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How to become a good husband: practical tips


- A few truths that will make your marriage strong
- How to be a good spouse: 10 rules
- Simple tips that will turn any man into a great husband
- How to become an ideal husband for your wife from leading psychologists around the world
- Why is it so difficult and at the same time just to become a good life partner?
- Conclusion

In principle, all the qualities listed below are inherent in real men, regardless of whether they are married or not. Just after the wedding, do not forget to treat your wife knightly, not allowing you to lift heavy bags, holding the door, and also kissing goodbye.

• Respect your wife. And if the opinions on any issue do not coincide, understand one thing: your spouse is an independent person and is not obliged to act only as you think is right. Learn to negotiate and find compromises.

• Do not be late! If you must arrive at a specific hour - be punctual.

• Learn to listen to your spouse. Not just pretending to be listening, but be attentive to everything she said and try to understand the essence.

• Do not lie! Honesty and openness are the foundation of a long and happy relationship. Treason - as a kind of lie, and it can not be justified. If you have decided in a marriage to start a romance on the side, think about what you can lose when your double life opens.

• Do not be lazy, or at least minimize the habits generated by laziness.

• Do not be selfish! Try not to say often “I”, replace it with “we” - your wife will appreciate it, believe me!

• Do not be jealous! Sometimes only slight, in a joking manner, jealousy is allowed, which does not affect the mood of the spouse.

• Never raise your hand on a woman. In a dispute, do not threaten and do not get personal.

• Show your love for your spouse, remember that your Wife is Your Beloved Woman!

• Delight your wife with various trifles. Surprise! It may be a very insignificant sign of attention, but it is important with what emotions it is presented.

• Respect your mother-in-law and father-in-law. Help your wife's family to the best of your ability.

• Trust your wife and share your thoughts with her. Emotional openness brings together and serves as an expression of love. Learn to trust your wife if you want to get her trust.

• Do not be shy to tell your wife that you love her and are grateful to fate for giving you a meeting with her. The warmth in a relationship helps reduce stress.

• Make her laugh, share how the day went, tell us what excites and interests you.

• Hug and kiss your wife just like that, for no reason. Do not forget about the intimate side of your family life, improve and try to give pleasure to your wife.

• Support her beginnings. Your support will give your wife confidence that she can rely on you in any situation.

• If your spouse is crushed by something, ask, raise her spirits by bringing a cup of tea, or just listen.

• Be a romantic! A happy marriage is unthinkable without it.

• Periodically arrange meetings with your wife - this will remind both of you of the pre-wedding period and will add freshness to your relationship.

• Remember your wedding anniversary!

• Be yourself and not a superhero who, in your opinion, is ideal for your wife. Although you need to improve yourself: do sports, keep an eye on your appearance and your diet.

• Put yourself in your wife’s place often, this helps to clear up some of the quarrels in the bud.

• Stick to your life values ​​by introducing them to your spouse.

• Be strong and wise so your wife can always lean on your shoulder - both literally and figuratively.

How to be a good spouse: 10 rules

Yes, this is not a panacea for all the problems that await you in the family. But all women dream of doing just that. If you try to change your usual pattern of behavior, you will immediately notice how the person next to you will transform.

You will see gratitude in practice and feel unconditional love, which will give you the strength to enjoy life. Appreciate a person while he is near, so you don’t cry from losses, like a child. And the 10 rules below will help you with this.

1. Speak.
Women love to listen to men. Tell your wife compliments, constantly.

This free way is the strongest antidote to tantrums. Every three days at least remind her that you love her.

2. Dari.
Women are always happy for surprises. Teach yourself to make small gifts to your wife for no reason.

To make an unexpected gift is the same as declaring love. This is the attention that every person needs.

3. Hug.
This is a manifestation of tenderness that acts on a woman better than any expensive face cream. If you regularly stroke and hug your beloved woman, she will become more beautiful every day ...

4. Be calm.
Everyone has emotions, but in men they follow their thoughts, not in front. The female psyche is very complex, it is associated with constant hormonal changes in the body. Accept this fact.

The next time you see that your wife is "on the platoon," stay calm, create a counterweight. And there will be less quarrel!

5. Ask.
It is vital for a woman to share her experiences with you. Listen to her without feeling boredom and sorrow.

Some women are greedy for strange conversation topics. Skip these chunks of text, but remember to ask questions from time to time. With this secret you will be a welcome conversationalist for any woman.

6. Allow.
Let the wife meet her friends, go somewhere without you periodically. Be sure to sponsor her gatherings with friends.

