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Winning system in the game naval battle


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Sea battle is a fairly simple game, but due to the fact that it is impossible to see the opponent’s ships in it, it is sometimes difficult to win the battle. Despite the fact that before the first hit you will need to make several random shots, with a strategic approach to shooting, you can increase your chances of winning. Also, the probability of victory can be increased due to the well-thought-out arrangement of ships, which will puzzle your opponent.

Ship location

There are several tactics for arranging your fleet. Whether the tactics work or not will depend on the tactics of shooting the opponent. In any case, the unsystematic arrangement of the ships will not lead to a deliberately good result.

The first tactic is that the battleship, cruisers and destroyers are located on one half of the field.

But four boats are located on the opposite side, as a result they become almost invulnerable. The enemy will have to make a lot of shots before he hears “Killed!”.

Most players first begin to shoot the field along two diagonals - from corner to corner. If the opponent is of this type, the second tactic will be very useful. All ships are positioned so that the shots on the diagonal do not hit them.

This tactic is good in that it can be applied along with yet another placement tactic. The thoughtful location of its fleet is half the success.

The third tactic can be applied in two ways. The first way is simple - arrange all your ships at the edges so that the middle of the field remains empty. While the enemy will unsystematically shoot, wondering where all the ships have gone, you can safely search for his fleet.

This tactic may not be justified, especially when the opponent will guess what the trick is. If the secret of the location of the ships is revealed, the opponent for the minimum number of moves will sink the entire flotilla of the player.

The second method is more thought out and similar to the tactics of "Half the field." To do this, arrange the battleship, cruisers and destroyers along the banks, but scatter boats throughout the field.

Placing large ships in this way, there is a lot of free space for boats. There is no strategy for finding boats, and the opponent will shoot at random, losing precious moves.

Even if the enemy is not going to shell the field diagonally, shots in the corners cannot be avoided. Thus, it is better not to occupy A1, A10, K1, K10 cells. It is also undesirable to place ships in the very center of the field - D5, D6, E5, E6.

The player’s strength and invulnerability is in single-deck boats - although they can be destroyed with a single shot, for this you need to first find them. The more reliable they are hidden, the more chances to win the party.

Destruction of the enemy

There are also several tactics for destroying an opponent’s flotilla. Some of them have something in common with ship placement tactics.

Many people have at least one ship, but put on this periphery. Therefore, we arm ourselves with patience and methodically shoot diagonals, alternating for a variety of shooting directions.

The player in the picture neglected the tactics of the correct location and paid for it with the loss of the battleship and boat.

When the diagonals are shot through, you can continue shooting in a checkerboard pattern.

From the name it is clear how to “clean” the opponent’s field. The tactics are good in that they allow you to quickly find battleships, destroyers and cruisers. However, with the search for boats will have to sweat.

Tactics are a bit like Chess, however, with their own twist. To use this tactic in the corners of the field, mentally or directly with a pen, designate four squares with a size of 4 by 4 cells.

You need to fire them diagonally. The field as a result will be divided by a white cross. Given the number of vessels that have already been sunk, finding the rest is not difficult. In the picture, the player found six ships thanks to the Locator tactic.

Rules of the game "Sea Battle"

There are many options for naval combat, but we will consider the most common option with the following set of ships:

All listed ships must be placed on a square field of 10 by 10 cells, while the ships can not touch either the corners or the sides. The playing field itself is numbered from top to bottom, and verticals are marked with Russian letters from "A" to "K" (while the letters "» "and" »" are skipped).

An enemy field of a similar size is drawn next to it. With a successful shot at the enemy’s ship, a cross is placed on the corresponding cell of the enemy field and a second shot is made, with a failed shot, a dot is put in the corresponding cell, and the move goes to the enemy. Optimal strategy

How to win the Sea Battle game

In the game, naval combat is always an element of chance, but it can be minimized. Before proceeding directly to the search for the optimal strategy, one obvious thing needs to be voiced: the probability of getting on an enemy ship is the higher, the less untested cells remain on its field, the likelihood of hitting your ships is lower, the more untested cells remain on your field. Thus, for an effective game you need to learn two things at once: optimal shooting at the enemy and your optimal placement of ships.

