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Guide how to open a door without a key


This method is intuitive, but we will remind you anyway. If the door opens inside, the cinema way of pulling all available furniture to it will work. Locking the door even with a light chest of drawers and resting against it is better than holding it with your shoulder. Just because the dresser has a stain of contact with the floor more than yours, and it is more difficult to move.

If the door handle is round, you can support it from below with the back of a chair. But the chest of drawers is more reliable.

Second way

If the door opens outward, and among the furniture is Kim Jong-un's golden throne or a closet where your friend stores a ton of clothes, find a rope, tear the cord from the lamp or take your belt. Tie one end to the furniture, the other to the doorknob.

If the door has a door closer and you have a belt, wrap the door closer when folded.

And enemies can only spew curses through the door.

Third way

If you find yourself in a thriller and a zombie is already behind a door that opens out again, then there are a couple of hours to look around and think of something. Look for a mop and scotch tape. Glue the handle of the mop with tape across the door to the doorposts, then tie it with a belt to the door handle.

Even if it is glued hilo, this is enough for the zombies to pull the door and lose heart.

The main types and designs of lock mechanisms

So, the situation is - upon returning home, the person realized that the key was irretrievably lost. In this case, people can act differently - some people try to knock the door, another makes attempts to spoil the canvas or cut out the lock. At the same time, no one uses a set of master keys for opening - there is an opinion that this procedure is rather complicated. But the basic set of skills, which are enough for hacking, is available to everyone and everyone.

All door locks existing today can be divided into several types - padlocks, overhead, mortise and inset locks.

In this case, padlocks do not make much sense - they have not been used for a long time on entrance or interior doors. They are used only for doors to utility or other types of non-residential premises.

Overhead locks are used on wooden doors. On metal they can be found, but very rarely. The advantage of such locking systems is that when they are installed, the integrity of the door leaf is preserved. The minus is the appearance of the door - the back of the lock system is visible from the back.

Mortise locks are already a popular solution for all types of modern doors. They are located inside the door leaf, which is a support for the mechanism and performs protective functions. These models are aesthetic, they are characterized by rather high reliability. The disadvantage is that it is necessary to violate the integrity of the door leaf frame during installation.

And finally, the fourth group is the best choice. At the factory where the door was made, the lock is laid before the door block is assembled. The main advantages are a high level of reliability, a minimum of violations of the integrity of the door leaf, and a beautiful appearance.

Now it is worth considering the secret parts of the mechanisms. There are two popular types - these are level and cylinder.

A level lock works as follows - when a person inserts a key into a well, the teeth of a secret store build embossed parts or levers in a certain sequence - the lock will turn around only in that sequence. These mechanisms are considered one of the most reliable, and the level of burglary resistance depends on the number of these plates.

Cylindrical locks work differently - a cylindrical mechanism has pins, which are arranged in a certain pattern in height. Instead of pins, there can be anything - various blocks with the possibility of rotation, washers, moving parts. The mechanism inside the cylinder during the opening process acts on the crossbars through a special drive. So the door opens.

Classification of secret lock mechanisms

Cylinder locks vary in level of secrecy - the first group of low secrecy can have up to 10,000 different combinations. The average level of secrecy is up to 5,000,000 combinations. The maximum level is up to 100 billion different variations.

The first option is often manufactured with low precision. This mechanism is also practically not protected from the influence of master keys, made of inexpensive materials. The main representative of this group is the so-called lock with an English key. An experienced cracker will deal with such mechanisms in less than a minute. The average person has a little more time for the autopsy process, but he will cope with the task.

The second category is a high level of reliability. Here the pins are already manufactured with a high level of accuracy, and their location is very complicated. There are various protective elements, and all parts are made of more durable materials. To open this mechanism, a professional will have to spend about 5-10 minutes.

The mechanism of the third category is equipped with all protective elements from the most wear-resistant materials. The pins are located with maximum complexity. This lock is practically unbreakable. The key is a punch card or Finnish key.

The lever mechanism is much easier to classify - here are single beard or butterfly type keys. The quality of locks and keys depends on the cost of the mechanism. Experienced crackers argue that if the mechanism has more than 6 levers, then it can be considered reliable. These systems have special protection against drilling, the keys are made with high accuracy - it is very difficult to crack them, but it is possible. Let's find out how to do it.

