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How to Boil an Egg in the Microwave - 6 Right Recipes


Hello friends. What do you do when the kitchen is being renovated, the stove has broken or is it just too lazy to warm it up? You can have a bite to eat something, but this is not the best solution. But what about quickly cooking something in the microwave. I think a good idea. So today I decided to tell you how to cook eggs in the microwave. Cooking this dish will not take you much time.

Before writing this article, I conducted a vigorous research activity. I learned a lot of information about whether it is possible to cook eggs in a micro. Many “experts” unanimously say that this cooking method is very dangerous. And if you suddenly decide to cook this dish, hide better in the nearest bomb shelter. Well, at least in the toilet 🙂 Although in fact it can be done without such extreme measures.

Why do eggs explode

The reason for the explosion lies in the different speed of heating parts of the egg. The yolk will boil much faster than protein. And this is understandable, because most of it consists of water. By the time the yolk boils, the protein is still boiling a little. And the eggshell, which has an airtight shell, can generally remain cold. As a result, a lot of pressure forms inside. Therefore, the shell does not stand this and flounders.

An egg is a sealed “vessel with liquid”. Under the influence of microwaves, this fluid heats up, expands in volume and breaks the shell

In this video, the guys demonstrate how well they can explode. And when you turn off the microwave oven, you will have to scrape off the remains of the product from the walls. And here you will come to the aid of advice from the article "How to clean the microwave" 😉

If you do not believe the arguments I have given, you can conduct an experiment at home. Only I would not do that in your place. Well, for at least 2 reasons:

  1. The egg will explode anyway. Even if this does not happen, it simply will not boil.
  2. You have to wash the microwave for a long time.

But do not despair - you can boil this product in the microwave. There are several safe cooking methods. I’ll tell you about them today and attach the video, so as not to be unfounded.

In a container with salt

Place the eggs in a plastic container. Just pay attention to the fact that special utensils should be used - one that is designed for microwave ovens. Add salt here. Here the chefs disagree that salt should be added depending on the number of eggs. For example, if you cook 2 pieces - 1 tsp. salt, if 6 pieces - then a tablespoon with a slide.

Then fill everything with water (cold or just boiled). If you use hot water, then try to pour along the edge of the container, otherwise the eggs may burst.

And how much to cook them? Cooking time depends on the power of your kitchen unit. If the microwave is set to average power, the cooking process will take up to 10 minutes. In addition, the cooking time also depends on the temperature of the water that you will fill in the container. Another factor that you need to consider is how steep the eggs you need. 🙂 If you like steep eggs, you’re one time, soft-boiled and the other. Find your middle ground.

After cooking, remove the eggs from the container. And then dip them one by one into cold water. And here is the video on how to cook.

In fact, this is the same as in the container, but only in miniature. This recipe can only boil one egg. Due to the fact that there is less water, the cooking time is reduced, as the water boils faster.

Just pay attention to the fact that in a glass an egg can “burn” on one side. The fact is that in a large capacity the product is cooked by boiling water. That is, microwaves warm the water, it boils and food is already being prepared in it. In a small container (in a glass), microwaves heat water and partially the product itself. Read more about the depth of exposure to microwaves in the article "the principle of microwave operation."

To prepare such a meal, you will need:

  • 150 ml of boiling water
  • egg,
  • 1 tsp salt.

Also prepare a 250-300 ml beaker. Lower the egg into the bowl. Pour salt on top and carefully pour boiling water.

We set the cooking time and power on the kitchen unit. For example, if you have a maximum microwave power of 900 watts, you need to set the power to 40%. The time will be 7-10 minutes. If an egg of category C0, add another 30 seconds. If the power on your microwave is different, I advise you to experiment to find the optimal cooking time.

When you hear a beep to indicate the end of the thermal process, open the microwave door. Then gently pull out the glass, pull out the egg and lower it under cold water.

Egg in 1 minute

This recipe will help you out in the morning and quickly feed your family without hassle. Just a minute of time and you have a finished dish on your table.

To make eggs in a microwave oven, you will need freshly boiled water and thermal dishes. Choose a bowl deeper. Pour more water, then carefully break the egg here. It will immediately begin to turn white. Then gently pierce the yolk with a sharp knife. And do not forget to salt the dish.

If you need to cook a meal for several people, break 2-3-4 eggs into a bowl. Naturally, and the vessel in this case should be larger. After all, you need to pour a lot of water here - it should completely cover the product.