In the following explanation, the following notation will be used:

Goose Feet

Destruction of the battleship gives the player the advantage that he will have to shoot at a much smaller number of cells than if he beats, for example, a destroyer. Having sunk a battleship, there will be from 6 to 14 cells around it, which the player no longer needs to fire.

So, to find the battleship, you can use the tactics of "crow's feet." To do this, mentally divide the field into squares of 4 by 4 squares and make four volleys in each square.

In the first upper square, the player gives a volley of A3, B4, B2, G1. Then it remains to repeat the pattern in other squares. The battleship will be found in a maximum of 24 shots.

After the battleship is found and sunk, you can proceed to attack the three-deck cruisers. To do this, in each square, you need to make only two shots.

In the first square, shoot at B1 and G3, with the remaining minifields do the same. The eleventh shot is guaranteed to beat the cruiser.

To hit a two-deck destroyer in each square, you need to make three shots. In the first square, shoot at A2, B3 and B4. Repeat the triple move in the remaining squares. In the end, the most difficult thing remains - the search for boats. Unfortunately, there are no tactics for finding them. The player will have to rely on his intuition or the psychology of the opponent.

There are a few more rules for quickly destroying an opponent’s fleet:

  • The rules of the “Sea Battle” do not prescribe to necessarily finish off the ship after the first “Injured!”. However, it is better to bring the matter to the victorious “Killed!”, Because this way the player will be able to figure out which cells you can not shoot. After all, ships cannot stand close to each other.
  • Firing at the enemy’s field, you don’t need to stagnate in one place. Shots should cover the largest possible area. Keeping your favorite tactics in mind, a player can “walk” across the field, instead of continuing to shell the unsuccessful section.
  • If the opponent uses some tactics, and not randomly firing at random cells, you need to turn on the head. Sometimes, looking closely at the moves of the enemy, you can guess how he arranged his ships.
  • Often playing with one opponent, the player can memorize his placement and firing tactics, using the experience gained to improve his own strategy.

You can use online services to practice your skills in playing Sea Battle and test tactics. The advantages of gaming sites in high speed and low resource consumption. And having developed and improved his strategy, the player will be able to show off his knowledge in a game with a live opponent.

There is no absolute way to win the “Sea Battle”, in the end, it all depends on the strategy of the enemy and the player himself. It is for this reason that Sea Battle remains a fun way to spend time.

How to shoot at enemy ships

The first and most obvious rule of optimal shooting is the following rule: do not shoot at cells directly surrounding the destroyed enemy ship.

In accordance with the designations adopted above, in the figure those cells are marked in yellow for which unsuccessful shots have already been fired, in red are the cells for which shots ended with a shot, and in green are the cells that were not fired, but it can be guaranteed that the ships they are not (there can’t be ships there, because according to the rules of the game the ships cannot touch).

The second rule immediately follows from the first rule: if you managed to knock down an enemy ship, you must finish it off immediately, so that you can get a list of guaranteed free cells as soon as possible.

The third rule follows from the first two: you must first try to knock out the largest ships of the enemy. Perhaps this rule is not obvious to you, but if you think about it a bit, you can easily notice that by destroying the enemy battleship, in the best case, we will receive information immediately about 14 guaranteed free cells, and by destroying the cruiser, only about 12.

Optimal Shooting Strategy

T.O. the optimal shooting strategy can be reduced to a targeted search and destruction of the largest enemy ships. Unfortunately, formulating a strategy is not enough; it is necessary to propose a way to implement it.

To get started, let's look at a 4 by 4 square section of the playing field. If there is an enemy battleship in the area under consideration, then it can be guaranteed to be knocked out in no more than 4 shots. To do this, shoot so that on each horizontal and vertical there is exactly one checked cell. Below are all the options for such shooting (excluding reflections and turns).

Among all these options, only the first two options are optimal on a 10 by 10 cell field, guaranteeing a maximum of 24 shots hit the battleship.

After the enemy battleship is destroyed, it is necessary to begin the search for cruisers, and then destroyers. At the same time, you guessed it, you can use a similar technique. Only now it is necessary to divide the field into squares with sides of 3 and 2 cells, respectively.

