Useful Tips

How to understand that your bra can no longer be worn


So, you need to break up with a bra if.

1. You wear it regularly for more than a year and a half

This is a clear sign that it is time to throw it in the trash. Because even the highest quality elastane does not last for so long.

The fibers of the belt stretch irrevocably, and the bra loses supporting forces. If your bra is already a year, one and a half or more, and you still wear it and think that it is “as good as new”, then perhaps you originally bought it too loose in the waist, so you don’t feel any loss of support.

I remind you: the new bra should sit tight, only four fingers should fit between it and the back. Most often, this ratio is achieved when the volume of the bra on the label (for example, 75C) is 10 units less than the actual circumference under the breast (thus, a bra with a volume of 75 on the label will suit a young lady with 85 cm under the breast in circumference. Why is this, I wrote here and here).

The larger the size of your chest, the more intensively the bra wears out, because the material needs to overcome more resistance. Therefore, for owners of a large breast, the control point of assessment is a year. Provided that you wear your bra regularly at least 2 times a week.

2. You have changed in weight by more than 3-5 kilograms or you have had pregnancy and breastfeeding

Hormonal changes and jumps in weight are reflected in the shape and elasticity of the chest. Women who come to me after pregnancy and breastfeeding complain that “it was easy to pick up linen before”, but now “breasts do not fill the cup, as if they were blown away, and I can’t wear anything”. As well as women who have lost weight or gained weight, these are all problems of the same order.

A small change in weight in the minus can help adapt the straps or resource of the bra belt, provided that you wore the correct size before losing weight. Therefore, do not be afraid to pick up linen in anticipation of losing weight - you want to keep your chest, and you need good support. Just ask your bra-fitter to choose your clothes according to a more tight standard, because you plan to lose weight.

Sometimes, when the client is somewhere between the sizes (for example, a belt of size 75E sits moderately tight, and a belt of size 70F is noticeably tight), I suggest stopping at a smaller size (70F) and additionally take an extender to increase the volume for the first time. And you will lose weight, and the belt will stretch, the extender can be removed, and the bra continues to be worn as if nothing had happened.

If your weight “went into plus”, then a slight fluctuation may be covered by the extender resource. But, if you feel that the belt is choking you, and wearing a bra is just uncomfortable, you painfully want underwear without stones or soft material, then it's time to change the size.

But, if you went through pregnancy / breastfeeding, then these processes affected not only the size, but also the shape of the breast, therefore, accept as a fact that you have to pick up new clothes, and send the old ones to the scrap.

Over the past six months, I have lost 10 kilograms - I used extenders, moved the hooks more tightly, and, in the end, changed the size. Doctors advised me to lose another 8 kilograms, and I am preparing to do the same again with a new linen park. But nothing can be done, unfortunately, because the wardrobe also had to be completely changed. But health and fitness are worth it.

3. You wear your bra fastened with the last hook

If you have finally reached this stage, as expected, moving the hooks more and more tightly, then know that your bra has 4-6 weeks to live, then the elastane resource will be completely lost.

If you initially buy a bra “as you have to” and you are able to easily fasten it onto the last hook on the day of purchase and not feel uncomfortable, then you render yourself a great disservice.

The bra begins to stretch after the first wash. As a result, you will be able to vilify him normally (without falling strapless and bulging on the back of his belt) for only 4-6 weeks, the rest of the time he will simply cover his nipples, without giving you any real support. If this is the case, admit your mistake, pick up a new supportive underwear and evaluate the suddenly appeared resource of convenience.

4. Your straps are tightened to the limit

You try to extract the best support and shape from the bra, tightening the straps to the maximum (I even saw that the strap adjuster moves from the back to the clavicle area (!)). It is time to recognize the fact that the bra has finally lost its support resource.

In general, you probably already know that 90% of the support in the bra should come from the belt, and the straps should be used only to adjust the bra according to the growth and asymmetry of the chest. Therefore, since the straps are fully tightened, then the belt has already been taken out, or the size was originally chosen incorrectly - there is no third one. It's time to buy a couple of new "workhorses" for your wardrobe!

5. Bones come out of the casing, break or stick you on the side

All these are alarming bells, a real fire siren, that a bra does not cope with the load that is assigned to it.

Do you wear your sconce in the tail and mane, not giving rest? Or wear it rarely and with displeasure, but does this hell continue to happen? The solution here is also one - to throw out the old one and buy a new one, but if there is a problem with the size, you should ask a professional.

Problems with the bones of a bra occur due to the excessively intense friction of the surface over your body. Most often, such problems occur for those who initially “because of comfort” choose a larger volume, because “in the small it’s crowded and stuffy”. In fact, a well-chosen bra should fix the chest and not crawl over the body. And it’s “stuffy and cramped” because the size is incorrect.

It surprises me how women are stubborn in their beliefs. There are such "lucky ones" who pull bones from freshly bought linen, because "this is an instrument of torture."

There are craftswomen who alter hooks and straps in the "right" place. And this is instead of realizing that if you are forced to somehow “finish” the bra for yourself, then you initially picked it up incorrectly either in size or in shape, and the real right decision is simply to learn how to choose the right underwear for yourself!

