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Easy to remember poker combinations


Poker is considered one of the most popular games, which allows you to get a good profit for people who can think and make the right forecasts. But to play poker, you first need to learn winning combinations, collecting which you can get a victory with a probability of 100%.

Naturally, it can be difficult for a beginner to remember all the basics of such an exciting, but somewhat confusing game. Therefore, you can always use the hint provided on the PokerCalculator website. Thus, you will always know what combination of cards provides for a straight flush, a caret, a royal flush and others. A description of each combination and the probability of winning, provided that it is collected, is also provided. For example, to collect a full house, you need to collect 3 cards of a similar value, as well as 2 cards of a different value.

At this time, a straight flush provides the following combinations in poker - collecting 5 suited cards, which go in a certain sequence. If you want to collect a royal flush, you should have all the cards from ten to ace of the same suit on your hands. If it turns out to collect 5 cards, which are consistent in rank, regardless of suit, the combination will be called "straight." Having collected 3 cards of the same rank, you will have a triple on your hands, which is also called “thrips”. On this page you will also find a particularly advantageous offer. If you can win 20 hands of poker at the robot, you can count on a prize of $ 30 to your account at PokerStars. By visiting this site, you can also familiarize yourself with the main rules of poker, learn about the blinds, bets and positions.

The Mnemonic Method.

A method called “mnemonics” helps anyone remember important information through interpretation. This technique is used by students or people who need to remember a large amount of information in a short period of time.

Novice players can convert game combinations into words or numbers to help associate them with cards while playing poker. The example below implies the use of numbers, but if the player is more comfortable using words, then you can replace the numbers with letters.

Low poker cards.

First of all, a beginner should remember the lowest playing hands that can fall in most cases. To remember the 4 lowest groups of cards in the game, you need to set each number from 0 to 3. Let's say:

  • 0 is the largest single card. When the players at the table have no winning set of cards, the one who has the highest card, for example, an ace, takes the pot.
  • 1 pair. This number includes any pairs that a player can collect.
  • 2 - two pairs. This hand will contain two pairs.
  • 3 - game set. The player has three cards of different suits and the same value. If the player has a set on his hands, then he has assembled the highest configuration from a low order.

Average poker cards.

The middle link in the game cards includes three hands: a straight, a flush and a full house.

  • Since a street is a transitional set of cards, it can be assigned a + sign.
  • 4 - flash. There are 4 words in the name of the combination, so we assign it this particular number.
  • 8 - full house. Guided by the number of letters in the name of the card combination, we assign this figure.

Mnemonic way

Many poker players remember the order of poker hands using mnemonics. This simple method can be used by anyone to learn senior card combinations in minutes.

Mnemonics - This is a popular way for quick memorization that students, teachers and people of all professions have been using for hundreds of years to memorize complex information.

You may have previously used the mnemonic method. For example, it is often used to remember the order of the planets in our solar system - for this it is enough to remember this sentence: "Between the wolves, the hare darted, whisked, tripped, fell - did not rise". And there are a lot of such memories for the Solar System alone. Having learned such a short poem, you will most likely never forget the order of the planets in the solar system.

The main difficulty is how to convert combinations to words. In addition, you are unlikely to learn much about poker by simply remembering the combinations in poker in order. You should use the need to learn the correct sequence of poker combinations by seniority in order to improve your understanding of poker strategies.

The following tips will help you remember the correct sequence of combinations in poker and introduce you to some basic concepts of poker, which will help you improve your game.

Low senior poker hand

To learn in order the four lowest senior combinations in poker, just remember that their serial numbers are: 0, 1, 2 3.

0 mean "high card". If you have not collected any combinations (zero combinations), then this means that the strength of your hand depends on the rank of your highest card. Remember, in poker, the highest ranked card is an ace.

1 means "a pair". Any hand in which there is only one pair of cards and nothing more valuable.

2 means "two pairs". This is a hand in which there are two pairs of cards.

3 means "set”(Or“ thrips ”or“ triple ”). These are three cards of the same rank, and this is the most valuable of the lowest senior combinations in poker.

Medium Poker Combinations

In this article, we call each combination older than the set “medium combinations,” but many poker strategists consider street to be also a low-ranking combination. However, there is more likely a difference in philosophy, nothing more.

