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Ways to unlock the phone if you forget your password


If you have lost or forgotten the password from your iPhone, try restoring access using iTunes backup or recovery mode. If you are using Android 4.4 or an older version and you have the option to log in to your Google account, try resetting the pattern key. If you no longer have access to your Google account, run on the phone. To restore access to Android 5.0 and later, you will have to erase all data on the phone.

Google Account Recovery

Android smartphones can be unlocked through a Google account tied to the system, provided that you remember it. This method works on devices with Android operating system up to version 5.0 (Lollipop). The phone must be connected to the network via Wi-Fi or via mobile Internet.

  • Dial an arbitrary password or key on the lock screen 5 or more times. Until a message appears stating that the device is locked. Click "Forgot your password?".
  • Next, enter the data from your Google account. Then enter a new password for the lock screen.

Password reset via Recovery

You can reset the password on the device with Android through Recovery mode.

Important: In this case, all information from the device will be irretrievably lost. Take care of the backup in advance so that in such cases you can recover all data after a reset.

  • To get into the recovery menu you need to turn off the smartphone.

Note: charge the phone in advance by at least 70%, otherwise there is a risk that it will no longer turn on if it is discharged during the reset process.

  • Hold the buttons on the phone to get recovery.

Each brand of smartphone has its own buttons. It can be a volume rocker up and a power button or home button, a power button and a volume rocker up. On some models, the buttons need to be pressed for a few seconds and released in turn, first the volume keys and then the power. You can find out the exact combination and sequence of clicks for your particular device on the forums on the network of the manufacturer of your smartphone.

  • After you enter the Recovery menu, use the volume buttons to select the line “Clear device and restore factory settings”.

The desired menu item is selected using the lock / power button.

  • Next, select - "I agree, delete user data."

  • Confirm again with the power / lock key.
  • Within a few seconds by the logs, you can observe on the phone screen how the process of cleaning user data is going.
  • Clear the cache on the device.

In newer models, Google account binding has become much tougher that even resetting to factory settings or flashing it will not help to bypass the binding. On devices higher than 5.0, after resetting to the factory settings, authorization with your Google account will be required. This is FRP (Factory Reset Protection) protection - protection against general reset. Therefore, if you do not remember the password from your Google account, you will have to remember it or recover it - cracking it is much more difficult, but that's another story.

Reset via Google

If for some reason you cannot get to the Recovery menu, reset the phone to factory settings, this can be done through your personal account on your Google account

  • You will need a computer or tablet with Internet access.
  • You must log in to your account.
  • Next, open the "Security and Login" / "Device Search" page.
  • Select your locked device and go through authorization.
  • Select - "Delete all data from this device."
  • Read the warning that all user information will be deleted from the device and confirm.
  • Files on the memory card will remain untouched, but still it is better to remove the card.
  • The smartphone will be reset the first time you connect to the network.
  • After you will need to configure it as a new device.

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password

The user can set a password on the phone. This feature is provided by many manufacturers. If the code is entered incorrectly or the device is blocked, then it will not work in the future. What to do in this case? Zero the firmware, that is, reset all functions to the factory ones. On different devices, this operation is carried out in different ways.

For Nokia Phones

Consider several options for unlocking your phone.

1. Entering the service number - * # 7370

Turn off the phone. Press and hold three keys: the green call button, asterisk, number key 3. Without releasing these keys, press and hold the phone’s power button for several seconds. If everything was done correctly, then after rebooting the phone there will be a reset to the factory settings.

2. Contacting the official website

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter a password, the device will be blocked. You can restore it only with the help of a code. The latter can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. A master code is a sequence of numbers designed to unlock a phone. In most Nokia devices, the code is calculated by IMEI - the international phone number. You can find it in the warranty card or passport on the device.

3. Contacting a service center

If none of the above options fit, then you should contact the service center. Experts will determine what exactly was blocked (SIM card or device) and restore the phone's functionality.