In fact, you can find nice, comfortable underwear for any size and shape. We are ready to open for you a new world of comfortable and beautiful linen that you don’t want to take off!

Sign No. 1: the belt has lost its former elasticity

Initially, the belt was tightly fixed on the body (of course, if the bra was matched according to the rules) - its fastener did not creep up and at the same time the fabric of the belt was not too stretched and did not squeeze the chest. But after some time you noticed that the belt lost its elasticity and the fabric seemed to “frizz” due to small rubber bands sticking out in all directions.

When tensioned, the material does not gently adjust to changes in the body (for example, when inhaling or exhaling), but stretches and unpleasantly cuts into the skin.

Sign number 2: the straps began to dig into the shoulders

In fact, if at the time you wisely chose a bra, you noticed that the straps do not play a special role in supporting the breast: the chest is fixed due to the tight-fitting belt, and the straps are needed to adjust the bra according to the height of its owner.

When a bra fails, the situation changes.

Firstly, the straps can begin to twist. Secondly, due to the greatly stretched belt, the entire burden of responsibility in the issue of breast support can be transferred to them. And this is not right!

If you feel that the pressure falls on your shoulders, feel free to send the linen into retirement!

How many years can you put on a bra?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question. There are girls developed beyond their years, who at the age of 9 begin their first menstruation and grow their breasts. And for someone at 16 there is simply nothing to put on a bra. Girls are all very different, and physiological processes in organisms also proceed in different ways.

At the beginning of puberty, the girl’s mammary glands gradually increase in size. The ovarian hormones induce them to do this. For a couple of years, the connective tissue of the gland is completely enveloped in fatty tissue, and the breast takes on beautiful feminine outlines.

Important! Psychologists believe that if a girl is embarrassed to go to school without a bra, feels uncomfortable without him, eschews her peers or begins to stoop, then she definitely needs to buy such an important wardrobe item, regardless of age.

Pros and cons of wearing a bra early

No matter how old the girl starts to wear a bra, it must be matched correctly. When using such a product, there will be no harm to health. Unless added care about the purity of the product and the acquisition of the next as the mammary glands grow.

But if your daughter wears a push-up bra every day, then you can forget about the correct formation of the chest. This style raises and holds the bust during the day in an anatomically incorrect, unnatural position for her.

Selected not in size, small, with cutting bones, girdle or shoulder straps, it will slow down blood circulation and metabolic processes in the lymphatic vessels located in the armpits. This is just fraught with health consequences.

Important! Parents usually do the greatest harm from wearing a bra early on, using a careless word, phrase or joke about “pimples” causing psychological trauma to their child. The consequences of this can be manifested for many years, until old age: stoop, insecurity, low self-esteem, loss of trust in parents, etc.

How to understand that it’s time.

Parents can accurately determine the time of purchase of the first bra for their growing daughter, paying attention to the following points:

  • the girl is embarrassed to wear a tight-fitting T-shirt or a translucent blouse due to the fact that the outlines of the breast or nipples are very visible under the clothes,
  • there is a swinging and bouncing of the chest while running, sports or just a quick walk,
  • your child is uncomfortable changing clothes with other girls,
  • in the classroom, only your daughter does not wear a bra, and this is the subject of discussion of friends,
  • if you see a figure of 65 cm or more when measuring the circumference under the chest.

If you answer “yes” to at least one point in the questionnaire, you should think about purchasing a bra and discuss the upcoming purchase with your daughter.

Example of determining your size

Simple calculations will help to determine the size of the bra:

  • measure your girl’s chest circumference at the most convex points and under the breast.
  • the obtained figures need to be compared, and the difference between them will be the size.

For example, the largest girth is 79 cm, and under the chest - 68 cm. The difference is 11 cm. This is the size “zero”, according to the marking on the products - AA. In the same place on the marking, a figure indicating the size of the bra belt will be indicated. This is the girth under the chest, in your case - 68. So, you need to look for a model with a size of 68AA for fitting.

Rules for choosing a bra for a teenage girl

If your child does not yet have such a volume of the chest that you can buy a bra, refer to the tops or T-shirts of a sports style that support the chest a little. Sometimes small foam cups are sewn into them. Of course, they do not raise a bust, as some girls take care of, but they can serve as protection against accidental touches or blows during sports.

Important! The purchased bra must be convenient, comfortable and not only mom, but also the girl will like it.

When buying a bra, give preference to a simple style of linen made of natural fabric. Let it be soft cotton knit flesh or other light shade. Many girls choose bras for themselves as colorful as if they were beach colors. Due to their young age, they are not yet ready for feminine styles and shades, and in such swimsuit bras they feel comfortable and comfortable.

Choose clothes according to size: purchased with a margin, the bra will look “outgrowth” ridiculous, and a small one will not allow the breasts to develop properly. A bra with bones or a push-up effect can be acquired by a teenager only for rare wear. For every day, recommend wearing a soft-cup model.

Carefully make sure that the teenage girl wears a bra strictly in size, and it is replaced with a different model as the mammary glands grow and develop.