Next, put the form in the microwave for 1 minute. The power on the unit should be set to 800 watts. At the end of cooking, the yolk will become strong, and the protein will become tender. If suddenly it seems to you that the product is underserved, add another 10 seconds of time. But I don’t advise setting it for more than a minute.

Yes, before cooking, do not forget to cover the dishes with a special cap, which is designed for a microwave oven. Or, as a last resort, cover the bowl with cling film, after making a couple of holes so that the steam comes out. Alternatively, cover the bowl with a flat plate.

Is it possible to boil an egg in the microwave - rules and precautions

Surely, you heard that the attempt to cook eggs in a microwave oven ended in failure. The fact is that microwaves heat the product from the inside. As a result, pressure inside the egg gradually increases. And when this pressure reaches a critical point, the egg will explode.

And such an explosion is not just a little nuisance. A short circuit may occur, the oven may be electric shock or simply break.

You can boil an egg in the microwave, but you need to follow a number of certain rules.

Here are the key recommendations.:

  • we use only dishes that are suitable for microwave ovens,
  • do not use foil,
  • The eggs you are about to cook should be at room temperature. Do not put the eggs that we just removed from the refrigerator into the cell,
  • in the cooking process, that is, before the timer signal, do not open the oven door. It could trigger an explosion
  • don't try to heat already cooked eggs in a microwave oven,
  • in the process of cooking, it is not recommended to stand by the stove, much less bring your face closer to the door, trying to discern how the process is going. If something goes wrong and the egg explodes, you can be hit in the face with an opening door. And if the explosion damages the glass of the door, you can get more serious injuries,
  • you need to be careful after the cooking process, there are cases when the egg exploded after extraction from the microwave oven.

After studying the precautions, you can begin to practice. Here are recipes for making eggs in and without shells, in water and on dry.

Poached egg

Want to maintain the integrity of the yellow, while the protein remains dense? So this recipe is perfect for you. The protein at the end of cooking should, as it were, envelop the yellow core. And the yolk inside is soft-boiled. Just do not pierce the egg, otherwise the yolk will leak.

Preparing this dish is easy and simple. First wash your egg thoroughly. Pour cold water (about 1/3) into a glass of 200-250 ml. Then carefully break the egg - do not damage only the yolk. And release into the water. Add here 0.5 tsp. vinegar 6% (this ingredient is optional, but it will help the protein grasp a little better).

Put the dish in the microwave. And cook at a power of 80% for 45-60 seconds. Then pull out the glass and check the condition of the product you are preparing. If necessary, add time and cook the dish at 50% capacity. At the same time, set no more than 20 seconds. Naturally, my friends, you need to select time and power individually - each unit has its own characteristics.

By the way, here is a simple video instruction for preparing this dish.

When you are sure that the eggs are ready, remove them from the water and lay them on a napkin. Let the excess water drain. Then you can top with spices and serve.

How to quickly boil a hard-boiled egg in the microwave

We will figure out how to properly cook an egg in the shell in the microwave. We will cook hard-boiled egg.

First of all, we will choose the right cookware for cooking. It can be glass or plastic, provided that the dishes have the mark "suitable for microwave."

We will get the eggs from the refrigerator in advance, they should not be cold. In shell eggs, wash very well, preferably washed with soap.

Important! Egg washing is necessary to prevent salmonella infection, since bacteria can be on the shell. Bacteria can get inside the egg when broken.

Gently lay the eggs on the bottom of the prepared dishes. We spread them in a row with a small distance from each other.

Pour water into a bowl. You need to pour so much liquid that it completely covers all the eggs and is about 1 cm higher in level. If the eggs protrude from the water, they can explode. Water can be used at room temperature or hot. If you pour boiling water, then the eggs will cook faster.

Add a tablespoon of salt to the dishes with water and eggs. Salt reduces the likelihood of rupture of the shell and leakage of eggs.

Cooking time is from 6 to 12 minutes. It depends on the size of the eggs, the temperature of the flooded water and the capacity of the oven.

After cooking, remove the dishes with eggs from the oven. Attention - both the dishes themselves and the water in it are very hot, so we use tacks or insulating gloves. Using a spoon, carefully remove the cooked eggs from the dishes and transfer to a bowl of cold water.

Our hard boiled eggs are ready. They can be served or used to prepare snacks and any other dishes.

Soft-boiled eggs in a microwave in the shell

Soft-boiled eggs are not easy to cook even in the usual way, that is, on the stove. It takes a little overexposure the eggs on fire, and the yolk has time to thicken. A perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg has a curled, but soft protein and a completely liquid yolk.