We open the lock with an English key

This is done as simple as possible. For this, various pieces of wire, hair clips, paper clips are suitable. Anything will do if it is made of metal and does not bend.

The first step is to prepare the master key. The paper clip should be bent at an angle of 90 ° so that the bent portion can enter the well. Then the end of this segment is flattened - this should facilitate the turn.

The second wire should remain flat - you can only bend it slightly from the edge. The result should be a small hook. It will be needed in the process of working with pins.

To open the lock, the first wire is inserted into the top of the keyhole. In this case, you need to slightly tighten it in the direction of rotation of the key. In the process of interaction of this master key, the cylinder should turn slightly. Then the device is deepened to the very end and the pins are raised with a wire. This must be done clearly by lifting one pin after another. When the process is completed and all the pins are lifted, the lock will open with a slight movement.

How to open a keyless door with a cross mechanism

There is nothing easier than opening a lock with a cross key. This mechanism is characterized by low secrecy - in various models it is only from 600 to 1000 possible combinations.

For work you will need a Phillips screwdriver. It should be strongly pressed into the well and just cut the pins of the secret mechanism. Metal doors with locks of this type are opened simply elementary. This is an example of when a lock spoils a good and reliable-looking door.

Finnish keys

These locks are difficult to crack with the help of master keys. It is much faster and more accurate in this case to dismantle the outer cover and remove all the insides. Then the mechanism can easily be turned with a screwdriver.

Locks are different, not with every mechanism this is possible. However, with Chinese and domestic everything will work out.

Level locks

Here the principle of discovery is a little different. We need any lever key except for the “butterfly”. Next, make a L-shaped master key. In turn, the levers should be lifted with this “tool”. When all the plates are raised, the key can be scrolled. These operations must be repeated until the door opens.

other methods

You can fight locks with homemade master keys - the locks open quite successfully. But if there is no time or something does not work out, then you can simply drill out the secret, and then the mechanism will open with a simple screwdriver.

The second working option is to corrode the lock. To do this, you need to beat the cylinder quite hard with a hammer. Beat with such force to break the internal cracker responsible for the turn. This part breaks down together with the screw that holds the cylinder - it remains only to pull out the cylinder and open the lock with a bent wire or knitting needle.

Of course, working in this way, the lock mechanism can then be simply thrown away - it will not be able to carry out its tasks. But you can still get into the apartment or house.

But how to close the door if there is no key?

It all depends on the type of lock. There are no problems with systems that are shutting down. With others, the task of closing the door is more complicated. But nothing is impossible.

If the lock has a handle that moves down or up, then you will need any metal pipe. You can use the pipe from the mop. Tape the pipe to the handle with the tape so that it faces the floor. Then the door simply closes - and that's all, it can no longer be opened. The pipe just rests on the floor when you try to press the handle. This is one of the options for how you can close the front door without a key.

How to close a door without a lock

To come home and find yourself in front of a closed door, in the literal sense of the word “kiss the lock” - did you encounter a situation when you forgot your keys due to your absent-mindedness? Of course, you can call loved ones and find out where they are, to go and take the key or ask when they will return. Fortunately, everyone has mobile phones.

But what if you have to travel too far or, as evil, a person at this moment cannot answer your call, too busy to give the key, or even left the city?

In order not to fall into a similar situation, you need to know how to close a door without a lock. This is not only convenient, but also effective, since this option allows you to reliably protect the house from unexpected guests. For this we need:

  • Internet access,
  • a door on which a code lock or locking mechanism with a scanner is installed, not an ordinary one,
  • door closer
  • latch.

A small master class, how to close a door without a lock

First, start your search for an online store specializing in the sale and supply of various types of doors and hardware. Today, on the virtual shelves of on-line retail outlets, you can find a special “smart” door. Its difference from an ordinary door is that instead of a traditional lock, a code locking mechanism or even a real biometric scanner is embedded in the door leaf, opening the door only to people whose fingerprints are stored in his memory.

Now you need to order the product and install it. This is the first step towards achieving a goal called, how to close a door without a lock - just enter the code or put your finger on the scanner.

