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How to make beautiful eye makeup?


So, let's figure out what needs to be done in order to get the perfect makeup that no one can resist.

  • One of the main and very important stages is a thorough cleansing of the skin. Be sure to thoroughly clean the skin of the face with tonic, milk or lotion before applying makeup.
  • Another important point is high-quality cosmetics. No need to save on yourself and buy cheap cosmetic products.
  • Next you need to apply the base. This is done in order to even out the tone of the face and remove the shine.
  • Also, ideally, you need to apply a special “makeup base” that will suit your skin type.
  • Buy only expensive foundation. Apply it in soft and smooth movements so as not to stretch the skin. Use special “makeup puffs” for this.
  • Next, decide which makeup you want to recreate - day or evening.
  • In order to highlight the eyes and focus on them, use eyeliner and a cosmetic pencil.
  • Use mascara to not only lengthen and give volume to your eyelashes, but also harmoniously complete your eye makeup.
  • You can also use shadows. But, in this case, you need to follow some rules so as not to spoil the whole picture. Apply the lightest tones in the corners of the eyes, the middle ones in the center of the eyelids, and the darkest ones in the outer corners of the eyes. Thus, you can open your eyes as much as possible and make them more expressive.
  • When finished with the eyes, then go to the “lip makeup”. Here, first of all, a contour pencil will come to your aid.
  • Use a lip liner half a ton lighter than lipstick. Thus, you will give your sponges naturalness and volume.

Remember a little secret. Before applying lipstick, go over your lips with a powder brush. Thanks to this, the lipstick will last longer on the lips.

  • To correct the oval of the face, use blush and proofreaders. But for the correct application you will need photo instructions.

How to make eyes bigger with makeup

In order to make the eyes visually larger, you need not only to make up eyelashes or eyebrows. Also, ideally, you need to have several palette of shadows in the makeup bag with bright and nude shades. Next, let's look at the basic rules for applying makeup on the eyes for their visual increase.

  • Never let down the entire eyelid. This way you narrow your eyes. It is better to use a white pencil and draw their eyes along the lower eyelid along the entire length of the mucosa.
  • If you want to make your eye more rounded, then apply eyeliner along the entire length of the upper eyelid, and extend the line to the middle. If you expand the arrow and spend further than the end of the eyelid, then stretch the shape of the eye and make it look more like a fox.
  • An important point in eye makeup is eyelashes. It's no secret that carcasses come in different colors, but they also give a different effect. Brown and black colors can increase eyes, but light shades will make them visually smaller.
  • A good option for enlarging the eyes is to apply light gray eye shadow on the upper eyelid. But it is important to know that such a decision may not go to girls who have brown eyes. They better turn to the brown tones of the shadows.

To achieve the perfect result, it is better to follow all the recommendations comprehensively. I also offer you a photo tutorial on eye makeup step by step.

Adjust eyebrows to give visual eye enlargement

Also, in order for your eyes to appear large, you need to know and be able to properly shape eyebrows. Especially nowadays, when eyebrows play a very important role and are, as it were, a frame for the eyes.

You do not need to increase the width of the eyebrows more than you already have. This will give your face rudeness. Also do not try to pluck out thick natural eyebrows - this is now the trend. Since it is precisely the density and width of the eyebrows that is given to us by nature, and is the most correct and beneficial for our appearance. To make the correct correction of the eyebrows, you will need a pencil of the desired shade and shadow for the eyebrows. Next, we proceed in the following steps:

  • with a pencil we bring the lower part of the eyebrows,
  • gently draw the end of the eyebrow and continue the line from above so that it does not reach the head of the eyebrow a little,
  • paint over the inner area of ​​the eyebrows with shadows,
  • by the final step, blend the borders of the eyebrows with a beveled brush.

Now we have seen that the correct and beautiful design of eyebrows is a very simple process, you just need to choose the right shades of the pencil and eyeshadow.

Makeup errors leading to visual eye reduction

There are some common mistakes that can visually reduce your eyes.

  • Too heavy mascara and a lot of its layers on the upper cilia. Because of this, the cilia will be lowered down and give a not very beautiful look. Better take lengthening mascara.
  • When using mascara do not paint the cilia in one direction. Apply it at the natural angle of eyelash growth.
  • Another common mistake is the unpainted lower cilia. Therefore, be sure to dye the hairs on the lower eyelids.
  • Do not paint lower eyelids with eyeliner. Because of this, you can get very narrow eyes.
  • It is also not recommended to apply dark pencils to the lower eyelids.
  • Never stain the inner corners of the eyes with dark shadows.
  • Do not lighten the creases on the upper eyelids. Because of this, the upper motionless eyelids may seem overhanging.
  • Do not create clear lines using shadows. Better blend them and get an expressive look.
  • Make eyebrows. Too thin and sloppy eyebrows will stand out too against the background of beautiful makeup.