If you used the second strategy when searching for a battleship, then to search for cruisers and destroyers you need to shoot at the following fields (the fields that you already shot when searching for a battleship are marked in green):

There is no optimal strategy for searching boats, so at the end of the game you have to rely mainly on luck.

The sequence of the best moves to start the game

If we turn to mathematical theory, then we can build a map of the probability of placing ships:

Based on this card, the sequence of “best moves” with constant misses looks like this (see figure):

C1, J8, A8, H1, A4, J4, D10, G10, E1, D2, B3, A2, C9, B10, H9, I10, I7, J6, I5, H6, J2, I3, H4, G5, G2, F3, E4, B7, A6, B5, C6, C3, D4, D5, F6.

How to arrange ships

An optimal ship placement strategy is, in a sense, the opposite of an optimal shooting strategy. When shooting, we tried to find the largest ships in order to reduce the number of cells that need to be checked, due to guaranteed free cells. This means that when placing the ships it is necessary to set up in such a way that in case of loss they minimize the number of guaranteed free cells. As you remember, the battleship in the center of the field opens 14 fields for the enemy at once, but the battleship standing in the corner opens for the enemy only 6 fields:

Similarly, a cruiser standing in the corner, instead of 12 fields, opens only 6. Thus, placing large ships along the field’s border, you leave more room for boats. Because There is no strategy for finding boats, the enemy will have to shoot at random, and the more free fields you have left by the time you catch the boats, the harder it will be for the enemy to win.

Below are three ways to place large ships that leave a lot of room for boats (marked in blue):

Each of the above arrangements leaves exactly 60 free cells for boats, which means that the probability of accidentally getting into the boat is 0.066. For comparison, it is worth giving a random arrangement of ships:

With this arrangement, only 21 cells remain for the boats, which means that the probability of hitting the boat is already 0.19, i.e. almost 3 times higher.

In conclusion, I want to say that you should not spend too much time playing in a naval battle. I especially want to warn you against playing lectures. When I was in Wabi Sabi and played a naval battle with my girlfriend, a waitress walked by and said that she plays pretty well, because practiced a lot in pairs. Who knows who she would work if she had attended lectures at one time?

What is the point?

Sea battle is a game that requires two players, a checklist and a pen. The goal is to place the ships in their field, and then calculate the location of the rival’s frigates.

Before you begin to study the strategy of naval combat on a piece of paper, you must draw a field for your ships. The territory includes a square with sides of 10 cells. The vertical is numbered outside the resulting square by the numbers from 1 to 10. In turn, the horizontal line is indicated by the letters of the alphabet from “a” to “k”, excluding such letters as “th”.

The next important stage is the location of the ships in their field. In total, it is necessary to place 10 submarines, which differ in the number of decks: one deck - one cell. You can have 4 single-deck ships, 3 - two-deck, 2 - three-deck and 1 - four-deck. Thus, the last of the presented frigates will occupy 4 cells in the field.

Getting to the battle!

After the location of all vessels, it is necessary to draw the opponent's field. The first area is for arranging your ships, and the second is for recording hits on enemy ships.

Between themselves, the players agree who shoots first. In order to correctly calculate the location of the vessel, it is necessary to choose the right strategy of naval battle. The player whose field has been hit checks to see if there is a ship at this point. If yes, then it is necessary to answer “injured”. This means that the ship is hurt, but not completely destroyed. When, on one attempt, the ship completely “burned out,” then they say “killed”. The loser is the one whose flotilla was completely destroyed.

Tunnel ship fire

  • Shelling with the letter X. In this strategy, the search for ships should be carried out from the upper left to the lower right diagonally, without missing cells. The same must be done on the other side. The points formed are the main ones, since it is impossible to arrange all the ships avoiding these zones.
  • Division into sectors. To apply this strategy, it is necessary to conditionally divide the opponent’s field into identical 4 parts. Further shelling of the territory is carried out either diagonally or staggered. A similar type of ship search must be applied to the remaining sectors. The presented method affects the main cells in the field.

A good strategy for playing naval combat can help you learn the rules better and have fun. Having met a worthy opponent, you can get real pleasure. Such entertainment is not only entertaining in nature, but also develops a person’s strategic and analytical abilities.