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How to restore nails after gel polish at home: a review of effective tools


Our nail plate consists of keratinocytes, which make up its frame. They look like roof tops. When the gel manicure is removed, the upper layer of the protective "roof" is removed. Therefore, the nails become weak and brittle.

Your task is to strengthen their frame. This requires special therapeutic varnishes, BB creams for nails, serums with calcium and vitamins. Therapy can take about two weeks. All this time, you can not do gel manicure or use ordinary nail polishes.

Caring for cuticles

When the gel polish is dried under a UV lamp or removed using a special liquid, wrapping the nails in foil, this very dries up the cuticle. But beneath it is a soft nail (the living part of the plate), which requires nutrition.

Creams and serums for hands with allantoin and collagen, as well as cuticle oils based on apricot or olive with vitamins (primarily with vitamin E) are suitable for hydration. Oils not only moisturize it well, but also nourish a soft nail, stimulating the growth of strong and healthy nails. After applying the oils, massage in the area of ​​the cuticle.

Once a week at night, it is recommended to wear hand-mask masks (they are sold in cosmetic stores). They deeply nourish and moisturize the cuticle and skin of the hands. The main thing is not to cut the cuticle, so as not to damage it.

What is gel polish

The first persistent nail polish appeared in 2010. Cover called Shellac released by CND (its products are known under the Creative brand). After that, for a long time Shellac was called and all gel varnishes and other companies. However, their composition is slightly different, but the application technology for all products is the same:

1. Cut or not cut manicure should be done before that.

2. Then the nails are perfectly ground. In this case, the alignment and degreasing of the plate takes place in a more gentle mode than before building.

3. Then apply a transparent base or base, which is dried in a specialized UV lamp.

4. After this, 2 or 3 color layers are applied, each of which is carefully dried in a lamp. You can draw gel varnishes as usual, add stickers, rhinestones, etc.

5. At the end, the nails are covered with a transparent-colored fixing base and dried again. The manicure is ready.

This varnish will hold on for 10 to 20 days on your hands and even longer as a pedicure.

Pass salon procedures

If the situation with nails is absolutely deplorable (they break almost from the blow of the wind), it is worth contacting specialists. There are a number of salon procedures that strengthen nails well, and at the same time improve the condition of the skin of the hands.

For example, a drug based on honey and beeswax is applied to the nails, the substance forms a protective film on the surface of the nail plate (simulating a layer of keratinocytes). The procedure must be repeated several times over two weeks to achieve the effect.

Chocolate wrapping is even more pleasant and more beneficial for nails: melted chocolate is applied to the nails and skin of the hands for 20-30 minutes. Cocoa butter nourishes the skin and repairs damaged nail plates, while you enjoy the aroma.

Why do nails go bad and who is to blame?

Gel-varnish coating is dried under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, which emit special lamps. From a safety point of view, LED lamps are more preferable because they cope with the task much faster, thereby reducing the risk of skin damage.

Experts note that if a woman regularly repeats the procedure, each time exposing her hands under ultraviolet light, she may encounter such troubles as premature aging of the skin of her hands, the appearance of age spots and wrinkles on them. In addition, skin cancer is more likely to occur. Therefore, you should always wear special gloves with open fingers before proceeding to dry the coating.

Long gel polish wear is also unsafe. When masters of manicure say that a manicure needs to be done at least once every 4 weeks, they should be heeded. These tips are dictated by customer care, and not the desire of the master to "enrich" your wallet. Exceeding the manufacturer's recommended period of wear of the coating is fraught with the appearance of chips and cracks in the nails, delamination and thinning of the nail plate, peeling of the skin of the hands and cuticles, the appearance of fungus and other diseases.

Blame for the damaged nails of the client may fall on the shoulders of the master. The gel coatings of the latest generation, as a rule, are very resistant, which is both a plus and a minus. The bad news is that removing gel polish without consequences is not always possible. In particular, if the master uses cheap, low-quality databases with AliExpress. Twenty-minute soaking of nails in acetone or in solutions based on it, nails and cuticles are dried. Therefore, they become weaker and thinner each time.