For Samsung phones

The devices of this manufacturer are equipped with a lock function using a security code. If it is lost, you can restore the phone through a special program - Samsung @ home 9.41. You must install it on a PC and follow the instructions of the application. What else to do if you forget the password on the phone?

    Call from another mobile

This recovery method is suitable only for modern smartphone models. Dial a blocked number from another phone. Without accepting the call, go to the menu "Phone settings" in section "Confidentiality" select item "Reset" and confirm the operation. Reboot the device. If everything is done correctly, the password will be reset.

Specific keys

If you can’t turn on the phone, you can do Hard reset on older phone models: mini Duos etc. For this, it is necessary to press 3 buttons on the phone: power, volume and home. After the logo appears, the power button can be released. Within 15 seconds, the engineering menu will appear. Use the volume key to go to Wipe data / factory reset. Press the power button to confirm the operation and follow the system instructions.

Reset user settings

You can reset your password using the key combination *2767*3855# or *#56658378#. The engineering menu opens, in which you need to select Hard reset or Wipe data / factory reset, confirm the operation. After rebooting the phone, the password will be reset.

What to do if you entered an incorrect PIN on your phone

PIN is the password to protect the SIM card. It is issued when connected to the network of a cellular operator. The phone requires a PIN code each time you turn on the device. If desired, the user can independently disable code verification through the phone settings. In section “Lock / Security SIM” (or any other item with the abbreviation SIM), you must select PIN / Password Request and deactivate the option.

After three unsuccessful attempts to enter a PIN, the phone will be blocked. What to do if I forgot the password on the phone? Take advantage PUK code. It is indicated on the SIM card starter pack. If the plastic card is lost, you can recover the password in one of the following ways:

  • Submit SMS to number 9999 with text: 375 XX XXXX XX XX codeword. Its user indicates when completing the contract for the receipt of communication services.
  • Through the Internet assistant of a mobile operator.
  • In the contact center of the operator (if you have a passport).

To unlock the phone PUK code stands out 10 attempts. If all of them are unsuccessful, then the SIM card will be blocked. In this case, the user will have to change it in the Contact Center.

Using your own Google Account

You can reset the graphic password via google account on devices with Android 4.4 OS or earlier. After several attempts to unlock, a link will appear on the screen. “Forgot your graphic key”. Click on it. Log in to the system of the locked device. This will reset the pattern.

Reset image password using ADB

This method can be used if previously the user managed files on the smartphone via a PC via USB using ADB. Connect the device to a PC using USB. Open a command prompt in the adb directory and enter the command "Adb shell rm / data / system / gesture.key". Reboot the phone. The lock screen should disappear.

Samsung Service “Find My Mobile”

The easiest way to reset your password on Samsung devices is through the app. Find My Mobile. You can use it only if the user has previously created an account in Samsung. Go from any available browser at and log in in your Samsung account. In the left menu bar, select the option Lock Screen. Enter new code and press "Block". Reboot the device. The password for the lock screen must be replaced with a new one.

Lost Graphic Key Feature

On devices with Andro OS>

At this time, press the button "Forgot the key" at the bottom. A Google authorization window will appear. You must enter login and password from the account. The system generates a letter with an unlock pattern and sends it to the specified email address.

Download in safe mode

What else to do if you forget the password on the phone? If the lock screen was created by a third-party application, then the easiest way to get around it is by loading the device in safe mode. To do this, just press and hold the power key. In the new menu, select the option "Turn off the power" and confirm the operation. The phone will boot in safe mode. All third-party applications will be disabled.

It is enough to remove the program or change the password and restart the phone again.

Reset to factory settings

Even an inexperienced phone user can reset to factory settings. In this case, all installed programs will be deleted. The general algorithm of actions has been described previously. There is no universal instruction, since resetting is performed differently on each model of the device. The process itself takes 5 minutes.

Removing system files “gesture.key” and “password.key”

On devices with root rights, you can delete system files that are responsible for unlocking the screen and changing the password. To work, you need to download Aroma Manager Archive. Reboot the device and go to the menu Recoveryholding three buttons Volume + Power + Home. On the menu "CWM Recovery" select "Install zip".