How to do makeup to look younger

And now I suggest you to figure out how to do makeup in order to look younger.

  • The main rule of makeup that will be able to make you younger is maximum naturalness. The more “natural” the makeup, the younger you will look.
  • Never use too light and dark concealers to correct the skin under the eyes. Take for these purposes concealers in natural shades that are as similar to skin tone as possible.
  • Eliminate bright blush from your makeup.
  • Use only delicate blush of peach and beige shades. Apply them with light movements to the cheekbones. Thus, you will give your face freshness and playfulness.
  • Forget about pearly and too shiny bright lipsticks. Only matte, nude and delicate shades of lipstick can give your image a natural and youthful look.
  • Do not place a bright emphasis on the eyes. Enough that you use lengthening mascara.
  • Never stain the lower eyelid. This will not only not give you youth, but also add a few years.
  • Do not use arrows in such makeup.

How to make beautiful makeup for yourself at home

Even at home, you can make an unsurpassed make-up that will win many men's hearts.

  • First of all, you need to thoroughly cleanse your skin. To do this, you can use special tonics or use ordinary mild soap.
  • After the skin becomes clean, apply a moisturizer to it and wait until it is completely absorbed.
  • We take a foundation of a suitable shade and apply on the face with smooth and soft movements. Do not stretch or push the tonic into the skin.
  • If you have problem areas on your face, you can disguise them using concealers and correctors that are suitable for the shade.
  • Next, fix the tone with powder. It is thanks to the powder and foundation that you can perfectly adjust the shape of the face and mask imperfections even at home.
  • Next, apply blush on the cheekbones. Do not use bright and flashy shades. Peach and nude tones will be just right.

We remember one small, but very important secret. Before proceeding to the makeup of the eyes and lips, apply a small layer of powder on the eyelids, eyelashes and sponges. Thus, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick will fall in perfect layers and will last much longer, and the cilia will not stick together.

  • Another important rule when using eye shadow. Light colors can visually enlarge the eyes, and dark colors can reduce.
  • Do not apply shades of only one shade. It is better to use at least two that suit your color type well.
  • Want to make an expressive look? Use a cosmetic pencil or black eyeliner for this. They perfectly accentuate your eyes and make them brighter and more playful.
  • Apply mascara in the last turn. Apply it in several layers, but do not overdo it. Wait for each coat to dry.

If you used pencil or eyeliner before your eyes, then we paint our lips with the most natural shades. Matte nude lipsticks are ideal for this.

  • You can also use lipsticks of caramel, pale pink flowers. But remember - lips should be darker than skin.
  • Do not experiment strongly with the shape of the lips. It may look quite rude and even vulgar.
  • You can only step a little beyond the real contour to enlarge or reduce your lips.
  • Apply lipstick gently so that it does not have to be washed. Do not protrude beyond the edges of the contour.
  • Do not use in your image a few too bright colors. Find your individual harmony in makeup - and you will be perfect.

And now I suggest you watch a video on how to make beautiful makeup at home. You will see how to properly apply shadows, color lips and adjust eyebrows to get the perfect make-up for all occasions.

So our discussion of this topic came to an end. We hope that our article will be useful and interesting for you. Dear ladies, what makeup do you prefer? And perhaps you still have questions about this topic? Write about it in the comments - and we will definitely discuss it!

How to make beautiful eye makeup? photo instruction

Eye Makeup Tips

  • Always apply mascara from the roots of the eyelashes and move upward with a twisting motion. If you do this regularly, your eyelashes will not “look” down even without mascara.
  • After applying one coat of mascara, wait ten seconds and only after that apply a second coat. This way your eyelashes will not be glued.
  • Buy quality brushes and sponges. They will serve you much longer, and also provide the perfect application.
  • If you want the shadows not to roll all day or evening, and the color to be really bright, be sure to use the base for makeup.
  • Whatever eyebrow makeup tool you use, always make a choice in favor of the shade that matches the color of the roots of your hair.
  • Start the makeup from the eyes, and then go on to tone. This way you will not spoil the perfect make-up with fallen shadows.

How to apply shadows depending on the shape of the eyes?

Your main task is to make the moving eyelid darker than skin color. For this purpose, use dark matte shadows. Blend them along the crease and add the same shadows to the corners of the eyes. Work through the mucous membrane of the eye - both above and below - with a dark pencil. So you can make your eyes visually less convex.

Apply dark shadows to the corners of the eyes, as if pulling them diagonally upward. False eyelashes and long, not too wide, arrows will also help make your eyes bigger.