Dermatologist from New York - Dana Stern Says: “Nails are made up of cells called keratinocytes. Under a microscope, they look like roof tiles that fit tightly together. When removing gel polish, you remove not only the coating, but also the upper layers of these cells, which can lead to the appearance of texture irregularities and white dots on the nails. " An alternative to the manual method of removing gel polish may be a hardware method that removes the coating more safely and delicately.

If when removing gel polish you find fragile nail plates whose surface is uneven, there are delamination, color has changed, there is an unpleasant smell, and the cuticle is dry - know that your nails need to be restored, which, depending on the type of problem, may require 1 , 5-3 months.

Every woman wants the manicure to remain neat for as long as possible, the varnish is well kept, retains its color and does not lose its appearance under the influence of water or any mechanical influences. Therefore, in recent years, gel polishes have become especially popular.

Gel polish adheres very well to nails. Firstly, because of the method of its application, and secondly, because of the composition. Nail plates are pre-prepared for coating. The top layer of each nail is cut off, after which a gel polish is applied, which hardens under the influence of UV rays. Since the protective layer is broken, the tool adheres firmly to the nail. Gel polish lasts an average of three weeks.

When it comes time to remove coverage, some women decide to do it on their own, due to savings or lack of time, without the knowledge that is specific to this. In such cases, a solvent or acetone is often used. Aggressive agent dissolves the varnish and removes it from the nail plate. But during this time it also affects the nail itself, withers it, makes it brittle, which is why the nail plate begins to exfoliate. Some women break off the old coating, as if "peeling off" from the nail. Since the nails were initially damaged, they become even thinner.

After removing the coating, the nails become dull, easily break and peel. May acquire a yellow tint. There are even cases when the plate completely leaves the nail bed and the nail completely comes off. There are risks that an unhealthy nail will grow in place of such a nail.

Apply paraffin wax

This procedure can be done both in the salon and at home. Paraffin is heated in a bath to 40 degrees. Then the hands are dipped there, then they are wrapped in polyethylene and wrapped with a towel on top. It is necessary to wait 15-20 minutes, and then remove the paraffin mask. The procedure helps to strengthen the nails, smoothes the skin of the hands, slows down the aging process.

- The belief that nails deteriorate under gel coatings came to us from the 2000s. And then it was justified: when building the master, three to five lipid layers were cut off and the nails were dried using special means (acid primers and bonds).

The nail industry does not stand still. Over the past 18 years, the approach of masters to their work has changed, and the materials have become better. When working with gel and gel polish in our time, the preparation of the nail plate is minimal, all lipid layers remain intact. The adhesion of the gel (gel polish) and the nail plate is brought to a high level. The use of special tools is required only in especially difficult cases, for example, with hyperhidrosis (increased sweating).

Unfortunately, gel coatings are still not suitable for everyone, 15-20% of people are forced to look for an alternative. As a rule, this is due to the individual characteristics of the body: hyperhidrosis, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menopause, allergies.

How to save nails after gel polish

Before planning treatment procedures for nails, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist for the exclusion of fungal and dermatological diseases. In addition, you should get patience - the result will be only on the condition that you will carry out all the recommendations on a regular basis.

1. Change your diet

Not the most obvious advice, but one of the most effective. A nutritional deficiency in your diet can cause wave-like nails. In addition, a balanced diet supports the health of nails, stimulating their growth and promoting a speedy recovery. Try to include more meat, fish, eggs and cheese in your diet, as they contain the protein needed by the nails.

To make your nails strong and firm, lean on foods rich in calcium - dairy products, nuts and legumes. Another element that matters to nail health is iron. It is found in red meats and especially in the liver. Do not forget about zinc! This element helps nails become stronger. You can find it in seafood, poultry and meat.

Nails after gel polish

Despite all the promises of manufacturers to make your nails stronger and thicker, and also absolutely not to harm them, gel polish is not so simple. Even if your master fully complies with all the technology, polishes his nails very carefully and then carefully removes the varnish, you still have problems of different levels.