Click "Choose zip from last install folder" to view all the latest downloaded archives and find files by the Aroma manager.

Select the archive folder.

Open the file manager. Enter the path "/ data / system /"And delete the files: "Gesture.key", "Password.key", "Locksettings.db", "Locksettings.db-wal", "Locksettings.db-shm".

Reboot the device. Password will be reset.

Via TWRP Recovery

TeamWin Recovery Project is a modified Android system recovery application. Its functionality is wider in comparison with the official application for system recovery. Therefore, on many devices, the program is installed simultaneously with the official application. TWRP allows you to change the firmware, fix system errors, reset data, clear the cache and perform other system tasks. At the same time, user files remain unchanged.

Clearing the internal memory with Fastboot

Fastboot - This is a tool designed for flashing partitions. It is designed for quick software updates without data recovery mode. It is also used to solve a number of system tasks, including unlocking the phone. You need to connect the device to the PC via USB and start the mode "Fastboot". A program for performing team tasks will appear on the PC. If this does not happen, then the selected phone model does not support Fastboot mode.

Unlock Apple Gadgets

For iPhone, there is only one way to unlock your phone, if you suddenly forgot your password - reset to factory settings via iCloud or iTunes. If you have worried about the reservation in advance and made a backup of the data, then after the reset the data can be restored. Otherwise, all information on the device will be irretrievably lost.

Call Unlock

The method of unlocking a smartphone using a call works on very old Android devices (Android 2.2 and below). Call the locked phone from another device. The phone is automatically activated to receive a call. Further, while the call is being made, you can get into the smartphone settings and disable the password.

Low Battery Unlock

You can remove the graphic key if you forgot the password on the phone through the power management system. Since you can unlock Android in this way only on ancient smartphones with Android OS, you can try not to try it in modern devices. Such security holes have long been eliminated in recent firmware. Owners of old phones will be happy - the way is simple.

  • Wait until your device runs out of power.
  • When the message about a low charge of less than 10% appears, enter the power management settings.
  • From there to the security settings and disable the password.


This method will work for all models of smartphones - you completely remove the operating system and install a new version of the OS. Naturally, all data from the phone will be deleted. However, in versions of Android above 4.4, you can’t do without a Google account, but you do not need to enter a graphic key.

You can flash the phone yourself.

  • To do this, you need a USB cable.
  • Firmware for your smartphone: custom or global version (depending on which was installed).
  • Firmware program and related drivers.
  • And also some knowledge, so as not to turn the phone into an expensive brick.

If you are an inexperienced user and have not tried to flash smartphones on your own, you should provide this to a specialist.

Preventing accidental blocking

This method will work if you worry about it in advance and prepare for the fact that you can forget the password. To do this, you need to install the SMS Bypass application on the phone.

  • The application requires Root rights to work.
  • In the application, set the password for unlocking - any 4 digits. The default combination is 1234.
  • If you have forgotten the password, just send an SMS with the text “xxxx reset” to the blocked device, where xxxx is your password for unlocking.
  • When the message arrives, the phone will reboot and you will only have to enter a new pattern or password.

USB debugging

The following method will work if USB debugging has been enabled on the device in advance. Download the ADB Run program on your PC, install it.

  • Connect your device to a PC. The program interface is simple and straightforward.
  • You will need only one command, press the number 6 on the keyboard - Unlock Gesture Key.
  • The device will reboot and you will need to enter a new password on the lock screen.

The method also does not work with all smartphones.

Service center

If you tried all the ways how to unlock the phone screen, if you forgot the password, but nothing helped, and after buying the gadget you still have the warranty card and check, then you can take your phone to a service center and they will help you there. This pleasure will cost a certain amount, but you save the data on your smartphone. Another drawback is that it can take some time.


These, of course, are not all methods, here we have described, probably, the simplest ones. But for most devices, they will be quite enough. And remember - remember passwords, or better write them down in a notebook or somewhere in a safe place so that in such situations you don’t have to rack your brains and risk precious photos, hundreds of SMS contacts and other data stored on your phone.