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Makeup for - problem skin: how to completely hide acne


During the hormonal adjustment of the body, many girls have a problem with increased oily skin. The consequence of this is the appearance of acne, blackheads and comedones (black dots). With age, these problems in most girls go away. But you really want to look beautiful here and now, especially at the age of 13-17.

Correct and consistent makeup will help to hide imperfections and problems of the skin of the face and neck, including during pigmentation during pregnancy, in the spring or after the summer.

With acne, makeup will help hide only the external manifestations of increased activity of the sebaceous glands. But that already means a lot. And you can read useful tips and recommendations in the article "Rules for the care of oily skin"

Rules for makeup in the presence of acne (acne).

Do not try to hide acne and blackheads with a thick layer of masking makeup. Because this only aggravates the situation: the skin closes the pores, air and moisture exchange are disrupted, and the number of rashes and irritation only increase.

It would be more correct to apply a thin layer of the foundation under the makeup with a delicate texture, and spot mask acne with a concealer, primer or masking pencil.

Before applying the base, a small amount of primer is recommended. The primer evens out the tone of the face, hides the pores, making them visually less noticeable, masks small wrinkles and roughnesses of the skin, provides an even distribution of the base and allows it to stay longer.

Primers containing minerals, specially created for problematic and oily skin, also have an additional useful property - they help heal inflammations and skin irritations more quickly.

The main components in this case should be kaolin (clay) and zinc oxide, amino acids and B vitamins, which are especially useful for normal skin conditions.

For oily skin, especially in the presence of redness, acne and irritation, a primer of dense or creamy consistency will be an ideal choice. An alternative is a primer powder, which eliminates greasy shine, masks imperfections, allows makeup to stay for a long time and not blur.

The most popular products are green tea overnight Skin rejuvenation primer powder for oily and normal skin, which is used for daytime makeup, and Green Tea Hide a Pore Light is used at night. And during the night it has a complex effect: pimples are dried, inflammatory processes are reduced, sebaceous secretions are absorbed. As a result, in the morning the skin looks dull and healthier. The product is convenient in that you can order a probe. This powder can also be used as a veil when completing makeup.

For uniform and proper application of the primer, the skin should be sufficiently moisturized - many forget about it, and then they are surprised that even the highest quality cosmetics does not have the effect that was expected from it. Therefore, a moisturizer - cosmetics for oily skin - must be applied first.

Do not use cosmetics with an oil base for make-up - the oil included in their composition will only enhance the oily skin and penetrate deep into the pores, closing them.

Choose water-based makeup products. Natural mineral cosmetics are especially recommended for oily skin, since the components that make up its composition have a therapeutic effect.

Avoid using cosmetics with a shiny and flickering effect. The reflective components included in its composition really give an even tone to the skin of the face and hide small wrinkles, but in case of oily skin, the increased fat content of the epidermis and dermis is only further emphasized.

Pay particular attention to the choice of concealer and masking agents. The concealer should match the tone of your skin, as it is lighter or darker, only drawbacks are emphasized. You can mix 2 tones of concealer to get the desired result.

How to make makeup that will hide acne with oily skin or pigmentation.

Cleanse your skin with a tonic or one of the effective methods, and apply a moisturizer. Wait 5 to 10 minutes until it soaks.

Apply the primer evenly with a wide brush for concealer or primer. Be sure to ensure that they are always washed and clean so that they do not become sources of additional infection by bacteria.

The primer is applied with stroking or patting movements to the T-zone or the entire face, from the center to the hairline.

On the day off, only therapeutic primer can be applied 2-3 times a day to improve the condition of the skin or inflamed areas. Brushes must be washed after each use.

Apply the concealer or corrector precisely and gently locally to the most problematic places, and blend a little. To hide pigmentation, it is better to use a green corrector. But do not forget about one rule: it can not be applied to the foundation under makeup - only before it.

Some mineral concealers, for example, from the line of SweetScents therapeutic powders, can successfully replace the foundation. An example is “Green Tea Spring Bisque” based on green tea. It is enough to apply it to problem areas before using the mineral base, and shade thoroughly.

Wait a few minutes, and apply the base under the makeup in an even and thin layer. For oily skin, it is recommended to use a foundation with a dense coating with a creamy texture. For example, from the line of Lucy Minerals cosmetics, which not only mask acne and pigmentation, but also have a healing effect throughout the day.

When applying thickly coated substrates, use a wide brush with a thick pile and the rule of applying thin layers until the desired result is obtained to avoid the effect of the mask.

Mineral bases are best applied with soft circular movements in a certain sequence: starting with the contour of the face, cheekbones and cheeks, then on the forehead, chin and neck.

To make the makeup look perfect for a long time, apply the final layer - use a primer-veil, a light silk mixture of different minerals.

It will allow you to fix makeup, make it more even, and during the day it will absorb excess sebum, making the skin beautiful and smooth. An example is the Classik Final Phase Veil. It is better to use from a series of mineral cosmetics.

After that, you can proceed to daytime makeup or evening.

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Step # 1 - Moisturizing Primer

As a rule, problem skin is very dry due to the fact that girls in every possible way “poison” it with various cleansing tonics and lotions. As a result, the skin peels off, and it is simply impossible to apply a tonal base without moisturizing.

Therefore, the first step in our makeup for problem skin was a special moisturizing primer: this foundation prepared the face for make-up, making the skin smoother and hiding peeling.

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Step 2 - Makeup Eyes and Eyebrows

The makeup algorithm for problem skin is fundamentally different from the usual make-up. The fact is that the tone that we apply to hide imperfections should not be touched. That is why you need to first make up your eyes and highlight eyebrows.

For our model, I used shades of brown, nude shades. The skin tone will be dense, which means that in eye makeup we must achieve maximum naturalness so as not to “overload” the image.

Step # 3 - Dense Tone

How to apply makeup on problem skin? If the rashes on the face are really strong, then the foundation should be applied not with your hands and not with a brush, but with an airbrush. This is a professional machine that sprays the tone with an even thin layer on the skin. Recently, airbrush is very popular, it can be easily ordered in online stores.

First, I covered the bruises under my eyes and pinpoint imperfections with the help of a concealer, and then applied the first layer of tone with an airbrush. He needs to let it dry - just wait 30-60 seconds. To make the skin texture perfect, apply another 1-2 layers of tone. When the cream dries, the face needs to be powdered over the entire surface.

Step # 4 - Easy Contouring

At the very end, when we achieved an even complexion, I did a light contouring: highlighted the cheekbones, walked the corrector on the sides of the nose, on the forehead - at the hairline. And, of course, she added a little highlighter to the middle of the forehead, nose bridge and upper corners of the lips.

Our makeup for problem skin is ready!

Hair and makeup models - Lika Lobzhanidze and Elena Gangur, Stilista Group.