Even a slight permanent grinding, as well as removing the varnish a little, but damage the top layer of the nail. You should be prepared for this and stock up on an arsenal of restoring professional and home remedies.

3. Take care of the cuticle

The condition of the nails depends on the health of the cuticle. Apply cosmetic cuticle oil (or natural - castor, almond, wheat germ) to the skin around the nail two to three times a day. Then "seal" it with a dense fat cream. Thanks to such actions, the cuticle will receive all the nutrients it needs and the moisture will not evaporate, but will remain under a layer of cream.

How not to spoil your nails with gel polish

  • Do not forget about firming products for nails and cuticles even when wearing gel polish. Let the growing marigolds get special oils or such folk remedies as vitamin E, lemon juice and olive oil, as well as baths with sea salt. After all, they penetrate into the nail and on the inside of the skin.
  • Do not save! Follow the procedure only with a professional craftsman who uses proven expensive tools in his work. They really fit well, shine for a long time and most importantly, they are easily removed from the nail without injuring it and without requiring the use of hard files.
  • Do not go with gel polish for longer than the prescribed three weeks. Even if your nails grow very slowly, the composition must be renewed every 20 days, otherwise it will begin to penetrate the nail, and will be poorly removed. In this case, serious problems with the health and appearance of your nails are provided to you.
  • Take a break after every 2–3 treatments. Better alternate gel polish and traditional coating. Otherwise, the nails from constant grinding will become brittle, may delaminate, etc. In this case, there is a danger of falling into a vicious circle. Nails without gel polish look awful: thin, brittle, uneven. And many lovers of chic manicure, having forgotten about the health and natural beauty of their nails, begin to wear gel polish for years. After such a procedure, the restoration of nails becomes very long. Not only is it necessary to grow a spoiled length, so new nails will grow weakened and thin.

Cheap home tricks:

  • Firming warm baths. Add sea salt, chamomile and a drop of olive oil to the water. Keep your hands in this composition for 10-15 minutes, the frequency of the procedure is 2-3 times a week.
  • Vitamin E - just crush 1 capsule and then rub it into the nail plate and cuticle. This procedure can be performed daily before bedtime.
  • Lemon juice - squeeze it directly onto the nails and let it soak.
  • Olive oil can be rubbed into the plate and cuticle as well as vitamin E.

Professional Tools:

  • Special oil. Most often, they are recommended for softening and moisturizing the cuticles and nails. Always carry the product with you in your purse. Apply it all day long, at least 1, and preferably 2-3 times, even if the nails are covered with colored varnish.
  • Absorbent Liquid Suitable for those who are ready to temporarily abandon the varnish coating. It, like oil, can be applied an unlimited number of times during the day. The main thing is to wait until absorbed and dried, because unlike an oil, it is easy to lubricate.
  • Healing coating or repairing varnish. They are colored or transparent. Most believe that they are not so much use, because in stock - varnish base. However, their plus is that they are artificial nail strengtheners: they make them very hard, which means they save from brittleness. In addition, they protect nails from exposure to water and various chemicals.

It is best to use all means at the same time. Nails after gel polish become thin and brittle, so do not leave them uncoated.

However, you can temporarily abandon colored varnishes and purchase transparent therapeutic agents designed to make your nails harder. Oil for nails and cuticles can be applied daily directly on top of this therapeutic varnish. But the strengthening fluid should be used between floors.

4. Do not cut the rollers at the nail bed

Resist the temptation to “correct” the rollers around the nail. The cuticle is created in order to protect new nails, which are formed directly under it, in the matrix. And this is another reason why the cuticle should always be moisturized.

7. Polish your nails with wax

This unique beauty product is specifically designed for procedures such as nail polishing. In addition to beeswax, the formula of the product may include honey and other nutrients. After application, a thin film appears on the nails, which protects them from external damage and gives a beautiful natural shine. It is worth considering that beeswax is rich in resins, beta-carotene, minerals and propolis, which are useful for the health of nails.

