a magnet, and they won’t come off at the crucial moment.

The choice of material for jewelry

Not only your image, but also the success of the whole procedure depends on the correct selection of material for the earring. The most popular are precious metals: a silver or gold navel piercing. If you want to immediately insert your earring, then the wizard must be warned about this before the session, especially if he works with a gun.

Types of materials for decorating the navel piercing:

  • Steel. In fact, there is no such thing as "surgical" steel. This is a common steel alloy in which nickel and chrome are added. Thanks to alloying, it does not rust and promotes healing (due to the perfectly smooth surface of the decoration),
  • Bioplast or medical plastic. It is used if redness and inflammation appear from all other earrings. It is rarely inserted immediately after a puncture, more often already in the 3rd week of healing,
  • Titanium. Stainless steel, which is often used in medical practice. It is believed that it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties,
  • White and yellow honey gold. Naturally, the higher the sample - the better. But at the same time, some girls may have an allergy to beautiful earrings made of gold for navel piercing. This metal promotes accelerated tissue regeneration, protection against infections.
  • Silver - a more affordable analogue.

You can buy jewelry (with a diamond or Swarovski stones) for navel piercing in specialized stores. Some salons also provide the opportunity to choose an earring just before the session.

How to care for a belly button piercing

To avoid rejection of the decoration, you need to regularly wash the wound and lubricate it with ointments. It is also recommended for the first time to limit the contact of earrings and clothes. To do this, at the time of leaving the house, the navel is closed with a plaster.

Navel Care Tips at Home:

  1. If the navel is very festering, rinse it with salt water for several days. Sea salt is ideal
  2. It is most convenient to wash the wound without an earring, but it is strictly forbidden to remove the piercing for the first week.Therefore, you can arm yourself with a syringe and the pressure of Chlorhexidine to wash out the holes of the syringes and pus
  3. Proper care involves the constant application of regenerating compounds. After lubricating the navel, be sure to scroll the earring several times - so the ointment will spread better through the wound,
  4. Hydrogen peroxide and Levomekol will quickly relieve inflammation and suppuration. With peroxide, you need to rinse the wound several times, and then thoroughly smear it with ointment. Use of hydrogen is allowed no more than once a day. With severe decay, it is better to replace it with sea salt, as mentioned above,
  5. In the healing process, you need to limit bathing in open waters, sunbathing and walking in dusty areas with an open navel.

Possible consequences

Navel piercing is harmful or not - this is a very topical issue, because until now, doctors, masters of punctures and esoterics argue about this. This process is very dangerous due to the high likelihood of infection, it can also begin to tear away the material with improper care or selection of jewelry.

Possible complications:

  • The most unsuccessful piercing is when it festers and the earring “flows” into the skin of the navel. The process is very unpleasant. An urgent consultation with a doctor and further treatment are necessary here, otherwise the navel may just break,
  • If you pierce the navel in the winter, then it will be rubbed with clothing and inflamed. And if in the summer - then it will be impossible to swim and sunbathe. At the same time, it is also impossible to remove the earring because of the likelihood of bacteria entering and tissue healing,
  • Often a dark spot forms around the puncture. This is a dead epidermis. Depending on the type of skin, it will become less noticeable over time or simply come off,
  • Some women on the forums write that their navel piercing does not heal even after 6 months of care. This suggests that the body rejects the jewelry, and the best way out is to simply remove it. A small scar will remain at the puncture site.
Photos - Consequences

Pregnancy Piercing

Of course, if you are already in an interesting position, then piercing the navel is extremely undesirable. This can cause stress to the body. But after many years of wearing earrings and subsequent pregnancy - what to do with the piercing?

If the size of the earring (and abdomen) allows, then it is quite possible to leave it. It does not harm the baby and mother, in addition, this is an accurate guarantee that the hole will not heal. If the tummy is quite large, and the skin is very stretched, it is better to remove the earring. Otherwise, she can tear the navel and leave an ugly scar. After pregnancy, you can pierce the piercing again.

This is not a critical contraindication, although beauty salons are reluctant to work with such patients - there is a high risk of infection or further manifestation of inflammation and rejection.

The navel piercing price as in the photo in different cities and among different masters varies significantly.

For belly button and tongue

A very rare type of snag - again offer rhinestones or magnets. The tongue and the navel are almost invisible, perhaps such imitations are not even needed :)

In our studio, such jewelry is not sold, but it’s enough to type in a search for a “fake piercing”, as online stores or deliveries from China will immediately appear. Or even options for how to do a fake piercing yourself!

If you want to make a piercing in Moscow or find out its cost, call +7 (495) 725-13-13 or write to +7 (903) 725-13-13 in WhatsApp and Telegram.

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