7. Be silent.
That’s what you don’t need to talk about with your beloved woman, it's about the former.

8. Plan.
Spend 2 hours a week with your wife, doing interesting things - you can walk, go to a restaurant, work out together, watch a movie, draw. But it should only be your time. Even if you don’t have such a need, do it. Over time, you get drawn, you will like it. Intimacy is a common cause.

9. Improve yourself.
Take care of your development. Read, train, learn new things - the wife will be proud of you. With a husband who is developing, one must be on the level - so this will encourage the woman to also work on herself.

10. Remember.
You must have a goal that is not related to the family, aimed at the outside world. Family is your support, with a reliable woman next to you it will be easier to go where you always dreamed of getting. If you regard marriage as helping you achieve a selfish goal, you will do everything to save the family.

Simple tips that will turn any man into a great husband

  • Give your wife time and effort.
  • Show your love to her friends, tell her how cool she looks or something.
  • Trust her!
  • Be romantic. Buy gifts from time to time, but not too often - you can spoil her.
  • Help her family in everything: with purchases, repairs, etc.
  • Always tell the truth whether it hurts or not. She learns better from you than from someone else.
  • Listen carefully to your wife and do not take it as a lecture.

How to become an ideal husband for your wife from leading psychologists around the world

1. Become a real man first! And then get married. So that the family is strong, prepare for life together.

2. Learn to truly love your wife. Love is a feeling when for the sake of someone you can sacrifice the dearest, when you do not demand, but give absolutely disinterestedly. Therefore, if there is no love on the part of the husband in the family, then everything collapses.

3. Be careful. Give gifts and flowers not only on holidays. Plan a joint vacation and entertainment.

4. Show sacrificial care for the welfare of your family in all areas - spiritual, physical, material and others.

5. You need to become a good father. You must take an active part in the upbringing of your children, without shifting all responsibility for their spiritual and moral development to your wife.

6. Be kind and merciful.

7. You need to learn how to deal with your carnal desires. In the power of men to follow or resist the impulses of the body.

8. Another problem of men: pride. A man is created to be the head, and he always has a reason to be proud.

9. A good husband will not be rude to his wife. He will treat her like a princess.

10. Earn the trust of the family, “win the hearts” of relatives with deeds, not empty promises.

Appreciate what you have when trying to find the answer to the question of how to become a good husband

Studies show that many of us experience a sense of happiness only because we do not attach importance to what we already have. Simply put, we do not value what we are surrounded by. Including his spouse, who is nearby.

The first advice to a man who wants to become a good husband: remember the best qualities of your companion, focus on them. Understand what attracted you to this particular woman when you decided to marry her. Remind yourself of the positive qualities of the spouse every day, and this will be the first step and the first answer to the question of how to become a good husband.

The second answer to the question of how to become a good husband: know how to curb your anger

Marriage is not only flowers and smiles. Living together is more complicated, and conflict in family life cannot be avoided. Often the relationship is broken due to the fact that the spouses are annoyed in response to the actions of the second half and respond to anger with anger. Hence scandals, screams, broken dishes.

If you still want to understand how to become a good husband, try to react to the negative moments of communication with your spouse less emotionally. Control your anger and don’t try to be aggressive when you don’t like something. Look for compromises. It is in the ability to find a compromise that is the real art of creating a long-term and happy marriage.

The third answer to the question of how to become a good husband: to know the difference

Do you know that a woman needs much more sleep than a man? If she lacks sleep, then this can have very negative consequences for her health. At the same time, our women actually do three jobs: the official one, for which they are paid money and two unofficial ones - they have all the household chores on their shoulders, plus raising children. Think about it when answering your question how to become a good husband.

Now you know about the physiological differences between men and women, but just a little knowledge. Help your half by taking on some of the household chores or caring for children. Give your woman an opportunity to relax more. Yes, they almost forgot: a tired woman loses her libido faster, which means that you will have less sex than you would like.

The fourth answer to the question of how to become a good husband: children and money

Even if you both want children, the issue of procreation should be taken quite seriously.
The life experience of many couples shows that children have almost no influence on the relationship within the couple. They cannot increase the amount of your happiness that you experience next to each other. And it is hardly worth having children in the first few months of marriage, since it will take you some time to “get used to” each other, and only then you can think about replenishing the family.

A man who wants to become a good husband and father must also make good money, because money is also important, especially when you have to put a child on his feet. Think about it.

A good husband takes care of a nanny for a child

Many couples are ruined by the daily routine and the huge number of duties that they must perform. First of all, this applies to the first few years of your baby's life.
At this stage, a man thinking about how to become a good husband can make sure that the child has a nanny. Thus, he will give more opportunities for his wife to relax, and you will also have time to be together and keep the freshness of your relationship.

A good husband spends time with his wife

In some cultures, there is a stereotype that distance warms the heart, but the harsh reality is that at a distance, feelings weaken and disappear. Remember the saying, out of sight - out of mind. It has much more worldly meaning.