If you decide to cook a soft-boiled egg in the microwave, it is better to cook one at a time, and not all at once. We use a ceramic or glass small bowl for cooking, you can boil an egg in a mug.

Put the egg in the prepared dishes. Pour hot water, but not boiling water. Water should completely cover the egg, and the water level should be 1-1.5 cm higher than the egg.

Advice! If, after pouring water into the dishes, the egg floats to the surface, then this product is stale, you can not use it.

In a bowl with water and an egg, a full teaspoon of salt. We put the dishes with the egg in the oven. You need to cook at a power of not more than 400 watts. Usually, furnaces have a large capacity, so you need to choose a special mode.

A soft-boiled egg will be cooked for 5 minutes if the water was hot. Or 7-8 minutes if you poured cold water.

Similarly, you can boil an egg in a bag. This option is an intermediate between the soft-boiled and hard-boiled cooking method. The protein of a properly boiled egg is dense, while the yolk remains semi-liquid.

The time for preparing an egg in a pouch in a microwave oven is 8 minutes, if hot water is poured and 400 W is installed.

We use special containers

In hardware stores you can purchase special plastic containers for cooking eggs in the microwave. They are inexpensive. You can purchase containers for cooking one, two or four eggs at a time.

The instruction for using containers is as simple as possible:

  • the container before first use, thoroughly wash and scald with boiling water,
  • then we break one raw egg into the cells of the container,
  • pierce the yolk shell with the tip of a knife,
  • pour a teaspoon of cold water into each cell with an egg,
  • You can immediately salt and sprinkle the egg with other spices. Or you can not do this and salt the egg with food,
  • close the lid of the container and snap it,
  • we cook at a power of 700 W for 50 seconds,
  • let stand in the chamber without opening the oven lid, 10 seconds,
  • then turn on the oven again for 20 seconds.

When cooked according to this instruction, the yolk will remain liquid. If you want to get a hard-boiled egg, you need to turn on the oven a second time for 20 seconds.

Then remove the container from the microwave. It will be hot, so you need to use a tack. Gently open, so as not to burn yourself with steam. Spread the finished eggs on a plate.

We prepare separately protein and yolk

When cooking a whole egg in a microwave, it is difficult to achieve the perfect consistency of yolk and protein. Often you have to deal with the situation that until the yolk reaches readiness, the protein manages to digest and become "rubber". To get the desired degree of readiness of the yolk and protein, we will cook them separately.

For cooking, we use any dishes suitable for use in a microwave oven. Lightly grease the walls and the bottom of the dishes from the inside. It is necessary to lubricate it lightly, for example, you can wipe the dishes from the inside with a paper towel greased with oil.

Now gently break the egg, trying to divide the shell into two equal parts and not damage the yolk. Pour the egg from one half of the shell to the other, trying to ensure that the protein merges into the prepared dishes, and the yolk remains in the shell. The separated yolk is placed in a separate bowl.

Advice! To separate the egg into protein and yolk, you can use a special device that acts on the principle of a funnel. Protein flows down, and the yolk is in the upper part of the device.

Separated yolks need to be pierced with the tip of a thin knife or a fork, this is necessary to prevent tearing of this film when heating the yolk from the inside.

Cover the egg containers with parchment paper or lids. We put the dishes in the oven, separately prepare the squirrels. They need to be boiled at low power:

  • 1 protein will be ready in 30-60 seconds,
  • 2 squirrels need to be kept in the oven for 45-80 seconds,
  • 4 squirrels will cook for about 2 minutes 40 seconds.

The ideal cooking time will have to be determined experimentally, it will be necessary to turn on the microwave for a short time and monitor the state of the proteins. If they are damp, turn on the oven again for 10-15 seconds. Turn off the oven when the squirrels thicken, but will appear slightly undercooked. They "reach" the desired level due to the internal temperature.

Yolks also need to be cooked at a low power level, the cooking time of one yolk is 20-30 seconds. If you cook 2 or more yolks, then after the first 40 seconds you will need to turn on the oven for 10-15 seconds, and each time control the degree of readiness. We take out the yolks, while they are slightly liquid, they will still be cooked due to the internal temperature.

Poached egg in the microwave

Poached egg is boiled without shell. This is a traditional French dish. These eggs are served for breakfast on fried toasts or complement them with any dishes. For example, you can put a poached egg in a broth, add it to a salad or put it on a steak.

A properly cooked poached egg has a liquid yolk, which should flow if the egg is cut in half. Boil it in a small saucepan in water with the addition of vinegar, but you can boil a poached egg in the microwave, it will turn out no worse.