Apply a dark shade of shadow to the outer corner of the eye. Blend the shadows towards the central part of the eyelid, as if pulling them up. So you can make your eyes more elongated horizontally. Apply a shade of shadows lighter in the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. Do not put dark shadows on the central part of the moving eyelid.

Apply dark shades on the entire surface of the moving eyelid, carefully blending it up and to the side. Do not forget to work out the line of eyelash growth. Try to create a gradient effect with shadows, this will help to visually expand your eyes a little.

Girls with almond-shaped eyes are very lucky, because literally any make-up suits them, even coal-black smokey ice. Not sure where to start? Start by applying dark shadows over the entire surface of the moving eyelid, blending towards the eyebrows. Apply lighter shades under the eyebrows.

Paint over the entire moving eyelid, blend in the folds. Pay particular attention to shading and set it in a horizontal direction. Apply dark shadows to the outer corners of the eyes. This will help visually “lower” them down.

Distribute the dark shade evenly over the entire surface of the moving eyelid, blend up. Do makeup with your eyes open.

Feather the selected shadows diagonally, moving towards the temple. So you can visually raise the corner of the eye. Emphasize the lower eyelid completely, or don’t stain it at all.

If you are new to eye makeup, then our video will help you learn how to beautifully paint eyes with shadows.

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The main principle of mei-cap: individuality

Year after year, changes are taking place in the fashion world. Women and girls of all ages are closely following the new trends in makeup. It must be remembered that the individual characteristics of each person will always go ahead of any fashion. Beautiful eye makeup involves emphasizing virtues, not hiding them. Individuality is the main principle of competent makeup.

The first step in eye makeup: preparation

The preparatory phase in the eye-cap is the most important. Makeup, applied to unprepared skin, has a dull appearance, quickly crumbles. Mascara from the lower cilia crumbles, clogs in folds, forms ugly wrinkles - spider webs. Before makeup is recommended:

Cleanse the skin of the face.
Apply moisturizer.
Remove excess cream with a napkin.
Apply base cream.

Stage Three: A Foundation for Eyelids

For permanent makeup, it is recommended to use the foundation under the shade. Decorative cosmetics are impregnated with the secret of subcutaneous glands throughout the day, fade, roll into lumps.

Advantages of the basic framework:

Provides easy application of cosmetics.
Keeps the original appearance of the shadows, eyeliner
Suitable for all skin types: dry moisturizes, oily mattes.
It has a matting effect.
Smoothes the skin of the eyelids.

The base for cosmetics is transparent or light - skin tone. The second option involves applying a “base” without foundation.

Rules for overlaying the "base":

Apply a thin layer of cream to both eyelids with a flat brush.
In a circular motion of the fingertips, blend the base.
Blot both eyelids with a tissue to remove excess.
It is recommended to apply decorative cosmetics after the base layer has completely dried.

The fourth stage: Correction of deficiencies

It is a mistake to consider: the foundation reliably masks traces of fatigue under the eyes. The concealer is capable of masking dark circles two shades lighter than the natural skin tone. Without it, “bruises” will be revealed within a couple of hours after applying makeup.

In some cases, it is recommended to use a yellow / pink concealer before the corrector.

Eye shadow selection

Green cornea: the color of gold, delicate roses, ripe peach, chocolate, wet asphalt. It is recommended to apply at least three shades.
Blue / gray cornea: bright violet, silver, white lily, rose.
Brown cornea: "gold", a shade of "black coal". Noble blue color is recommended for burning brunettes.

General rules for applying shadows

Carry out the first four stages of preparation for makeup.
Apply a light shade of shadows to the upper eyelid.
Apply primary colors to the upper movable eyelid.
Apply a dark shade to the border of the transition of the mobile eyelid and the infraorbital region. Shade the border of the transition.
Над ресничками аппликатором для теней провести полоску насыщенных тёмных оттенков.
Нанести хайлайтер под внешний угол брови.

Советы визажистов

In order to visually enlarge the eyes, you need to apply light shades on the eyelids.
Intense shades of shadows: black, infrared, blue, orange are recommended for bright parties.
Daily make-up involves the use of a palette of pastel shades.
For permanent makeup, powdery shadows are recommended to be applied on a damp base.
Pearlescent shadows need to be applied to the protruding parts of the eyelid.
The hanging eyelid is masked by applying dark shades to the skin area.

Sixth stage: eye contour

Eyeliner and eyeliner have their advantages and disadvantages. For example: erroneous drawing of a line with a pencil is easier to fix than a line drawn by eyeliner.

Using a pencil, you can effortlessly give the shape of the eye the desired configuration, a soft shade of the line. The pencil is the least susceptible to spreading, easily removed with makeup remover.