The next step is the installation of a door closer, which ensures smooth and guaranteed tight closing of the door. Modern closers, depending on the model, are suitable not only for light interior doors, but also for heavy front doors. As a result, you do not need to worry about whether the door slammed. When you leave the apartment, the closer will shut it.

Now you just have to buy the usual magnetic latches installed on the door. They are sold both in furniture stores and in points of sale of locks and other locking fittings. Installation of these products is quite simple - one part of the hardware is mounted on the box, and the second on the door leaf. An active magnetic field attracts both parts and helps to securely lock the door in the closed position. This device allowed you to turn your door into an original device equipped with an automatic drive, which can be considered responsive to a person's distance. As soon as you move away from the apartment, the door will automatically shut.

Now you know, how to close a door without a lock and open it without a key that you don’t need to carry with you. The main thing in this situation is not to forget the code, otherwise you will again have to bother loved ones, but now ask not to share the key, but to name the code. Of course, you can write it down or scratch it on any object, but then you will not be sure that the access code to your house will not fall into the hands of bad people.

And a few more options

Consider a few more situations how to close a door without a lock. Quite often there are situations when your loved ones mistakenly seized your set of keys, but you also need to go away on business and there is nothing to lock the door. Not the fact that relatives can drive up in order to solve this problem. Then you can do trickier. Find some old printed document. Cut it by closing the door with the usual latch in each mortise lock, stick paper on the door leaf so that it also goes to the box. On paper, you can write some text. For example, "Sealed by the police." Put the date and invented painting. Despite the fact that the door is not locked, no one will even think about how to enter the room.

Next we’ll tell how to close a door without a lock. installed between rooms if it is constantly opening from a draft or for other reasons. To do this, you need to think about some gasket. For example, a piece of fabric inserted between the door leaf and the box on the side. A small wooden chip inserted between the door leaf and the floor is also suitable.

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How to open the lock without keys?

Surely each of us at least once in our lives lost the key to the front door. When you see a door in front of you that closes access to a house or other room, you begin to think about how to get inside without a key. To make it easier to understand, you must first evaluate the design of the door, because on all models there are different types of locks. Next, you will learn about the most common methods that allow you to get into locked rooms without a key. But at the same time I would like to remind you that in order to successfully solve this problem you will need some experience.

Is it possible to unlock the lock with my own hands if there is no key?

If you are left without a key and you urgently need to open the door, then there is no need to panic. Try to evaluate the problem. Indeed, when the door is blocked by a flimsy interior door, it can often be unlocked without any dexterity. But if you have to deal with a metal entrance door from a well-known manufacturer, then even a specialist will have to sweat here. If you are unsure of success, then do not waste time and effort and spoil the design doors with improvised tools. In such situations, it is recommended to entrust this work to professionals.

If a specialist takes up work, then he will be able to open the lock of any design. He is familiar with the features of many locking mechanisms, so it will not be difficult for him to unlock the door in an intellectual way, while maintaining the lock mechanism intact. Therefore, deciding to use the services of a specialist, this will not always be a reasonable decision. Reliability of some models may be imaginary. and therefore, if you have the necessary tools, then you can open them quickly enough. We will talk about the most accessible of them further.

Open the locking device for the interior door

How to open a lock without keys. without the help of a professional? If you are dealing with an interior door, then opening it to you will not be difficult. Most often, such door blocks are equipped with locking mechanisms, in the design of which a latch is provided on the one hand, and on the other hand there is a part resembling a keyhole. Given that such doors rarely lock. owners in the first weeks or months after installation lose their keys.

Often the door is locked due to the carelessness of young children. Once in the room, they can slam the door, close the latch and, contrary to the entreaties of adults, do not want to open the door. Naturally, parents are afraid for their baby, as he is left alone in the room. Because of this, it is important to open the lock as quickly as possible so that subsequently it retains its working condition. This problem can be solved by performing the following operations.

  • find the keyhole and familiarize yourself with its design,
  • find a tool that is suitable for opening the lock,
  • start to open the door, doing everything very carefully.

How to open locks of different shapes?

There are such models of locks in which the well has a round shape. In this case, to open it, it is best to find a thin needle, a large open paper clip, an awl or a toothpick. Having decided on a suitable tool, place it in the hole, and then push lightly with one hand and at the same time start letting go with your second hand or turn the knob. If everything is done correctly, the door will open.