To cook poached eggs in the microwave, you will need a small bowl, tureen or mug, as well as a lid for the selected dishes. You can cover the dishes with a saucer if it does not have a golden border.

Pour 120 ml of water into the prepared dishes. Now carefully break the shell of the egg, it is important not to damage the yolk. Pour the egg into the water. The egg should be completely immersed in water, if you come across a large specimen and there is not enough water, carefully pour a little more water.

We cover the dishes with a lid, put in the oven. Cook for 1 minute at full power. Then you need to check readiness. Carefully lift the lid off the dishes, trying not to get burned with steam, and look at the state of the protein. If it is liquid, you can put the dishes with the egg in the oven again for 15-20 seconds.

Using a small slotted spoon, we take out the prepared poached egg from the water and transfer it to the fried toast or to the plate. Salt and pepper the finished egg to taste. You can sprinkle with dry basil or a little chopped fresh herbs.

Cook quail egg

A boiled quail egg is more healthy than a chicken. This product extremely rarely causes an allergic reaction, so they can be eaten by people who can not tolerate eggs. Quail eggs are smaller than chicken, so they cook faster. You can cook this product in the microwave.

We select dishes in which you can lay eggs in one layer. Обращаем внимание на то, чтобы посуда была разрешена к использованию в СВЧ печах.

Вымытые перепелиные яйца укладываем в посуду, заливаем холодной водой так, чтобы уровень жидкости был выше уровня уложенных продуктов на 1-1,5 см. Ставим посуду в камеру печи. Устанавливаем мощность в 500 Вт. Готовим в течение 3 минут.

We remove the dishes from the oven (the dishes themselves will be hot, and inside - boiling water, so be careful!). We remove the eggs from boiling water and transfer to a bowl of cold water. When the eggs have cooled slightly, they can be cleaned and served or used to make salads.

You can cook a quail egg in the microwave without shell. To do this, pour water into a small bowl, carefully break the egg and pour it into the water. Cover the dishes with a lid or saucer (in no case do not use foil!). Cook at a power of 400 W for 40 seconds. Then check the readiness. If the protein is liquid, cook another 10-15 seconds.

Eggs in the microwave: why not

Eggs are a fragile product, one careless movement or a light blow, and everything, the insides flow out of the shell and you need to catch them faster in order to cook the omelet later.

Can I boil an egg in the microwave? The answer to this question can be given as follows: of course yes, if you have patience, a cleaning cloth and a protective suit in case of explosion.

Well, if the microwave simply turns off, and yet it can also cause electric shock, the door may open, and the glass will crack. It is better not to conduct such experiments.

If you’re just unbearable and you want boiled eggs for breakfast, and the usual stove does not work, then there is an option to rid the product of the shell and cook it in the microwave. This method is safer and more accurate.

Caution, microwave!

Cooks who want to try out the technique and tickle their nerves by boiling an egg in a microwave oven need to know some secrets:

  1. Glassware for experimentation is exceptionally suitable for a microwave oven. Otherwise, there is a risk that the plate will scatter into small pieces, breaking the glass and injuring the cook,
  2. If there is a need, it is better to cook a cold egg. Taking it out of the cold right away, you can see an explosion within 5 seconds,
  3. You can not use foil, it reflects microwave radiation and disables the technique. Foil in the microwave is a sure way to see lightning at home,
  4. By setting the timer for the right time, you can not look into the oven, the product may explode, breaking glass and a person will get burns or other injuries.

Next, we describe how to cook eggs in the microwave, if you are determined to try to implement this dangerous experiment.

Proven Cooking Methods

So, it is still possible to cook eggshell in the microwave if you act with extreme caution. For hard-boiled dishes you will need:

  • Ceramic bowl (you can mug),
  • 1 raw egg
  • A pinch of salt,
  • 300-400 g of water,
  • Pin, nail or needle.

Wash the egg, pour the boiled water into a bowl and be sure to salt it. With a needle, a pin or a nail, carefully pierce the shell deep enough so that the film under it also cracked.

Put the egg gently and slowly (so as not to crack from boiling water) in the water on the side where there is no puncture, trying to prevent it from turning over and the protein with the yolk not leaking. Start the oven timer for 6 minutes at low or medium power.

When time runs out, you get a hard-boiled product that must be placed in ice water. So the shell will be better off from the protein.

You can also cook soft-boiled egg in the microwave, it is easier to do than cook hard-boiled. The necessary products and utensils for 1 serving:

  • Deep bowl
  • 1 raw washed egg
  • A pinch of salt,
  • 400 g of water.