For this reason, and also for simplicity, you can use for street symbol "/"In our mnemonic way. This means that our current mnemonic string of poker combinations is: “0, 1, 2, 3, /».

It’s much easier to remember the order of the other oldest combinations in poker if count the number of letters in words.

Here's how we arrange them:

/ - street. The transition from "low" combinations to "medium". A controversial combination, so we will remember this.

4 - flash. The word "Flash" contains 4 letters.

8 - full house. The phrase "Full House" contains 8 letters.

Senior Poker Combinations

With the oldest combinations in poker, our method with the number of letters will not work this way. Nevertheless, there are 4 letters in the word "Kare", as well as in the word "Flash". But here we will find a way to build logic!

16 - square. It is here that we are faced with a problem, since the number 4 is already occupied by the “Flash” combination. But we will act like this: flash = 4, 4x2 = 8 (full house), 8x2 = 16 (square). Moreover, four of a kind is 4 cards of the same rank, and the word “square” also has 4 letters, so why not multiply them? We get 4x4 = 16. There are two ways to remember this transition (but it is better to use the first method, this will help us with the logical binding of the next combination)!

32 - straight flush. We continue our chain and multiply 16 by 2! Since the straight flush is the highest poker hand, and the royal flush is also a straight flush, we just remember that the highest number in the chain is the oldest poker hand.

+ - Royal Flash. Here it’s easiest to use “+” for remembering, so a royal flush is just a type of “straight flush”, the oldest of all possible combinations. 32 is excellent, but “+" cannot be higher anymore.

So in the end we get a chain that is very easy to remember: “0, 1, 2, 3, /, 4, 8, 16, 32, +».

Other ways to remember poker combinations ascending

We will not pretend that the method that we described earlier is the only working way to memorize combinations in poker by seniority (although it is a unique development only for our readers). Below we list the three other most popular methods on the Internet, in addition to mnemonics.

You can use any of these four methods described in our article to memorize poker combinations in ascending order. Thus, knowing by heart all the poker combinations by seniority, you will have the opportunity to plan your tactics in advance and make the right decisions in the game.

Purposeful memorization (normal way)

Some people remember best when they repeat memorization material over and over again. This method is actively used by students who learn poetry and rules. Even actors to remember their scripts simply repeat them over and over again. Essentially this way - cramming. And there is not a single reason why you cannot try to memorize poker combinations by seniority.

Photo for evaluating senior poker hand combinations

Many poker coaches and poker strategy gurus develop pictures that help them analyze their game and remember the combinations of cards in poker in ascending order. Obviously, these pictures are appropriate to use for orientation in poker combinations according to seniority only when playing online poker rooms on the Internet. When playing offline poker in real life, if you decide print these combinations in poker by seniority in picturesthen the other players at the table will simply laugh at you.

Nevertheless, you can download these tables and photos with combinations of poker cards in increasing order on the Internet, just use the search engine.

Frequent game

The more poker hands you play, the better you will remember all the rules of the game, including poker hand classification rules. However, you can lose a lot of money due to the fact that you do not remember the order of combinations in poker. But be that as it may, in the end you will learn all the poker combinations in ascending order.

Do not forget that poker variations may differ in combination rules cards by seniority. For example, in some poker games, the most valuable combinations are the lowest ascending poker combinations. And in other games, the ace is considered the lowest card or the joker is used, because of which the order of the combination changes in ascending order, like the strategy of the game.

We hope this article helped you remember poker combinations by seniority. The best way to not only remember, but also understand poker combinations in ascending order is practice. But if you are just a beginner in poker and it’s uncomfortable for you to play poker without understanding the rank of the combination, you can always try playing for free in flash applications and social networks or, even better, in poker rooms for conditional money.

Senior poker cards.

  • 16 - square. There are 4 letters in this word, and the hand itself implies the presence of 4 cards of the same value. If we multiply two fours, we get the number 16.
  • 20 - This number can be used for straight flush. If a player has five cards of the same suit ascending in a row, then this is a straight flush. 5 cards multiplied by 4 suits and get the number 20.
  • ! - royal flash. This is the highest hand in poker, so it can be collected quite rarely. We denote it by such a sign.

When individual numbers are assigned to all game groups, it’s easy for a beginner to remember game cards. Mnemonics helps to use logical thinking in any area of ​​life. This method of remembering card combinations is popular among poker players.