Подобным образом следует поступить и в ситуации, когда скважина замка имеет плоскую форму. Чтобы вы смогли справиться с этим замком, вам потребуется найти плоский инструмент. Для этой цели вы можете использовать острые ножницы, нож с узким лезвием, пилочку для ногтей или ручку чайной ложки. After choosing a tool, you need to stick it into the well, then press it with one hand and at the same time, with the other, start twisting it and lowering the door handle.

Unlock the keyless cylinder lock

Great difficulties can arise if the locked door is equipped with a cylinder lock. Given the great secrecy of such locking devices, smart opening methods will not always help solve the problem. Although with experience, you can get inside if you use a paper clip or a very thin curved screwdriver.

If we talk more about the intellectual method of breaking cylinder lock mechanisms, here from a person it is required to perform certain actions with a clip and a screwdriver. where the first will be used as a master key, and the second will serve as a convolution. When trying to open the lock with such methods, keep in mind that the most important point here is to insert the hook into the hole so that the secret fonts are in the correct position. They must be put in turn, all the time helping with the coagulation. With due persistence, the larva will begin to be sold. To understand whether the fonts are installed correctly, it is necessary to visually assess their location relative to each other and focus on the sound.

Using a paper clip, you need to move all the pins one by one, helping the coiler. And each time you need to check whether it is possible to rotate the cylinder. Only when he begins to succumb, you can solve your problem. Pay attention to what are the sounds from the well during the opening of the lock. So you can stop in time if you do something wrong. Otherwise, you can simply break it.

We use a crude method

If a home-made master key did not help to cope with the lock, you can turn to a more crude hacking method. However here there is one important nuance. you can count on success only if the larval lock does not have protection against folding and drilling. If you decide to use this method, then you need to prepare the following tools:

  • electric drill - preferably as high as possible,
  • metal drill
  • thick flat screwdriver,
  • hammer.

Immediately get ready for the fact that after applying such hacking methods it will be necessary to install a new larva. First, try to work a powerful convolution. To do this, take a screwdriver and put it in the lock, as far as possible. You can even strike a couple of blows at it with a hammer. After that, we begin to screw it. Realizing that after the screwdriver the larva begins to spin, it is necessary to pull the screwdriver and extract the secret. By doing this, you can get inside.

Open the door with a lock

If, after inspecting the doors, it turns out that it is equipped with a padlock, then you can calm down. Of course, such locking devices good protection provided from hacking. However, if you use intelligent methods against them, you can easily deal with them. To make it easier to open such a lock, it must be lubricated, for which use the liquid WD-40. Next, you can choose any of the following hacking methods.

  1. As a tool, you can use two flat screwdrivers with thin rods. Keep in mind that it is necessary to use screwdrivers here that can enter the castle well together without much effort. First you need to put one screwdriver inside so that you can use it to fix the bolt notch. Then it needs to be displaced a little, after which it is necessary to take another screwdriver and fix its position. After that, you need to perform the above steps again: find a new notch, shift everything and shift it with another screwdriver. We do this until the lock is opened.
  2. We use a wooden wedge key. You may not have a wedge key. However, do not worry about this. You can easily make it yourself. For this any soft wood species is required. from which it is necessary to make a wooden wedge of suitable size. Next, we take this wedge and insert it into the borehole of the castle until it stops, applying physical effort if necessary. After that, you need to remove it. Having examined the wedge, you will see notches on it, thanks to which you can modify it so that it looks like a real key.
  3. Unlock the lock by preloading the door. Your task of opening the lock will be much easier if the locking mechanism is placed in such a way that you can squeeze the door leaf. To do this, you need to take a “crowbar”, place it between the jamb and the canvas, and then you need to try to squeeze it all the way. After that, we insert a screwdriver into the created slot and remove the lock bolts to the side. The door will be open.

Most of us do not know how to behave in a situation where the key is lost, and you must urgently get inside. Although experts know how to open door locks without damage, any of us is also able to solve this problem. There are quite a few quite easy to implement methods. allowing to open the lock, regardless of its design. Therefore, if you want to get inside yourself, try to do everything very carefully. If you do not have confidence in your abilities, it is better to consult a specialist.

Danilko Stepan Igorevich