The technology of the procedure is simple: first you need to do a manicure, after which put a drop of wax on the nail plates and rub it well directly into the nails and the skin around them. In conclusion - to process the surface of the plates with a polishing file (1200 grit) until the nails become perfectly smooth.

8. Practice paraffin baths

Get cosmetic paraffin, heat it in a water bath to a pleasant warmth and apply a lot of the mixture on the skin of your hands and nails, then put on gloves, creating a thermal effect. The procedure treats peeling and dehydration of the skin, slows down the aging process and helps restore nails. You need to practice it 2-3 times a week, lasting 15-30 minutes.

9. Try Professional Recovery

There are lines of professional tools that are created directly for the restoration of nails after gel polish. They contain all the substances necessary for damaged nails. After application, they adhere firmly to the nail plates, thereby forming a stable protective coating. Means fill in the damage, glue the cracks, help get rid of the white spots on the nails, and allow you to have a beautiful manicure after the first procedure.

Gel polish looks great and lasts a long time, but there are also pitfalls. If the rules of socks are not respected, the nail plate is dried out, the nails begin to exfoliate. Therefore, you can not "walk around" with the material, the wear period is not more than 4 weeks.

If the material began to exfoliate from the nail plate or broke off from the ends, remove the old coating and, if desired, make a new one. Otherwise, the nail will dry out. Also, food can get into the bundles, which can become moldy there. If the material breaks off at the tips of the nails, then soon the nail in the same place will break and the nail, if the coating is not removed in time.

  • Where to remove the old coating?

Entrust this business to the professional. Сейчас используются покрытия нового поколения, каучуковые базы и защитные покрытия, которые плохо поддаются размачиванию. А если замачивать ногти по 2-3 раза, это также приведет к пересушиванию ногтевой пластины и кожи вокруг нее, поэтому мастера в основном снимают гель-лак аппаратным способом.

  • Что делать при повреждении ногтей?

Необходимо восстановить эластичность ногтя. Для этого в салонах предлагают замечательную процедуру — горячий маникюр. This procedure is for deep hydration of nails and skin of the hands. There are also other types of restoration: therapeutic sealing and restoration of the nail plate with the IBX system.

Medical sealing is more suitable for someone who does not have a thin nail plate. IBX is suitable for the prevention and restoration of nail problems.

  • What to do at home?

Heat any cosmetic oil, cream or hand lotion in a water bath to 38-40 degrees Celsius. Dip the hands in it (you can use the phalanx of the fingers), hold in heated oil for 15-20 minutes. Then blot with a dry cloth and massage your hands and nails. Before the procedure, it is better to peel the skin of the hands and use the grinder to remove the detachments from the nails.

If you decide to walk around without gel polish, you need to protect your nails from external factors while they are still weak. Use cuticle oil and wax. You can also apply therapeutic varnishes daily. Observing these rules, you will save nails from damage!

Let your nails be elastic, strong and with a healthy shine!

Deterioration of the condition of the nails after removing the gel polish may be caused by the technology itself. After all, before creating the coating, the top layer of the nail is removed, in addition, the nail does not breathe during socks, even if the product is very high quality. To preserve the beauty of nails, even using gel polish, carry out medical procedures!

Salt baths give a good effect. Heat the water to a pleasant warm temperature, add a tablespoon of iodized sea salt and a little lemon juice to it. The juice perfectly brightens the nails, eliminating their yellowness, has antioxidant properties and helps the nails recover. Dip your hands in the bath, hold them until the water is cool. Then apply a nourishing cream to dry skin of your hands, or oil - olive, argan, avocado oil. You can also apply Aevit: carefully open the oil capsule with vitamins and apply its contents to the cuticle and nail plate.

Another tool that will help the nails to be strong is iodine. But some are afraid to use it, as it may leave a red color on the nails. But if you put a little iodine on a nail plate at night with a cotton swab, by the morning it will absorb, leaving no residue. If nevertheless the nails are slightly yellowed, use lemon juice.