Pour salted hot water into a bowl, carefully dip a testicle into it. Put in the microwave. Cooking time - 3 minutes at a power of 400 watts.

When time runs out, put it under cold water. The soft-boiled product is ready.

By trial and error, the cook will find the optimal number of minutes and watts at which the dish will turn out as it should.

Another reliable way to cook eggs in the shell is in the video:

A boiled egg without a shell in the microwave is real

To get a healthy breakfast made from eggs, cooked using a microwave oven, you need to know a great way how to cook them without shells.

For a dish without shells you will need:

  • Deep plate
  • 0.5 tsp butter
  • 1 egg
  • Cling film.

Grease a plate with butter, gently break an egg so that the yolk does not mix with protein. Cover the dishes with foil so that they do not touch the product.

Set the power to 400 watts for 2 minutes. Every 20 seconds, it is recommended to stop time and check the degree of readiness of the dish, but carefully so as not to burn your fingers.

Get ready food and let it stand for a minute or two.

This method is reliable enough to prevent an explosion of the product, but there are special devices that will definitely help to cook an egg without shells. For this, special containers for baking eggs are used.

For 1 serving of product without shell you will need:

  • Egg baking container,
  • 1 raw egg
  • 1 3 tsp butter
  • Salt on the tip of a knife.

Drive the product into the container by adding salt. Place the container in the oven and set for 4 minutes at low power.

Put the oil on the finished dish and serve it to the table.

A special mold for baking eggs will help to gently get the dish out of the microwave without getting a burn.

Read how to cook a magnificent omelet in the oven here. A great recipe for chicken egg lovers.

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How to cook an egg in the microwave: general recommendations

It is really possible that you can boil eggs in the microwave, but here you need to adhere to general recommendations so that everything goes without unpleasant consequences.

  1. For boiling eggs, we take only the dishes that are designed for the microwave.
  2. Until that moment, until the signal of the set timer sounds, we do not open the furnace.
  3. You can’t boil eggs, as they say “dry”, that is, without water.
  4. Chilled eggs are not suitable for cooking, only room temperature.

Based on such recommendations, you can now proceed to specific actions, because an egg in a microwave can also be cooked in different ways.

Cook hard-boiled egg

In order to boil hard boiled eggs, you need to prepare dishes for the microwave and get the product out of the cold in advance. Eggs must be washed well to avoid infection with salmonellosis, bacteria can be on the shell and penetrate when breaking an egg.

We lay eggs in the dishes, if it is not one, then we place them in a row, leave a small distance between them. Pour water so that it completely drowned eggs in it, if they “peep” out of the liquid, they can explode. You can take hot water, so the eggs will boil even faster.

Now we put a spoonful of salt in the dishes with eggs and water, which will also prevent the eggs from exploding. Sent to the microwave for 6 - 12 minutes, it all depends on the power of the device itself and on the size of the chicken product. Well, then we act in the same way as usual, we get the eggs, put them in ice water and cool.

Precautionary measures

When cooking in the microwave, follow these guidelines:

  1. After removing the product from the microwave, let it cool in cold water. Otherwise, when cleaning the shell, the egg may explode in the hands.
  2. Choose the right power. If it is too large, the product will explode during cooking.

Yes, you can also cook other egg dishes in the microwave. I wrote about them in the articles "omelet in the microwave" and "scrambled eggs in the microwave." So, your “field of activity” is huge 🙂 Or maybe you have your own branded recipes in store? Share them with us, friends. And do not forget to subscribe to updates. Well, that's all for today: see you soon.

Gourmet Tomato Breakfast

You can boil a testicle in the microwave in a tomato, eggplant, pepper or zucchini. Such an original presentation will surprise households. For 1 person you need:

  • 1 ripe pure tomato,
  • 1 raw egg
  • Salt to taste
  • A sprig of parsley for decoration.

Cut off the top of the tomato and take out the pulp with a spoon.

Drive in the protein with the yolk and add salt.

Place the plate with the dish in the microwave and set the time for 4 minutes at 450 watts. Garnish the finished dish with a sprig of parsley.

A boiled egg for breakfast is the food of champions, as well as people who monitor weight, health and just love this product. Its usefulness is incredible, and the taste is subtle and gentle.

Boiling an egg in the microwave is not easy, but possible. It is enough to adhere to security measures, to know secrets and not to experiment again.

We present to you more ways to cook eggs in a microwave oven, having tried which, you can quickly and without problems prepare various dishes for breakfast or a snack: