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Stickers on WhatsApp


Stickers for Vatsap were not available for a long time, as the developers created a huge set of emoticons. They were quite enough for a rich and emotional communication with relatives, friends and colleagues.

However, expanding the capabilities of the application requires taking into account all the innovations, as well as monitoring the work of competitors. The latter allows you to analyze errors and add useful ideas with adaptation to your product. As a result, it became logical to add stickers that have long been used in analog applications.

How to add sticker packs to WhatsApp

Using stickers in the communication process allows you to focus on a specific emotion. Thus, a person is able to accurately convey the overwhelming feeling, without fear that the interlocutor will misinterpret it. However, stickers for WhatsApp can serve other purposes.

With their help, time is saved for writing longer text messages. Many stickers already include individual phrases or greetings.

To get the stickers at your disposal, you will need to follow a simple instruction. Example for Android:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp application on the device.
  2. Open a chat with any person in the system.
  3. Click the emoji icon to open them.
  4. At the bottom, use the button in the form of a sticker with the corner turned away.
  5. It provides a standard publicly available set of coffee stickers. To add new click on + in a circle.
  6. Choose the appropriate option from the list provided, then use the download button.
  7. After that, you can verify the success of the operation in the section - My stickers.

Note! For iPhone, the procedure is practically the same, except for the location of access to the stickers. In this case, you do not need to open emojis, just click on the button in the dialog line

This guide allows you to learn how to add already available sticker sets for communication within the system. However, this is not the only source, as developers provide little choice. As a result, opportunities have been created for downloading from other services or creating your own sets of unique images.

Interesting sticker packs for WhatsApp

Thanks to the expanded functional set of the messenger, users have access to a list of ready-made stickers. The built-in store allows you to get different options for free, but the choice will be very limited. Therefore, many are wondering where to get beautiful and useful stickers that can be used when communicating in Vatsap.

There are several sources:

  • In the company’s application store in accordance with the operating system used on the phone,
  • Use sets from other popular instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, etc.),
  • Create your own stickers,
  • Download from trusted sources on the Internet.

The use of stickers in the future does not depend on the source selected by the user. For convenience, you can add your favorite stickers to your favorites so that they are always at hand.

Download from application market

In order to save time, you can use the prepared branded stickers that are offered in the application store. Popular operating systems allow you to quickly download suitable kits, for this you need:

  1. In the WhatsApp - All stickers section go to the bottom of the page. Press the button - Additional.
  2. The user will be transferred to the list of applications with different topics. You will need to click on the appropriate name.
  3. View the kit, description and appearance. After that, touch the option - Install.
  4. Wait for the download and installation process to complete.
  5. Next, open the application, where you can find stickers on a given topic.
  6. View the available options, and then click on the plus in front of the kit you like.
  7. Free uploads may require a preview of the ad.
  8. After viewing, a button will appear - Add touch her.
  9. Confirm add.
  10. Now you can run the messenger and check for stickers.

Once the download process for the new kit is complete, you can start using it.

Stickers from other messengers

One of the popular sources for replenishing stickers is the Telegram messenger service. This became possible as a result of the interaction of two large networks. The developers of the Telegram application specially released several sets of stickers with different themes for use in WhatsApp. Due to this, they can be downloaded directly in stores, both on a paid and free basis.

Create your own set

Creative individuals may not limit themselves to stereotypes. Now you can create new original sets yourself. Detailed instructions are on the official website of the Vatsap messenger. Moreover, such an intention is strongly encouraged. Users are provided with comfortable conditions, and even assistance is provided to people with little programming experience.

Attention! In order to start working on new stickers, you must first carefully study the service rules in the appropriate section

In addition to the rules, it is necessary to take into account the established requirements. You can create a set of stickers based on the following parameters:

  • Transparent background images
  • The weight of one image is from 100 Kb,
  • Files of type - README,
  • The size of the sticker is 512 × 512 (in pixels).

There are also additional recommendations for design, taking into account which your stickers will not be lost on any of the backgrounds. Since the background in chats can be used by anyone, the use of contours will be appropriate.

How to send stickers to Vacap?

Consider how to add stickers to Vatsap, for this you need to click on the new icon in the message box "Stickers".

Next, click on the icon «+», for the subsequent loading of sticker sets, load the sets you like and send from the list the one you want, to express emotions.

You can switch between loaded stickers in the tab. My stickers and available for download, which will be replenished over time.

In order not to look for commonly used stickers, you can add them to Favorite, to do this, press and hold on the desired sticker in the section itself or in an already received message, select in the menu that appears Add to favorites.

Tab itself Favorite indicated by an icon in the form stars.

You can also create your own stickers by clicking on

Whatsapp stickers on Android

Good news, Vastap stickers for Android became available in the new update, at the beginning they were implemented only on iOS, but at the request of many users they added on Android.

Important! In order for Stickers in Vacap on Android to become available, you need to update the application.

After you have updated to the current version, you need to do the following:

Open the chat, in the message entry field, click on the emoticon icon and click on the icon at the very bottom Stickers

In the window that opens, click on the icon + select the desired package of stickers that you want to download, or click on each, a checkmark means that the stickers are added, and a download icon that you can download them.

After we close the window and select the stickers from the collection to send.

↑ How to add a sticker pack

You can choose a set from the list of popular ones, for this:

  • In any chat, click on the sticker icon,
  • In the menu that opens, there will be an icon on the right +, which opens a list of the most popular stickers,

  • In order to download a set of stickers on the “All stickers” tab, use the down arrow button,
  • You can see already downloaded ones on the tab "My stickers".

    If the interlocutor sent you a sticker and you want to install this whole set for yourself, just click on it and select "View a set of stickers", a window with pictures and the "Download" button will open.

    For Android, everything is similar, with a slight difference, you must first open the emoji and click on the sticker icon at the bottom.

    When you sent a message.

  • Categories - four main categories for quick access: love, joy, sadness, surprise.
  • Sets - all downloaded sticker sets.