By hair / skin color

Brunettes with fair skin: suitable black, brown, gray.
Black brunettes are recommended to draw a contour with a black pencil in the color of ripe plum, dark chocolate.
Blondes are not recommended to point their arrows in black pencil (only in the evening version). The best option: a heavenly, silver shade, the color of "wet asphalt."

How to draw arrows with a pencil?

Draw a solid line near the eyelashes with a pencil, starting from the nose to the outer corner. In some variations of makeup, you should draw a contour from the center point of the pupil.
To give expressiveness in the look, it is recommended to perform the lower outline with black / brown shadows or a lighter pencil.
In the absence of experience, it is recommended for beginners to apply with a pencil three points on the upper eyelid at regular intervals. Connect the dots in one line.

Liquid eyeliner: application technique

Fix the elbow on a stable surface.
Dipping the applicator in a tube of paint, draw the tip of the brush along the edge of the bottle, thereby removing excess decorative means.
Apply three control points to the upper eyelid.
Connect the dots with a thin line of eyeliner.
After the first layer has dried, draw a second line that is different from the first in thickness.

Mascara selection criteria

You can not use mascara "artisanal" production of unknown brands. The consequences are allergic reactions to the components.
Shelf life of new carcasses on store shelves is no more than three years.
After opening the package, it is recommended to use mascara for six months.
Decorative cosmetics for the eyes involves one "owner." It is not recommended to give unauthorized use of personalized cosmetics.
For maximum application effect, it is not recommended to dilute thickened mascara with water. For dilution, neutral eye drops can be used.

Mascara Technique

Preparatory stage: apply a tonic to the eyelashes with a cotton pad to remove makeup, dab the eyelashes.
Apply a small amount of powder to the upper eyelashes. Modern carcasses already have a base layer. It is usually located on the other tip of the mascara bottle.
The lower eyelashes are recommended to be the first to be painted: apply mascara to the hairs with the tip of the ribbed applicator. Let the hairs dry.
Upper eyelashes. Ribbed applicator in a horizontal position: 1 - mid-eyelid, 2 - outer edge of the eye, 3 - inner corner.
To give volume / length, it is recommended to make 2 - 3 movements with the applicator over the upper eyelashes.

Technique for applying decorative cosmetics

Preparatory stage: cleanse the skin of the face, mask the skin defects with the help of a concealer, apply the corrector.
Shadows: type on the applicator a small amount of shadows of the color “wet asphalt”. Draw a contour line along the growth of eyelashes. Feather the borders of the contour.
Arrows on the upper eyelid: it is recommended to draw a continuous line from the inner corner of the eye, expanding the contour in the middle part, narrowing and rounding the outer corner.
The lower eyelid is contoured identically, but the line should be drawn from the central part of the eye.
Mascara: apply classic mascara to upper eyelashes. Let the first layer dry. After a while, apply a second layer of mascara, focus on the thickness of the eyelashes in the outer corner of the eye.
Apply mascara to the lower eyelashes. It is not recommended to dye the hairs at the inner corner of the eyes.
To remove lumps of mascara, comb the eyelashes with a special synthetic brush.
The eye shadow palette for “cat's eyes”: the inner corner is a light metallic shade, the outer corner of the eye is the color of dark chocolate, black or lilac.

Eye makeup for myopia

Through the eyepieces with diopters with myopia, the eyes will appear small. To hide a visual flaw, it is recommended:

Choose a concealer for the upper / lower eyelids two shades lighter than the natural skin tone.
Shadows to choose the color of the iris. It is recommended to use pastel colors: white lily, delicate rose, "heavenly".
Apply arrows on the upper / lower eyelid.
For a radiant "wide" look, apply light shadows on the inner corners of the eyes.
It is not recommended to cover the lips with bright shades of lipstick.

Farsighted Makeup

Lenses in this case are able to highlight imperfections of the skin around the eyes (swelling, wrinkles, age spots).

It is not recommended to apply shadows without first preparing the skin with a corrector.
It is more practical to use matte shadows without nacre.
It is recommended to use three types of shades: light, medium, dark. Apply in sequence: light - under the midpoint of the eyebrow closer to the tip, medium tone - below the light shadows, apply a dark tone on the outer edge of the eye.
Volumetric mascara is not recommended.

Nude Eye Makeup

The natural natural beauty of a woman is recognized by world make-up artists and stylists as a reference. The velvety face of the color of a young peach attracts men more than a bright style, requiring bright shadows, rough eyeliner.

To create the Nude style, it is recommended to use a minimum amount of cosmetics, shades of shadows. One color scheme is implied, which tone-on-tone repeats the natural color of the skin. Key principles:

Create a perfectly even basic face tone.
The shades of eye shadow to match the skin or half a tone lighter than the natural shade of the eyelids.
It is not recommended to use blush.