To keep your nails strong, watch your diet. You need to eat fish, preferably fatty varieties, nuts, eggs, cheese. In addition, the body needs to receive a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, especially zinc, iron. Gelatin-containing products have been proven to reduce stratification of nails. Sometimes you can find various treatment coatings for nails. They are sold in the form of varnish, which needs to be coated with nails. But since these products have a chemical composition, they are unlikely to help a damaged nail.

In order for the nail plate to recover, it is necessary to take a break after gel polish. If the nails are badly damaged, you need to wait for their full recovery. This may take several months. If there is no obvious damage, then you need to rest as much as you wore a manicure with such a coating, that is, if the varnish lasted 3 weeks, take the same break in time. Try to cut your nails so that the tip of the nail does not extend beyond the fingertip. If the nail is longer, then from a knock on the surface, micro-injuries may occur that may not be visible to you, but they can lead to cracking of the nail and delamination.

Do not forget that hands and nails require care and protection. Never do homework without gloves. Rub olive oil daily into the nail plate and cuticle. And, of course, manicure should be done by an experienced master and in a good, proven salon.

Why do nails after gel polish need restoration

After gel polish, the nails become dull and brittle. Negative changes can be noticed only after removing the manicure.

The reasons lie in the preparation of the nail for applying materials. First, the master processes, polishes the plate several times, thinning and leveling the surface. If the nails are initially brittle, then you can’t cover them with gel polish.

Using an acid primer instead of an acid-free primer causes the nail plates to burn during drying under the lamp.

Poor materials and incorrectly made manicures lead to undesirable consequences. Incorrect removal is also harmful.

Strengthen nails if:

  • the plates are treated for a long time with gel polish remover,
  • with self-removal of materials,
  • infection develops, fungal infection, injury
  • allergic to any remedy used for manicure,
  • thin nails by nature.

The appearance of yellowness after removal of the coating indicates the use of low-quality materials, fungal infections.

With camomile

Dissolve sea salt in warm water and add a decoction of chamomile, keep nails in the composition for fifteen minutes. For a quick recovery, do a bath three times a week.

In the infusion of chamomile and sage, add a few drops of lemon juice and any essential oil. The duration of the procedure is also a quarter of an hour.

Iodine baths

Add a few drops of iodine to warm water and hold hands in it. You can do a weak iodine grid on the plates before going to bed until a positive result appears.

The most effective tool that helps restore a healthy look to your nails. Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a water bath, hold your fingers in it for ten minutes. The procedure is done during the week every evening.

With wax, clay, berries

A simple way: melt cosmetic wax, spread on the nail plates, polish the surface with a nail file.

Clay helps a lot, which has a beneficial effect on the structure of the nail. Apply the product diluted in water on the nails, stand for 20 minutes, then rub in the oily cream. Make a mask twice a month.

A mixture of mashed acidic berries (cranberries, sea buckthorn and currants) is applied for twenty minutes, then washed off with warm water.

Paraffin Recovery

You will need cosmetic paraffin: melt the product in a water bath, immerse your hands in it for ten minutes, then apply vitamin E to your nails. Perform the procedure daily before bedtime.

Perfectly restores and strengthens thin nails gelatin food. 30 g of the product are dissolved in warm water (250 ml), the nails are treated with cream, after which they are immersed in the solution for fifteen minutes, soaked in a tissue.

Do the procedure twice a week.

Pharmacy products

Pharmacy products with baths give an excellent effect. It is recommended to use special oil or vitamin E in capsules to moisten the plate and soften the skin around.

Quick recovery occurs when applying liquid nail products. They are applied several times a day, waiting for complete absorption and drying.

List of the best professional nail care products:

  1. Clever enamel.
  2. Growth activator Phytocosmetics.
  3. Horsepower (Mega Strengthener for nails).
  4. Mavala Scientifique.
  5. IBX.
  6. OPI Natural Nail Strengthener.
  7. Eveline
  8. Sally Hansen
  9. Christina Nail Hardener.
  10. CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment.

The repairing varnish also helps, which can be transparent or colored. This tool strengthens the plate, prevents brittleness, protects against the action of chemicals, water.

