Useful Tips

Election of the school president: election program, slogan and speech on the way to victory


  1. 1 Know your audience.
    • Find out what matters to them. Do they like the person who makes them laugh, or will they vote for the person who will protect the rights? The combination of both qualities will be the best tactic.
  2. 2 Be honest.
    • Recognize what you can and cannot do. Do not give false “political” promises, such as “no taxes” or “no homework”.
  3. 3 Be carefree. Do not stick to dry and boring details or serious problems: people's eyes will begin to fade.
    • Be careful when moving too far from the topic! You can joke a little, but do not forget about the main purpose of the speech.
  4. 4 Speak briefly. No one likes talkers. 5-10 pages should be enough.
  5. 5 Verify that the text has been reviewed and verified by more than one person to correct errors.
  • Prepare yourself seriously: practice is the path to excellence.
  • Think of it as a casual conversation between you and another person. Behave as if there is no large audience in front of you.
  • Find a friend who knows the purpose of speech and gives adequate comments.
  • Use banal jokes and puns. Humor will help you convey your message to people.
  • Amateur humor, songs and rap can also be useful and interesting if you have the right audience for your talents.


  • The effectiveness of your speech depends on everyone in your audience, it should suit everyone.
  • Do not try to be too funny, people may think that your speech is just a joke, that you do not take the topic seriously.
  • Do not laugh and do not fall into the sight of those who will try to make you giggle. If you do this, then people will find that you are not responsible enough and do not worry about it.
  • If at any time you feel that your speech is being drawn out, make sure that you are not reading everything from a piece of paper, and start speaking from the heart.

This guide does not guarantee that the results will be perfect.

What audience is this project designed for?

The game “Elections of the President of the School” is held within the framework of the educational institution, students from 1st to 11th grades, as well as all teachers, including the director and the head teacher, automatically become its participants.

In this case, each child has the right to vote for one or another candidate. And the task of teachers is to explain to children how to vote correctly. The main emphasis should be placed on the fact that it’s not worthwhile to start from someone’s opinion when choosing, you need to think only for yourself and learn to make the right decision.

Presidential candidates

From representatives of grades 9-10, candidates are selected who aspire to the presidency. Representatives of 11th grades are not considered, because they have an important task - to successfully pass the final exams.

Any high school student who meets the following criteria can be a candidate for the post:

  • good student,
  • adheres to an active lifestyle,
  • has leadership qualities in a classroom (school) team,
  • able to protect and defend the interests of other students.

The event “Elections of the president of the school” should be as close as possible in its content to the true election procedure.

The main stages of the game

As in any game held in an educational institution, this project has the main stages of the exercise, which are adult names. These include:

  • Familiarization of students with electoral law. This preparatory stage can be either an individual plan (carried out in each class separately), or a general one (in the form of a school-wide class hour).
  • Nomination of candidates, campaigning, collection of signatures, registration of candidates - all this refers to the main stage of the event called the "Election Campaign".
  • Participation in elections, vote counting, announcement of the winner is the final stage called “Voting”.

School choices

Before starting the game, the organizing teacher must know how to conduct the presidential election in school. First, the election date and the date by which all applicants for this post are required to submit their applications must be announced. Next, two types of election commissions are created - in classes (district) and school-wide (central). They are the main organizers of the elections. The organizing teacher needs to remember that the game should be as close as possible to the real conditions of the competition, and therefore, relatives and friends of the candidates cannot be members of the election commission.

The final step in this event is the election itself, which includes secret ballot, vote counting and the announcement of the winner. After that, he should deliver a solemn speech by the school president in the election.

Campaign events at school

In order for this game to be successful and arouse the desire of children to participate, it is necessary to motivate them by talking about the purpose of the election of the president of the school. Each candidate must have an election program. It reflects the main problems of the school, with which the future president should work directly.

  • Academic performance is the main aspect of school life.
  • Create a relief committee for the underperforming.
  • Carrying out activities related to vocational guidance for students.
  • The introduction of penalties for students with an offense (late, foul language, lack of student uniforms, lack of a second shoe).
  • Creation of a board of honor called “Pride of our school”, where photos of the best students for the current period will be located.
  • Introduction of rating activity of classes (according to academic performance). The rating will be taken into account at the end of the school week and posted on a special stand for public viewing.

Room decoration for the event

Of course, in order to ensure that among children there are no people who want to not participate in the event, you need to properly arrange the room. To do this, each candidate must create his own poster for the election of the president of the school, where his photograph and the main priorities of the election program should be posted.

In addition, a special calendar can be hung in the lobby of the school, with the help of which the days until the voting will be counted.

How to spend a voting day?

When voting day arrives at the school, booths for secret voting and boxes should be created where voters put their ballots. Slogans for the election of the president of the school are all removed from the corridor, on this day they are no longer needed.

Voting is held during breaks so that by the end of the school day it would be possible to count the votes and identify the winner.

How to conduct campaigning?

How does the presidential election begin? Campaigning students takes one of the main places. Therefore, it must be well planned. Campaigning is possible at breaks. The future president can attract students with interesting contests, entertainment programs.

In the after hours there may be a debate between the candidates. The speech of the future president on the way to victory is a key moment. To attract students, the candidate must act confidently, propose concrete actions to solve the school problems that have arisen. Example: “I promise that by becoming the president of the school, I will help reduce the number of low marks in certificates. Self-help groups will be organized. More successful guys will work with lagging behind in core subjects. ”

No less important is the slogan of the future president. Good examples:

  • “We will build a school in which we want to study!”
  • “Teachers and students are one family!”
  • "For lessons, as for a holiday!"

The president is a student with leadership qualities who will interact with the teaching staff for the benefit of the educational process.

Elections of the president of the school will be interesting if the right approach to the issue of organization.


Of course, the speech of the president of the school in the elections is the most solemn moment. Therefore, it should be clearly thought out and include such a basic aspect as the president’s oath to his voters.

Teachers should conduct such events as often as possible. Children, playing, learn to be responsible citizens of their country. But it is precisely on them that our future depends. The election of the president of the school is an exciting event. And its planning should be treated with maximum responsibility.