Here is our latest advice to men on how to become a good husband: spend enough time with your spouse to maintain relationships and feelings. “Enough” does not mean “all the time” at all, because you are not Siamese twins, and each of you should still have both personal space and personal time.

Husband and wife should spend time on themselves

In search of an answer to the question of how to become a good husband, some men go so far as to completely dissolve in family relationships. Women also do this often. Family relationships become the only world, and people isolate themselves from friends, deliberately reducing their social circle, limiting it only to communication with a spouse and sometimes with the closest relatives.

In fact, this approach does not bode well. If you want to keep your relationship fresh, then you should also have the opportunity to receive new experiences outside the family. This is most likely to help communicate with friends. Make a rule in your family: for some time, both husband and wife should spend on meetings with their friends. Even when these friends are not common.

Why is it so difficult and at the same time easy to become a good life partner?

One of the reasons why it is difficult to become a good husband is that the female idea of ​​the male ideal will change dramatically throughout the whole family life. Relationship psychology is a very complicated thing. At first, a woman needs a passionate lover with a beautiful appearance, but after years of living together, her stereotypes change. Now she considers a good husband an attentive, sensitive, gentle man.

The qualities that really help a man become a husband after the wife’s heart are likely to vary for every woman. But you should remember that there are qualities and preferences that all women want to see in their man. When the spouse shows them, he will become the best and most desired for his wife.

One study in which women were asked what the most important quality a man should have in order to be considered ideal from a female point of view showed:

  • Respect for the opinion of women - 41%
  • Financial position - 38%
  • Prioritize family rather than work and friends — 33%
  • Be a good father — 27%
  • Responsibility —25%
  • Interested in the life of a wife — 25%

As you can see, women are not so demanding and any husband, if he wants, can become an ideal man for his wife, whose leadership she will gladly obey.

Want to be a good husband, laugh with your wife

Remember, you had fun together when you just started dating? And haven't any funny moments been appearing in your life since then? So pay attention to them and laugh with your spouse!
Laughter unites, and when you sincerely laugh at your wife’s jokes (even if addressed to you), you increase the self-esteem of the person who is next to you.


In the life of every man, regardless of his age, there comes a moment when he decides to settle down and start a family. Usually this happens when he meets a woman, next to whom he is ready to meet old age and raise children.

However, getting married and becoming a family man, not everyone manages to become a good husband for their soulmate. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to achieve. The main thing is always to listen to your heart and be guided by love for your wife. The simple steps described in this article will make your shared future with your spouse much happier.

Start every day with a kiss

When your relationship was just beginning, it is unlikely that the day or hour when you were together did without kisses. Want to know how to become a good husband? Continue to do the same. Just do not turn your kisses into a formality when kissing your wife, going to work or returning home.

It’s best to kiss in bed in the morning when you don’t have clothes on. Firstly, it increases the chances of morning sex when you both feel rested, and secondly, kisses stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the feeling of attachment and unity.

Kiss your spouse at every opportunity and remember that there are not many kisses, unless, of course, you want to become the best husband.

Feel free to express your love

Women need intimacy and a sense of security. The time has come to remember that they “love with their ears.” Do not give in to false constraint and do not hide your true feelings behind a mask of indifference or coldness.

Another secret, how to become a good husband, is that even while in public places, a man should not be shy to show love to his woman. Вы же уже состоите с ней в браке, так что мешает обнять вам свою жену прямо на улице или идти, держась за руки? Если там, где вы проживаете, за это не наложат на вас штраф, то откажитесь от детских табу и доставьте своей жене такое удовольствие!

Хороший муж делает работу по дому

В поисках ответа на вопрос, как стать хорошим мужем, вы не избежите области домашней работы. The recipe is quite simple: no matter how much you want to relax after work, remember that your wife is tired, and there is always enough work in the house. This means that part of household chores a good husband just takes over by default. You should be mentally prepared for this.

Watch your appearance

How many stories we hear about wives who allow themselves to go around the house in torn robes, wound curlers and stop monitoring their appearance as soon as they receive a stamp in their passport. There are other women: slender, with a good haircut, watching what they are wearing, even when they are at home. Of course, men prefer the latter more.

And here is our final tip on how to become a good husband: remember that women are not indifferent to the appearance of their companion. For them, it is just as important how he looks: whether he walks around the house in a washed-up T-shirt or in “training” with bubbles on his knees, or whether he prefers something more decent.

Now you know all the secrets of how to become a good husband, how to ensure that your relationship always remains fresh and strong, and your spouse experiences positive emotions while bathing in your love. Only a little remains - put these tips into practice.