A positive effect occurs after applying transparent therapeutic agents, various cosmetic oils.

Nail strengthening

Strengthening baths with sea salt, paraffin, olive oil, wax, iodine, clay, berries, vitamin E, gelatin, herbal decoctions and other products that are always at hand help well at home.

Effective recipes:

  1. Ground red pepper. 0.5 tsp stir in a small amount of water, add hand cream. Apply the mixture on nails, hold for twenty minutes, rinse. Mask to do once a month.
  2. Wine. Red or white wine perfectly treats nails. Mix 200 g of the drink and sea salt, dip your hands in the bath for twenty minutes. Another recipe: in white wine (200 g) add butter, honey. Heat up the liquid, cool to a comfortable temperature and immerse your hands. The duration of the procedure is half an hour.
  3. Egg, honey and olive oil. The mixture strengthens exfoliating nails. The tool is heated, dip the fingers in the liquid for thirty minutes. Regular use gives shine and makes the surface smooth.

With regular use, strengthening baths in combination with medicines restore the nail plate in a month.

A quick treatment is rubbing cosmetic oils. They are sold at the pharmacy. These tools do an excellent job of their task, and after a week of use, the first results are visible.

Salt baths give an excellent result, strengthening thin nails.

It stimulates the growth of a banana-lemon mask, milk compresses, ordinary vegetable oil (the product is heated, then rubbed into the nails until completely absorbed).

Procedures that are carried out in beauty salons

Professional treatment gives a good result.

In beauty salons, clients are offered various procedures aimed at restoring nails after damage, including gel polish:

  1. Hot manicure with oil. The master makes a bath, which consists of a hot oil solution. The product softens the skin, relaxes and nourishes.
  2. Lavender massage. Combines peeling with sea salt and lavender gel. After the massage is followed by a mint mask with shea butter, wrapping with a warm towel, moisturizing the cuticle with paraffin, covering the nails with a firming composition.
  3. Japanese manicure. It is aimed at strengthening nails, nutrition and active growth. Before the procedure, the wizard makes a diagnosis. The manicure includes peeling, cuticle massage, a bath, rubbing special powder and paste into the nails, healing oil and serum. Completes all hand massage.

The salons make simple warm baths for hands, regular and deep chemical peels, paraffin therapy, massage, spa manicure.

Recovery after incorrect nail polish removal

You can not remove the gel polish yourself, otherwise there is a risk of removing the top layer of the nail plate.

In itself, such a manicure does no harm, but preparation for it and incorrect removal can ruin the surface of the nail.

Cosmetic oils, including vitamin E capsules, help to fix the problem. Tools are rubbed into the nails several times a day every day.

It is recommended to include calcium-rich foods in the diet.

Available methods for treating nails at home:

  1. Whole milk heals the damaged stratum corneum. The product is heated and hands are lowered into it for half an hour. The procedure is performed daily for a week.
  2. A nutritious cocktail made from pharmacy vitamins A and E is rubbed into the nails every day. At the time of treatment (two months), you must abandon the use of varnish.
  3. Castor and olive oil are mixed in the same proportions, cover the surface of the plates with the product obtained. The mixture accelerates growth, moisturizes, nourishes, gives elasticity.
  4. Oatmeal and chamomile are mixed, poured with boiling water, cool, grind the composition in a blender, apply to the damaged surface like a mask.
  5. Vegetable oil and cottage cheese are mixed until a thick sour cream is obtained. The mask is applied for half an hour, frequency - 3 times a week.
  6. Mix honey (3 tbsp.), Salt (2 tbsp.) With 0.5 cups of warm milk, lower your fingertips.

To restore health and at the same time strengthen the thin nail plate after removing the gel polish, you need to rub the ointment, prepared as follows:

  • melt the wax in a water bath,
  • add the yolk from one egg,
  • introduce a few drops of peach oil.

You can apply daily. This mask is completely harmless, nourishes the tissues of the nail and skin of the hands, helps strengthen and grow the plates.